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Dior Addict Lipstick, 2015 Edit


Dior Addict Lipsticks opener

Dior has just rolled out their newly revamped range of Addict Lipsticks (CAN $42.00/44 shades, all permanent), and even without the gorgeous packaging acting as total eye-candy, one quick swatch of any shade will in all probability set off a collecting spree. Available in three finishes (pure colour, shimmering and pearlescent), this breakthrough lipstick and long-lasting topcoat-in-one formula features a ‘Hydra-Gel Topcoat and a Triple Oil Complex‘ at its core that runs throughout the entire length of each lipstick, along with a higher level of pigments for sensational colour, mega-watt shine and a super moisturizing feel to lips throughout and after wear.

The exterior packaging comes with a holographic print, with the acrylic casings displaying some prismatic flashes, as well as sporting new magnetic closures at the top to keep the product safe & snug in its tube. My only beef is with the labelling; if you have more than one Addict Lipstick and happen to open them up at the same time, you better know in advance which shade is which in order to properly re-close them, as the names/labels are found on the outer casing, and not on the actual product.

PS: make sure to open each lipstick by simply pulling on the knob and pulling the tube out of its case – don’t try screwing it out. Sounds silly to even mention this, but for those unfamiliar with this range, knowing this one little fact will save you some frustration.

The four lipsticks I was sent to test out, were created by Dior as the must-have It Shades (with corresponding Vernis shades – review to come):

  • 976 Be Dior – inspired by the emblematic rose of the House of Dior
  • 561 Wonderful – a tribute to Monsieur Dior’s declaration that “pink is a shade that can be worn at any hour”
  • 553 Smile – a versatile neutral/nude for an illuminating yet natural look
  • 451 Tribale – pearlized coral shade reminiscent of Monsieur Dior’s classic pearl accents


Jennifer Lawrence for Dior Addict Lipstick, featured shade: 976 Be Dior (credit)

Dior Addict Lipstick packaging

Dior Addict Lipstick, 2015 Edit (so cool: holographic packaging)

Dior Addict Lipstick casing

Dior Addict Lipstick, 2015 Edit

Dior Addict Lipstick

Dior Addict Lipstick, 2015 Edit


Dior Addict Lipstick macro

Dior Addict Lipstick, 2015 Edit

Dior Addict Lipstick swatches 1

Dior Addict Lipstick, 2015 Edit swatches (direct sunlight)

Dior Addict Lipstick swatches 2

Dior Addict Lipstick, 2015 Edit swatches (alternate light)


Dior Addict 451 Tribale

451 Tribale | A pink leaning coral hue with a visible, yet totally smooth-feeling, pearlized finish. Provides a healthy flush of colour to lips and leaves a slight “bitten effect” stain after the colour has worn off.


Dior Addict 451 Tribale swatch

Dior Addict Lipstick 451 Tribale swatch


Dior Addict 553 Smile

553 Smile | A pink/nude shade with mauve undertones in the base, making it suitable for both cool and warm complexions. The palest of the four shown along with the shortest staying power (not surprising, given its lighter shade), this is the perfect swipe-and-go shade for when you want a natural, yet still polished look.


Dior Addict 553 Smile swatch

Dior Addict Lipstick 553 Smile swatch


Dior Addict 561 Wonderful

561 Wonderful | A blue based baby pink shade, cooler leaning, and filled with a shimmering pearlescence for added depth of tone. While I find that most pinks clash against my skin tone, something about this colour totally agrees with me, and will make the perfect counterpart against an edgy smokey eye look.


Dior Addict 561 Wonderful swatch

Dior Addict Lipstick 561 Wonderful swatch


Dior Addict 976 Be Dior

976 Be Dior | Thinking that this shade would be super vampy based on what’s seen in the tube, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s actually more of a deep raspberry on application. Displaying an almost crystalline shine, this has become my go-to shade for when I want a bright pop of colour, but can’t be bothered with precision techniques – it’s THAT easy to apply & wear. The longest lasting of the four, it also leaves a deep rose stain behind. LOVE.


