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G2 Organics – DNA Nail Polish (swatches & review)


G2 Organics founders and Reiki practitioners, Cherie Corso & Marie Lamari, have created the unthinkable: environmentally friendly but still incredibly chic, organic nail polish and nail polish remover. These star products of theirs are not only odourless and non-toxic, but each and every batch is hand mixed by these two amazing ladies as well as Reiki charged by them, ensuring that every single bottle they send out into the world brings with it a healing and positive energy. What’s more, a portion of the proceeds from every G2 Organics product supports cancer research and education — beauty & a noble incentive rolled into one! Their DNA nail polish comes in three tones: dark (D) a deep & luxurious black, neutral (N) a super pale natural pink, and alchemy (A) a mysteriously shimmery purple.




The ‘N’ or neutral shade, looks milky in the bottle and on initial application seems rather cloudy, but dries to a clear super glossy finish, yet still maintains a slight hint of rose. Obviously this is not meant to be opaque, but worn more as a nail enhancer and can also double as a top coat. I was so pleased to note that this, as well as the other two lacquers, are truly odourless yet apply like conventional polishes. The above swatches were done with three coats, no base or top coats.







The ‘Alchemy’ shade brings one word to mind: bewitching.  This is a deep amethyst/eggplant purple, with tiny pink and blue shimmer, giving it the same iridescence you see in a beetle’s wings. The application was amazing and it can almost be a one-coater, but I applied two for full opacity.  The finish is not shiny but more of a satin look, which is also quite different and unique. In keeping with the organic theme, I did not use a base coat, and for the last three photos of my swatches, I applied two coats of the Neutral shade as a top coat. Note how the colour deepens and shifts depending on the light; this is a truly awesome shade.  Love it!







The ‘Dark’ shade is another one that could almost be a one-coater, but once again I opted for two coats in order to make it fully opaque. As with the ‘Alchemy’ shade, this one has a satin finish as well, but note how the last two photos of this swatch is with two coats of the ‘Neutral’ shade layered on as a top coat. The inky blackness of this lacquer is rich, deep and excellent, and I personally absolutely love the rubberized look of the satin finish. No base coat was used.



Not knowing what to expect from an organic nail polish remover, I was somewhat skeptical about how efficient it would be, but I am so happy to say how wrong my thinking was! Not only is this remover odourless, but it took off all traces of the various polishes, quickly, efficiently and without leaving any residue behind.  There was a slightly dry feeling to my skin after using this, but nothing that can’t be solved with either simply rinsing your hands or applying a moisturizer after (something I do with conventional nail polish remover anyway). The crystals in the bottle are a lovely touch, making it almost a shame to keep this remover out of sight!


Final thoughts: I must say that I was so impressed with many aspects of this range — colour, formula & odourlessness, as well as the entire concept behind all the products. Out of the three polishes, the thickest formula was with the Neutral shade while the other two gave excellent coverage even with the first coat.  Another detail I want to mention is how all the lacquers come with their own ‘Sidekick’, a mini bottle (with brush) of the same shade for any on-the-go touch ups you might need; super handy as a travel size.  If there is anything I would change, it would be with the wand length of the brush, which I found was a touch too long (owing to the bottle size) and not as ergonomic to use. Barring that one glitch, I love how there is not only a beauty aspect to these products, but the good vibes that come along with them….why would anyone not want any of that, I ask you?!  Individual polishes retail for US $12.00 per bottle and the DNA three pack can be purchased for US $29.95  G2 Organics products can be purchased through their website here. Stay tuned for my upcoming review of some other G2 Organics products!






*Disclaimer: product samples were provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration