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CHANEL SS16 Haute Couture Show | Backstage Beauty



This past week, the Grand Palais in Paris had been transformed into a massive wooden dollhouse structure complete with a minimalist garden out front – all imagined by Karl Lagerfeld and forming the perfect backdrop to present the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2016 Haute Couture Collection. Honouring the colour beige that was so adored by Coco Chanel, many of the sublime pieces came adorned with pearls, sequins, and even wooden fragments, with bejewelled bees – a symbol representing the renewal and perpetual rebirth of nature – seen interspersed amongst the designs. Another unique item that’s sure to become the piece you never even knew you needed, was a small wood-embellished smart-phone pouch that the models wore around their hips – leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to find a way to make a fanny-pack stylish again.



The makeup was created by Tom Pecheux, who kept the theme minimal and clean, using graphic Cleopatra-esque eyeliner as the focal point, harmonized with glowing skin, softly neutral lips, cheeks, & nails to serve as perfect counterparts.

The hair by Sam McKnight, was worn parted in the centre and rolled into an oversized updo in the back, using large foam “croissant” shapes made of wired foam and covered in human hair to match each model’s own hue.

Beauty breakdown:

Skin prepared with LA SOLUTION 10 DE CHANEL (2016)


  • Les Beiges – Healthy Glow Foundation (2016)
  • Éclat Lumière Correcteur Perfection
  • Les Beiges – Healthy Glow Sheer Powder


  • La Palette Sourcils de CHANEL (2016)


  • Illusion d’Ombre – N° 118 Moonlight Pink (L.A. Sunrise 2016 Spring Collection)
  • Stylo Yeux Waterproof – N° 88 Noir Intense
  • Ombre Essentielle – N° 118 Midnight


  • Les Beiges – Stick Belle Mine Naturelle (N° 20)


  • Rouge Coco Baume
  • Rouge Allure – N° 162 Pensive


  • La Base
  • Le Vernis  – N° 504 Organdi (2016)
  • Le Gel Coat (2016)

2016 Spring-Summer CHANEL Haute Couture Show

Backstage Makeup CHANEL

©CHANEL 2016

Photos: Benoît Peverelli













While these looks are much too editorial for the average woman to pull off in real life, there are still elements that are worth adapting to one’s personal style. Taking a cue from the ‘less-is-more’ way of thinking, this proves that a simple black eyeliner paired with neutral lips & cheeks, packs quite a statement – especially when paired with a sleek pulled-back hairstyle (think more ballerina than the Princess Leia looks shown here). Add to that, groomed brows as well as a couple of mascara coats, and you’ve basically created a classic look that will suit anything and everything.

Well played, Mr. Lagerfeld.




Burberry Beauty|Cadet Green, Khaki Green & Poppy Black

Burberry Fall polishes opener

Something about Burberry Beauty just speaks to me on so many levels; from the crisp & clean packaging to the actual products themselves, this range continues to impress me with their attention to detail and quality. Released as part of the Fall 2015 Beauty collection, these military hues were inspired by the Burberry Camouflage bucket Bag a signature piece from the Autumn/Winter 2015 runway show (and which I’m totally coveting), but are colours that also happen to be so totally on point for Spring 2016.


Camouflage Bucket Bag – Burberry Autumn/Winter 2015

Details: housed in a rectangular bottle with a removal outer gunmetal cap etched with the iconic Burberry plaid design, the brush is on the dense side but splays extremely well and is suitable even for those with narrower nail beds.

Burberry Fall polishes open

Burberry Beauty | Cadet Green, Khaki Green & Poppy Black


Burberry Fall polishes

Burberry Beauty | Cadet Green, Khaki Green & Poppy Black


Burberry Cadet Green swatch

N° 206 Cadet Green, Limited Edition (CAN $23.00) | A cool leaning (blue based) green hue in a medium-thin almost hybrid-like (crème/jelly) formula that can be runny if your brush is loaded up too much (which could then result in potential flooding of cuticles). Barring that, this shade has amazing pigmentation and flow, falling in a self-levelling way and leaving behind an insanely glossy finish. Bonus: non-staining upon removal.

Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


Burberry Khaki Green swatch

N°205 Khaki Green, Limited Edition (CAN $23.00) | A true military green hue in a similar formula to Cadet Green, but slightly more sheer at the first coat. Warmer-leaning (due to a yellower base), the depth of tone builds up beautiful and offers complete opacity by the second layer, along with a self-levelling application and brilliant high-shine finish.

Coats applied: 2, plus top coat

The first thing that both Cadet Green and Khaki Green made me think of, were Les Khakis de CHANEL (released in 2010, now discontinued) the military-hued trio created for Fashion Night and which sold out at the speed of light. Naturally, I had to pull mine out of the vault to compare, and as the swatches below show, they’re really nothing alike:

Burberry Khaki Green vs CHANEL Khaki Vert swatches

Burberry Beauty | N°205 Khaki Green vs CHANEL Khaki Vert swatches

Burberry Khaki Green vs CHANEL Khaki Brun swatches

Burberry Beauty | N°205 Khaki Green vs CHANEL Khaki Brun swatches


Burberry Poppy Black swatch

N299 Poppy Black (CAN $23.00) | A deep ebony black hue with a formula that borders on perfection at every level: density, flow, opacity and brilliance. Everyone needs a good black in their nail polish wardrobe (instantly adds an edgy chicness to nails while frequently being the basis for many nail art designs) and Poppy Black is giving Camelot from a-england, my long-standing fave black, some serious competition. Bonus: non-staining upon removal.

Coats applied: 2, plus top coat (although the finish is beyond glossy on its own)


Interestingly, this trio happens to be my first Burberry polishes, but something tells me that they won’t be my last. These colours are both modern and classic, and while Cadet Green and Khaki Green were both limited edition shades, a quick search shows that they’re still available (I’ve included a few links below). Poppy Black is a permanent hue – a good thing, as this is one totally amazing black and well worth adding to your beauty arsenal.

Burberry Beauty products are available through The Bay &, Sephora &, Nordstrom and locations across Canada. Find more information via

Burberry Fall polishes closer




Press samples provided for my unbiased consideration

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CHANEL | Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder


CHANEL Infiniment CHANEL opener

I absolutely cannot resist well-crafted and exquisite detailing; add CHANEL into the mix, and I’m basically rendered incapable of coherent thought. That was the effect I experienced upon first laying eyes on the Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder. I hadn’t even wondered about how well this powder would suit my skin tone, as I couldn’t see past the elegant raised double C’s – but thankfully, this is one product that looks as stunning as it performs.

CHANEL Infiniment CHANEL sleeves

CHANEL | Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder

CHANEL Infiniment CHANEL & brush

CHANEL | Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder

CHANEL Infiniment CHANEL 1

Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder (CAN $78.00) | Housed in the brand’s iconic black lacquered compact case and protected by a velour sleeve, this face powder also comes with a small flat brush (that has its own little sleeve), with a full-sized mirror on the inner lid. The base shade is a warm-leaning nude hue with peachy undertones, but the real star attraction here, are the apricot-hued raised and interlocked double C’s splashed across the palette’s surface. The precise work on the logo has been crafted to look as though stitched – and you’d be hard pressed to believe it isn’t real. There is a light shimmery overspray to the entire palette and while the majority will be swept away with the first brush stroke, that finely ground shimmer remains as part of the actual product, serving to add a beautiful luminosity when applied to the skin. The logo itself appears to run all the way through, and not just a surface detail – a good thing, as it serves to provide a little spot of colour to what would otherwise be a simple face powder.

Trying to pick up the two tones separately, is basically an exercise in futility and to be fair, I’m certain this powder wasn’t designed to be used in that manner anyway. I prefer to swirl my brush across the surface and mix the two together, although you can still concentrate more on the neutral portion if desired, in order to avoid getting too much of the coloured section. A large-headed fluffy brush will yield a lighter dusting across the skin, perfect for setting your makeup, while a dense kabuki-style brush enables you to buff the powder into the skin for an even more flawless finish. The overall payoff of the Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder is such that it will benefit a pretty broad variety of skin tones; that being said, those with the palest complexions (read: alabaster) may probably be able to use this powder as a natural looking blush shade – especially if the emphasis is placed more on the logo, while those with dark skin tones may not find it gives any colour payoff at all and the result might even appear as too ashy.

