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Givenchy · L’Interdit Givenchy Eau de Parfum




Legend has it that in 1957 when Hubert de Givenchy created a fragrance exclusively for his muse & dear friend Audrey Hepburn and then asked if he could commercialize it, her emphatic response was “je vous l’interdis!” (“I forbid you”), and thus the name of that legendary scent was born. Fast forward to the present with the release of L’Interdit Givenchy, the new incarnation of an icon that pays homage to the original … without breaking any promises. Something tells me that Ms. Hepburn would approve.




Il Profvmo · Vanille Bourbon Eau de Parfum


Obsessed” is an overused word in social media these days, and yet I can think of no better way to describe how I feel about vanilla fragrance varietals. Make that vanilla ANYTHING. Interesting story; a while back while attending a Valmont skincare press event at their lovely spa boutique in the heart of historic Old Montréal (Valmont Art & Beauty Lounge), I spotted a wall in the reception area displaying the range of Il Profvmo fragrances. I immediately zeroed in on Vanille Bourbon, and one quick spritz later, and I had found the ‘one’ to rule them all.



Guerlain · Holiday 2018 Collection



Guerlain’s annual holiday offering is one that is highly anticipated each year, and this year’s iteration is not only gorgeous to look at & perfectly wearable, but also honours a beauty milestone as the brand celebrates its 190th Birthday. With a collection comprising of just a few pieces, they all nevertheless manage to pack quite an impact … done in true Guerlain elegant style, of course.



CHANEL N°5 Red Edition, Eau de Parfum


“What colour could be combined with the power of N°5, the symbol of a visionary spirit? RED, the colour of life, the colour of blood” — Gabrielle Chanel


The year was 1921, and Mademoiselle Chanel commissioned Ernest Beaux to create a fragrance for society’s emerging modern woman; upon the fifth formula attempt, N°5, that iconic elixir, was born (hence the name). For 2018, this legendary bottle has been given a fiery new look: Red Edition  vibrant, pulsatingly beautiful, and certain to become a collector piece. I almost feel like placing it under glass with an elaborate security system around it …



Dior · Joy Eau de Parfum


How does one capture the scent of “joy” or that of any emotion, for that matter? Well, if you’re Dior’s master perfumer François Demachy, you tap into your inner feelings, play with a bounty of ingredients, add spokesperson Jennifer Lawrence into the mix, et voilà: Joy Eau de Parfum is born. Ok, so obviously there’s so much more to it than that, but doesn’t my version sound like fun?