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Giorgio Armani · Night Light Eyes and Face Palette



Released as part of the Giorgio Armani Holiday 2016 Collection, the limited edition Night Light Eyes and Face Palette is positively stunning. Housed in the brand’s signature black-lacquered ovoid shape, it bears Mr. Armani’s signature in gold lettering across the outer lid and comes complete with a velour carrying sleeve and two sponge-tipped applicators, but the real magic lies with the actual shades.

And I thought last year’s version was amazing; the Night Light Palette has just blown that right out of the way …








Night Light Eyes and Face Palette, limited edition (US $140.00) | All-in-one type palettes seem to be exceptionally popular around this time of year and while several have landed across my desk that I’m quite impressed with, I confess that the Night Light Palette really made my heart skip a beat … and not only because I happen to have a soft spot for A) neutrals and B) luxury beauty (shameless, I know).

Created in two tiers, the upper level houses 10 eyeshadow shades in a variety of finishes: matte, pearl, satin, and shimmer with the black hue also doubling as a liner (applied with a dampened brush for major intensity), while the bottom level holds a healthy-size Luminous Silk Powder (one of the brand’s cult-fave products) and two complimentary shades of Maestro Fusion Foundation that can easily perform double-duty as concealers. While the eyeshadows appear to be relatively warmer-leaning, there’s an excellent mix of both cool and warm tones that depending on the shades selected, can be made to work on a broad range of complexions. As to the face products, those two can cover a wide variety of skin tones as well — all dependant on how heavily or not you choose to apply them.


Top row:

  • champagne, shimmer
  • soft gold, pearlized
  • warm brown, satin shimmer
  • taupe, satin shimmer

Centre row:

  • black, matte
  • gold, metallic

Bottom row:

  • bone, matte
  • soft taupe, matte
  • milk chocolate, matte
  • deep brown, matte




The top portion holds a neutral shade of Luminous Silk Powder and can be used either alone to help even out the complexion, or applied over foundation and used as a setting/finishing powder. The texture is incredibly fine-milled and blends seamlessly into the skin, without leaving behind any obvious traces or settling into fine lines.

The two bottom Maestro Fusion Foundation shades have an ultra-creamy texture that make them ridiculously easy to use as concealer as well, with a nice slip in the formula that helps provide smooth coverage. Their emollient nature is also perfect for anyone with dry skin; those with oilier complexions may need to set them with powder — that’s where the Luminous Silk Powder (on top) can help. Due to their smaller pan size, it may be difficult to use either as a full-face foundation since I can see them running out quickly that way; one way around that is to combine the two for a customized hue and thereby extending their lifespan as well.




Face palettes can be hit or miss and sometimes I feel like brands race to get something out there without really considering what the consumer would like to see; something that’s definitely NOT the case here. Created with the same exacting attention to detail as everything else in this range, Mr. Armani is not the type to put his name upon anything that isn’t 100% exquisite, clearly evident by the level of perfection found in this Night Light Palette. Each and every eyeshadow along with the face products, perform superbly and if you’re a fan of neutrals like I am, you’ll find yourself reaching for this palette over all others. The downside is two-fold: availability and price, so if you so happen to come across this lovely, I recommend giving it a test-drive. Then go ahead and add it to the very top of your Christmas list (highlighted and with bold lettering, while you’re at it).

Available at select Giorgio Armani counters and online



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Giorgio Armani Beauty · Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron

GA Mascara Eccentrico opener


Drawing inspiration from the Giorgio Armani Spring/Summer 2016 runway collection, Linda Cantello, International Makeupup Artist for the brand, has created Eccentrico Mascara in Rouge Iron — a shade so revolutionary and avant-garde, it will change the way you look at lashes.

In theory, you’d figure that wearing a red mascara would be basically impossible to pull off in real life or that it’s a colour best left to supermodels in an editorial shoot, but when I wore this on my lashes just last week at a media event (paired with a flawless complexion that was only lightly shaded along the cheeks, groomed brows & a matte oxblood lip), the response was immediate and unprecedented: people were literally stopping me left & right to find out what I had on my lashes. To say that Rouge Iron is a showstopper, would not be far from the truth.


