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Clé de Peau · Cushion Foundation, Lipsticks & Refined Lip Luminizers

Japanese über-luxury brand Clé de Peau (yes, despite the French name, the brand is most definitely Japanese) is one I’ve long been familiar with but haven’t really indulged in all that much, so when these items arrived, let’s just say I was so excited to test-drive the lot. Spoiler: I may now be hooked, dammit.


Guerlain · New Terracotta for Summer 2019

For Summer 2019, Guerlain has expanded the Terracotta family with several new additions — all of which means we now have even more amazing options in this incredible range. And in keeping with this brand’s fragrance lineage, there’s also a new member in the Aqua Allegoria collection; if the scent doesn’t grab you, I’m betting the bottle sure will.


CHANEL · Water-Fresh Tint, Les Beiges 2019 Collection

Easily one of the most highly anticipated products to come from CHANEL this year, the Water-Fresh Tint from the Les Beige 2019 Collection is as unique to look at, as it is to wear. Boasting a new breakthrough technology, let’s just say that your skin has now found its bestest BFF … or at least, mine certainly has.

The rest of the Les Beiges 2019 Collection previously reviewed here


New from Stila for Spring 2019

I was recently invited to preview Stila’s Spring 2019 releases, where I also had the opportunity to personally try out the products. After being pleasantly surprised by what I saw and tested out, I was left asking myself how it was that I hadn’t explored this brand in closer detail? Let’s just say that Stila is most definitely on my radar now.


Lancôme · Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Foundation

Finding one’s perfect foundation match ranks way up on the frustration scale, but hang tight because the future of makeup is here, and last Friday I had the opportunity to test that out with Lancôme’s Le Teint Particulier. For the first time ever, I can vouch that this truly is a custom made beauty product, as it’s not only created based on your own unique skin tone & preferences, but actually made right in front of you … plus you get to name it too!