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Dior | Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Invisible Loose Powder



Dior Nude Air Loose Powder opener

Dior has just launched an innovation in the field of face powders: Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Invisible Loose Powder (CAN $60.00 available in 4 shades), a face powder that is designed to work as an ‘invisible’ setting product for your makeup, with a lightweight and fresh feeling upon the skin. Some of the key features, according to the brand:

  • an undetectable to the eye ultra-light texture to help unify, mattify and enhance the complexion
  • made with transparent pigments & translucent mineral powders to add precise tone
  • leaves a velvet finish upon the skin
  • enriched with vitamins, minerals and Sweet Orange Extract to help boost tone & freshness
  • non-occlusive and ‘breathable’ like an ‘intelligent fabric’
  • helps create a shield against pollution by limiting the absorption of harmful particles

In the past, I’ve never felt the need to wear face powder as it always seemed a bit chalky in appearance upon my skin, not to mention somewhat ageing – so it was with a healthy degree of skepticism that I approached my testing for this Dior version (I was kindly sent shade 020 Light Beige to test). Thankfully, the Diorskin Nude Air Healthy Glow Invisible Loose Powder (a bit of a mouthful to say, no?) is not only absolutely wearable, but visually delivers on its claims as well.

The round plastic jar bears a silver lid bearing Dior’s signature Cannage pattern and comes with an included plush velvet puff to enable a silky-smooth application. The contents are under a protective sieve to prevent an overload of product/powder being released – a convenient feature, while the powder itself is relatively unscented (I personally can’t seem to pick up any fragrance, per se). The texture is exceptionally finely-milled and once buffed into the skin, becomes completely undetectable without leaving a flat finish behind; rather, there’s a very subtle sheen that almost seems to give ‘vitality’ to the skin. As the powder wears and starts fusing with the warmth of the skin and natural oils, it seems to then develop a more luminous tone, but never shiny. Best part? Absolutely no oxidation in evidence (when the product takes on an orange-y cast).

The shades range from 010 for the fairest types – to 040 for deeper complexions, and while you’d think that these 4 options wouldn’t be nearly enough to cover the gamut of skin tones, the nature of this featherweight powder should be easily wearable by a broad skin tone range just the same (with the exception of the darkest complexions, where I suspect it may appear slightly ashy – but still worth checking out at a Dior counter just to be sure). According to the included insert, start by upending the firmly closed container and lightly tapping it once along the bottom to release a measured dose of powder into the upper section. The velvet puff works extremely well at buffing the powder into the skin, although I found it much easier to first use a brush (a large headed & semi-rigid Kabuki brush, such as the one offered by Dior) to first pick up the powder for quick distribution along the skin then followed by a thorough buffing using the puff – which feels so incredibly soft along the skin while seeming to ‘fill’ in fine lines – is the most effective application method. As to staying power, the sheer nature of this product makes it difficult to determine exactly how long it actually wears, but I will say that my skin (which is combination/oily) looks flawless, even, and luminous throughout the day, with very little touch-ups needed.


Diorskin Loose Powder

Dior Nude Air Loose Powder box

Dior Nude Air Loose Powder ingredients

Dior Nude Air Loose Powder opener 2

Dior Nude Air Loose Powder open

Dior Nude Air Loose Powder open macro


Dior Nude Air Loose Powder sealed


Dior Nude Air Loose Powder macro 2


Dior Nude Air Loose Powder swatch 1

Dior | Diorskin Nude Air Loose Powder 020 Light Beige swatched heavy & blended

Dior Nude Air Loose Powder swatch 2

Dior | Diorskin Nude Air Loose Powder 020 Light Beige swatch, fully blended out


What I really love about this Diorskin Nude Skin healthy Glow Invisible Loose Powder, is that my skin never feels like it’s ‘suffocating’ throughout the wearing. A light dusting over foundation (never forget to buff, buff, buff!) not only sets your makeup, but provides a seamless and flawless finish. Another great and even easier way to wear this powder, is over moisturized skin (always allow approx. 15 minutes for moisturizer to settle into the skin first before powder application) – this method provides a natural and sheer finish, while still managing to even out skin tone. For a powder-phobe like myself, I am beyond impressed with how totally ‘non-powdery’ this product appears, and urge you to give it a look – it’s so totally worth it.

Available through The Bay, and select Dior counters across Canada, visit for more information on the brand.

Dior Nude Air Loose Powder closer



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Dior | Eye Reviver Palette 001

Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration



Dior Eye Reviver Palette opener

The House of Dior has hopped on the nude eyeshadow palette trend that’s so on point right now, with the release of the Eye Reviver Illuminating Neutrals Eye Palette (CAN $63.00). Admittedly, when I first heard what this was called, a part of me was hoping for some miracle product that would peel back time, but I’m certainly happy to take the brightening effect that this palette can provide. We first saw a glimpse of this beauty, when it was used by Peter Philips (Creative and Image Director, Christian Dior Beauty) backstage during the Spring 2015 show (see below) and thus, the buzz began …


Dior Peter Philips Eye Reviver backstage

Peter Philips using the Eye Reviver Palette

Dior Eye Reviver backstage

Backstage Spring 2015 looks using the Eye Reviver Palette

The Eye Reviver Palette is more of a warm-leaning group of colours, and includes 6 shades: 1 primer hue, 4 eye shadow shades that have been created using Glow-Mimetics™ technology for an instant radiance-boosting effect as well as colour luminosity, and 1 gel-liner to complete your look. The slim profile and totally travel-friendly compact has a transparent body and a mirrored lid embossed with the brand’s logo, a full sized mirror on the inner lid and 2 mini brushes (one is dual ended with a sponge applicator on one side and an angled brush on the other, while the second brush has a slim tapered head for use with the eyeliner). With the exception of the liner shade, the other five hues all display the Dior name in raised lettering – such a pretty touch.

All four eyeshadow shades display shimmer of the ultra finely-milled & complex variety – the type that is definitely not overt when applied, but just somehow seems to add a beautiful depth of tone and dimension, while attracting light to the area. The primer shade is relatively matte, but the texture is silky-soft which means it will not appear flat when applied and while not exactly a ‘primer’ in the conventional sense (do not expect it to set/hold your makeup – especially if you have oily lids like I do – the way an eyeshadow primer is meant to do), this shade is a great base for layering any of the others on top or even wearing on its own with a light swipe of mascara on the lashes, for a super-easy yet polished daytime look.

The eyeshadow shades have excellent pigmentation – albeit of a softer nature – with zero dust kicked up in the pan upon swirling my brushes through any of them. The primer and lightest eyeshadow colour are both very close to my natural skin tone and don’t show up as well, although they are great for evening out the eyelid tone. Of them all, the rosewood shade (#4) seems to show a stronger shimmer than the others, which makes this an excellent crease shade to provide depth and dimension. The eyeliner is a soft black that is very smoothly applying without any signs of patchiness or crumbling, and can easily be built up for a stronger intensity; once it dries down, it’s set for the duration without any fading or creasing. As far as staying power goes, the lighter hues will obviously last a little less than the darker ones – although by first layering my go-to primer underneath (I prefer the NARS Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base), I’m able to wear either/all without any signs of significant fading, until removed at the end of the day.

Dior Eye Reviver Palette compact

Dior Eye Reviver Palette seal

Dior Eye Reviver Palette


Dior Eye Reviver Palette macro

  • shade #1 – primer or all over base, bone coloured (no shimmer)
  • shade #2 – eyeshadow, pale tan (slight peachy tint in the base)
  • shade #3 – eyeshadow, warm taupe
  • shade #4 – eyeshadow, rosewood (light plum undertones)
  • shade #5 – eyeshadow, blackened brown
  • shade #6 – eyeliner, soft black (no shimmer)

Dior Eye Reviver Palette macro 2


Dior Eye Reviver Palette swatches 1

Dior Eye Reviver Palette swatches

Dior Eye Reviver Palette swatches 2

Dior Eye Reviver Palette swatches, alternate lighting

Dior Eye Reviver Palette 2


Even with the variety of neutral palettes available today – from mass market to luxury – there’s still something special about Dior’s Eye Reviver Palette that makes it a welcome addition to anyone’s collection. For starters, you have every shade you need to create a myriad of looks, from super easy (read: lazy), workplace-friendly, all the way up to evenings out. In fact, this palette with its amazing quality and shade selection, is everything I wanted the Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 (reviewed) to be (and while I do like this palette, it also happens to fall short beside the Dior), and I find myself reaching for it all the time. None of the information I have says it’s a limited edition item (insert huge sigh of relief here), although I did hear that it’s not going to be released in certain countries: you have my heartfelt sympathies, because this is probably one of the best Dior palettes I’ve ever worked with … and so worth hunting down.

The Dior Eye Reviver Palette is available now through The Bay stores and (Canada) – find more information via

Dior Eye Reviver Palette closer

Dior|Rouge Dior Brillant Bonheur, Victoire & Darling


Dior Rouge Dior Brillant opener


First introduced in 1981, the House of Dior reinvents their Rouge Brillant (CAN $39.00 available in 12 shades) – a high impact lip gloss – with a new innovative formula and incredible shine. More than just a gloss, each slim profile tube is banded by the brand’s iconic ‘Cannage’ pattern in silver, with a transparent reservoir that clearly displays each colour held within. According to Peter Phlips, Creative and Image Director for Dior makeup, each new Rouge Dior Brillant is also a ‘modern treatment for global beauty, a truly Elusional Liquid Balm, bringing lip care to the heart of your lips for radiant perfect colour’

Dior was kind enough to send me several Rouge Brillant shades to test out, and after playing around with them for just over a week now, I am impressed enough to want to add them all to my beauty collection. The formula is created with a blend of three highly refractive treatment oils that include Vitamin E for its antioxidant and regenerative properties, as well as a proprietary plumping ingredient that ‘reactivates collagen synthesis‘ to help your lips feel incredibly smooth and completely hydrated. The precision-tipped applicator has a well in the centre to hold the perfect amount of product per swipe, while the included ‘long-wear contour waxes’ provide colour definition, staying power and mega-watt shine. Each gloss is scented with Dior’s signature rose fragrance, although I don’t notice anything after application – still worth noting for those with sensitivities.

The texture of each gloss, is where this product displays how outstanding it is in the category; the feel is a total sensorial experience with its buttery and emollient consistency, while the deeper Rouge Brillant shades are intensely colour-saturated enough to enable you to achieve full coverage with one swipe. I experience minimal settling into lip lines (and my lips are quite deeply lined), with no pilling of the product along lip edges either (when it collects along either the inner rim of the lip or at the corners). The absolute perfect mix of colour, brilliant shine, and balm. I’m not sure about a plumping effect, although I do sense a slight tingling upon initial application which leads me to believe that some fullness probably does result, although that effect would be temporary at best.

Dior Rouge Brillant trio

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #468 Bonheur, #808 Victoire, #775 Darling

Dior Rouge Brillant trio 2

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #775 Darling, #808 Victoire, #468 Bonheur



Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant

Dior Rouge Brillant Bonheur

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #468 Bonheur

Dior Rouge Brillant Bonheur open

Rouge Dior Brillant #468 Bonheur | A delicate light milky pink that leans warm against my skin tone, filled with an ultra-fine shimmer that never feels gritty upon the lips, but serves to add radiance instead. As my lips are quite lined, my high-res swatch photo below gives the illusion that #468 Bonheur emphasizes said lines, but the effect is quite the opposite seen in person. Finding a pale pink that doesn’t clash with the underlying yellow tone in in my skin, can be a challenge but I believe I can stop looking now. The shortest in staying power of the three (obviously due to the pale hue), I am still able to get a good 3 hours of wear (if you exclude eating & drinking from the equation), with my lips feeling fully nourished even after the colour fades.

FUN FACT: this pink shade was a favourite with M. Dior who believed that this colour “not only made women more beautiful, but happier”


Dior Rouge Brillant Bonheur applicator

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #468 Bonheur


Dior Rouge Brillant Bonheur swatch

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #468 Bonheur swatch

Dior Rouge Brillant Victoire

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #808 Victoire

Dior Rouge Brillant Victoire open

Rouge Dior Brillant #808 Victoire | An apricot/coral shade filled with the same type of shimmer as the rest, with a deeper pigmentation than that of #468 Bonheur (although not as intense as #775 Darling), which can also be layered to some degree for a stronger tone. Definitely more of a warmer hue, #808 Victoire will also make a great shade for those with cooler complexions, as it doesn’t lean too orange. As far as longevity goes, I am able to get 5 hours of wear (less, if drinking/eating), with a light peachy stain left behind on the lips after the colour has faded.

FUN FACT: Victoire was M. Dior’s youngest fit-model and muse, and this colour is named for her, as well as inspired by her youth and ‘sassy elegance’.


Dior Rouge Brillant Victoire applicator

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #808 Victoire


Dior Rouge Brillant Victoire swatch

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #808 Victoire swatch

 Dior Rouge Brillant Darling


Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #775 Darling

Dior Rouge Brillant Darling open

Rouge Dior Brillant #775 Darling | An intensely colour-saturated and pigment-rich raspberry/fuchsia shade, that provides full overage from the first swipe. In the same format as the rest (with regards to shimmer and texture), #775 Darling is hands-down the longest wearing of the three, and leaves a deep rose stain on the lips after the majority of colour/shine has faded. The coolest-leaning of the group, there are slight warmer hints in the shimmer that enable this shade to be worn by all skin tones with ease, and is the perfect pop of colour to pair with a simple black liner. Lasting power is impressive, and I’m able to easily get about 6 hours of wear, although I do experience a tiny bit of bleeding into surrounding lip lines after eating (adding a matching lip liner beforehand could help with this issue).

FUN FACT: This shade draws inspiration from an evening dress of the same colour that was created by M. Dior for the Spring/Summer 1948 Fashion Collection, embodying the spirit of ‘seductiveness and couture elegance’.

Dior Rouge Brillant Darling applicator

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #775 Darling


Dior Rouge Brillant Darling swatch

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #775 Darling swatch


Dior Rouge Brillant trio swatches

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant swatches, direct sunlight

Dior Rouge Brillant trio swatches 2

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant swatches, alternate lighting


I received one more shade, #999 a classic red in true Dior style and that I will be showing in an upcoming post (spoiler: it’s totally gorgeous and you’ll want it – even if you never wear red lip shades). Don’t get me wrong; I love lipstick and the elegance that seems to be a part of the application ritual (there’s something to be said for taking the time to enjoy makeup, as opposed to just wearing it), but gloss is just so much easier, especially when you’re on the go. The new Rouge Dior Brillant glosses have upped the ante in the lipgloss game, by creating a product that feels as good as it looks. Did I mention that they’re also all layerable over lipstick? Not that you’ll want to, as they’re just so luscious on their own.

Available exclusive at The Bay as of April 1st, all Dior counters as of April 1st (Canada). Find more information by visiting

Dior Rouge Brillant closer


Press samples provided for my unbiased consideration