GA Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron ad

Giorgio Armani Beauty · Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron

GA Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron 1

Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron (CAN $41.00) | A deep & opaque red mascara hue made with a textured gel binding polymer formula which allows it to adhere to lashes with ease and is also flake & smudge-proof for all day wear. The rubber brush has alternating rows of bristles that perform like ‘hooks’, enabling them to grab onto lashes to deposit an even coat all along their length, providing length as well as lush volume.

My thoughts: after stepping out of my usual comfort zone of wearing black, I dove in to testing Rouge Iron full throttle. Shaking off my initial fear that wearing a red mascara would make me look like I was either crying hysterically or sporting a vicious eye infection, after application I then spent a good chunk of time admiring the effect — which was nothing short of WOW. Forget those insipid hues of the past that barely gave off any colour; this is an in-your-face shade that somehow manages to look totally wearable and not theatrical (although it definitely is far from the norm, that’s for sure) and makes eye colour really pop.

The swatches below show Rouge Iron in two versions: full out (2 coats applied on both upper & lower lashes) and as an accent touch (1 coat applied over black mascara).

GA Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron 2

Giorgio Armani Beauty · Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron


GA Mascara Eccentrico brush

Giorgio Armani Beauty · Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron

GA Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron 3

Giorgio Armani Beauty · Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron

GA Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron 4

Giorgio Armani Beauty · Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron

GA Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron 5

Giorgio Armani Beauty · Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron


Giorgio Armani Beauty · Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron swatch

GA Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron swatch

Giorgio Armani Beauty · Mascara Eccentrico Rouge Iron swatch


I’ll keep this short: backup-worthy. Apart from the visual impact (which is MAJOR), this formula is excellent: applies with ease, coating lashes from root to tip, provides the volume I love with the bonus feature of great length, stays put without smudging, creasing or flaking, and removes effortlessly at the end of the day.  Enough said – you need Rouge Iron in your life.

Available at The Bayonline

GA Mascara Eccentrico closer

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Giorgio Armani |Luxe Is More Palette & 508 Pearly Nude Lip Maestro, Holiday 2015


GA Luxe is More opener


Inspired by the flawless 30s & 40s Hollywood glamour of legendary screen icons such as Marlene Dietrich and Jean Harlow, Giorgio Armani introduces the Luxe Is More Collection for Holiday 2015 (all limited edition) and I have the Eyes & Face Palette as well as one (of three) new Lip Maestro shades to show you. While sparkle & shimmer may be dominating many holiday beauty collections this year, so Mr. Armani has opted to focus on what he does best: produce a holiday collection underscored by his trademark understated, yet totally luxurious glamorous style.


Marlene Dietrich 3

Marlene Dietrich (credit)

Jean Harlow 2

Jean Harlow (credit)

GA Luxe is More sleeve

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, Holiday 2015


GA Luxe is More 1

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, Holiday 2015

GA Luxe is More compact

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, Holiday 2015


GA Luxe is More logo detail


Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, Holiday 2015

GA Luxe is More label

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, Holiday 2015

GA Luxe is More 2

Luxe Is More Palette, Limited Edition/eyeshadows (CAN $160.00) | Housed in a protective velvet sleeve, this is a two-tiered pale gold lacquered compact printed with Giorgio Armani’s signature on the cover and a full-sized mirror on the inner lid, bearing ten eyeshadows on the upper level + 2 accompanying sponge-tipped applicators (held in place on the sleeve), and three face products + 2 black flat sponges on the bottom level. The eyeshadow shades range in tones of pale to dark, in a [mostly] pearlescent finish:

Top row:

  • bone (matte)
  • nude (pearlescent)
  • pale apricot (pearlescent)
  • champagne (pearlescent)

Middle row:

  • black (satin matte)
  • silver (metallic)

Bottom row:

  • white frost (metallic)
  • fawn (pearlescent)
  • taupe (pearlescent)
  • mauve brown (pearlescent)

The 10 shades all display a silky and extremely easy to blend texture, with barely any powdery kickback upon swirling my brushes through them, and even the size of each hue makes it easy to reach without worry about cross-contamination of colours. The neutral range of this palette lends itself to a variety of looks (and for basically all skin tones across the board), from effortless daytime to more impact for evening (the black shade will play a key role in this capacity to help create a perfect smokey eye or applied damp and worn as a liner, while the metallic silver applied on the mobile lid becomes an instant attention-getter). Excellent wear time on all, especially when worn over a primer.