The swatches below were done with a heavy hand and even at that, it’s very difficult to pick up the two individual tones along my skin; suffice it to say that on my light-medium skin tone, this becomes one of the most natural looking face powders I’ve tried to date, imparting a beautiful & healthy-looking glow to my face, without ever looking chalky or dusty. Staying power is about 8 hours + or what I usually get with setting/face powders, but I must say that as the product warms up on my skin and starts merging with my natural oils, it almost appears to get even better and more natural looking (and without oxidizing), if that makes sense.


CHANEL Infiniment CHANEL macro 1

CHANEL | Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder

CHANEL Infiniment CHANEL macro 2

CHANEL | Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder

CHANEL Infiniment CHANEL macro 3

CHANEL | Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder

CHANEL Infiniment Chanel swatches

CHANEL | Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder swatches
CHANEL Infiniment CHANEL 2

CHANEL | Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder


I’m a little (ok, a lot) late in posting this beauty jewel, as here in Montréal the Infiniment CHANEL Illuminating Powder was released back in August (released around October in the US), and while I was told it was a limited edition product, it’s not listed as such on CHANEL’s website and I was even able to still find it at several counters around town (I’d suggest calling ahead first just the same). If you can get your hands on this amazing face powder, then I can’t recommend it enough. If not, don’t worry – as there will always be something new and just as awesome coming from this brand. And I’ll still be just as powerless to resist.

CHANEL products are available through The Bay &, Nordstrom, Holt Renfrew and select Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix stores across Canada. Find more information via


CHANEL Infiniment CHANEL closer



Purchased product

CHANEL | Le Vernis 767 Fraîcheur

CHANEL Fraicheur opener


With January fast approaching, my mind starts turning to all things Spring (it’s the curse of the beauty industry; always being one – or more – seasons ahead) add to that the incredibly gloomy weather we’ve been experiencing here in Montréal (seriously, what does the sun even look like again?), I wanted to brighten things up and came across this little beauty in my archives: CHANEL’s 767 Fraîcheur, a shade that made my heart skip a beat when I first laid eyes on it, in part due to its incredible resemblance to the elusive Jade – one of 2 CHANEL shades I was never able to add to my collection (the other is Holographic and both were never released here).

Before I go on, I want to state that this was a limited edition shade released this past Summer and even though some retailers sold out at the speed of light, you might still be able to score a bottle with a little detective work (don’t be shy to ask sales associates to dig around their beauty drawers – you just never know what treasures might turn up)

CHANEL Fraicheur

767 Fraîcheur (CAN $31.00) | A celery/celadon green hue filled with ultra fine emerald shimmer of the type that may not be as visible in shaded light, but which certainly makes its presence known in brighter light. The formula leans on the mid-sheer side and while slightly thin, it’s definitely not runny at all. Self-levelling and quite glossy at the finish, shorter nails can get away with 2 coats for a solid opacity, while longer nails may need a third coat – unless like me, you like a slight translucency.

Coats applied: 3 (thin) plus top coat


CHANEL Fraicheur macro

CHANEL | Le Vernis 767 Fraîcheur (detail)


CHANEL Fraicheur swatch 1

CHANEL | Le Vernis 767 Fraîcheur swatch

CHANEL Fraicheur swatch 2

CHANEL | Le Vernis 767 Fraîcheur swatch

CHANEL Fraicheur swatch 3

CHANEL | Le Vernis 767 Fraîcheur swatch

CHANEL Fraicheur swatch 4

CHANEL | Le Vernis 767 Fraîcheur swatch


I would have loved to have included a comparison swatch to Jade, but that’s obviously not going to happen (although a quick google search will yield plenty of comparisons, for those curious enough to see). To my understanding, the two shades are extremely close, with Fraîcheur perhaps a touch more greener but with the same patented CHANEL ‘secret shimmer’. All I know is that this totally garden-fresh colour not only makes up for the ‘Jade loss’, but makes me happy every time I wear it and puts me in a regrowth state of mind as I gear up for many more beauty adventures to come in 2016.


CHANEL Fraicheur closer



Purchased product

CHANEL | Signe Particulier Quadra Eyeshadow, Rouge Noir Absolument Collection

CHANEL Signe Particulier opener


You had me at CHANEL. Seriously; one glimpse of the quilted pattern embossed on the surface of these eyeshadows, and I was a goner. Destined to be a focal point of the entire Rouge Noir Absolument Collection for Holiday 2015, the Signe Particular (Limited Edition) compact is a quartet of eyeshadow hues that takes the inspiration behind the theme – that iconic blackened red shade, and turns it into the must-have colour for your eyes this season. And I suspect long into the coming seasons as well, for that matter.

Also reviewed from this collection:

CHANEL Signe Particulier box

CHANEL | Signe Particulier, Rouge Noir Absolument Holiday 2015


CHANEL Signe Particulier

Signe Particulier Quadra Eyeshadow, Limited Edition (CAN $68.00) | Housed in a sleek black lacquered compact case, the real treasure lies within: 4 luxurious eyeshadow hues that are embossed with the CHANEL signature quilted pattern and double ‘C’ logo. Made completely talc-free for heightened colour and radiance, the formula also contains a unique gelling system as well as spherical powders for a creamy, almost gliding texture along the skin, paired with a gorgeous luminosity they leave behind. The shade breakdown (going clockwise from upper left):

  • oyster pink, satin shimmer
  • soft violet taupe, velvet shimmer
  • saffron gold, metallic shimmer
  • rouge noir, luminous matte

After summoning the courage to dip my brush into these miniature works of art (and only after I took about 10 zillion photos), I got to work swatching. Initially, the colour payoff from my first testing session seemed to be less intense than anticipated, but that quickly changed as I worked my brushes through each shade. Once past that initial barrier, the results met – and exceeded – my expectations. Centred around the ‘Rouge Noir’ theme of this entire collection, the deepest shade of the Signe Particulier acts as an anchoring base for the other three colours and provides contrast and depth. The palest hue looks ethereal when applied under the brow bone or the inner eye corner, while the taupe makes an amazing crease shade or simply worn solo as a soft wash of colour to the lid. That GOLD! Simply stunning, whether added as a focal point on the lid (above the iris), blended into the other hues for even more complex shine, or applied with a dampened brush and worn as a graphic liner – stellar, I tell you. Displaying an effortless blendability along with the versatility of being able to be worn either dry or dampened, lasting power (over primer) is excellent and stays true until removed.


CHANEL Signe Particulier macro

CHANEL | Signe Particulier, Rouge Noir Absolument Holiday 2015

CHANEL Signe Particulier swatches

CHANEL | Signe Particulier Quadra Eyeshadow swatches (sunlight & alternate light)

CHANEL Signe Particulier 2

CHANEL | Signe Particulier, Rouge Noir Absolument Holiday 2015

CHANEL Signe Particulier 3


CHANEL | Signe Particulier, Rouge Noir Absolument Holiday 2015

CHANEL Signe Particulier & comparisons


I couldn’t wait to compare Signe Particulier to the previous versions that bear the same design, namely Topkapi released in 2011 from the Collection de Byzance and Harmonie du Soir released with the 2012 Holiday Collection. Apart from the same pattern on the eyeshadows, all three seem to also share a similar outlook colour-wise, with overall warm-leaning hues. Where Signe Particulier differentiates from the other two, is that the colours themselves seem to be somewhat more wearable and display less drama (in other words, the shimmer seems slightly more refined), although the texture of the powders for both Harmonie du Soir and Topkapi appear to have a deeper pigmentation.

CHANEL Signe Particulier & comparison swatches 1

Comparison swatches of Topkapi (left), Signe Particulier (centre) & Harmonie du Soir (right)

CHANEL Signe Particulier & comparison swatches 2

Comparison swatches of Topkapi (left), Signe Particulier (centre) & Harmonie du Soir (right) – alternate light


If, like many others, you missed out on either Harmonie du Soir or Topkapi, then here’s your chance at redemption with Signe Particulier … although I wouldn’t wait too long to scoop one up if I were you (yes, the dreaded Limited Edition). Apart from the obvious (I mean, just LOOK at it), I was pleasantly surprised to find how totally wearable this eyeshadow quad is and how beautifully all four shades work together – just be ready to experience something close to real pain before marring that pristine surface with your brush.

The CHANEL Rouge Noir Absolument Collection is available now through The Bay, Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom’s and select Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix stores across Canada. Find more information via

CHANEL Signe Particulier closer


Press sample kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration