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CHANEL · Les Beiges de CHANEL 2017


CHANEL has recently added to the Les Beiges lineup with new foundations, blush shades, and finally … an eyeshadow palette. The premise behind this range is all about that ‘bonne mine/healthy glow’ effect that doesn’t involve an armada of products to achieve, thereby living up to Coco Chanel’s beliefs of liberating women from anything confining. Personally, with Summer’s heat (and humidity) upon us, I’m all about easy-peasy makeup that will not only look good but require the least amount of effort on my part to get there. Because I can be lazy like that (but still a little vain, if I’m being honest).



Real Techniques · Spring 2017 Launches


Real Techniques, the makeup brushes created by Pixiwoo beauty gurus Sam & Nicola Chapman, have come out with new releases for 2017 with the goal of making your makeup application even easier than before, and at a price that won’t make your wallet want to run away in fear. What’s more, several of these brushes are actually good enough to give their higher-end counterparts a run for their money. Nothing like good old competition to level the playing field.



CHANEL · Ombre Première Eyes Collection 2017


CHANEL is poised to launch the Ombre Première Eyes Collection 2017, consisting of new shades & products for eyes and brows, along with two new brushes. Lucia Pica, Global Creative Make Up and  Colour Designer for the brand, has gone back to the drawing board re: the formulations, because even as a lifelong devotee, I was unprepared for how amazing everything would turn out to be. Consider this my beauty love letter to CHANEL.



NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg Au Poil Brush Roll, Summer 2017 Collection


You guys know I’m all about makeup brushes and something I’ve stated often enough bears repeating: your makeup will only look as good as the tools used to apply it with. And while frequently us consumers get suckered into paying top dollar for something we assume will be good — then turns out to be a dud — is happily NOT the case here. Being a makeup master, you can bet that François Nars turned the same attention used in creating his colour cosmetics to crafting his brushes, then he went and dialled everything up a few notches with the release of this Au Poil Brush Roll.

Side note: pronounced phonetically as “O pwall”, this is a bit of a play on words; ‘poil’ is French for hair which obviously references the brush bristles, but the term ‘Au Poil’ is also French slang for everything being ‘spot-on’. Well played, M. Nars.



bareMinerals · Invisible Bronze Powder Bronzer & Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter


These latest releases from bareMinerals aim to get your makeup Summer-ready and are spot-on perfect for those looking to do so in a subtle yet still effective way. Personally, I couldn’t be happier that warmer weather is here so I say bring on the [faux] glow.