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Dior · Lolli’Glow Spring 2019 Collection

For Spring 2019, Peter Philips — Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, has imagined a cotton candy world of light-hearted colour with the new Lolli’Glow Collection, and I don’t know about you, but after the apocalyptic Winter we’ve had, I’m so ready to take a ride on this beauty carousel.


Dior · Lip Glow To The Max & New Lip Maximizer Collection

For Spring 2019, Dior is adding to both the Lip Glow and Lip Maximizer ranges with new shades, textures, and even formulation tweaks — then takes everything a few notches further by making these new additions just so much fun and pretty to look at too. So basically, you now have even more reason to want to whip one of these out in public … not that you needed the push, am I right?


Dior · Midnight Wish Collection, Holiday 2018


Inspired by one’s “lucky star”, Dior’s Midnight Wish Holiday 2018 Collection (all limited edition) is a makeup lover’s delight. With holiday-themed shades to go with the intricately wrought designs — not to mention the most display-worthy packaging (seriously; just look at those nail polish bottles), everything shown would definitely be a hit gift … just make sure to grab a few items for yourself while you’re at it.



Dior · Rouge 999


“I love red; it is the colour of life” — Christian Dior

The year was 1949 when Christian Dior created a lipstick that he would send to his most treasured clients, as a way of thanking them for their patronage. Four years later in 1953, he created 2 shades: N°9 and N°99 (his favourite numbers) that models wore for one of his runway shows. Fast forward many years later, and the House’s by-now iconic shade was relaunched as N°999 in homage to its predecessors, but reinvented in so many wonderful new formulas and textures. Classic, sexy, empowering and absolutely timeless … that’s what red is all about.



Dior · Joy Eau de Parfum


How does one capture the scent of “joy” or that of any emotion, for that matter? Well, if you’re Dior’s master perfumer François Demachy, you tap into your inner feelings, play with a bounty of ingredients, add spokesperson Jennifer Lawrence into the mix, et voilà: Joy Eau de Parfum is born. Ok, so obviously there’s so much more to it than that, but doesn’t my version sound like fun?