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CHANEL Les Beiges | Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Marinière N°02

CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière opener


In 1913, Mlle. Chanel opened her first store in Deauville, France where she revolutionized the fashion world by using a fluid fabric (jersey) to liberate women from the constricting styles of the time – in 2013, LES BEIGES were created in the spirit of that freedom, espousing the concept of a natural, glowing, healthy-looking, and unfussy makeup look:

‘With LES BEIGES, natural is now a style’

Joining the LES BEIGES lineup of face powders and drawing inspiration from the designer’s love of sailor’s stripes, the two limited edition versions for 2015 are Marinière N°01 (not shown) bearing rose & honey hues, and Marinière N°02 with its tan bands of colour in deeper and more bronzier tones. Enriched with white rose and cotton flower plant cells for skin soothing and protective actions, as well as shea butter and a Vitamin E derivative for optimum hydration and comfort throughout the wearing, both powders are also fortified with an SPF 15 as well. There is a soft and lovely rose/floral scent to this powder which seems to dissipate soon after application, but still worth noting for those with sensitivities.

*Please note that the presentation box shown was designed for press/media only and that the powder is not sold this way.


CHANEL Les Beiges 2015


CHANEL | Les Beiges Collection 2015


CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière box

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Marinière N°02 SPF 15

CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière compact


CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière with brush

Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Marinière N°02 SPF 15 (CAN $72.00) | Housed in the brand’s iconic lacquered square compact with the double C logo on top – bearing a full-size mirror on the inner lid as well as an included demi-lune natural bristle brush – the LES BEIGES range of products are made unique by their light beige outer casings. The two bands of colour (camel/beige and deeper tan) of Marinière N°02 are wide enough that each shade can be picked up individually – but only if used with either a narrow brush or with the top of the demi-lune brush; in my opinion, the beauty of this product comes through when both shades are combined (I use a large fluffy brush for overall initial application, followed by a denser brush in areas I wish to emphasize – such as where the sun would naturally hit: upper cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose and slightly along the top of the chin).

There appears to be the lightest hint of reddish undertones in the base of Marinière N°02, which helps to promote a healthy flushed appearance to the skin (so much better than yellow undertones, which can make skin look sallow) and the shimmer is ground so fine, that is serves to impart a radiant illumination that only gets better as the powder fuses with your skin’s natural oils and warmth. In fact, I’ll even go as far as saying that this product looks better after a few hours of wear. The pigmentation is excellent and when the two shades are swirled together, the colour you get is multi-tonal and so natural appearing, although you could probably dial it up by concentrating more on the darker portions, if need be. Those with fair skin will find this to be an excellent bronzer – but I suggest using a fluffy brush for a more diffused dispersal of colour, while darker complexions can go in with a denser-headed brush (such as a kabuki brush) to add luminosity and evenness to their skin (just don’t expect major colour).

As with all bronzers that have a ‘developing phase’, start with a light hand and wait a few minutes before adding more, so that you don’t risk overdoing it. Staying power is excellent, and I’m able to get an entire day’s worth of wearing without any fading or settling into fine lines.


CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière 2

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Marinière N°02 SPF 15


CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière macro

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Marinière N°02 SPF 15 (macro)


CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière 3

CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière

CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière ingredients

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Marinière N°02 SPF 15 (ingredients)


CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière swatch

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Marinière N°02 SPF 15 swatch

CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière swatch 2

CHANEL | Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Marinière N°02 SPF 15 swatch (alternate light)


Even more impressive than the regular LES BEIGES range of face powders, Marinière N°02 offers up not just light coverage, but a sun-kissed warmth and that ‘lit-from-within’ radiance to the skin, thanks to CHANEL’s unique formula and ultra finely-milled shimmer. Bronzers come in so many varied forms and while I enjoy having choices, I frequently find myself layering them (usually a matte with one that bears more shimmer) to achieve a natural effect – both qualities that can be found in just this one compact. The only downside, is that this is a limited edition product which is a shame, as CHANEL has certainly hit it out of the ballpark with Marinière N°02 and should definitely look into making it permanent (as well as offering up a few more shade options, while they’re at it). Verdict: absolute LOVE and totally backup-worthy.

Available now but for a limited time through The Bay and (direct link included for your convenience), and all other CHANEL counters across Canada. Find more information via

CHANEL Healthy Glow Marinière closer

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CHANEL | Campanule & Caroube Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect, Orchidée Stylo Yeux Waterproof

CHANEL Summer 2015 eye pencils opener


The much-anticipated CHANEL Collection Mediterranée for Summer 2015 has finally landed at counters across the country, pieces filled with the sun drenched colours of the French Riviera. I was kindly send three eye pencils to test out: N°107 Campanule & N°147 Caroube in the Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect format (first released in 2013) and N°997 Orchidée Stylo Yeux Waterproof – all limited edition.

The Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect bears a unique cream eyeshadow formula made with a higher than usual concentration of water, which provides a ‘cooling’ sensation upon the skin at first application. The travel-friendly & retractible pen style has a tapered edge (although that does wear down and round out with use) which can deposit a dense layer of colour or sheered out for a lighter wash along the lids. There are 5 shades released with this collection (all limited edition), all in a satin finish and with each bearing a complex shimmer. Note that all shades can be worn alone, or mixed & matched for more effect.

The Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect formula is meant to be long-lasting, but I still need to apply primer first (the curse of oily lids) in order to keep the colour intact and crease-free. The cooling sensation is indeed noticeable, but dissipates quickly and if you’re planning on any blending or smudging out of the colour, you do need to work relatively quickly because once it sets, it’s near impossible to move around. The formula is a soft-solid in the pen with the tip wearing down and taking on a rounded shape by just a few uses – which actually makes application even easier, but not conducive for detailed work (although perfect for a more diffused eyeliner application).

CHANEL’s Stylo Yeux Waterproof range of eye pencils are slim retractible pencils that never need sharpening, are soft enough to avoid stressing the delicate skin of the eyes but bear a solid enough density to help deposit colour easily. Long-lasting, they are safe for use on the waterline (inner rim of the eye) and are meant to stay in place.

I have been a fan of CHANEL’s Stylo Yeux Waterproof pencils for many years now (I swear by the black version as my go-to liner, especially for the waterline) and appreciate how easily they apply, as well as how long-lasting most can be. N°997 Orchidée is quite unique in my collection, with its vividly intense violet shade truly making my green eyes stand out.

CHANEL Summer 2015 eye pencils boxed

CHANEL Summer 2015 eye pencils macro


CHANEL Summer 2015 eye pencil swatches

CHANEL Collection Mediterranée 2015 | Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect 107 Campanule & 147 Caroube, Stylo Jeux Waterproof 997 Orchid swatches

CHANEL Campanule & Caroube closed

CHANEL Collection Mediterranée 2015 | 107 Campanule & 147 Caroube Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect


CHANEL Campanule & Caroube swatches

CHANEL Collection Mediterranée 2015 | 107 Campanule & 147 Caroube Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect swatches

CHANEL Campanule

N°107 Campanule (CAN $38.00) | Inspired by the Florentine Iris so beloved by Coco Chanel, this is a nice mix of lavender and violet tones with hints of blue reflects in the base. The shade can be intensified by layering (as well as complimented by the addition of N°997 Orchidée), or sheered out for a whisper light wash of colour.


CHANEL Campanule macro

CHANEL Campanule swatches

CHANEL Collection Mediterranée 2015| 107 Campanule Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect swatches

CHANEL Caroube

N°147 Caroube (CAN $38.00) is a complex bronze-brown hue with hints of taupe in the base. Inspired by the beauty of golden Summer skin, this shade is ultra rich in both texture and appearance, and is universal enough to suit all skin tones and eye colours across the board.


CHANEL Caroube macro

CHANEL Caroube swatch

CHANEL Collection Mediterranée 2015 | 147 Caroube Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect swatches

CHANEL Caroube & Moon River

Upon first looking at N°147 Caroube, I was under the impression that it would be almost identical in colour to N°07 Moon River (released in 2013 – now discontinued) but the two couldn’t be more different; Caroube is obviously several shades darker and more chocolate hued, while Moon River is not only lighter and rather platinum-leaning, but displays much more shimmer as well.

CHANEL Caroube & Moon River macro

CHANEL | 147 Caroube vs 07 Moon River Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect

CHANEL Caroube & Moon River swatches

CHANEL | 147 Caroube vs 07 Moon River Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect swatches

CHANEl Orchidée

N°997 Orchidée (CAN $35.00) is a vivid violet pencil shade and much more intense than what’s seen by just looking at the pencil. Worn along the waterline, the colour seemed a little subdued at initial application, but once the pencil has warmed up and has been worked in a bit, the effect is definitely amplified. Applied along the lash line, this pencil stays in place until removed – when used in conjunction with N°107 Campanule, the effect is just gorgeous; a modern & still elegant way to wear vivid colour.

CHANEL Orchidée macro

CHANEL Orchidée swatch

CHANEL Collection Méditerranée 2015 | 997 Orchidée Stylo Yeux Waterproof swatches


I absolutely love the versatility & unique tones of the Stylo Eyehshadow Fresh Effect pencils, as well as how easy they are to use. Portable and long-lasting (although those with oily lids should prime beforehand), there are an infinite number of ways to wear/apply them for a wide variety of looks, not to mention how easily they can all mix & match. The Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 997 Orchidée is a wonderful addition to my Summer makeup wardrobe, and by just adding a few swipes of mascara I’m able to achieve an easy, yet fun eye look. Do yourself a solid and check these out next time you’re at a CHANEL counter – but don’t wait too long to do so, as they are limited edition and are sure to go rather fast (judging by how fast they sold out back in 2013).

Collection Mediterranée Summer 2015 is available now at all CHANEL counters across the Canada. Visit for more details.

CHANEL Summer 2015 eye pencils closer

Press samples kindly provided for my unbiased consideration

CHANEL | Lumière d’Été Illuminating Powder

CHANEL Lumière d'Été opener

The CHANEL Collection Méditerranée for Summer 2015, draws inspiration from the French Riviera, that luxe seaside resort area of France that was so beloved of Coco Chanel. Drawing upon the intense colour palette of azure skies, vivid beach umbrellas, and glowing tanned bodies, one of the undisputed stars of the collection is the Lumière d’Été Illuminating Powder Limited Edition: a heart-stopping beautiful bronzer in the form of the brand’s signature camellia blossom and a product you won’t want to put a brush to … it’s THAT stunning.


20s poster 2

Vintage poster from the 20’s of the French Riviera

CHANEL Lumière d'Été packaging

CHANEL Lumière d'Été ingredients

CHANEL | Lumière d’Été Illuminating Powder, ingredients list

CHANEL Lumière d'Été with brush

CHANEL | Lumière d’Été Illuminating Powder, velour sleeve and included brush

CHANEL Lumière d'Été

Lumière d’Été Illuminating Powder, Limited Edition (CAN $76.00) is a soft beige/tan bronzer bearing an ultra finely-milled shimmer to achieve that gorgeous sun kissed glow, in a perfect blend of both cool and warm tones that render it wearable by basically all skin tones along the spectrum (with the exception of the darkest complexions, for which this will be much too light to appear). Encased in a protective velour sleeve with an outside pocket to hold the included brush (well made quality-wise and great for on-the-go touchups, but I still prefer to use my own brushes – in particular CHANEL’s N°2 Powder/Contour brush that works beautifully with this product), the powder comes in the shape of the brand’s signature camellia blossom, with each petal clearly visible and bearing a cross-hatch pattern on the surface, delicately scented and virtually undetectable once applied.

As with all bronzers, bear in mind that it will develop; in other words, after initial application, step back and wait a few minutes before going in with more product, since the colour will deepen as it merges with the warmth and natural oils of your skin (this tip will save you from accidentally overdoing it).

The surface of the powder is slightly hard (similar to that of CHANEL’s baked products) but does not affect what the brush picks up whatsoever; in fact, there is hardly any kickback at all (at least, none that I could see) when you swirl your brush across the surface, making for less waste overall. The shade is a bit of a paradox and depending on the angle/light, can appear either cool (beige) or warm (tan), but once applied that’s when the magic happens; what emerges along the skin is like stuff dreams are made of (ok, that’s probably going a little far, but seriously … it’s like CHANEL has found a source of unicorn dust to infuse this product with. Yeah, that was a stretch too ∗shrugs∗). As stated earlier, the product begins to fuse with the warmth and natural oils of the skin, and takes on a sun kissed lustre, giving a ‘fresh from a beach walk’ appearance and overall super healthy glow (an effect due to that ultra fine shimmer, I suspect), becoming even better with the wearing. As to longevity and when applied over foundation or primer, I easily get 9-10 hours of wear, before noticing any fading.


CHANEL Lumière d'Été macro


CHANEL Lumière d'Été macro 2


CHANEL Lumière d'Été macro 3


CHANEL Lumière d'Été 2

CHANEL Lumière d'Été 3

CHANEL Lumière d'Été swatch 1

CHANEL Lumière d’Été swatch, direct sunlight – applied heavy & blended out

CHANEL Lumière d'Été swatch 2

CHANEL Lumière d’Été swatch, alternate light – applied heavy & blended out


If you’re a bronzer or CHANEL enthusiast, you NEED this. With the multitude of bronzers recently released for the Summer season from every imaginable brand there is, the Lumière d’Été Illuminating Powder still manages to stand out by virtue of its impeccable finish and tone. Combining a distinctly elegant visual aesthetic (seriously though … that camellia flower pattern is to die for) with unbelievable quality, is something that CHANEL has become known for, and I am totally planning on getting a backup – something you might want to think about as well, especially since it is a limited edition product. Just saying.

Available as of May 4 at all CHANEL counters across the country, find more information on the brand by visiting

CHANEL Lumière d'Été closer

Press sample kindly provided for my unbiased consideration