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NARS · Orgasm 2018 Collection


I could have begun this review with a bajillion puns, but instead I’ll get right to the point: NARS’ Orgasm Collection has grown for 2018, bringing you a few new iterations of the brand’s best-selling shade. This may very well be the true beauty version of Multiple Orgasms … (I couldn’t resist).



Butter London · Glazen Face Glow Crystal & Glazen Blush Gelée


When Lady Diana Spencer wed Prince Charles, I was up at 4 am to watch the televised ceremony; when Kate Middleton wed Prince William, I did the same … and I did not break tradition today either when I got up at 3:55 am to watch Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry. Yes, I’m a total royalist at heart, and what could be more fitting to commemorate this historic event, than with Butter London’s Glazen™ products? The homage to Great Britain in the name coupled with the brand’s roots that are based in the US — you could say that it was meant to be.



Guerlain · Summer By Terracotta 2018


From the brand that has mastered the art of flawless bronzing, Guerlain introduces Summer By Terracotta, including this trio of new (and of course, limited edition) products in the ever-expanding Terracotta family, all aiming to get you ready for the season: a unique new bronzer in cushion format, a highlighter made of unicorn tears (possibly), and a powdered bronzer that will definitely make you cry to actually mar its surface with a brush … but which is so well worth diving into.



Charlotte Tilbury · Hollywood Flawless Filter (& a few Extras)


Charlotte Tilbury has recently launched Hollywood Flawless Filter, a new complexion product that delivers glow and plenty of Charlotte’s patented ooh-la-la. As an extra treat, I’m also including some other faves in this post: one I refuse to be without, and one I am currently totally obsessed with. Have I piqued your curiosity yet?


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Hollywood Flawless Filter (CAN $50.00/each) | Available in 7 shades, this is a product that aims to add radiance to the skin in a customizable way. Housed in a glass bottle, it comes with an oversized flocked applicator that’s easiest to by dabbing the product on the skin, and then going in with either fingers (use a tapping motion) or a beauty sponge to blend in by tapping as opposed to swiping. There are several ways to wear this:

  • blended in with foundation (for an all over luminous/dewy finish)
  • dotted over foundation in key areas (as highlighter)
  • on its own (for when you’re feeling a little bit extra)

I have plenty of similar products in my beauty stash that I don’t really reach for — mainly because I have normal/combination skin and always feared that adding something like this would make me look, well … greasy. That said, I was curious to see how Hollywood Flawless Filter would perform and as of right now, it’s a 100% WOW. My preferred method is to dab this product along my upper cheekbones and also sometimes lightly along the length of my nose and cupid’s bow, then I blend it out with my fingers using a light tapping motion. Mixing it with foundation is a good option as well, although I add just the smallest amount for the job and I offset any areas that are too glowy with a touch of either bronzer or setting powder. As to wearing this solo all over the face, I go in with a very light layer that I buff in (I’m not ready for “statement skin” just yet), and while it’s definitely luminous, the finish is less over the top this way and becomes quite wearable, in fact.

The verdict: the finish provides skin with the most gorgeous luminous effect, without emphasizing pores or moving foundation around (when Hollywood Flawless Filter is layered on top) and actually gives that red-carpet look Charlotte Tilbury has become synonymous with.

TIP: the easiest way to know which shade will work best on you is by checking out the colour matchings on the website — I found it super helpful. I’ve linked it for your convenience & easy access.

3 Light/Medium – pale pink cast, best paired with cooler toned makeup

4 Medium – neutral beige tint, universally wearable with all makeup colours


When I began preparing for this post, I wanted to include some other Charlotte Tilbury products that I’ve been loving. In truth, the Goddess Skin Clay Mask (previously reviewed here) is hands down my favourite mask of all time and I’ve already gone through multiple tubes of it — NOTHING shrinks the look of my pores better. The Magic Foundation is one I’ve been ambivalent about, probably because the shades I’ve previously tried did not match my skin. That said, shade 6 is a winner (for me) and while the coverage is more than I usually prefer, I’ve been really loving the effect on my skin when I throw in a touch of the Hollywood Flawless Filter. Finally, the product I’ve recently become totally obsessed with, is the Unisex Healthy Glow; a pea-sized amount is seriously all that’s needed for the entire face & neck (trust me on this — I used more the first couple of times and it was way too much), for a finish upon the skin that’s nothing short of magical. When my husband comments (twice — and he rarely says anything) on how amazing my face/skin looks, I sit up and take notice. By the way, there’s some king of magical ingredient in Unisex Healthy Glow, because I swear that it looks equally amazing (if not even better) at the end of the day as it does when first applied.


As the go-to makeup artist for celebrity red-carpet appearances, Charlotte Tilbury certainly knows exactly how to bring on the glam — and make it look like you were born that way. I may have indulged in a bit of eye-rolling when I first heard of the Hollywood Flawless Filter, but let’s just say that any skepticism was promptly shut down the second I began testing out … and now, these are the ones I reach for over & over again. So if you’re wondering whether the Hollywood Flawless Filter is worth the hype, the answer is a resounding YES. Oh, and you definitely need the Unisex Healthy Glow; trust me on that.

Available online & through Holt Renfrew (Canada)


Kindly provided by Charlotte Tilbury for my unbiased consideration

CHANEL · Éclat et Transparence, Cruise 2018 Collection


The newest release from CHANEL, Éclat et Transparence Cruise 2018, draws inspiration from the gorgeous sheer effect produced by the interplay of shadow & light, and I have most of the collection to show you here today. The textures and colours of Summer — warm air, rippling water, and hazy filtered light, are all so beautifully represented and form the key to understanding these pieces: it’s about the application, and more importantly, layering. Plus, everything is just so gorgeous …