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Dior|Rouge Dior Brillant Bonheur, Victoire & Darling


Dior Rouge Dior Brillant opener


First introduced in 1981, the House of Dior reinvents their Rouge Brillant (CAN $39.00 available in 12 shades) – a high impact lip gloss – with a new innovative formula and incredible shine. More than just a gloss, each slim profile tube is banded by the brand’s iconic ‘Cannage’ pattern in silver, with a transparent reservoir that clearly displays each colour held within. According to Peter Phlips, Creative and Image Director for Dior makeup, each new Rouge Dior Brillant is also a ‘modern treatment for global beauty, a truly Elusional Liquid Balm, bringing lip care to the heart of your lips for radiant perfect colour’

Dior was kind enough to send me several Rouge Brillant shades to test out, and after playing around with them for just over a week now, I am impressed enough to want to add them all to my beauty collection. The formula is created with a blend of three highly refractive treatment oils that include Vitamin E for its antioxidant and regenerative properties, as well as a proprietary plumping ingredient that ‘reactivates collagen synthesis‘ to help your lips feel incredibly smooth and completely hydrated. The precision-tipped applicator has a well in the centre to hold the perfect amount of product per swipe, while the included ‘long-wear contour waxes’ provide colour definition, staying power and mega-watt shine. Each gloss is scented with Dior’s signature rose fragrance, although I don’t notice anything after application – still worth noting for those with sensitivities.

The texture of each gloss, is where this product displays how outstanding it is in the category; the feel is a total sensorial experience with its buttery and emollient consistency, while the deeper Rouge Brillant shades are intensely colour-saturated enough to enable you to achieve full coverage with one swipe. I experience minimal settling into lip lines (and my lips are quite deeply lined), with no pilling of the product along lip edges either (when it collects along either the inner rim of the lip or at the corners). The absolute perfect mix of colour, brilliant shine, and balm. I’m not sure about a plumping effect, although I do sense a slight tingling upon initial application which leads me to believe that some fullness probably does result, although that effect would be temporary at best.

Dior Rouge Brillant trio

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #468 Bonheur, #808 Victoire, #775 Darling

Dior Rouge Brillant trio 2

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #775 Darling, #808 Victoire, #468 Bonheur



Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant

Dior Rouge Brillant Bonheur

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #468 Bonheur

Dior Rouge Brillant Bonheur open

Rouge Dior Brillant #468 Bonheur | A delicate light milky pink that leans warm against my skin tone, filled with an ultra-fine shimmer that never feels gritty upon the lips, but serves to add radiance instead. As my lips are quite lined, my high-res swatch photo below gives the illusion that #468 Bonheur emphasizes said lines, but the effect is quite the opposite seen in person. Finding a pale pink that doesn’t clash with the underlying yellow tone in in my skin, can be a challenge but I believe I can stop looking now. The shortest in staying power of the three (obviously due to the pale hue), I am still able to get a good 3 hours of wear (if you exclude eating & drinking from the equation), with my lips feeling fully nourished even after the colour fades.

FUN FACT: this pink shade was a favourite with M. Dior who believed that this colour “not only made women more beautiful, but happier”


Dior Rouge Brillant Bonheur applicator

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #468 Bonheur


Dior Rouge Brillant Bonheur swatch

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #468 Bonheur swatch

Dior Rouge Brillant Victoire

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #808 Victoire

Dior Rouge Brillant Victoire open

Rouge Dior Brillant #808 Victoire | An apricot/coral shade filled with the same type of shimmer as the rest, with a deeper pigmentation than that of #468 Bonheur (although not as intense as #775 Darling), which can also be layered to some degree for a stronger tone. Definitely more of a warmer hue, #808 Victoire will also make a great shade for those with cooler complexions, as it doesn’t lean too orange. As far as longevity goes, I am able to get 5 hours of wear (less, if drinking/eating), with a light peachy stain left behind on the lips after the colour has faded.

FUN FACT: Victoire was M. Dior’s youngest fit-model and muse, and this colour is named for her, as well as inspired by her youth and ‘sassy elegance’.