All eyeshadow swatches shown in direct sunlight (left) and alternate light (right).


GA Luxe is More macro

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, Holiday 2015

GA Luxe is More macro 2

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, Holiday 2015


GA Luxe is More shadows 1

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, eyeshadows top row

GA Luxe is More swatches 1

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, eyeshadows top row (swatches)

GA Luxe is More shadows 2

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, eyeshadows centre row

GA Luxe is More swatches 2

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, eyeshadows centre row (swatches)

GA Luxe is More shadows 3

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, eyeshadows bottom row

GA Luxe is More swatches 3

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, eyeshadows bottom row (swatches)

GA Luxe is More 3

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, Holiday 2015


GA Luxe is More face 1

Luxe Is More Palette, Limited Edition/face | The bottom tier of the compact holds the face portion, with a generously sized face powder at the top in a neutral hue and ultra finely-milled velvety texture, with two cream foundation shades at the bottom, one paler and more suitable for those with cooler complexions, and the other a few degrees darker and perfect for warmer skin tones.


GA Luxe is More face macro

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, Holiday 2015


GA Luxe is More face 2

Luxe Is More Palette/face powder | Neutral-hued bearing a good mix of both cool and warm tones (those with very pale complexions may find this too dark to use as a face powder, and I suspect this colour might come off as too ashy on those with the darkest skin tones). The texture is dense and so finely milled, that I experience hardly any powdery kickback when swirling my brush through the pan (which of itself is a good size, making it very easy to use) – applying the powder with the sponge, will provide more opaque coverage. Also makes an excellent setting powder when worn over foundation.


GA Luxe is More face 3

Luxe Is More Palette/cream foundations | With regards to using either of these two shades in a foundation capacity may be a bit of a stretch; first of all, the size of each section is much too small for that, although it’s still doable in a pinch. I’ve found that both colours actually make for awesome concealers, whether worn individually or combined for a customized hue. Ultra creamy in texture, I experience no separation or oxidation with either. Easy to apply, easy to blend, and long wearing without creasing.


GA Luxe is More face swatches

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette, face powder & cream foundations (swatches)

GA Luxe is More with gloss

Giorgio Armani | Luxe Is More Palette & 508 Pearly Nude Lip Maestro, Holiday 2015

GA Lip Maestro 508 Pearly Nude

508 Pearly Nude Lip Maestro (CAN $39.00) | I have one of the three new shades released with the Luxe Is More Collection, 508 Pearly Nude which is a lush pink-nude colour with incredibly fine pearlized particles and which comes to a radiant/matte finish, in a shade that should compliment all skin tones. Made with a “‘Fire Spectral’ pearl-enriched formula, iridescent pearl particles have been added to the classic format, enhancing the original matte finish with a new luminosity“. The plush sponge applicator pulls out enough product to provide full coverage at one swipe, although you will need a few more swipes for a fully opaque finish. The texture is unbelievable; gliding across the lips and like a cross between velvet & buttery — very balm-like, in fact. Lips continue to feel moisturized throughout the wearing and even after all colour has faded (unlike other matte lip shades that can become quite drying), and while wear time with a light hue like this will be obviously shorter than a darker colour, I did manage to get a solid 3.5 hours before I needed to reapply (which includes drinking & eating).

GA Lip Meastro 508 Pearly Nude 2

Giorgio Armani | 508 Pearly Nude Lip Maestro, Luxe Is More Collection Holiday 2015

GA Lip Maestro 508 Pearly Nude macro

Giorgio Armani | 508 Pearly Nude Lip Maestro, Luxe Is More Collection Holiday 2015

GA Lip Maestro 508 Pearly Nude applicator

Giorgio Armani | 508 Pearly Nude Lip Maestro (applicator detail)

GA Lip Maestro 508 Pearly Nude swatch

Giorgio Armani | 508 Pearly Nude Lip Maestro (swatch, natural light)


