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Butter London · Glazen Face Glow Crystal & Glazen Blush Gelée


When Lady Diana Spencer wed Prince Charles, I was up at 4 am to watch the televised ceremony; when Kate Middleton wed Prince William, I did the same … and I did not break tradition today either when I got up at 3:55 am to watch Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry. Yes, I’m a total royalist at heart, and what could be more fitting to commemorate this historic event, than with Butter London’s Glazen™ products? The homage to Great Britain in the name coupled with the brand’s roots that are based in the US — you could say that it was meant to be.



Butter London | Lolly Brights Summer 2014

BL Lolly Brights opener


Butter London introduces 6 vibrant shades for Summer 2014, the Lolly Brights Collection, consisting of 4 glass-flecked shimmery hues and 2 crèmes. Known as much for their incredible formula as well as their provocatively-named lacquers, this grouping has “hot” written all over it, although I can see at least 3 of these shades transitioning beautifully into the cooler months ahead — just not yet.

All swatches done with Butter London’s Patent-Gel Top & Tails base and top coat system.


BL Lolly Brights

Butter London | Lolly Brights


BL Lolly Brights macro

Butter London | Lolly Brights


BL Chuffed swatch

Butter London | Chuffed – Tangerine base with gold and orange glass-flecked shimmer. Excellent flow, opacity and pigmentation, that ends in a brilliant (but not glossy) shine – like a citrus burst along the nails! Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


BL Stroppy swatch

Butter London | Stroppy – Violet base with magenta and purple glass-flecked shimmer, bearing blue undertones that gives off a slight duo chrome effect. Another easy to apply polish with the bonus of being non-staining upon removal. LOVE. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


BL Lolly swatch

Butter London | Lolly – Tropical pink with matching glass-flecked shimmer. With yet another amazing formula, the final look is somewhat multi-tonal, giving this shade a unique depth. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


BL Airy Fairy swatch

Butter London | Airy Fairy – Mermaid-tail blue with matching glass-flecked shimmer, in a slightly sheerer formula than any of the previous shades. The final look and finish here, is nothing short of brilliant. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


BL Sozzled swatch

Butter London | Sozzled – Kelly green crème/jelly hybrid, with an exceptional flow (totally self-levelling), intense pigmentation and über-glossy finish. TIP: do not skip base coat, to avoid any potential staining issues. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


BL Ladybird swatch

Butter London | Ladybird – Vividly saturated warm red with orange undertones, in yet another crème/jelly hybrid formula that almost applies itself – superb & the perfect “ladybug red” shade. BONUS: non -staining upon removal. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


With their superb formulas and vivid – yet totally wearable – colours, the Lolly Brights Collection is sure to bring a smile to your face. The intricate shimmery tone of the first 4 shades, is absolutely hypnotic, especially when viewed in direct sunlight. The crèmes are not unique colour-wise, but their amazing application makes them standouts just the same. All in all, this entire collection says ‘Summer is here’ – and that’s all I want to know.

Available now, find more information via:


BL Lolly Brights closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

Butter London – Boho Rock Collection Nail Lacquer

Butter London Boho Rock opener


The Boho Rock Collection from Butter London, is a collection of 6 neutrals infused with sensuality, some texture and a whole of lot possibilities. With nude shades trending hot this season, I love that these aren’t the same old – same old, but a fresh & modern spin on classic hues: wearable, yet still funky enough to suit your inner Bohemian princess.

All swatches were done using Butter London’s new Patent-Gel Base and Top Coats (except where top coat was omitted, as stated) – and after playing with this duo for some time now, I’m ready to include in my list of Holy Grail favourites.


