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CHANEL · Collection Libre 2018 Maximalisme de CHANEL


“I used my penchant for all that shines to try and reconcile elegance and fashion”

Gabrielle Chanel


For this year’s Collection Libre, Lucia Pica drew inspiration from one of Mlle Chanel’s beloved talismans, the lion — a symbol which represents strength, courage, and even, dare I say, flamboyance (that mane, am I right?). Spotlighting the way interesting new colours can be seen when light & shadow reflects off mettalics, this collection is both bold and elegant … and absolute perfection for the holidays. Be warned, however: everything is limited edition.



CHANEL · Apotheosis Le Mat de CHANEL, Fall/Winter 2018


For Fall/Winter 2018, CHANEL is revisualizing matte in a whole new way via the Apotheosis Le Mat de CHANEL Collection. Autumn’s earthy hues are reinvented and given a modern vibe — and while matte reigns supreme here, the finishes have been softened and almost blurred, providing a lushness to the textures that make them in turn utterly feminine, and yet so absolutely powerful. Provocative, done in true CHANEL style.



CHANEL · Éclat et Transparence, Cruise 2018 Collection


The newest release from CHANEL, Éclat et Transparence Cruise 2018, draws inspiration from the gorgeous sheer effect produced by the interplay of shadow & light, and I have most of the collection to show you here today. The textures and colours of Summer — warm air, rippling water, and hazy filtered light, are all so beautifully represented and form the key to understanding these pieces: it’s about the application, and more importantly, layering. Plus, everything is just so gorgeous …


CHANEL · Le Vernis 2018


I’ve never made my love of CHANEL a secret, and while I can wax poetic on basically everything this brand has to offer, I have to confess that in the nail polish department, this venerable house has sometimes come up short. Not that it’s stopped me from obsessively collecting every shade produced, mind you. But that was then … and this is now, and it’s a really, really, good now. Recently launched, CHANEL has created 6 new Le Vernis shades that in my opinion, are definitely investment-worthy.



CHANEL · Spring/Summer 2018 Haute Couture Beauty Edit



CHANEL’s recent Haute Couture show was nothing short of stunningly ethereal and truly seemed to symbolize the very essence of Spring. Held in Paris’ Grand Palais, the venue had been transformed into replicas of 17th century-style ponds and groves, complete with verdant greenery & splashing fountains, while the guests were seated on benches surrounding the gravel runways — the better to view the brilliant creations, obviously. Not to be outdone, the beauty look was fresh yet modern … and so totally wearable, although I’m now seriously considering adding a tulle headpiece to my repertoire.