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Dior · Diorshow Pump N Volume Mascara & new 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes


The latest from Dior will definitely make your heart skip a few beats — but in the best way possible. Inspired by the fabrics seen at the recent runway collection, Dior has reinvented their 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes in 12 new colour harmonies while the iconic Diorshow Mascara has gotten a reboot as well, improving upon the formula and adding some high-tech wizardry into the mix. But don’t take my word for it; let your own eyes be the judge.



Dior · Dior Addict Lacquer Stick


Dior has just launched what will surely become your newest obsession: Dior Addict Lacquer Stick. The latest member to the Addict lipstick range that calls upon a ‘Paris-meets-California’ hippie chic kind of vibe, these hybrid lippies are all about the three C’s: colour, comfort, and coolness (yeah, I threw the last one in, but believe me — it totally fits).



Dior Addict · Lip Sugar Scrub & 006 Berry Lip Glow

The latest innovation from Dior’s Backstage Pros, is Lip Sugar Scrub — or as I like to call it, some much-welcomed lip care, especially at this time of year. Also adding to the Lip Glow range is a new luscious shade for spring, 006 Berry: a product that provides adaptive colour & major nourishment as well. Think of this duo as a lip dream team … pretty ‘sweet’, no?



Dior · Diorskin 002 & 004 Nude Air Luminizer Spring 2017 Colour Gradation Collection


Thank God for the Spring collections which have been steadily arriving to break up the Winter blah-ness, and I have to say that these new Diorskin Nude Air Luminizers sure know how to make a gloomy day glow. Shade 001 which was released as part of the Fall 2016 Skyline Collection (previously reviewed here) became an instant hit as a result of the stunning radiance it imparted to skin, becoming a beloved fave with everyone who tried it out. For Spring 2017 the brand has added 2 more shades to the lineup, extending the reach of this lovely product to an even broader selection of skin tones.

Each Luminizer comes with its own mini kabuki brush that’s actually quite effective for application, helping to buff the product into the skin for a seamless finish. The texture of the powder is incredibly fine-milled, with the shimmer coming across as luminous and never overdone.

002 Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer (CAN $68.00) | A pearlescent hue with pink undertones in the base and the lighter of the two shown. More obviously suited for fair complexions, I’ve been loving this applied on my light-medium skin as it gives a bright pop of colour without any skin tone clashing.

004 Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer (CAN $68.00) | The darkest of the four hues available, this is a gorgeous bronze/tan hue with a complex shimmer base containing both cool & warm undertones, making it also suitable for a wide range of complexions. Something tells me this shade is going to be simply awesome applied once my skin has a light tan going (hopefully soon…)

I currently have 3 of the 4 Luminizers to show, and it’s clear even before swatching that they’re each distinct from one another. Of the three, shade 001 is probably the most universal and easiest to wear for a broader complexion range.

And just because I was curious, I pulled out the two Illuminating Powders from Dior’s Glowing Gardens Collection (Spring 2016) for comparison. As seen in the swatch below, they’re both very close to Luminizer shades 001 & 002, and while there are slight differences in colour, the texture is relatively identical, perhaps being a few degrees less intense.


In a beauty world filled with highlighters, these Dior Nude Air Luminizers are the Goldilocks of the beauty world: just right. The texture is in a word: stellar, while the glow they provide skin is positively ethereal. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a huge fan and the fact that I tend to reach for these more than any others in my arsenal, speaks volumes. Enough said.

Available exclusively at Sephora until May – all Dior counters as of January 15


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Dior · Rouge Dior 962 Poison Matte

A dark lip for Winter may not exactly be groundbreaking, but this past August (2016) when Dior showed a “blackened” hue down the runway for their Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, I became not only transfixed, but perhaps even a little obsessed with the image (below) of Kendall Jenner and her super glossy deep lip shade. I HAD to know what was used and how quickly I could recreate it. Never mind that it would probably take hours of precision work; I had never seen anything as mysterious/dangerous/sexy and wearable … yes, I said wearable … as this look created by beauty wizard Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior. The star product? Rouge Dior Lipstick 962 Poison Matte — a toxically beautiful shade that’s appropriately named, and inspired by the brand’s legendary Poison fragrance.

So imagine my disappointment when I sent the call out to get my hands on this intoxicating beauty, only to learn that it hadn’t been released yet and may possibly never even make it here. The horror. Then, a ray of light: one fine day, Poison Matte arrived at my door and I was off to channel my inner femme fatale.

When Dior first released their iconic Poison fragrance in 1985, it became a monster — in every sense of the word. A hit of leviathan proportions, this venture into dark & brooding territory was not only a departure for a brand known for its classic aesthetic, but the scent itself was groundbreaking: at once uniquely compelling and insanely overpowering. I personally loved it and saved up to buy a bottle, which I totally cherished (and sprayed liberally, much to the irritation of anyone who came within a 10-foot radius of me). That deep aubergine bottle with a shape alluding to Eve’s infamous Garden of Eden apple, held a place on honour on my vanity table for years, and will forever be immortalized in my memory.

Kendall Jenner for Dior AW16

Peter Philips, Dior AW16

Rouge Dior 962 Poison Matte (CAD $43.00) | A deep aubergine hue with blue/grape undertones, in a formula that’s not exactly matte in the strictest sense of the word, but not shiny either — more of a velvet finish, in fact. The texture is creamy rich and glides effortlessly along the lips, although it does take a bit of work to get it perfect. As with all dark shades, a little advance prepping will ensure the best application, and to that end it’s best to ensure lips are thoroughly exfoliated first in order to remove any dry patches/flakes, then completely moisturized with balm — just make sure to blot any excess balm first before going in with your application. For a crisp look, a liner is absolutely mandatory, both before lipstick application and after for touch ups, although I’ve been loving the deconstructed effect given by applying Poison Matte to the centre portion of the lips, then using my finger to blend it out towards the edges.

To recreate the AW/16 über-glossy & vampy look, I followed Peter Philips’ advice and first used a black eyeliner to line and fill in my lips (which was lightly blotted to lighten up some of the blackness), then applied a few layers of Poison Matte with each blotted between application, and topped off with a clear gloss. The final look is what’s seen in the swatch below — and which looked KILLER for all of 5 minutes. Then, it all started to migrate into my lip lines and became pretty much a hot mess. Going back to the drawing board, I started all over again but this time I incorporated one of those clear lip liners to prevent feathering and … eureka! Success!

PS: please note that the product shots were taken outside on a super sunny day, hence the “sweat beads” seen on the lipstick bullet — all of which disappeared a few minutes later.


There’s something that’s just so damn empowering about a dark lip; it basically tells the world that you’re “owning it”. And in a society that’s all about instant gratification, I’m embracing the fact that Poison Matte takes that extra bit of effort to make it look this dazzlingly glamorous; it forces one to slow down and actually enjoy the beauty process … if the frustration of not getting it perfectly even doesn’t get to you first, lol. As the Spring/Summer 2017 collections start rolling in, we’re about to become inundated with a plethora of nude lippie shades — why not step out of the box and wear something that’s just a bit more wicked? Who’s with me?

Available at Sephora, The Bay & select Dior counters


PR sample/As always, all opinions are my own