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Garnier | New Product launches for 2015

Garnier event opener


A few weeks ago, select members of the media and I were invited to attend the preview launch of several new Garnier products that have just started making their appearance onto store shelves. The event was held at NINI Meatball House – a quaint & cozy eatery in the heart of trendy Griffintown (Montréal), and while the weather may have been a little on the uncooperative side, the atmosphere at the event more than made up for that.

After a short and informative presentation about the products, we sat down to enjoy one of the most delicious lunches I’ve had in a while (some drooling over my food pics, below, is guaranteed). The place card for each guest was a lavender-scented soy candle in a covered tin and personalized with each person’s initials, while mini bottles of antioxidant rich smoothies (there were 2 varieties – day & night versions) from Montréal’s own Glow Cleanse (you can read about my experience with this brand here) were freely available to try or take home.

With Garner set to launch so many new skincare products (from the Clean, BB, and Skin Renew ranges respectively) the stars of the event, were undoubtedly the introduction of Garnier’s new Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream™ Anti-Age + Anti-Fatigue Night Cream and Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream™ Anti-Age + Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream (what’s with these ridiculously long names?). This new technology hails from Korea where ‘sleeping creams’ have been all the rage for some time now, and whose intention is to target one of women’s (and men’s) primary concerns: the look of dullness and fatigue upon the skin. The texture is unique as well – reminding me of a hybrid Jell-O/yogurt mixture (which sounds so much weirder that it is), and a bouncy, almost ‘self-healing’ quality to it … and which just feels so good upon the skin (both products have been put into major testing since that day, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts in an upcoming review).

A huge thank you goes out to all involved for inviting me to such a wonderful event!


Garnier event storefront


Garnier event storefront 2


Garnier event 1


Garnier event Glow Cleanse


Garnier event with Katie 2

Love you, Katie! 

Garnier event 2


Garnier event products 1


Garnier event products 2


Garnier event products 3


Garnier event products 4


Garnier event BB Pure Control


Garnier event BB lineup


Garnier event Sleeping Cream 1


Garnier event Sleeping Cream open


Garnier event 3 bottles


Garnier event 4 tables


Garnier event 5 flowers


Garnier event 6 guests


Garnier event 7 candle


Garnier event 8 wineglass

I have the same initials as the Queen of England. Just thought I’d point that out.

Garnier event appetizer

Asian salmon tartar (appetizer)

Garnier event main course

Meatballs in tomato sauce with Parmesan shavings & Moroccan lemon couscous

Garnier event dessert

Ice Cream Cookie (caramel ice cream between white chocolate-chip cookies. To die.)

Garnier event closer

I absolutely love this message – LOVE!

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté x Google Glass

YSL x GoogleGlass opener


Ever have your makeup done at a beauty counter, go home to try and recreate the same look, then come up with a big fail? In fact, how can anyone possibly mimic such detail, when our eyes are basically closed the entire time the makeup artist does their work, and then we only get to see the finished look, but not the steps leading up to it?

Well, starting January 2015, select Yves Saint Laurent Beauté counters are going to be entering a new hi-tech phase with the help of Google Glass — a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of giving this technology a spin. Let’s just say that the future of beauty is here. In simple terms, it comes down to the makeup artist wearing the Google Glass gizmo while a look is created on you, while all movements – along with audio instruction – is recorded and presented to you (either via email or on a USB) once complete, which also includes a detailed listing of the products used. What you’re basically getting is the makeup artst’s perspective of how the look was achieved (techniques, placement, etc.), along with a breakdown of the products used, to facilitate re-creating the same look on your own. And this time, you actually get to SEE the process as it unfolds. Pretty neat, huh?

I attended my session with just foundation on – and having my ‘bare’ face recorded for all to see, is unsettling to say the least – but never let it be said I didn’t take one for the team. Featuring products from the upcoming Spring 2015 Collection (available January 2015, reviews coming), there were 3 looks to choose from, and I opted for a more edgy smokey look, featuring the pink shade of the Ombre de Jour Palette (review coming soon). After my makeup artist, Sophie, completed one eye, she then stopped the recording to work on the other eye and add some finishing touches (blush, face powder).

With the tutorial/experience over, I was then able to test drive the glasses for myself, and even though it takes some getting used to, it’s absolutely amazing to see how you can work on a client AND edit a video at the same time, simply by swiping your finger along the arm of the glasses, or even via voice command. Too cool, I tell you.

On another note, looking at Google Glass made me immediately think of that Star Trek: Next Generation episode (“The Game”), where the crew members become enslaved to this bizarre game they play while wearing similar-looking glasses. And yes, I am a Trekker (not Trekkie – there’s a difference) *sci-fi/beauty geek*

For those who live in either Toronto or Montréal, here’s your chance to try the YSL Google Glass experience – space is very limited, so book fast!

  • Toronto: Hudson’s Bay Queen St. W, December 11th & 12th (call 416-861-4048 to book)
  • Toronto: Hudson’s Bay Yorkdale, December  13th & 14th (call 416-789-7501 to book)
  • Montréal: Hudson’s Bay Ste.Catherine St., downtown, December 18th & 19th (call 514-281-4901 x 2683 to book)

Thank you to Sarah & everyone at YSL Beauté/L’Oréal for this experience


YSL x GoogleGlass opener 2



YSL x GoogleGlass

Google Glass


Star Trek NG The Game

Star Trek: Next Generation – The Game episode


YSL x GoogleGlass 3 looks

YSL x Google Glass | the three looks to choose from


YSL x GoogleGlass pink look

YSL x Google Glass | Pink Smokey look


YSL Google Glass event Sophie 2

YSL x Google Glass | Sophie, my makeup artist


YSL x Google Glass | My video. Not thrilled with the lighting and the way it gives my eyes these massive bags that makes me look like I haven’t slept in about 2 weeks, but whatevs. Try to keep the laughter to a low roar, please.


YSL x GoogleGlass makeup station

YSL x Google Glass | envy-inducing counter makeup station


YSL x GoogleGlass application

YSL x Google Glass | Getting started …


YSL x GoogleGlass application 2

YSL x Google Glass | … and we’re done!


YSL x GoogleGlass ommorphia

YSL x Google Glass | makes me look smarter, am I right?


YSL x GoogleGlass flute



YSL Google Glass event Sarah 2

YSL x Google Glass | With the always gorgeous, Sarah


YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 collection

YSL x Google Glass | Spring 2015 Collection preview


YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 Collection 2



YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 palettes

YSL x Google Glass | Spring 2015 Collection palettes (sequins!)


YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 collection palettes open

YSL x Google Glass | Spring 2015 Collection palettes


YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 Collection lacquers

YSL x Google Glass | Spring 2015 Collection lacquers


YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 collection glosses

YSL x Google Glass | Volupté Tint-In-Oil (new for 2015, review coming)


YSL x GoogleGlass display 1



YSL x GoogleGlass display 2



YSL x GoogleGlass display 3


I think this is one of the most unique beauty experiences I have come across to date, and even though I’m well versed in makeup artistry, I still found it useful to see how a pro wields her brushes and goes about creating a look. For anyone who has ever struggled with eye makeup placement, then you need to try this out. From what I was given to understand, the YSL Google Glass experience is basically in a trial phase right now and depending on how it is received, we can expect to see more makeup pros wearing funky glasses across YSL counters nationwide.


YSL x GoogleGlass closer


Dermalogica Holiday 2014 Event

Dermalogica event opener

Holiday season is most definitely here, and Dermalogica wants to get your skin a-glowin’! Please join me – along with Jessica of Westmount Fashionista – as we host a fabulous exclusive flagship event at Dermalogica’s Montréal location. Get ready for a fun-filled informative evening on how to achieve your best skin ever, try out the brand’s Skin Bar® to receive that perfectly customized & personalized skincare regimen, and enjoy cocktails along with yummy appetizers – all before leaving with your VIP gift (not to mention tons of great gift ideas for the holidays & beyond).

Looking so forward to meeting you and seeing you there!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Dermalogica à Montréal, 132 rue McGill

RSVP: – space is limited, so don’t delay! Mention ommorphia sent you!

Don’t for get to enter my MAKE UP FOR EVER Studio Case GIVEAWAY – ends soon!


Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 10.08.59 AM


Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 10.09.24 AM

Elegant Wedding Magazine Bridal Showcase

Elegant Wedding opener


This past November 2nd, I was invited to the Elegant Wedding Magazine Bridal Showcase which was held at the stately Windsor Hotel Ballrooms in downtown, Montréal. The brain child of Elegant Wedding Magazine (founded in 2006) husband & wife team/founders, Steve Pinios and Theo Dermatis, this spectacular event is basically a one-stop destination for anything and everything prospective brides (or grooms) could possibly need to plan their dream wedding.

Upon entering the grand and venerable establishment that is the Windsor Hotel – built in 1878 and considered Canada’s first grand hotel, I was immediately transported to a luxurious fantasy world of elegance and exquisite beauty; all aspects of the bridal industry were on breathtaking display, and it almost seemed as if the exhibitors were on a secret mission to outdo each other with their beautifully curated booths – each was that fabulous to behold.

The bridal industry has seen many trends come and go, but certain staples remain; photography has moved beyond the traditional portraiture to include fantasy-inspired themes – and while I confess to being slightly creeped out by the bride in the tree branches (see photo below) I do appreciate the artistry behind the concept. I beheld wedding cakes customized to mimic the finest China patterns and/or adorned with edible jewels, while floral displays now offer so many never-before-seen options. The beauty industry was also clearly represented, and I was happy to finally meet Montréal makeup artist Ally Zwonok along with her business partner, hairstylist Maggie Semaan.

What made this event even more personal for me, were the founders themselves; Steve is someone I’ve known my entire life (our parents come from the same region of Greece and have been lifelong friends), while Theo and I went to the same high school together, but beyond that, both Steve and Theo are two of the most genuine and seriously nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

My visit to the showcase was rather brief (I had 2 other events/interviews to attend to that day) but one things was made clear to me, and that is had this event been around back when I was planning my wedding, I’d probably now have fewer regrets (don’t even ask – things were VERY different 25 years ago).

For more information, visit Elegant Wedding Magazine




Elegant Wedding banner


Elegant Wedding magazines


Steve & Theo

husband & wife team/founders Steve Pinios & Theo Dermatis

Elegant Wedding bridal dress


Elegant Wedding 2


Elegant Wedding 3


Elegant Wedding 4


Elegant Wedding 5


Elegant Wedding 6


Elegant Wedding 7


Elegant Wedding 8


Elegant Wedding 9


Elegant Wedding 10


Elegant Wedding 11

Elizabeth Arden | 2015 Spring/Summer Color Collection & Fragrance launches

Arden event opener


Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of attending an Elizabeth Arden media launch held at Newtown, Montréal, where we were treated to gorgeous visual displays of Elizabeth Arden’s Spring/Summer Sunkissed Pearls 2015 Color Collection, along with several new fragrance launches (one of which I can’t reveal just yet, but I can tell you that the bottle is absolutely lovely!). Members of the Elizabeth Arden team were on hand to answer all questions and provide in-depth information on all products, as well as offer makeup touch-ups as well as a personalized foundation colour matching for each guest.

After a brief presentation, we sat down for a delectable lunch along with our host and the Elizabeth Arden team, and the wine – as well as the excellent conversations – were flowing. Capping off the event, we were invited to enjoy the goodies on offer at the overflowing candy bar (I may or may not have filled a few bags to bring home. For my daughter, of course).

The upcoming Elizabeth Arden Sunkissed Pearls 2015 Color Collection will sport iridescent exterior packaging and includes: cream eye shadow pencils (3 shades), black gel eye liner, a lip gloss trio, and the pièce de résistance, a combination bronzer/highlighter compact – all new. From quick swatches I did at the makeup stations, I was quite impressed with the quality of the cream eye shadow pencils – saturated, complex shimmers, easily blendable and all felt like they were literally gliding along the skin. The gel liner was equally impressive, bearing an intense level of black pigment and an incredibly creamy feel. I did not swatch the bronzer/highlighter, but it doesn’t matter; I’d go for it just for the embossed seashell pattern alone – although if past Elizabeth Arden bronzers are anything to judge by, I just know I’m going to love this one too.

A huge thank you to all involved for having me take part in this wonderful event!


Arden event Newtown

Newtown on trendy Crescent Street, Montréal

Arden event Newtown luncheon


Arden event menu


Arden event meal

roasted salmon with season market vegetables

Arden event lipsticks


Arden event lipsticks 2


Arden event foundation

Elizabeth Arden | Flawless Finish Foundation

Arden event Untold fragrance

Elizabeth Arden | Untold Eau Fraiche

Arden event Green Tea fragrance

Elizabeth Arden | Green Tea Bamboo

Arden event color collection 2015

Elizabeth Arden | Sunkissed Pearls Spring/Summer 2015 Color Collection

Arden event color collection 2015 B


Arden event color collection 2015 bronzer

Elizabeth Arden | Sunkissed Pearls Bronzer and Highlighter

Arden event color collection 2015 bronzer detail


Arden event color collection 2015 pencils

Elizabeth Arden | Sunkissed Pearls Cream Eye Shadow Stylo

Arden event color collection 201 lip gloss trio


Arden event color collection 2015 gel liner

Elizabeth Arden | Sunkissed Pearls Gel Eye Liner

Arden event candy bar


Arden event candy bar 2


Arden event candy bar 3