Dior Rouge Brillant Victoire applicator

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #808 Victoire


Dior Rouge Brillant Victoire swatch

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #808 Victoire swatch

 Dior Rouge Brillant Darling


Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #775 Darling

Dior Rouge Brillant Darling open

Rouge Dior Brillant #775 Darling | An intensely colour-saturated and pigment-rich raspberry/fuchsia shade, that provides full overage from the first swipe. In the same format as the rest (with regards to shimmer and texture), #775 Darling is hands-down the longest wearing of the three, and leaves a deep rose stain on the lips after the majority of colour/shine has faded. The coolest-leaning of the group, there are slight warmer hints in the shimmer that enable this shade to be worn by all skin tones with ease, and is the perfect pop of colour to pair with a simple black liner. Lasting power is impressive, and I’m able to easily get about 6 hours of wear, although I do experience a tiny bit of bleeding into surrounding lip lines after eating (adding a matching lip liner beforehand could help with this issue).

FUN FACT: This shade draws inspiration from an evening dress of the same colour that was created by M. Dior for the Spring/Summer 1948 Fashion Collection, embodying the spirit of ‘seductiveness and couture elegance’.

Dior Rouge Brillant Darling applicator

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #775 Darling


Dior Rouge Brillant Darling swatch

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant #775 Darling swatch


Dior Rouge Brillant trio swatches

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant swatches, direct sunlight

Dior Rouge Brillant trio swatches 2

Dior | Rouge Dior Brillant swatches, alternate lighting


I received one more shade, #999 a classic red in true Dior style and that I will be showing in an upcoming post (spoiler: it’s totally gorgeous and you’ll want it – even if you never wear red lip shades). Don’t get me wrong; I love lipstick and the elegance that seems to be a part of the application ritual (there’s something to be said for taking the time to enjoy makeup, as opposed to just wearing it), but gloss is just so much easier, especially when you’re on the go. The new Rouge Dior Brillant glosses have upped the ante in the lipgloss game, by creating a product that feels as good as it looks. Did I mention that they’re also all layerable over lipstick? Not that you’ll want to, as they’re just so luscious on their own.

Available exclusive at The Bay as of April 1st, all Dior counters as of April 1st (Canada). Find more information by visiting

Dior Rouge Brillant closer


Press samples provided for my unbiased consideration

Dior | Diorskin Nude Air Sérum de Teint

Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation opener

The latest innovation from Dior Beauty, Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation (CAN $53.00, available in 8 shades), is a medium coverage ‘light-as-air’ talc-free foundation, and loaded with volatile oils that evaporate almost immediately, leaving behind a weightless veil of pure pigment along the skin. According to the brand:

For the first time in a foundation, Dior has introduced an innovative combination of plant oils, vitamins and minerals. Hyper-Oxygenated oil loaded with air bubbles, breathes vital energy into skin cells. Ideally stimulated from within, the skin breathes and becomes more beautiful. Cranberry oil – rich in essential fatty acids – provides the skin with the necessary antioxidants to help it glow, day after day. The complexion is velvety, imperceptibly even, and looks radiantly healthy

Thanks to a slew of technological breakthroughs in the beauty industry just these past few years alone, foundation has come a long way; Dior has taken things to a whole new level with with their new Serum Foundation, a product that not only provides coverage, but leaves a flawless finish behind, and this with added skincare benefits plus SPF 25.

This may be Dior’s first Serum Foundation, but Giorgio Armani Beauty was the forerunner of this type of product, with the release of Maestro Fusion Makeup back in 2012. Even the bottle shapes and droppers are quite similar between the two powerhouse beauty brands, although the texture is where things start to take different paths (more details on this further down the post).

Other new releases in the Diorskin range, also include Nude Air Loose Powder (CAN $60.00, available in 4 shades) Nude Air Pressed Powder (CAN $59.00, available in 3 shades – review forthcoming), as well as Nude Air Tan Powder (CAN $59.99, available in 3 shades – review forthcoming), all products that are meant to impart that healthy glow ‘bonne mine’ effect, and further enhance the flawless look that begins with application of the Nude Air Serum Foundation.


Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation 3

Diorskin | Nude Air Sérum de Teint 020 Light Beige


Dior Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation range

Diorskin | Nude Air Sérum de Teint (6 of the 8 available shades are shown)


Diorskin Nude Air Serum

Diorskin | Nude Air Sérum de Teint 020 Light Beige

Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation 2

Diorskin Nude Air Sérum de Teint 020 Light Beige | The shade I was sent, 020 Light Beige, turns out to be quite the perfect match for my skintone at the moment (although I’ll probably have to get something deeper once the warmer weather hits), and even though I detect a slight pinkish hue to this shade which had me concerned about any clashing with my light yellow undertone, it instead serves to bring about a more brightened appearance to my skin. Before starting application, you do need to shake the contents of the bottle thoroughly to ensure that all components are properly mixed together. The fragrance is a not-unpleasant herbal/green scent that I’ve come to associate with most Dior foundations, although I do not detect any scent once the product is applied (still worth noting for those with sensitivities).

For initial application I prefer using Dior’s paddle-style foundation brush (reviewed), although you can also use your fingers; I just find the brush easier for spreading the product along the skin. After shaking the contents, I add about 4 drops of the Nude Air Serum Foundation into the palm of my hand, apply that to my face (don’t forget your neck, ears, and jawline) then if needed, I add another drop or two to areas that need a bit more coverage. While this foundation is not too layerable, you can build up some areas that require a touch more opacity – but don’t expect fully opaque coverage.

Alternately, and probably my favourite method of applying this type of dry-oil foundation, is by using a dual-fibre brush; I add about 4-5 drops of foundation to the back of my hand, lightly dab the brush through the product and then start by stippling that all over my face (to begin with), followed by sweeping the brush along the skin until the desired coverage has been achieved. This method yields an almost ‘air-brushed’ effect, and can pass muster even under the closest scrutiny.

Once applied, I sometimes go in with Dior’s flat-topped foundation brush (also reviewed) to buff it all in and give the most seamless, flawless-looking finish to the skin (you can also use a dry beauty sponge, or a dense-headed face brush – it all depends on what you already own and what you’re comfortable using). Once set, the resulting finish is not exactly matte, and definitely not dewy; there’s a natural-looking radiance to the skin, while the complexion is truly enhanced and very even-looking. Lasting power is excellent, and I’m able to get a full day’s wear (easily 10-12 hours), without any oxidation whatsoever (where the foundation colour begins to take on a yellowish cast) and neither do I notice any separation, as sometimes can happen around the nose area. My pores also seem a lot less noticeable and even though this is not touted as a mattifying product, I find that it does an excellent job at keeping any oiliness I usually get around the T-zone, to a minimum. Stated as being equally wearable for all skin types, my feeling is that the Nude Air Serum Foundation will be more suitable on those normal, combination, or oily skin, as this formulation has the potential to emphasize any dry patches on the face, which can be reduced to a certain degree by ensuring your skin is properly moisturized beforehand. Even if you do have dry skin, I still recommend giving it a test run at your local Dior counter just the same – it’s well worth looking into. Overall, there’s a subtle but absolutely gorgeous luminosity imparted to the complexion with this finish, and I love how even my skin looks without any of that heavy caked-on feeling at all.


Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation ingredients

Diorskin | Nude Air Sérum de Teint 020 Light Beige (click to enlarge for ingredients list)

Dior Nue Air Serum Foundation dropper

Diorskin | Nude Air Sérum de Teint 020 Light Beige with dropper


Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation swatch 1

Diorskin | Nude Air Sérum de Teint 020 Light Beige, applied

Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation swatch 2

Diorskin | Nude Air Sérum de Teint 020 Light Beige, lightly blended

Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation swatch 3

Diorskin | Nude Air Sérum de Teint 020 Light Beige, blended out

Dior Nude Air serum Foundation & comparisons

The following are all similar in formula to the Nude Air Serum Foundation (although not necessarily in colour/shade). As stated above, the Armani Maestro Fusion foundation was first out of the gate in this category, and has since gone on to spawn numerous versions from most brands across the board. During humid, hot weather, the Maestro foundation is a Godsend, as it keeps my skin oil-free throughout the wearing; the only issue is that it really doesn’t do well with any dry bits, catching & emphasizing them quite vividly. CHANEL’s Velvet Lumière has the most plush dry-down of them all, although I’m not that crazy about the strong scent (which eventually does fade) and how pink-tinged it is (this brand needs to include more yellow bases in their foundation ranges), as well as the fact that it’s the messiest to use, seeing as how there is no included applicator system. Fusion Ink from YSL is the closest in both texture and finish to the Diorskin Nude Air, and my only issue is that the shade I own is too dark for me to use now. Lastly, Maybelline’s Dream Wonder is great bang for the buck, providing a finish that may not be an exact duplicate, but damn close to its [much] pricier counterparts.

Quick comparison breakdown:

  • CHANEL Perfection Lumière Velvet (30 Beige) – (CAN $48.00/30 ml 1 fl.oz) No applicator, the strongest scented of the group, slightly more pigmented (which translates as deeper coverage), touch more of a velvety finish
  • GIORGIO ARMANI Maestro Fusion Makeup (6.5) SPF 15 - (CAN $68.00/30 ml 1 fl.oz) Dropper applicator, softest overall fragrance, driest finish, excellent mattifying properties
  • YSL Fusion Ink Foundation (B 40 Beige) SPF 18 – (CAN $64.00/25 ml 0.84 fl. oz) Spade shaped applicator, fragrance starts off a touch acrid but dries down more powdery, close in finish/texture as Nude Air (gives that same radiance)
  • Maybelline Dream Wonder Liquid Touch Foundation (40 Nude) – (CAN $14.99/20 ml) Spade shaped applicator, slightly more silicon-like in feel, thinner coverage but still well within the same finish as the rest, best price point


Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation applicator comparisons

Diorskin Nude Air Sérum de Teint & applicator comparisons


Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation swatch comps 1

Diorskin Nude Air Sérum de Teint 020 Light Beige & comparisons, applied

Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation swatch comps 2

Diorskin Nude Air Sérum de Teint 020 Light Beige & comparisons, lightly blended

Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation swatch comps 3

Diorskin Nude Air Sérum de Teint 020 Light Beige & comparisons, blended out


Even though I’ve tried out several other dry-oil foundations, there’s something almost magical about the Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation, as it meets al my criteria: a lightweight feel (I cannot stand the suffocating feel of heavy/opaque foundations), enough coverage to even out but one that still lets your skintone show through, mattifying (which also eliminates the need for excessive powdering to keep those pesky oils slicks at bay), and a flawless finish. If you like your foundations weightless, light-medium coverage, and have normal, combination or oil-prone skin, then look no further: this is the one. For those with drier skin or who prefer something that provides serious coverage, you might want to skip this and look instead to something a lot more emollient. Thank God for choices.

PS: With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Diorskin Nude Air has you covered – and I’m betting your sweetheart will surely be mesmerized by your flawless complexion, amongst other things.

Lauching at all Dior counters across Canada as of mid-february. Find more information on the brand at

Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation closer

Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration

Dior Spring 2015 | #294 Lady, #660 Glory & Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat

Dior Lady, Glory & Eclosion opener


Despite the brutally cold weather we’ve been experiencing lately, a harbinger of the warmer weather ahead, comes in the form of Spring beauty offerings that have just begun trickling onto counters. The Dior Kingdom of Colours Collection Spring 2015 nail lacquers presents an encapsulated version of the collection’s main theme: neutral vs vivid, with a dash of whimsy thrown in via the new Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat.

The two colour shades of this collection are in Dior’s Gel Shine format which is incredibly glossy on its own and really makes adding a top coat superfluous, although I did apply one for my swatch photos here (although it’s totally not needed for a full mani/pedi. Seriously). The brush of Dior lacquers is one of my favourites of all brands – if not THE favourite – with its slightly chiselled and bevelled head of dense hairs, that splay perfectly when placed upon the nail, depositing the colour exactly where you want it to with a minimum amount of effort.

Note that both #294 Lady & #660 Glory bear Dior’s famous ‘secret shimmer’ in the base -incredibly fine particles that are relatively undetectable to the naked eye, but which are seen in direct sunlight or with flash – and definitely add a nice overall depth of tone to each hue.


Dior #294 Lady

#294 Lady, limited edition (CAN $28.00) | A filtered nude/petal pink shade that has a softly muted appearance upon the nails, with just enough colour to keep it from coming off as flat or boring. Interestingly enough, nude shades are some of the hardest colours to wear, as the wrong undertone can violently clash with one’s skin tone, but Dior has managed to infuse the right amount of both cool & warm hues into #294 Lady, as to render it wearable by basically everyone. The formula here was another surprise, displaying an amazing pigmentation for a shade in this colour family – laying down easily and in a self-levelling way, with no patchiness in evidence, not even at the first coat. The resulting finish is nothing short of ridiculously glossy and spot-on perfect. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat

Option 2: Two coats of Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat were added over #294 Lady, in order to make all the confetti bits stands out

Option 3: Adding a matte top coat not only makes the pieces of Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat stand out, but gives a more urban feel to this look, adding a crisp edginess.


Dior #294 Lady swatch

Dior Kingdom of Colour Spring 2015 | #294 Lady


Dior Eclosion Blossoming Top Coat

#001 Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat, limited edition (CAN $29.00) | This is a veritable confetti glitter party, albeit on the more subtle side due to the softer colour of all its pieces. Suspended in a clear base, Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat is composed of: white, lemon yellow, baby blue, blush pink and pale green glitter particles in bar as well as small hexagonal form. Each dip of the brush yields a fair amount of pieces per swipe, although some nudging into place of the bar glitter may be necessary along the nail free edges. I am not usually a fan of glitter, in particular the multi-variety type (yes, I am an unashamedly self-professed colour purist) and may even have done some eye-rolling when I first looked at this shade; however, once applied I was surprised to find that I ∗gasp∗ actually liked it. Adding a matte coat on top, may have even made me love it – and I’m not sure why – but there you go.

Note that the natural finish of Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat is very glossy on its own, but does have a bit of bumpiness due to the glitter pieces – easily remedied with a layer of a thickish top coat to smooth everything down.


Dior #294 Lady & Eclosion swatch

Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015 | #294 Lady & #001 Éclosion


Dior #294 Lady & Eclosion swatch matte

Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015 | #294 Lady & #001 Éclosion, matte


Dior #660 Glory

#660 Glory, limited edition (CAN $28.00) | A searingly vivid poppy/amaranth hue in a crème/jelly hybrid formula that defines perfection: self-levelling, a mirror-like glossy finish, and such intense colour saturation that you can easily get away with 1 coat for full coverage – especially on shorter nails. Depending on the angle, at times #660 Glory veers close to neon territory, but without quite going over, making it a bright yet sophisticated (read that as: modern) way to wear such a vivid colour. Bonus: non-staining upon removal. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat

Option 2: One Coat of Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat applied on top. Due to the colourful nature of #660 Glory, this is all you need for effect – any more would be overkill.

Option 3: Once again, adding a matte top coat emphasizes every bit of glitter and while interesting, I’m not as drawn to this combo as the previous one ∗shrugs∗ – definitely unique, though.


Dior #660 Glory swatch

Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015 | #660 Glory


Dior #660 Glory & Eclosion swatch

Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015 | #660 Glory & #001 Éclosion


Dior #660 Glory & Eclosion swatch matte

Dior Kingdom of Colours Spring 2015 | #660 Glory & #001 Éclosion


Even though there are only three nail lacquers in the Kingdom of Colours Collection, there is still enough to appeal to basically everyone: #294 Lady for the neutral lovers, #660 Glory for fans of brighter colour, and Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat for glitter/nail art fiends. I personally love the look of #294 Lady on its own worn as a full mani and will definitely be sporting #660 Glory as a Spring/Summer pedi shade (heat…need some heat), with Éclosion Blossoming Top Coat making an occasional appearance just to keep things interesting (to repeat: I am a colour purist by nature). One last word: if you haven’t tried Dior polishes yet, you are seriously missing out on one of the best formulas & brush out there (still worth it, even with the $1.00 price hike per bottle – don’t think I didn’t notice, Dior).

Launching January 15th on all Dior counters nation-wide. Visit for more brand info.


Dior Lady, Glory & Eclosion closer

Press samples provided for my unbiased consideration