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CHANEL · Les Beiges de CHANEL 2018


In 2013 when CHANEL launched Les Beiges, to say that the concept turned out to be iconic wouldn’t be an overstatement, and since then the brand has continued to add something to the range every year. For 2018, Les Beiges has grown to include new items along with varying tonal intensities — because there really is more than one way to go nude, nest-ce pas?



CHANEL · Dernières Neiges Collection


CHANEL’s Dernières Neiges Collection is filled with an ethereal watercolour beauty as well as the promise of Spring … and about as lovely as a collection can get. Rose tones which add such a brightening effect, play a starring role along with texture and formula variations — but the real story is in how beautifully everything works, whether you opt for just one piece or the entire lot (although something tells me you’ll want it all).



CHANEL | Joues Contraste 260 Alezane Powder Blush, Fall 2015

CHANEL Alezane blush opener


Cheek colour can make or break a look, but Joues Contraste 260 Alezane Powder Blush from the CHANEL Les Automnales Collection for Fall 2015, is one of those supremely well-balanced shades, turning it into one of those oh-so-totally wearable hues you’ll be reaching for again and again. And again….

INSPIRATION: willow catkin, eucalyptus leaf

Previously reviewed from this collection:


CHANEL image 2

CHANEL Collection Les Automnales Fall 2015 (credit)

CHANEL Alezane blush

CHANEL | Joues Contraste Alezane Powder Blush

CHANEL Alezane blush 2

Joues Contraste Alezane Powder Blush (CAN $51.00)| Described as “brownish pink with golden shimmer”, Alezane is definitely all that, but I also detect peach, tan & rose tints as well. Fragranced with CHANEL’s signature rose scent, the shimmer is clearly visible in the pan but the powder is so ultra-finely milled that it melds seamlessly upon the skin with application. Warm leaning in tone, this blush is actually quite pigmented, so I suggest beginning with a light hand and building from there. A light sweep using a fan-shaped brush, provides a gentle hint of colour to help balance out a stronger eye (as seen in the photo above), but that excellent mix of dusky rose & neutral hues also means you can easily intensify the colour — without the fear of looking overdone. Initial appearances might lead you to think that this is a soft shade, but there are hidden depths here as well, with an impressive staying power to sweeten the deal (especially when worn over foundation).


CHANEL Alezane blush macro

CHANEL | Joues Contraste Alezane Powder Blush


CHANEL Alezane blush 3


CHANEL | Joues Contraste Alezane Powder Blush


CHANEL Alezane blush swatches

CHANEL | Joues Contraste Alezane Powder Blush swatches

CHANEL Alezane vs Jersey & Accent blushes

Looking through my collection of CHANEL blushes, I pulled out the two I thought would be quite close to 260 Alezane, but as the photos and swatches below show, they are nothing alike. How they compared:

  • 80 Jersey – similar colour family but a few degrees lighter, powdery yet silky application, no visible shimmer but does bear a gorgeous satiny sheen
  • 84 Accent – cooler leaning, harder surface making it paler on application, same finely ground shimmer
  • 260 Alezane – the powder is a cross between the textures of the other two, but significantly more saturated in colour


CHANEL Alezane, Jersey & Accent blush swatches

CHANEL | Joues Contraste 80 Jersey, 260 Alezane, 84 Accent swatches (heavy swatches)

CHANEL Alezane, Jersey & Accent blush swatches 2

CHANEL | Joues Contraste 80 Jersey, 260 Alezane, 84 Accent swatches (blended out)


Other than mascara, blush is my kryptonite – in particular neutral toned blushes such as 260 Alezane, a colour that can be worn by a broad range of skin tones and will look amazing on every single person. There’s almost an impartiality to this shade, and while it looks deceptively soft (and even a little bland) in the pan, the resulting application is nothing short of amazing. Filled with that inner magic that CHANEL does so well, this is a colour that is off the charts in versatility and one I intend to never be without in my collection. Thank you, CHANEL, for making 260 Alezane a permanent shade.

The CHANEL Collection Les Automnales is available now at The Bay &, as well as other fine retailers across Canada. Find more information via

CHANEL Alezane blush closer

Press sample kindly provided for my unbiased consideration


NARS | VIP Red, Chelsea Girls & Baby Doll, Fall 2015

NARS Fall 2015 lips opener

For the Fall 2015 Color Collection (Tribulation blush reviewed here), NARS introduces three new lip products: VIP Red lipstick (CAN $34.00, limited edition) described as a ‘Dark Brique’, along with Chelsea Girls & Baby Doll Lip Glosses (CAN $32.00 each), described as ‘Pink Beige’ and ‘Shimmering Candy Pink’, respectively. For those who have been fans of this brand for years now, you might find that the names of the lip glosses sounds familiar; originally released in jar format (now discontinued) the brand has revived and reformulated these two best-selling shades, and I for one couldn’t be happier as I loved the originals – but let’s just say that the jar style of gloss does not always stand the test of time.