Butter London Boho Rock Collection

Butter London – Boho Rock Collection


Keen – a warm leaning doll-skin pink (Band-Aid pink?) hue in a formula that’s a touch patchy with the first coat, but then levels off nicely by the second. Super glossy at the finish, I was take by complete surprise in finding myself strangely drawn to this shade – so not my usual colour, but there you have it. Coats applied: 3 (thin, which gives the best coverage), plus top coat


Butter London Keen swatch

Butter London – Keen


Trallop – a camel-nude shade given warmth by the yellow undertones in its base, in a formula that can best be summed up as SPECTACULAR: amazing opacity even by the 1st coat, self-levelling, easy flow & application and a high gloss finish. The perfect nude? Possibly. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


Butter London Trallop swatch

Butter London – Trallop

Butter London Lushington over Trallop swatch

Butter London – Lushington over Trallop


Goss – a stunning rose-gold foil (metallic) hue in a quick drying formula and which applies in a very opaque way even by the 1st coat. TIP: I suggest loading up your brush with polish, as this type of formula is not tolerant of touch-ups (going back in with your brush to correct anything). Some brush strokes may be evident upon initial application (much less visible in person, believe me), but within a few seconds it begins to level off and give a wonderfully smooth, foil-like finish. Those with less than even nails might want to apply a ridge-filling base coat first. I also found that this shade definitely looks best as is – a top coat somehow takes away from the finish and can make it look dated. Bonus: ridiculously easy removal. Coats applied: 2 (no top coat)


Butter London Goss swatch

Butter London – Goss


Trifle – what looks like a chocolatey/bronze hue is actually so much more complex than that; this bears a plum/raisin base colour that’s filled with an oxidized bronze metallic shimmer. At times it can look like wood-grain, at others I catch a slight flash of gold – very rich, unique and rather Rococo-looking, no? Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


Butter London Trifle swatch

Butter London – Trifle


Lucy in the Sky – *the Beatles version of this song gets stuck in my head every time I say this name* This shade is INSANE. A blush/taupe base that’s loaded with small prismatic glitter in a slightly thicker flowing formula than the rest, but nonetheless super easy to work with. I have seriously NEVER seen anything like this – reminds me of haute couture nude gowns with artfully applied sequins, or even mermaid skin – gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE it! The finish is lightly textured – think suede, not grit and unless you first apply a peel-off base coat (like OPI’s amazing new Glitter Off), then be prepared for some effort to remove it (so worth it, though!). The final sparkle is nothing short of brilliant (not glossy like a crème). Coats applied: 2 (surprisingly opaque at 2)


Butter London Lucy in the Sky swatch

 Butter London – Lucy in the Sky


Butter London Lucy in the Sky with TC swatch

Butter London – Lucy in the Sky (with top coat) 


Lushington – a cloudy ivory base with tons of ultra-fine gold glitter. Easily layered over any other colour, this shade seems to work well with both dark & light hues. Worn alone, you’ll definitely need at least 3 coats to make it almost opaque and again, I strongly recommend a peel-off base coat under to avoid removal issues later on. I love how the tiny size of the glitter and the cooler tone of the gold gives this a more modern & sophisticated vibe. Coats applied: 3 (thin, plus top coat)


Butter London Lushington swatch

Butter London – Lushington


Butter London Lushington with TC swatch

Butter London – Lushington (with top coat)


If asked upon first receiving this collection, I would have probably said that 2 out of the 6 would most likely turn out to be favourites, but I’ve never been happier to say how wrong I would have been (and I hate admitting that I’m wrong). I found something to love about the entire Boho Rock Collection, and with Butter London’s amazing formula backing each shade, you seriously can’t go wrong with any. Then there’s Lucy in the Sky – have you EVER?! (and there goes that earworm again …)

Available now through The Bay (Canada) – find more information via:


Butter London Boho Rock closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

Butter London – Lippy Shimmer Lip Gloss

*Disclosure: Press samples

BL Lippy Shimmer opener


Following up on the heels of their successful line of Lippy lip products, Butter London introduces six new versions of their lip gloss in a range of neutral tones and infused with gorgeous shimmer. Absolutely perfect for the Summer season but which will also cross over well into the cooler months to come, these shades will suit every skin tone across the spectrum, all while adding a subtle touch of bling to your lips. Totally kissable, I might add …

Each gloss holds a good amount of product and comes in a conveniently sized acrylic rectangular container that makes it perfect for carrying with you. The wand is of an easy length and the dense brush applicator picks up more than enough of the contents to require no more than 1-2 passes for full coverage. The scent is a warm buttery/vanilla which dissipates quickly after application, while the feel of the gloss when worn is quite smooth (the shimmer melds perfectly with the formula) — not overly sticky. I found that the milkier shades tend to gather in lip lines if applied too thickly, although as the gloss wears off, that effect disappears. The more sheer & neutral shades had the least amount of staying power (approximately 2 – 2.5 hours), yet still imparted a slight sheen to the lips long after they were gone, while the 2 shades with the most pigment (Pip Pip and Wag) definitely lasted well past the 3-hour mark. One thing in common with each Lippy Shimmer, is the hydrating feel to the lips – even when all traces of gloss had disappeared. BONUS: with the exception of Pip Pip, all shades bear an super glassy finish.