Dior Addict 976 Be Dior swatch

Dior Addict Lipstick 976 Be Dior swatch


These lipsticks are so perfectly named, because once you try them, you quickly become addicted to the way they feel both during application (think: buttery, ultra-smooth, gliding texture), the insane brilliance they provide, as well as how plump & hydrated your lips feel long after the colour has faded. Naturally, there are less expensive alternatives in the marketplace that offer similar qualities, but I’ve pretty much tried them all and have yet to find a lip product that just feels so good. And with 44 shades to choose from, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll find your match. Or six.


Dior Addict Lipstick closer



The Dior Addict Lipstick Collection 2015 is available now across Canada through Sephora &, Holt Renfrew and The Bay, Find more information via


Press samples kindly sent by Dior for my unbiased considerations/post may contain affiliate links

Dior | Diorblush Cosmopolite Cheek Stick Collection, Fall 2015

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick opener

This year’s crop of Fall beauty collections have been nothing short of outstanding, and several of the Dior releases definitely number among that. One of the season’s must-have products in my opinion, are the Diorblush Cheek Sticks (CAN $41.00/limited edition) from the Fall 2015 Cosmopolite Collection, in three universally flattering crème-to-powder formula shades, that come in a twist-up chubby stick format.

Upon first setting eyes on this collection, I zeroed in on these blush sticks and while initially seeing only three shades threw me, I now feel that Dior pretty much nailed it with just this trio – and I’ll tell you why.

First off, the description is accurate; a true crème-to-powder formula (applies with the glide of a cream then quickly morphs into a powder finish as you blend it out) and leaves behind a soft matte finish (because real cheek colour doesn’t have glitter – at least, mine don’t. Yet). Each blush comes in a retractible format for protection of the the product, with the size of each stick fitting comfortably in the hand, being neither too thin nor too chunky  and thus making it easy to transport. I detect no discernible scent – a plus for those with sensitivities, but interestingly enough, I feel a definite cooling sensation when swatched on the skin of on my arm, but not when applied to my face. Staying power is pretty impressive for a product of this nature, in particular when worn over foundation; even when some of the initial colour has faded, you’re still left with a visible stain – with the exception of the lightest shade (845 Cosmopolite Pink), which will fade faster due to its paler nature.

With regards to application technique, all you really need are your fingers to blend these lovelies out, as the warmth of your hands combined with the natural oils of your skin will basically do all the work for you, leaving no demarcation lines behind. That being said, I also get great results by using either a small & angled densely-headed brush (such as #150 from MAKE UP FOR EVER) or a duo-fibred stippling brush (such as #7 from CHANEL) to create a more diffused (and almost air-brushed) effect. BONUS: you can even layer to combine any of these Cheek Sticks for a unique new shade.

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick closed

Dior | Diorblush Cheek Stick

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick 1

Dior | Diorblush Cheek Stick

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick 2

Dior | Diorblush Cheek Stick

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick 3

Dior | Diorblush Cheek Stick

Dior Drioblush Cheek Stick macro

Dior | Diorblush Cheek Stick (detail)

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick ingredients

Dior | Diorblush Cheek Stick (ingredients list)

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick swatches 1

Dior | Diorblush Cheek Stick swatches (sunlight, heavy application)

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick swatches 3

Dior | Diorblush Cheek Stick swatches (sunlight, blended out)

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick swatches 2

Dior | Diorblush Cheek Stick swatches (alternate light, heavy application)

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick swatches 4

Dior | Diorblush Cheek Stick swatches (alternate light, blended out)

Dior Diorblush 675 Cosmopolite Coral Cheek Stick

675 Cosmopolite Coral | A warm leaning coral with slight rose undertones, this shade is highly pigmented and quite long-lasting (stays iron-clad when worn over foundation). Something about this hue gives my skin a sun kissed flush of colour and looks even more amazing against lightly tanned skin (although it’s still a year-round type of shade). Those with the fairest complexions might not find Cosmopolite Coral as easy to pull off, unless applied with a very light hand, but will be just gorgeous on those with darker complexions.


Dior Diorblush 675 Cosmopolite Coral Cheek Stick swatch

Dior | Diorblush 675 Cosmopolite Coral Cheek Stick swatches

Dior Diorblush 765 Cosmopolite Rosewood Cheek Stick

765 Cosmopolite Rosewood | A true rosewood shade with a light reddish undertone, this may warm-leaning, but is also the most universally wearable of the three shown and will suit most skin tones across the spectrum. Bearing a high level of colour saturation as well, a little goes a long way; I suggest starting with a light swipe and building up as needed. Gives cheeks that flushed look you get from ∗ahem∗ all manners of vigorous workouts (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).


Dior Diorblush 765 Cosmopolite Rosewood swatch

Dior | Diorblush 765 Cosmopolite Rosewood Cheek Stick swatches

Dior Diorblush 845 Cosmopolite Pink Cheek Stick

845 Cosmopolite Pink | What appears as almost a neon pop of colour in the tube and even when swatched intensely, turns out to actually be more of a babydoll shade of soft pink and while cooler leaning than the other two, still manages to be workable on those with warmer complexions (like me). Placed on the apples of the cheeks, this shade brings a ‘youthful brightness’ to the face (as strange as that sounds), and I even love it layered over either of the other two colours, creating a customized cheek tint that way. Huge surprise hit for me, let me tell you.


Dior Diorblush 845 Cosmopolite Pink Cheek Stick swatch

Dior | Diorblush 845 Cosmopolite Pink Cheek Stick swatches


I remember a time when cream-based blushes would literally slide off your face seconds after application but that’s so not the case here, where Dior has worked some major blush-mojo with these Diorblush Cosmopolite Blush Sticks. Initially viewing this collection, I was sure that Cosmopolite Rosewood and Cosmopolite Coral had my number, but find myself surprisingly drawn to Cosmopolite Pink (me, the non-pink wearer), so basically: I love them all. The bad news? Yes, the dreaded ‘limited edition’ thing … Dior, you better listen up and make these permanent (and bring out a few more colours while you’re at it), because you’ve got a good thing going on here. A majorly GOOD thing.

Available across Canada now (limited edition) through The Bay and Find more information via

Dior Diorblush Cheek Stick closer


Press samples kindly sent by Dior for my unbiased consideration/post may contain affiliate links

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | Eclectic & Exubérante 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes

Dior Cosmopolite quints opener


For his first Dior beauty collection, Peter Philips – Creative and Image Director of Dior Cosmetics, was inspired by the ‘plural forms of femininity and the idea of multi-faceted beauty‘, and thus, the Fall 2015 Cosmopolite Collection was born. Having already shown you the new liquid Fluid Shadows of this collection (reviewed here), today’s focus is on the two limited edition 5 Couleur Eyeshadow Palettes, 866 Eclectic & 766 Exubérante.

Housed in Dior’s iconic navy lacquered compact cases which bear a full-sized mirror on the inner lid along with 2 small dual-ended brushes (that actually do a decent job, although I still prefer using my own brushes and rarely bother with these – but they work well in a pinch), each palette hast four eyeshadow shades in varying finishes that surround a centre highlighting hue. The surface of each eyeshadow palette displays the Dior lettering in a raised and intentionally chaotic design, and as with the rest of Dior’s 5 Couleurs compacts, the premise is that you can use the top two lighter shades (along with the centre hue) for a more daytime look, or switch over to the bottom two deeper shades (with or without the centre hue) to ramp things up for evening.

In collaboration with renowned film director, videographer & photographer Pierre Debusschere, the three looks created by Peter Philips were captured in this video using three separate types of lighting and a ‘scanning light’ for a unique new effect, where the images appear to melt into the skin – morphing seamlessly from one look to another. Enjoy!


Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015, video by Pierre Debusschere

Dior Cosmopolite compacts

Dior Cosmopolite quints 1

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 866 Eclectic & 766 Exubérante Eyeshadow Palettes

Dior Cosmopolite quints 2

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 866 Eclectic & 766 Exubérante Eyeshadow Palettes

Dior Cosmopolite 3

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 866 Eclectic & 766 Exubérante Eyeshadow Palettes

Dior Cosmopolite 866 Eclectic

866 Eclectic (CAN $70.00) | The more cooler-leaning of the two palettes, there is still enough warmth in most of the hues to help them transition easily onto warmer-toned complexions as well. A breakdown of the shades:

  • top left – berry/plum with ultra fine purple & silver shimmer, light colour saturation but can be built up – much more intense when applied damp
  • top right – pink/nude, creamy satin-matte texture, pale-hued but with excellent pigmentation
  • centre – (brilliant silver overspray) silvery white, light iridescent finish, smoothly applying, perfect for inner eye corner, brow bone or as a layering shade
  • bottom left – blackened pine green, satin finish, medium colour saturation that can be easily built up or super intensified when applied damp
  • bottom right – deep aubergine, satin finish, displays some initial powdery kickback, but applies with good saturation of colour after that

An absolutely stunning palette for those with green (like me!) or blue eyes, as the purplish shades will really make your peepers the star attraction. The top left shade was surprisingly lightly applying compared to the intense colour you see in the pan, but I prefer it that way as it does not come across as garish, while you always have the option of layering it for more depth (or applying with a dampened brush). The creamy texture of the top right shade blew me away and needs to be felt with one’s finger to understand what I’m talking about – it doesn’t hurt that application of this hue is just so incredibly smoothly applying. The bright silver of the centre shade is an overspray, but happily the colour underneath remains silver, but in a totally modern and wearable format. The deep green colour of the bottom left shade was another surprise, as it applies with less intensity than you’d imagine, but once again, I love that I can build it up if need be, or wear it as more of a wash (which is actually a pretty cool way to wear such an obvious dark shade). The only one of the five to feel a little chalky initially, is the bottom right colour – but after a few swipes of my brush, application now seems to be significantly improved and smoother in texture.

Dior Cosmopolite 866 Eclectic 2

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 866 Eclectic Eyeshadow Palette


Dior Cosmopolite 866 Eclectic macro

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 866 Eclectic Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Cosmopolite 866 Eclectic 3

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 866 Eclectic Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Cosmopolite 866 Eclectic swatches 1

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 866 Eclectic Eyeshadow Palette (swatches)

Dior Cosmopolite 866 Eclectic swatches 2

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 866 Eclectic Eyeshadow Palette (swatches, deeper light)

Dior Cosmopolite 766 Exubérante

766 Exubérante (CAN $70.00) | The more obviously warmer-leaning of the two palettes, although once again that can be deceiving, as there are enough cool undertones in several of the hues to make them suitable for cooler complexions as well – it’s all in the layering options. A breakdown of the shades:

  • top left – taupe, satin finish, exceptionally creamy texture
  • top right – palest peach, satiny-matte finish
  • centre – (brilliant pale gold overspray) pale oxidized gold, light iridescent finish
  • bottom left – denim blue with an ultra fine peacock blue iridescence
  • bottom right – mink brown with mauve undertones, satin finish & a creamy texture

An interesting mix of neutral shades with that one blue stunner in the corner to shake things up, this palette has surprised me on so many levels – all in a good way. The top left shade has that same creamy-to-the-touch texture I mentioned earlier and is probably my favourite taupe powder eyeshadow EVER. The top right hue is quite light against my skin tone, but works beautifully as a warming transition shade, especially when applied along the crease. That vivid gold of the centre shade looks amazing in the pan, but not exactly easily wearable (unless you’re going for a more editorial look), and happily that brilliance is only an overspray, revealing a stunningly smooth ‘antiqued’ gold hue underneath. The bottom left blue shade is a bit of a chameleon; what appears to be peacock blue, is in fact more teal-toned than that, with the fine shimmery bits adding a little something extra. Once again, this is a shade that needs a few swipes of the brush to get the initial hardness out of the way, but which then blends like a charm. The bottom right shade is SUBLIME: perfect pigmentation, application, finish, and texture. I would buy multiple backups of this beauty if it were released as a single, I kid you not.

Dior Cosmopolite 766 Exubérante 2

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 766 Exubérante Eyeshadow Palette


Dior Cosmopolite 766 Exubérante macro

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 766 Exubérante Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Cosmopolite 766 Exubérante 3

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 766 Exubérante Eyeshadow Palette

Dior Cosmopolite 766 Exubérante swatches 1

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 766 Exubérante Eyeshadow Palette (swatches)

Dior Cosmopolite 766 Exubérante swatches 2

Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 | 766 Exubérante Eyeshadow Palette (swatches, deeper light)


Without question, Dior creates some of the most exquisite eyeshadow palettes in the beauty world, with a carefully executed attention to detail (that gets me every.single.time), and lately it seems like the brand has also stepped up their quality game as well, as far as their eyeshadow palettes are concerned. Both 866 Eclectic and 766 Exubérante exhibit eminently wearable colours with superb finishes, displaying deep & rich Fall-like tones but which can be so easily adapted beyond the season as well. The downside? Two words: limited edition. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

The Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 Collection should be available now at all Dior counters nationwide (Canada) – find more information via

Dior Cosmopolite quints closer

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

Dior Fluid Shadow opener

I may be a Summer baby, but Autumnal beauty collections have my number, more so than any other releases which come out during the year; the Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 Collection is just one such launch. Filled with the season’s richness of colour, there are several new innovations in this collection, starting with the Dior Addict Fluid Shadows (CAD $36.00) that are topping the list.

Exactly as the name implies, these are a liquid eyeshadow in a hybrid formula that combines intense pigment with a mirror-like enamel finish. Housed in a rectangular clear tube and banded in black with the Dior logo on the toggle cap, the applicator at the end of the wand is a small brush versus a doe-foot sponge. A word of caution here: upon unscrewing the cap, I suggest removing the wand gently, or else you may find yourself splattering the product if you tug too hard, as the inner sphincter in the cap appears to be very tight (I’m guessing it’s to maintain the integrity of the product, along with ensuring the contents don’t spill out easily if the tube is placed on its side – which it may do, as make no mistake about it: these ARE fluid).

The brush has a good flexibility & splay to the bristles, ensuring a decent amount of product can be applied per use, although that also will depend on how much you scoop out as well. There is an initial cooling sensation upon the skin first felt at application, although that quickly dissipates and once applied, the Fluid Shadows take approximately 1 minute to fully set. Once set, however, they are iron-clad and will not budge until removed.

Now for the tricky part; my first testing of these Fluid Shadows involved applying them directly to my eyelids and then using my middle finger to blend them out. This turned out to be a total disaster, as the product appeared to cling more to my finger, resulting in a patchy application, at best. I was crushed, because I so desperately wanted these to work — I mean, just look at them! After trying several methods, I finally hit the jackpot: I begin by applying primer (I used Dior’s Backstage Eye Prime which works perfectly in tandem with the Fluid Shadow formula) and then use the brush applicator to deposit the shadow on my lid, followed up by patting the product into my skin with the help of a flat synthetic-haired brush (NOTE: upon initial deposit of product, I suggest waiting a few seconds before opening your eye, to avoid the shadow from accidentally sticking to other parts of the lid). This method not only provides the most even application, but enables me to blend out any edges and/or seamlessly merge two differing shades together. Using a light up & down patting motion will maintain the integrity of the mirror-like finish of each Fluid Shadow — a more side-side sweeping motion combined with a touch more pressure during patting, will diffuse the product out. As to staying power, applied over primer yields the best results on my oily lids (those with drier lids can probably skip primer altogether), and each shadow stays put until removed – with no flaking, creasing or fading in sight. In fact, the colour looks as fresh at the end of 12 hours, as when first applied.

Dior Fluid Shadow packaging

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

Dior Fluid Shadow 1

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

Dior Fluid Shadow 2

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

Dior Fluid Shadow 3

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

Dior Fluid Shadow 4

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow

Dior Fluid Shadow 5


Dior Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior 275 Cosmic Fluid Shadow

275 Cosmic | Amethyst coloured and cooler leaning, but still able to easily suit warmer complexions. Of the five, 275 Cosmic gave me the most issues when I tried applying/blending it using my finger, but redeemed itself by being one of the easiest to apply with the brush. The most spectacular shade to emphasize green eyes, and an absolutely perfect Fall colour.


Dior 275 Cosmic Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict 275 Cosmic Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior 545 Phénix Fluid Shadow

545 Phénix | Champagne gold that has enough silver in it to make it work equally well on both cool and warm skin tones. The most intense brilliance and mirror-like shine of the five, hands down. When 545 Phénix is blended out, you can not only see the complex shimmer involved in this shade, but it also works beautifully (when worn as a base) to amplify a less intense gold eyeshadow applied on top (an option to consider if you don’t want to wear this shade full-on).


Dior 545 Phénix Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict 545 Phénix Fluid Shadow swatches


Dior 655 Univers Fluid Shadow

655 Univers | A greyed out taupe shade, as well as the most universally wearable of the 5 shown. When applied straight from the tube, its silvery tone is quite evident, but blended out reveals a more varied and complex shimmer. My favourite way to wear 655 Univers, is as an eyeliner on the lower lash line (and NOT sheered out) with tons of mascara on both upper and lower lashes – to create a simple, yet dramatic eye look.

I pulled out a few similar liquid/crème taupe shades for comparison thinking that one might be a duplicate for 655 Univers, but as the swatches clearly show, they’re all unique from one another. When applied straight from the tube, the YSL #3 Taupe Drop appears very similar to the Dior, but blended out proves differently. To note: of the four shades shown in the comparison, only the Dior has issues when applied with a finger — but also seems to be the one with the most intense mirror shine factor.


Dior 655 Univers Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict 655 Univers Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior 655 Univers Fluid Shadow with comparisons 1

Dior Addict 655 Univers Fluid Shadow & comparison swatches (applied heavy)

Dior 655 Univers Fluid Shadow with comparisons 2

Dior Addict 655 Univers Fluid Shadow & comparison swatches (blended out)


Dior 825 Aurora Fluid Shadow

825 Aurora | Antiqued pink with subtle rose-gold undertones, and the best stand-alone shadow of the five. This shade works beautifully to provide a brightening effect when applied as a wash all over the lid, but can be amped up by adding a winged line on the upper lid with the the same shade full-on. Tone on tone taken to a new & modern level with 825 Aurora, and that’s a fact.


Dior 825 Aurora Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict 825 Aurora Fluid Shadow swatches


Dior 875 Destinée Fluid Shadow

875 Destinée | THIS SHADE. A mix of cranberry, ruby, and deepest claret, what my product photo fails to capture is the sly bronzy oxidized glint seen in the tube (and while I’m sure it gives depth to the colour, it doesn’t actually translate in application). The second of the five to give me trouble when using my finger to apply, but the brush-method compensated a million-fold for that drawback, resulting in a lush & intense look. I can’t say which I prefer; applying 875 Destinée full-on for its in-your-face impact and that unique dark/brilliant combo effect, or smudged out to create THE perfect Fall eye. Good thing I can do both, if desired.


Dior 875 Destinée Fluid Shadow swatches

Dior | Dior Addict 875 Destinée Fluid Shadow swatches


What makes these Dior Fluid Shadows so unique, in my opinion, is how perfectly that reflective and almost patent-like finish is captured in an eyeshadow product – an effect and formulation that was previously limited to nail polish and perhaps a handful of lip gloss shades. The ability to wear these Fluid Shadows in a variety of ways also makes them stand out; by applying them in a direct/blended out combination, it’s like getting 2 products in one, with their mega lasting ability (on primed lids, if they’re oily like mine) only sweetening the deal. If you’re looking for something different to add to your beauty wardrobe, I’d recommend starting here – good luck choosing just one shade, however.

Available August 1st exclusively through Sephora and, September at all other Dior counters nationwide.

Dior Fluid Shadow closer

Press samples kindly provided for my unbiased consideration

Dior Vernis | Sunwashed, Sunkissed & Tie Dye Top Coat, Summer 2015



Dior Tie Dye polishes opener

The Dior Tie Dye Collection for Summer 2015 is all about that bohemian vibe (ahhh …those lazy days ahead …), filled with an eclectic mix of both brilliant and diffused colours. The two nail lacquers – 319 Sunwashed & 239 Sunkissed (CAN $28.00 each, with a 3rd shade released in Europe) perfectly exemplify this theme with their sun-faded tone, while the Die Dye Top Coat (CAN $29.00) helps to jazz things up with a splash of translucent colour.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dior polishes, you need to change that STAT, because this formula and brush rank as one of my absolute favourites and definitely sets the bar high for all other brands. The lacquer formula was given an overhaul a little over a year ago and now displays an increase in pigments & colour saturation, combined with a built-in top coat for a long-lasting gel effect shine – all courtesy of advanced resins and Techno-Polymers. The brush is made of unicorn hair, or at least that’s what it feels like (how cool would that be?); dense and rather bushy-looking, the slightly chiselled edge makes application child’s play: with just the lightest pressure, the bristles splay perfectly along the nail bed for a precise and effortless application. As a nail polish fiend, I can’t extoll its virtues enough – trust me on this.

*Note that both the lacquers and top coat are all limited edition.

Dior Tie Dye polishes


Dior Sunwashed swatch

319 Sunwashed | This is a soft buttercup-yellow shade in a mid-sheer formula with jelly-like tendencies, both in application and its cushiony glossy finish. Displaying a sun bleached and rather weathered tone, it holds that patented Dior ‘secret shimmer’ that’s not very visible to the naked eye (unless seen in direct sunlight), but which adds a lovely overall depth. On shorter nails, full opacity will be reached at 2 coats, while longer lengths will still show a slight nail line – but I personally love this translucent effect, as it makes yellow so much more wearable this way, not to mention perfectly in line with the whole laid-back hippie theme. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


Dior Sunkissed swatch

239 Sunkissed | Just when I thought that Dior had created the perfect nude shade with Lady (reviewed), THIS comes along. Bearing a perfect mix of peach, beige, and pink tones in the base, 239 Sunkissed takes things a step further and displays one of the best formulas for a nude that I’ve ever come across. Streak-free, self levelling, über-glossy at the finish and holding traces of ‘secret shimmer’, this shade not only comes to a smooth opaque finish at two coats, but I’ll go on record as saying it will suit basically all skin tones across the board – and that’s not easy to do when dealing with this colour family. Well done, Dior. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


Dior Tie Dye Top Coat swatch

Tie Dye Top Coat | This is a more pigmented and deeper shade of rose than Dior’s Nail Glow, with a cooler-leaning tone due to the blueish tint in the base. This topper can easily be worn on its own, which is my personal preference, actually – and not only because I lack the necessary nail art skills to use it creatively, but for the candy-like look it gives nails: 1 coat provides a healthy wash of colour, with a deeper – but still sheer flush – at 2 coats. The formula falls on the thick side and has a tendency to spring back somewhat during application, but the glass-like glossy finish makes up for that slight drawback. Bonus: Relatively quick drying as well. Coats applied: 2, no other top coat


Dior Sunwashed & Tie Dye Top Coat swatches

Applying the Tie Dye Top Coat straight up over 319 Sunwashed, gives the yellow base a peachier tone and due to the nature of this topper, it also provides a natural ombré effect; by varying the pressure of the brush along the nail, you can amplify this look quite easily (middle finger). Or, you can always get creative and use a dotting tool, a thin brush, or even bits of sponge to dab on patterns along the nails and create your own custom look. Finish off with a clear top coat to seal everything in, as well as to provide a smoother appearance.


Dior Sunkissed & Tie Dye Top Coat swatches

Applied over 239 Sunkissed, the Tie Dye Top Coat provides a deeper pink colour that also takes this nude shade from warm into cooler territory (but still quite wearable just the same). Once more, you can easily create your own patterns using your preferred method – or experiment with new ways and see what turns up; random attempts usually create some fabulous designs (especially if you’re not a seasoned nail art pro, like me).


Dior surprised me with these; to begin with, I expected the usual brights, vivid, neons, etc and instead, there are just 2 shades in what initially appears to be rather lukewarm colours, and a cheery topper to add confusion to the mix. But looks can be deceiving; the second I began applying these shades, my love of deep hues was basically chucked out the window – they’re THAT fabulous (and I don’t even like yellow. Imagine that). Where things get a little tricky, is with the Tie Dye Top Coat; in theory it sounds amazing and the answer to every nailart-challenged person out there, but the application is not exactly there yet. Still, after playing with it for a few weeks now, I have surprised myself by finding new ways to apply it (not always successfully, mind you) and have realized that I prefer it solo. Please feel free to let me know how you’ve worn this – would absolutely love to hear! All in all, I don’t think it’s meant to take itself all that seriously – after all, it’s a SUMMER collection and that means: anything goes!

The Dior Summer 2015 Tie Dye Collection is available now through The Bay &, Sephora &, and Holt Renfrew stores across Canada (links provided for convenience). Fine more information via

Dior Tie Dye polishes closer

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