NARS Fall 2015 lips open

NARS | Chelsea Girls, Baby Doll, VIP Red


VIP Red (limited edition) | a warm toned deep brick red hue in an opaque formula with a shiny, but not glossy, finish. Velvety smooth in application, this colour screams “Fall” to me and strikes just the right balance between vampy dark & sophisticated bright, making it easily wearable for a wide variety of skin tones.

As this shade is highly pigmented, it can still be made office-friendly by being applied as more of a stain; simply swipe on a layer, blot, then add a balm on top for a touch of extra moisture (this is my daytime method of wearing such colour-saturated lipsticks), or amp up the intensity with another [unblotted] swipe for an after-hours look. As is usually the case with such intense lipstick shades, a matching liner will help define the edges and keep the colour within bounds, although I’m really into the more relaxed ‘slept-in’ look of makeup that’s trending right now (plus it makes application so much more fuss-free). Wear time is excellent – easily 9 hours of wear, and even after eating and drinking you’ll find you still have plenty of solid colour, with minimal migrating/bleeding into any surrounding lip lines, most likely because this formula is so dense; dark/vibrant lipsticks that are in a more emollient format don’t fare so well on my lips.







NARS VIP Red swatch

NARS | VIP Red swatch

NARS Chelsea Girls

Chelsea Girls | a nude rose hue with beige undertones that leans more warm than cool, in a shimmer-free formula. Housed in a clear rectangular tube so you can easily see which shade you’re reaching for (as well as monitor product usage), there is no discernible scent (at least, for my nose) and the applicator is of the sponge doe-foot variety. The formula has en interesting texture, with enough weight to help it spread easily along the lips but not so watery that it gets pulled into the skin, non-sticky and coming to a glossy finish.

I’m a total sucker for anything neutral and nude/beige shades are my comfort zone, and finding one that doesn’t clash with my skin tone (light-medium with yellow undertones) can be an effort, but this shade works – providing enough colour to not make my lips disappear, but still staying well within the neutral range. As my lips are quite lined (ugh), lighter colours have a tendency to overly-emphasize said lines and while initial application of Chelsea Girls falls into that category, within about 10 minutes of wearing the product seemed to almost fill out and fuse better with my lips, a definite point in its favour. Wear time was surprisingly good for a colour so light, lasting easily 3.5 hours before fading into oblivion (wearing away much faster with eating & drinking, naturally), and leaves my lips feeling well hydrated long after all traces are gone.

NARS Chelsea Girls 2

NARS | Chelsea Girls


NARS Chelsea Girls swatch

NARS | Chelsea Girls swatch

NARS Baby Doll

Baby Doll | a soft rose/candy pink that leans more cool than warm, bearing tons of ultra-fine silvery shimmer and in the same format as Chelsea Girls. The formula feels slighter thinner in consistency but can be built up slightly for more opacity, while the shimmer has absolutely no gritty feel to it at all.

Even though Baby Doll is tailor-made for those with fair complexions, I am surprisingly able to wear this shade and it manages to not clash with my skin tone – possibly because it’s not an all-out cool colour. And while I personally have a hard time wearing pink anything, I like the fact that I can wear this shade without looking juvenile. Plus the name pushes all the right buttons for me (seriously).

NARS Baby Doll 2

NARS | Baby Doll



NARS | Baby Doll swatch


NARS Chelsea Girls & Baby Doll lipgloss comparisons


Two of the first NARS products I ever purchased, were Chelsea Girls and Baby Doll lip glosses, in their original jar formats and while I loved the colours (and the cute chubby little pots), there were serious drawbacks as well; for starters, you needed a lip brush to apply them and the formula itself was sticky & goopy from the get-go. Then there’s the fact that they seemed to go rancid quite quickly, upping the ick factor. So, I had them condemned in my pile of beauty products to throw out, but for some reason I never got around to actually getting rid of them – and now I’m glad I didn’t, as I’m able to properly compare the two versions (something to be said for being a beauty-product hoarder!)

As seen in the swatches below, there are differences in both colour and consistency:

  • Chelsea Girls (original) – more beige leaning, more opaque hue
  • Baby Doll (original) – deeper rose, thicker formula


NARS Chelsea Girls comparisons

NARS | Chelsea Girls comparisons (new vs original)

NARS Baby Doll comparisons

NARS | Baby Doll comparisons (new vs original)


Launching just three lip products in the Fall 2015 Color Collection is an interesting move and possibly means that NARS is that confident with their shade offerings; personally I find it makes my selection relatively easy, and while I have no problem with having options, too much of a good thing can also be a little overwhelming at times (or not, lol). Of the three items shown here, my picks are VIP Red for being such a strong and perfect Fall red (with a killer application to sweeten the deal), and Chelsea Girls, well, because I love neutral glosses and this is a great counterpart to smokey eye makeup.