Note that the appearance of each shade of gloss is also dependant on your lips’ natural colouration – the higher your own pigmentation, the less dominant each Lippy Shimmer may appear.

BL Lippy Shimmer

Butter London – Lippy Shimmers

BL Lippy Shimmer flash

Butter London – Lippy Shimmers

BL Beaker Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Beaker Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “A child’s sippy cup” – a nearly clear & iridescent hue with baby pink undertones and ultra-smooth shimmer throughout. One of the two shades of the six that looks absolutely amazing with a light tan – in an edgy, yet understated way.

BL Pip Pip Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Pip Pip Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “A way to bid farewell, often used by the upper class” – a bronze base hue with a combination of larger gold and silver shimmer throughout. The highest pigmentation of the six, which can come across as either warm or cool, depending on the light – a great alternative to wearing lipstick & gloss together.

BL Swish Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Swish Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “To be very expensive, fashionable” – a pale golden base hue with an apricot undertone, infused with ultra-smooth gold and silver shimmer throughout. The second shade that really compliments lightly tanned skin and provides a beautiful light golden glow to the lips – a more affordable and longer-lasting version of NARS’ ‘Gold Digger’ (reviewed here).

BL Tickety Boo Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Tickety Boo Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “A saying for when something is going well” – a milky baby pink base hue bearing loads of ultra-smooth pink shimmer throughout. There’s an unusually high amount of pigment for such a light shade, and while some settling in lip lines can occur if applied too thickly, it wears off evenly – leaving a silvery sheen behind.

BL Wag Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Wag Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “Term used by British tabloids to describes wives/girlfriends of high-profile footballers” – a sheer-ish peachy/pink base hue filled with ultra-fine and slightly larger golden shimmer throughout. A warm-toned shade that reminds me of NARS’ Orgasm Gloss, albeit in a less pigmented and definitely glossier version.

BL Punch Up Lippy Shimmer

Butter London Punch Up Lippy Shimmer (CAD $22.00 74 ml/US $20.00 0.25 fl. oz) “A quarrel or violent argument” – a sheer-leaning beige-y/pink base hue with ultra smooth golden and neutral shimmer throughout. One of the most universally flattering nude lip gloss shades I’ve come across, that also bears an incredible gloss factor – gorgeous!


Last word: With the warmer weather finally here, I find myself turning towards lighter-hued lip products, although I still prefer them to have a touch of something — be it a hint of colour, or a touch of shimmer. The six new shades of Butter London’s Lippy Shimmer Lip Gloss, manage to have both, all while imparting a nicely nourished feel to the lips. My favourites are definitely Beaker, Swish, and Punch Up for their “neutral wearability”, with Wag following close behind for a nice spot of colour to the lips. While nothing outrageous colour-wise, I’m a fan of how versatile each Lippy Shimmer is and I find the quality superb – definitely worth the price, which happens to fall between drugstore and high end brands.

EDIT: As I am away on holiday right now, I wanted to add that the ONLY lip product/gloss I brought with me, is ‘Swish’ – I am totally in love with this shade!

Available now through Butter London. Feel free to follow via twitter/facebook for all the latest product updates.

BL Lippy Shimmer closer

Butter London – The Colour Clash Collection, Fall 2013

BL Colour Clash opener


For Fall 2013, Butter London has decided to take a very untraditional turn and create ‘The Colour Clash Collection’ – a set of 6 brightly vivid shades that might seem more suited for warm, rather than cooler temperatures … and will definitely stir up quite a bit of conversation. While I always personally look forward to the more sombre hues Fall collections have to offer (and as I’m currently on holiday – at the beach, mind you – and have absolutely ZERO desire to even think of anything cold-related), I can’t deny the appeal of these colours; to me, they feel like I’d be extending the Summer season. But that’s just me.

All swatches are with base and top coats.


BL Colour Clash

Butter London – The Colour Clash Collection


Cotton Buds – a snowy white crème hue in an excellent formula – albeit a touch on the thick side, that may apply a bit patchy at the first coat if you don’t load up your brush properly, but which covers beautifully by the second. Self-levelling and with a nice gloss at the finish, this is an exceptionally easy white to pull off for all skin tones, staying just this side of looking neon, but never chalky or white-out-ish. On a personal note, I have been OBSESSED with white lacquer this season – this one is 100% LOVE for me. Coats applied: 2


BL Cotton Buds swatch

Butter London – Cotton Buds


BL Cottong Buds swatch 2

Butter London – Cotton Buds


Pimms – a warm-leaning egg-yolk yellow crème hue, in an easy-flowing formula with just the right density and saturation of colour to apply like a dream. The mix of custard & mustard (yellow polish rhyme!) undertones in the base, makes this shade flattering and suitable for all skin tones, unlike so many other yellow lacquers that can appear sallow or too juvenile. Self-levelling and glossy at the finish as well. Coats applied: 2


BL Pimms swatch

Butter London – Pimms


BL Pimms swatch 2

Butter London – Pimms


Wellies – a soft lime crème hue with definitive yellow undertones in its base, this shade bears an amazing formula that applies in a non-patchy and totally self-levelling manner, finishes up with a glossy shine and paradoxically remains vivid while steering clear of neon. Coats applied: 2


BL Wellies swatch

Butter London – Wellies

BL Wellies swatch 2

Butter London – Wellies


Silly Billy – a rich tangerine crème hue in a jelly-esque formula that applies in an ultra-smooth way, leaving a gorgeous gloss behind. I can’t add any more to this shade that the photos don’t already reveal – it’s so incredibly HAPPY looking! Bonus: non-staining upon removal. Coats applied: 2


BL Silly Billy swatch

Butter London – Silly Billy

BL Silly Billy swatch 2

Butter London – Silly Billy


Cake-Hole – a cool-leaning candy pink hue in a hybrid crème-jelly formula that bears an INSANE application: ultra-smooth and totally colour saturated. Super bright but never eye-searing, this shade is the only one of the 6 to come to a satin finish, but adding top coat really brings it out beautifully. Non-staining upon removal as well. Coats applied: 2


BL Cake-Hole swatch

Butter London – Cake-Hole


BL Cake-Hole swatch 2

Butter London – Cake-Hole


Giddy Kipper – a STUNNER. A colour-staurated indigo base hue filled with ultra-fine and almost iridescent shimmer in shades of blue, pink, and silver, in a formula that a cross between crème & jelly, bearing a superior flow, pigmentation, and shine. The only shimmer lacquer of the group, as well as the only concession to a “Fall” shade in this collection, blue-lovers will absolutely NEED to pick this one up. A welcome bonus: non-staining upon removal. Coats applied: 2


BL Giddy Kipper swatch

Butter London – Giddy Kipper


BL Giddy Kipper swatch 2

Butter London – Giddy Kipper


Last word: Confused by the shade choices? You’re not alone, and while my initial reaction was more along the lines of “what was Butter London thinking?”, I’ve come to appreciate the sly humour behind this collection. It doesn’t hurt either, that the formula is in true Butter London style: perfect. While I can’t say I’m much of a yellow or lime fan, I did like the way both ‘Pimms’ and ‘Wellies’ looked on me, but my hands-down favourites are ‘Cotton Buds’ (again, my white obsession), ‘Silly Billy’ (I also really like saying the name), and ‘Giddy Kipper’. As to ‘Cake-Hole’, I’ve been loving wearing this as a pedi shade — looks awesome on the beach!

Available now, The Colour Clash Collection retails for CAD $17.00 11 ml/USD $15.00 4 fl.oz – each, with a special promo of CAD $85.00 for the set (Canadian website only).

Find more information on all Butter London products via the website, twitter or facebook


BL Colour Clash closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration