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CHANEL N°5 Red Edition, Eau de Parfum


“What colour could be combined with the power of N°5, the symbol of a visionary spirit? RED, the colour of life, the colour of blood” — Gabrielle Chanel


The year was 1921, and Mademoiselle Chanel commissioned Ernest Beaux to create a fragrance for society’s emerging modern woman; upon the fifth formula attempt, N°5, that iconic elixir, was born (hence the name). For 2018, this legendary bottle has been given a fiery new look: Red Edition  vibrant, pulsatingly beautiful, and certain to become a collector piece. I almost feel like placing it under glass with an elaborate security system around it …



CHANEL · Collection Libre 2018 Maximalisme de CHANEL


“I used my penchant for all that shines to try and reconcile elegance and fashion”

Gabrielle Chanel


For this year’s Collection Libre, Lucia Pica drew inspiration from one of Mlle Chanel’s beloved talismans, the lion — a symbol which represents strength, courage, and even, dare I say, flamboyance (that mane, am I right?). Spotlighting the way interesting new colours can be seen when light & shadow reflects off mettalics, this collection is both bold and elegant … and absolute perfection for the holidays. Be warned, however: everything is limited edition.



CHANEL · Rouge Allure 2018


Leave it to CHANEL to make matte lip products not only covetable, but uniquely fun at that. The Rouge Allure 2018 collection features new additions to the Velvet range, and then takes things to a whole other level with Extrême Velvet and the totally addictive Liquid Powders (they’re squeezable — enough said). The best part, however, can be summed up this way: comfortable and absolutely wearable shades … something that really shouldn’t surprise anyone. We are talking about CHANEL, after all — a brand that has cornered the market on doing makeup right.



CHANEL Backstage Beauty Ready-To-Wear SS/2019



On October 2nd, CHANEL’s Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2019 Collection was a show unlike anything seen before, with the House’s venue of choice, Le Grand Palais (Paris) transformed into an extravagant “C-side” beach resort, complete with cabanas, loungers, a lifeguard … and real lapping waves, no less. The scope of this accomplishment is matched only by M. Lagerfeld’s limitless creativity and what’s more, even the models all seemed in a joyous mood; I guess having one’s feet in the sand versus wearing uncomfortable heels will have that effect. And while the clothing was all swoon-worthy — not to mention totally relatable, I was personally transfixed by the makeup look Lucia Pica created: effortless beach glam, is what I’m calling it.



CHANEL · Le Volume Révolution de CHANEL


CHANEL’s original Le Volume mascara ranks as one of my personal faves, and as I’ve gone through multiple tubes of it over the years, you might say it’s my Holy Grail mascara. In my book, it’s the one I compare all others to and until now, nothing threatened to knock it off the leader board. Then back in March, I learned that the brand would be launching Le Volume Révolution de CHANEL, created with the world’s first 3D-printed mascara brush, and so I wondered: would this be the one?