The NARS Fall 2015 Color Collection is supposed to be available now through all NARS retailers across Canada (Sephora, The Bay, Nordstrom, Holt Renfrew and Murale). Find more information via

NARS Fall 2015 lips closer

Press samples kindly provided for my unbiased consideration

NARS | Jardin Perdu & Dolomites, Limited Edition

NARS Dolomites & Jardin Perdu opener


It’s no secret that NARS puts forth some of the most uniquely coloured eyeshadow pairings; add to that a formula that almost applies itself, such as that found with both Dolomites and Jardin Perdu of the Night Caller Fall 2014 Collection, and you have clear stand-out pieces. With their ability to be worn either dry or damp, or even mixed together to form a completely new and unheard-of-before colour, both of these limited edition duos are so worth checking out.


NARS Dolomites & Jardin Perdu closed

NARS | Jardin Perdu & Dolomites, Limited Edition


NARS Dolomites & Jardin Perdu

NARS | Jardin Perdu & Dolomites, Limited Edition


NARS Dolomites & Jardin Perdu flash

NARS | Jardin Perdu & Dolomites, Limited Edition (with flash)


NARS Jardin Perdu

Jardin Perdu, Limited Edition (CAN $39.00) | A complimentary pairing of steely silver and deep amethyst in a lush shimmer format, that leans more cool than warm. The formula on both is so colour saturated and rich, that you really do need to start with a light hand and build up as you go. I experience absolutely no powdery kickback upon swirling my brushes through either shade, as well as no fallout once they’re applied. Using a damp brush will definitely intensify each colour and bring out their complex shimmer, making the shades of Jardin Perdu last even longer. Staying power is excellent (regardless of whether worn dry or damp), and I get easily 10 hours wear without any fading or creasing (when worn over primer).


NARS Jardin Perdu label

NARS | Jardin Perdu, Limited Edition


NARS Jardin Perdu macro

NARS | Jardin Perdu, Limited Edition


NARS Jardin Perdu macro 2

NARS | Jardin Perdu, Limited Edition


NARS Jardin Perdu macro flash

NARS | Jardin Perdu, Limited Edition (with flash)


NARS Jardin Perdu swatch dry

NARS | Jardin Perdu, Limited Edition (swatched dry)


NARS Jardin Perdu swatch damp

NARS | Jardin Perdu, Limited Edition (swatched damp, left side of each shade only)


NARS Jardin Perdu & Kauai

My first thought when I saw the promo photos for this collection, was to compare Jardin Perdu to Kauai, which was originally released as part of the Spring 2014 Collection (reviewed here). To begin with, Kauai bears an tarnished gold shade (with pewter undertones) instead of silver, and even though the two purple shades may appear similar at first glance, they display their differences once applied – although the formula with either duo is the same:

  • Jardin Perdu – lighter in tone and with mauve/grey undertones
  • Kauai – deeper by several degrees, a more intense purple with violet undertones


NARS Jardin Perdu & Kauai flash

NARS | Jardin Perdu (LE) & Kauai


NARS Jardin Perdu & Kauai swatches dry

NARS | Jardin Perdu (LE) & Kauai, swatched dry


NARS Jardin Perdu & Kauai swatches damp

NARS | Jardin Perdu (LE) & Kauai, swatched damp


NARS Dolomites

Dolomites, Limited Edition (CAN $39.00) | A unique pairing that can work on both cool and warm skin tones, combining a shimmery rose quartz hue and a matte oxblood (with brown undertones in its base). Once again, a stellar formula with either shade, bearing strong colour saturation that can be worn damp or dry; applied with a fluffy brush, I get a light sweep of colour. Using a dampened brush yields more intensity, and I do not experience any fallout or powdery residue kicked up when swirling my brushes through them. An absolutely amazing duo for green and/or blue eyes, Dolomites will also compliment darker eye shades as well as suit a wide range of complexions. Wear time: seriously amazing, lasting minimum 10 hours (when applied over primer) without any fading or creasing.


NARS Dolomites label

NARS | Dolomites, Limited Edition


NARS Dolomites macro

NARS | Dolomites, Limited Edition


NARS Dolomites macro 2

NARS | Dolomites, Limited Edition


NARS Dolomites macro flash

NARS | Dolomites, Limited Edition


NARS Dolomites swatches dry

NARS | Dolomites, Limited Edition (swatched dry)


NARS Dolomites swatches damp

NARS | Dolomites, Limited Edition (swatched damp, left side of each shade only)


Something about NARS Eyeshadow Duos makes them really stand out for me, and while I may not always understand the colour pairings when I first look at them, I can see the genius thinking that went into the product once I start playing around with them. What surprised me the most with both of these duos, is that even though I’ve always been attracted to purples & silver such as those found in Jardin Perdu, I’m absolutely loving the warmer & earthier nature of Dolomites – especially the matte hue, which provides just the right amount of depth with colour to help create the most unique smokey eye look.

Both eyeshadow duos are limited edition and part of the Night Caller Fall 2014 Collection. Find more information via


NARS Dolomites & Jardin Perdu closer

*Disclosure: Press samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration