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New Beauty: Perle et Éclats de CHANEL Collection, Spring 2021





Inspired by Japanese Akoya pearls, CHANEL’s Perles et Éclats Collection draws on Coco Chanel’s love of these lustrous gems and their complex luminosity, with several pieces here absolutely delivering on that aesthetic. For example, feast your eyes on that exquisite highlighter … I rest my case.



New Givenchy: Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow Foundation



I’ve yet to meet a Givenchy foundation that my skin didn’t absolutely agree with, so when the latest arrived at my doorstep, let’s just say that I had high hopes for Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow. In truth though, they had me at “glow” …



CHANEL · Les Beiges de CHANEL 2018


In 2013 when CHANEL launched Les Beiges, to say that the concept turned out to be iconic wouldn’t be an overstatement, and since then the brand has continued to add something to the range every year. For 2018, Les Beiges has grown to include new items along with varying tonal intensities — because there really is more than one way to go nude, nest-ce pas?



CHANEL · Dernières Neiges Collection


CHANEL’s Dernières Neiges Collection is filled with an ethereal watercolour beauty as well as the promise of Spring … and about as lovely as a collection can get. Rose tones which add such a brightening effect, play a starring role along with texture and formula variations — but the real story is in how beautifully everything works, whether you opt for just one piece or the entire lot (although something tells me you’ll want it all).



CHANEL | Joues Contraste 260 Alezane Powder Blush, Fall 2015

CHANEL Alezane blush opener


Cheek colour can make or break a look, but Joues Contraste 260 Alezane Powder Blush from the CHANEL Les Automnales Collection for Fall 2015, is one of those supremely well-balanced shades, turning it into one of those oh-so-totally wearable hues you’ll be reaching for again and again. And again….

INSPIRATION: willow catkin, eucalyptus leaf

Previously reviewed from this collection:


CHANEL image 2

CHANEL Collection Les Automnales Fall 2015 (credit)

CHANEL Alezane blush

CHANEL | Joues Contraste Alezane Powder Blush

CHANEL Alezane blush 2

Joues Contraste Alezane Powder Blush (CAN $51.00)| Described as “brownish pink with golden shimmer”, Alezane is definitely all that, but I also detect peach, tan & rose tints as well. Fragranced with CHANEL’s signature rose scent, the shimmer is clearly visible in the pan but the powder is so ultra-finely milled that it melds seamlessly upon the skin with application. Warm leaning in tone, this blush is actually quite pigmented, so I suggest beginning with a light hand and building from there. A light sweep using a fan-shaped brush, provides a gentle hint of colour to help balance out a stronger eye (as seen in the photo above), but that excellent mix of dusky rose & neutral hues also means you can easily intensify the colour — without the fear of looking overdone. Initial appearances might lead you to think that this is a soft shade, but there are hidden depths here as well, with an impressive staying power to sweeten the deal (especially when worn over foundation).


CHANEL Alezane blush macro

CHANEL | Joues Contraste Alezane Powder Blush


CHANEL Alezane blush 3


CHANEL | Joues Contraste Alezane Powder Blush


CHANEL Alezane blush swatches

CHANEL | Joues Contraste Alezane Powder Blush swatches

CHANEL Alezane vs Jersey & Accent blushes

Looking through my collection of CHANEL blushes, I pulled out the two I thought would be quite close to 260 Alezane, but as the photos and swatches below show, they are nothing alike. How they compared:

  • 80 Jersey – similar colour family but a few degrees lighter, powdery yet silky application, no visible shimmer but does bear a gorgeous satiny sheen
  • 84 Accent – cooler leaning, harder surface making it paler on application, same finely ground shimmer
  • 260 Alezane – the powder is a cross between the textures of the other two, but significantly more saturated in colour


CHANEL Alezane, Jersey & Accent blush swatches

CHANEL | Joues Contraste 80 Jersey, 260 Alezane, 84 Accent swatches (heavy swatches)

CHANEL Alezane, Jersey & Accent blush swatches 2

CHANEL | Joues Contraste 80 Jersey, 260 Alezane, 84 Accent swatches (blended out)


Other than mascara, blush is my kryptonite – in particular neutral toned blushes such as 260 Alezane, a colour that can be worn by a broad range of skin tones and will look amazing on every single person. There’s almost an impartiality to this shade, and while it looks deceptively soft (and even a little bland) in the pan, the resulting application is nothing short of amazing. Filled with that inner magic that CHANEL does so well, this is a colour that is off the charts in versatility and one I intend to never be without in my collection. Thank you, CHANEL, for making 260 Alezane a permanent shade.

The CHANEL Collection Les Automnales is available now at The Bay &, as well as other fine retailers across Canada. Find more information via

CHANEL Alezane blush closer

Press sample kindly provided for my unbiased consideration