Let’s face it; Giorgio Armani ANYTHING does not come cheap, but I’ve always been a firm believe in the saying “you get what you pay for” and even though $160.00 does sound steep, when you consider the fact that you’re getting 13 products in one compact – and all extremely useable shades at that, then it doesn’t seem to be such a hard pill to swallow after all. And while Giorgio Armani Beauty has produced other compact collections before, the oversized nature of the Luxe Is More Palette is a first for the brand, as well as one of their most wearable I’ve seen to date. I’m always on the lookout for that perfect nude shade, one that will provide a hint of colour but will still manage to stay neutral … and I think I may have just found it with 508 Pearly Nude (Bonus: no mirror needed for application). Perfect for travel as well (seriously, I can’t even begin to tell you how often I’ve been reaching for this palette lately) and with the holidays around the corner, it will also make the absolutely perfect gift for any beauty lover. If you can part with it, that is.

Available at Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom stores across Canada, find more information via


GA Luxe is More closer



Press samples kindly provided for my unbiased consideration

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye Tint in Cold Copper, Emeraude & Obsidian

GA Eye Tints opener 1


Giorgio Armani Beauty, the pioneer in light-as-air makeup, has recently released Eye Tint – 12 eyeshadow liquid eyeshadow shades (permanent, CAN $39.00 each), in a texture that ‘combines the purity of powder, the staying power of an ink, and the feel of a cream in an original water/pigment suspension formula that evenly disperses the product for a ‘no make-up feel‘.

The 12 Eye Tint shades draw their inspiration from the Armani textile universe, and reflect this passion in the layering effect and finishes that can be created with them, ranging from iridescent, satiny, metallic or even matte. The transparent casing/tube displays the colour for clear & easy reference, while the cap has been given a new silver tone complete with the ‘GA’ logo. The foam applicator is flattened and angled to help dispense the product quickly and effortlessly, while the tip is slightly bevelled to aid in more precision application.

The three shades I was sent to test all display an impossibly complex shimmer that adds a gorgeous dimension to each colour; applied densely, the shimmer seems somewhat toned down and almost absorbed into the hue, while blending and sheering them out makes every facet stand out. There’s a unique cool-to-the-skin feel upon first application (which quickly dissipates) while the overall sensation is one of absolutely weightless colour. The fluidity of Eye Tint is something you need to experience; it literally glides along the skin, melding seamlessly in. With regards to blending these shades out, you only have a few scant minutes to work on them; once they set, however, they are there for the duration and nothing short of prayer (or a dual-phase makeup remover) will be able to make these colours budge. Staying power is phenomenal (the claim is 16 hour wear, although I refuse to wear makeup that long); I have oily lids and need to prime (regardless of a product’s claim to be long-wearing/lasting) and these Eye Tints are the first liquid/cream based eyeshadows I can wear without applying primer first and where I experience zero creasing, fading, or flaking.

It should be noted, that a little goes a long way with these Eye Tints; always start with a tiny bit and layer if needed, as these are all intensely pigmented and colour saturated.

GA Eye Tints 1


GA Eye Tints 2

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye Tints in Emeraude 4, Obsidian 1, Cold Copper 9


GA Eye Tints macro


GA Eye Tints open



GA Eye Tints open 2


GA Cold Copper Eye Tint

Cold Copper 9 | More of a taupe than copper, there are plenty of both cool and warm undertones in the base to render this a universally flattering shade for all skin tones. Sheered out for a light wash of colour, turns this into the perfect daytime shade as well as as an easy ‘swipe-and-go’ kind of colour. With layering, Cold Copper takes on a much cooler vibe, as well as giving off some serious brilliance.


GA Emeraude Eye Tint

Emeraude 4 | A blackened teal that has strong emerald glints in the base. Relatively cool toned, Emeraude can be made to work on warmer complexions equally well, especially by sheering it out to bring forth all the complex shimmery bits. Applied layered, the impact is intense and quite dramatic (and absolutely, heart-stoppingly gorgeous).

GA Obsidian Eye Tint

Obsidian 1 | The mix of pink and blue iridescent shimmers in the base, keep Obsidian from looking flat or like an ordinary black shade. The easiest smokey eye you can create with an eyeshadow product, one swipe smudged out provides the perfect base to layer on, while a subsequent application helps to intensify strategic areas. A truly rich obsidian-looking hue.


GA Eye Tint swatches

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye Tint swatches (natural light)

GA Eye Tint swatches blended

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye Tint swatches (natural light, blended out)


There is a new revolution in beauty, and it involves textures that were impossible to even dream about just a few short years ago. Giorgio Armani Beauty basically started it all with the Maestro Fusion foundation and has been building (and improving) on that innovation ever since, creating gossamer-light products that provide pigment without any heavy feel – the new Eye Tints are exactly that, as well as on the verge of changing the way you look at liquid/cream eyeshadows. What these Eye Tints can help you achieve almost borders on the magical but they are not without their learning curve, as they do require a light and quick hand in application. But believe me: once you get the hang of them, there’s no going back.

Available now at Holt Renfrew and select Hudson Bay and Sephora stores (Canada). Find more information via the website.


GA Eye Tints opener 2

Press samples provided for my unbiased consideration

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy

GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy opener new


The release of the Giorgio Armani Beauty Orient Excess 2014 Holiday Collection also included two new shades in the Lip Maestro formula, #414 Blood Red and #634 Burgundy, shown in this post (previous reviews of this collection can be found here and here). Said to impart ‘intensely matte “couture” lips’, I would have to say that this is more of a liquid lipstick formula that has serious staying power along with unbelievable colour saturation – but definitely not matte, by my definition. Did I mention that it’s also damn, damn sexy?

GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy box


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy

Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy (CAN $38.00) | While every brand – from high end to mass market – have released some type of their own version of liquid lip formula (I hesitate to call this group a gloss, but neither does it fall in the traditional lipstick category – so liquid lip, it is), I confess that Giorgio Armani Beauty was not only one of the first (if not THE first) to introduce this format to the world, but went on to perfect it as well. And let’s face it: no one – but NO ONE – does red lips as divinely as this brand.

The Lip Maestro format is one that is incredibly pigmented yet completely lightweight in feel, as the gel formula bears no “white” in the base, leaving nothing but pure colour on the lips, without any waxy or sticky feel. The angled and slightly tapered sponge-tip applicator has been uniquely designed to deposit the right amount of product per stroke, while the tip works beautifully on more detailed areas of the lips (cupid’s bow, corners), allowing for more precision work. There is a very, very light & slightly floral scent that I detect (but only by bringing the applicator right up to my nose) that seems to dissipate rather quickly upon application. The tube is clear which is a huge plus, as you can monitor the amount of product remaining – so much easier than having to guess whether you’re running out or not.

With regards to application, it really doesn’t get easier than this; one swipe of the brush yields enough product to fully cover the lips, while a second swipe simply intensifies the tone. As stated above, the feel is so lightweight, that if you didn’t know better (which obviously you do, considering the colour ∗duh∗), you’d swear you’re not wearing anything at all. The description calls this a “matte” lip product, but I find that it’s more a plush velvet finish instead – nowhere near the reflective finish of a gloss, and definitely far from the light absorbing properties of a true matte lip shade – the finish here falls somewhere in between, leaving lips drenched in colour, with a radiant sheen. Oddly enough, with a name like #634 Burgundy, I expected something significantly deeper in colour, and yet what I see is more of a true red with just the right combination of orange and blue tones in the base, making this shade workable on a wide variety of complexions, but definitely not burgundy (although I’m not complaining, as I absolutely love this red, regardless of the name). Staying power is impressive, lasting easily 9 hours (even through light eating & drinking, although some reapplication will be needed at this point), and even when some product starts to wear off, I find that a quick press of the lips is all that’s needed to re-distribute and revive the colour. On the bonus side, I experience absolutely no migration or bleeding into surrounding lip lines (although you do need to be aware of any colour getting on your teeth during initial application).


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy macro

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy open

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy applicator

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy swatch

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy


For years now, I have stayed true to my comfort zone of neutral lip colours, but the past few weeks have seem me leaning more and more towards a brighter, crimson pout. The issues with wearing a red lip, however, is A) finding the right hue to suit your skin tone, and B) finding a product that will not only last, but also avoid leaving that dreaded red “ring” behind upon the lips. This #634 Burgundy Lip Maestro shade manages to accomplish both with ease, while being spot-on with what I’ve been noticing as a return to a more glamorous look – and with a shade as siren-sexy as this, you can certainly count on being noticed. Come-hither looks, optional.

Available now through Giorgio Armani Beauty counters – visit for more brand info.


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy closer

Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration