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Dior Spring 2015 | #294 Lady, #660 Glory & Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat

Dior Lady, Glory & Eclosion opener


Despite the brutally cold weather we’ve been experiencing lately, a harbinger of the warmer weather ahead, comes in the form of Spring beauty offerings that have just begun trickling onto counters. The Dior Kingdom of Colours Collection Spring 2015 nail lacquers presents an encapsulated version of the collection’s main theme: neutral vs vivid, with a dash of whimsy thrown in via the new Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat.

The two colour shades of this collection are in Dior’s Gel Shine format which is incredibly glossy on its own and really makes adding a top coat superfluous, although I did apply one for my swatch photos here (although it’s totally not needed for a full mani/pedi. Seriously). The brush of Dior lacquers is one of my favourites of all brands – if not THE favourite – with its slightly chiselled and bevelled head of dense hairs, that splay perfectly when placed upon the nail, depositing the colour exactly where you want it to with a minimum amount of effort.

Note that both #294 Lady & #660 Glory bear Dior’s famous ‘secret shimmer’ in the base -incredibly fine particles that are relatively undetectable to the naked eye, but which are seen in direct sunlight or with flash – and definitely add a nice overall depth of tone to each hue.


Dior #294 Lady

#294 Lady, limited edition (CAN $28.00) | A filtered nude/petal pink shade that has a softly muted appearance upon the nails, with just enough colour to keep it from coming off as flat or boring. Interestingly enough, nude shades are some of the hardest colours to wear, as the wrong undertone can violently clash with one’s skin tone, but Dior has managed to infuse the right amount of both cool & warm hues into #294 Lady, as to render it wearable by basically everyone. The formula here was another surprise, displaying an amazing pigmentation for a shade in this colour family – laying down easily and in a self-levelling way, with no patchiness in evidence, not even at the first coat. The resulting finish is nothing short of ridiculously glossy and spot-on perfect. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat

Option 2: Two coats of Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat were added over #294 Lady, in order to make all the confetti bits stands out

Option 3: Adding a matte top coat not only makes the pieces of Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat stand out, but gives a more urban feel to this look, adding a crisp edginess.


Dior #294 Lady swatch

Dior Kingdom of Colour Spring 2015 | #294 Lady


Dior Eclosion Blossoming Top Coat

#001 Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat, limited edition (CAN $29.00) | This is a veritable confetti glitter party, albeit on the more subtle side due to the softer colour of all its pieces. Suspended in a clear base, Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat is composed of: white, lemon yellow, baby blue, blush pink and pale green glitter particles in bar as well as small hexagonal form. Each dip of the brush yields a fair amount of pieces per swipe, although some nudging into place of the bar glitter may be necessary along the nail free edges. I am not usually a fan of glitter, in particular the multi-variety type (yes, I am an unashamedly self-professed colour purist) and may even have done some eye-rolling when I first looked at this shade; however, once applied I was surprised to find that I ∗gasp∗ actually liked it. Adding a matte coat on top, may have even made me love it – and I’m not sure why – but there you go.

Note that the natural finish of Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat is very glossy on its own, but does have a bit of bumpiness due to the glitter pieces – easily remedied with a layer of a thickish top coat to smooth everything down.


Dior #294 Lady & Eclosion swatch

Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015 | #294 Lady & #001 Éclosion


Dior #294 Lady & Eclosion swatch matte

Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015 | #294 Lady & #001 Éclosion, matte


Dior #660 Glory

#660 Glory, limited edition (CAN $28.00) | A searingly vivid poppy/amaranth hue in a crème/jelly hybrid formula that defines perfection: self-levelling, a mirror-like glossy finish, and such intense colour saturation that you can easily get away with 1 coat for full coverage – especially on shorter nails. Depending on the angle, at times #660 Glory veers close to neon territory, but without quite going over, making it a bright yet sophisticated (read that as: modern) way to wear such a vivid colour. Bonus: non-staining upon removal. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat

Option 2: One Coat of Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat applied on top. Due to the colourful nature of #660 Glory, this is all you need for effect – any more would be overkill.

Option 3: Once again, adding a matte top coat emphasizes every bit of glitter and while interesting, I’m not as drawn to this combo as the previous one ∗shrugs∗ – definitely unique, though.


Dior #660 Glory swatch

Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015 | #660 Glory


Dior #660 Glory & Eclosion swatch

Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015 | #660 Glory & #001 Éclosion


Dior #660 Glory & Eclosion swatch matte

Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015 | #660 Glory & #001 Éclosion


Even though there are only three nail lacquers in the Kingdom of Colours Collection, there is still enough to appeal to basically everyone: #294 Lady for the neutral lovers, #660 Glory for fans of brighter colour, and Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat for glitter/nail art fiends. I personally love the look of #294 Lady on its own worn as a full mani and will definitely be sporting #660 Glory as a Spring/Summer pedi shade (heat…need some heat), with Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat making an occasional appearance just to keep things interesting (to repeat: I am a colour purist by nature). One last word: if you haven’t tried Dior polishes yet, you are seriously missing out on one of the best formulas & brush out there (still worth it, even with the $1.00 price hike per bottle – don’t think I didn’t notice, Dior).

Launching January 15th on all Dior counters nation-wide. Visit for more brand info.


Dior Lady, Glory & Eclosion closer

Press samples provided for my unbiased consideration

Dior | 001 Gold Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder, Holiday 2014

Dior 001 Gold Shock closer


The Dior Gold Shock Holiday 2014 Collection has some spectacular pieces in the lineup, but the item that seems to have generated the lion’s share of the buzz, has to be the limited edition Diorific 001 Gold Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder. This small gold round compact has a luxurious heavy feel to go with its glam retro appearance, along with a stunning stylized sunburst pattern embossed on its golden surface.

Let’s just take a moment to admire that pristine beauty, shall we?


Dior 001 Gold Shock box new

Dior 001 Gold Shock label

Dior 001 Gold Shock ingredients

Dior 001 Gold Shock

001 Gold Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder (CAN $82.00) | A limited edition sparkling gold highlighting face powder, that can also be effectively used on other areas of the body (décolleté, brow bone, shins). The gold compact is relatively small and fits comfortably in the palm of one’s hand with a luxe-feeling solid weight, and also comes with a small but useable mirror on the inner lid. The accompanying brush is wide but on the small side, with bristles that feel too flimsy for my liking, but soft just the same (personally, I don’t really care for brushes that come with beauty products, preferring to use my own). The surface is a soft and highly reflective gold shimmer, although that’s just an overspray and is eliminated from the first swipe. The actual powder underneath is – surprisingly – more of a mustard yellow in colour and holds tons of shimmer/fine glitter. There’s a faint floral/rose scent I pick up if I bring my nose up close to the powder, but not discernible once applied.

As there has been considerable discussion generated throughout the blogosphere on the 001 Gold Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder, I figured I’d weigh in with my thoughts as well.

For starters, I believe that this product will best suit those with light/medium to darker skin tones, primarily because its gold hue makes it rather warm leaning and probably less compatible with anyone who has pink undertones in their complexion. That’s not to say fair skin types can’t use 001 Gold Shock, only that it may take a bit more effort to make it work.

Secondly, it’s quite heavy in the shimmer department and definitely not a subtle type of highlighter, and event if the particles themselves appear to be incredibly fine, they are rather visible just the same, and could be prone to some fall down.

That being said, I actually like this highlighter; on my light/medium skin (with yellow undertones), 001 Gold Shock not only looks good, but the yellow-based powder base adds a sunny warmth to my complexion. To make this work, I found it looks best when used sparingly on the face and definitely over something complimentary to anchor it, such as a peach-coloured blush. Staying power is about average on me – lasting about 5-6 hours before any noticeable fading, although random sparkles can still be found on my skin after that.

In the photos (below), please note that I swatched 001 Gold Shock rather heavily (left side) to try and show its intensity – not that anyone would ever wear it that way. The photo with flash was done to emphasize the sparkle of this powder. The swatch shown in sunlight, is the best representation of how 001 Gold Shock truly looks applied on my skin (but remember that this is on bare skin – the gold tone becomes much more toned down over foundation & blush).


Dior 001 Gold Shock macro 2

Dior | Diorific 001 Gold Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder

Dior 001 Gold Shock macro flash

Dior | Diorific 001 Gold Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder (with flash)

Dior 001 Gold Shock swatched

Dior | Diorific 001 Gold Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder (swatched)

Dior 001 Gold Shock swatch sunlight

Dior | Diorific 001 Gold Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder swatches (sunlight)

Dior 001 Gold Shock swatch

Dior | Diorific 001 Gold Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder swatches (shaded light)

Dior 001 Gold Shock swatch flash

Dior | Diorific 001 Gold Shock Illuminating Pressed Powder swatches (with flash)


As far as highlighters go, 001 Gold Shock is undeniably gorgeous – certainly so before the overspray is removed. For those who look for a mere whisper of glow, then this is definitely not the highlighter for you. If you’re heading into a major round of parties and merry-making for the holidays, then I say go for gold: 001 Gold Shock, to be more precise. Still, at CAN $82.00 this little beauty qualifies as quite the splurge and might be more appealing for those who collect these limited edition highlighters.

Diorific 001 Gold Shock is available now for a limited time – find more information by visiting




Dior 001 Gold Shock opener

Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration

Dior 5 Couleurs | 796 Cuir Cannage


Dior Cuir Cannage opener new


One of 12 new 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes recently released by Dior (previously reviewed: Bar, Carré Bleu, Rose Tutu, Pied-de-Poule and Trafalgar), 796 Cuir Cannage is a gorgeous grouping of totally wearbable neutral hues. Even with the recent glut of similarly toned palettes flooding the market lately, 796 Cuir Cannage still manages to somehow stand out, and I’ll go on record as saying that the buttery texture of each shade definitely has something to do with that.


Dior 5 Couleurs – The Film


Dior Cuir Cannage compact - Version 2

Dior 5 Couleurs | 796 Cuir Cannage


Dior Cuir Cannage label - Version 2

Dior 5 Couleurs | 796 Cuir Cannage


Dior Cuir Cannage

796 Cuir Cannage (CAN $61.00) | Each 5 Couleurs palette is created to be a ‘wardrobe for the eyes’, with the centre shade acting as the anchor. The top 2 lighter shades are perfect for casual and/or daytime wear, while the 2 deeper hued bottom shades add depth and drama. Just as Dior fashion spotlights a variety of textural effects, the same concept has been applied to the eyeshadow palettes, combining matte, satin, iridescent and occasionally glitter textures, depending on the palette chosen. The bottom label shows a small pictogram of the colours within, and even the included brushes are of decent enough quality to be used in emergency situations. As an added bonus, all 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes can be applied either dry or with a dampened brush to amp up the intensity. The shades of Cuir Cannage (clockwise, starting from the top left):

  • brown/mauve (satin) with subtle plum iridescence
  • parchment/bone (pearlized) with subtle grey/pink pearl
  • blackened brown (matte/satin hybrid)
  • warm bronze (satin/shimmer hybrid) with incredibly complex shimmer
  • camel (matte)

The texture of each shade is absolutely stellar – no chalkiness or powdery residue visible when swirling my brushes across any of them them. The top right shade is quite subtle on me, but is perfect to be used on the inner eye corner or as a brow bone highlighter. All are easily buildable, and there’s excellent colour saturation even with the first swipe. The darkest shade is surprisingly not as intense as what you see in the pan, and gives a sooty charcoal-like effect (perfect for creating a smokey eye look). I found that every single one of these hues not only compliments each other so perfectly – which translates as numerous colour combinations to play with – but all blend so easily as well. Staying power is excellent: over primed lids, I was able to get a minimum of 10 hours wear, without any signs of fading or creasing.


Dior Cuir Cannage 2 - Version 2

Dior 5 Couleurs | 796 Cuir Cannage


Dior Cuir Cannage macro

Dior 5 Couleurs | 796 Cuir Cannage


Dior Cuir Cannage macro flash

Dior 5 Couleurs | 796 Cuir Cannage (with flash)

 Dior Cuir Cannage swatched dry

Dior 5 Couleurs | 796 Cuir Cannage, swatched dry


Dior Cuir Cannage swatched damp

Dior 5 Couleurs | 796 Cuir Cannage, swatched with a damp brush


Dior Cuir Cannage with CHANEL comparisons flash

I opted to compare 796 Cuir Cannage to other smaller similarly toned palettes in my collection (I didn’t bother with palettes that had more than 5 shades – that would have taken me weeks to go through it all), with 4 CHANEL quads showing the most promise. Apart from the difference in number of shades (5 vs 4), here are the breakdowns (click to enlarge):


  • CHANEL 226 Tissé Rivoli – closes in overall tone/colour, more shimmer, no mattes
  • CHANEL 234 Poésie – cooler leaning, significantly more shimmer, no mattes

Dior Cuir Cannage vs CHANEL Tissé Rivoli & Poésie swatches

Dior 5 Couleurs | 796 Cuir Cannage and comparsion swatches


  •  CHANEL 34 Éclosion – overall more pink toned, sheerer textures
  • CHANEL 42 Séduction – darkest & shades similar, sheerer textures

Dior Cuir Cannage vs CHANEL Eclosion & Séduction

Dior 5 Couleurs | 796 Cuir Cannage and comparsion swatches


In short, 796 Cuir Cannage is total love for me and an absolute must have, especially if you’re a fan of neutral shades, as I am. Everything is just right with this palette: from the colours of the shades and the many combinations you can create with just this one palette, to the textures and its portability – most useful when travelling and you don’t want to lug your entire vanity with you.

Available through all Dior counters nationwide. Find more information here.


Dior Cuir Cannage closer

Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration