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Giorgio Armani Beauty | Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy

GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy opener new


The release of the Giorgio Armani Beauty Orient Excess 2014 Holiday Collection also included two new shades in the Lip Maestro formula, #414 Blood Red and #634 Burgundy, shown in this post (previous reviews of this collection can be found here and here). Said to impart ‘intensely matte “couture” lips’, I would have to say that this is more of a liquid lipstick formula that has serious staying power along with unbelievable colour saturation – but definitely not matte, by my definition. Did I mention that it’s also damn, damn sexy?

GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy box


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy

Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy (CAN $38.00) | While every brand – from high end to mass market – have released some type of their own version of liquid lip formula (I hesitate to call this group a gloss, but neither does it fall in the traditional lipstick category – so liquid lip, it is), I confess that Giorgio Armani Beauty was not only one of the first (if not THE first) to introduce this format to the world, but went on to perfect it as well. And let’s face it: no one – but NO ONE – does red lips as divinely as this brand.

The Lip Maestro format is one that is incredibly pigmented yet completely lightweight in feel, as the gel formula bears no “white” in the base, leaving nothing but pure colour on the lips, without any waxy or sticky feel. The angled and slightly tapered sponge-tip applicator has been uniquely designed to deposit the right amount of product per stroke, while the tip works beautifully on more detailed areas of the lips (cupid’s bow, corners), allowing for more precision work. There is a very, very light & slightly floral scent that I detect (but only by bringing the applicator right up to my nose) that seems to dissipate rather quickly upon application. The tube is clear which is a huge plus, as you can monitor the amount of product remaining – so much easier than having to guess whether you’re running out or not.

With regards to application, it really doesn’t get easier than this; one swipe of the brush yields enough product to fully cover the lips, while a second swipe simply intensifies the tone. As stated above, the feel is so lightweight, that if you didn’t know better (which obviously you do, considering the colour ∗duh∗), you’d swear you’re not wearing anything at all. The description calls this a “matte” lip product, but I find that it’s more a plush velvet finish instead – nowhere near the reflective finish of a gloss, and definitely far from the light absorbing properties of a true matte lip shade – the finish here falls somewhere in between, leaving lips drenched in colour, with a radiant sheen. Oddly enough, with a name like #634 Burgundy, I expected something significantly deeper in colour, and yet what I see is more of a true red with just the right combination of orange and blue tones in the base, making this shade workable on a wide variety of complexions, but definitely not burgundy (although I’m not complaining, as I absolutely love this red, regardless of the name). Staying power is impressive, lasting easily 9 hours (even through light eating & drinking, although some reapplication will be needed at this point), and even when some product starts to wear off, I find that a quick press of the lips is all that’s needed to re-distribute and revive the colour. On the bonus side, I experience absolutely no migration or bleeding into surrounding lip lines (although you do need to be aware of any colour getting on your teeth during initial application).


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy macro

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy open

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy applicator

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy swatch

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy


For years now, I have stayed true to my comfort zone of neutral lip colours, but the past few weeks have seem me leaning more and more towards a brighter, crimson pout. The issues with wearing a red lip, however, is A) finding the right hue to suit your skin tone, and B) finding a product that will not only last, but also avoid leaving that dreaded red “ring” behind upon the lips. This #634 Burgundy Lip Maestro shade manages to accomplish both with ease, while being spot-on with what I’ve been noticing as a return to a more glamorous look – and with a shade as siren-sexy as this, you can certainly count on being noticed. Come-hither looks, optional.

Available now through Giorgio Armani Beauty counters – visit for more brand info.


GA Lip Maestro #634 Burgundy closer

Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Orient Excess Palette



GA Orient Excess Palette opener


The limited edition Orient Excess Palette (CAN $98.00) from the Giorgio Armani Beauty Holiday 2014 Collection, draws its inspiration from the Far East snowy steppes, featuring a blue lacquered compact that holds an evanescent face powder in the upper pan, with a trio of lush eyeshadows on the lower level. Sweetening the deal, this palette also comes with a matching luxurious midnight blue velvet pouch, complete with silver hardware. Clever, Mr. Armani … making it so easy for us ladies to be party-ready.


GA Orient Excess Palette pouch

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Orient Excess Palette with Velvet Pouch


GA Orient Excess Palette pouch detail

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Orient Excess Palette with Velvet Pouch


GA Orient Excess Palette & pouch


GA Orient Excess Palette closed


GA Orient Excess Palette top

Orient Excess Palette face powder, limited edition | With a star constellation pattern embossed on its surface, this luminous face powder is so exquisitely and finely milled, that it almost disappears into the skin. Meant to impart a “Winter glow” (those words make me think of Imperial Russia, palaces, and moonlit carriage rides … so different from the “Winter Windburn” I’ve often experienced here), this porcelain shade actually applies quite translucently and can be easily buffed into the skin as a finishing touch. I detect the slightest hint of pale peach that lends this powder a bit of warmth, making it wearable for fair-medium complexions as well, although darker skinned types might find this shade a touch ashy. While there is no detectable shimmer, there does seem to be the most subtle gleam (but you really need to be angled properly and in the right lighting to actually catch it), which makes this powder ideal for those looking for an understated highlighter. Staying power is hard to judge (as is trying to capture this shade in photos – the swatches below were applied with a very heavy hand) due to its ultra-fine texture, but I experience no oxidation throughout the wearing.


GA Orient Excess Palette top side view

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Orient Excess Palette, face powder


GA Orient Excess Palette top macro

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Orient Excess Palette, face powder


GA Orient Excess Palette highlighter swatch

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Orient Excess Palette, face powder swatches


GA Orient Excess Palette

Orient Excess Palette eyeshadows, limited edition | With the face powder drawing inspiration from a snowy landscape, the colours and textures of this trio of eyeshadows are influenced by luxurious animal pelts, namely: mink, chinchilla, and sable. Developed with the “Fur Colour Pearls” technology (laughter at the name aside) – or pearls of various shapes and sizes (almost microscopic, of course), all three shades bear an incredibly soft texture, unbelievable pigmentation, complex shiny/matte/iridescent gleam, and absolutely sublime blendability. Applying these eyeshadows with a damp brush not only yields a deeper look to each shade, but significantly enhances their internal shimmer. I was actually unprepared for how saturated each colour applies, and so I caution you to start with a light hand and add more as needed. There’s such a depth and lush richness of tone to each shade that makes them multi-faceted and almost 3-dimensional, that I totally get the whole wild animal connection – these are fiercely beautiful eye shadows. Staying power on primed lids: perfection, lasting intact until removed.

GA Orient Excess Palette 2

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Orient Excess Palette, eyeshadow trio


GA Orient Excess Palette macro

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Orient Excess Palette, eyeshadow trio


GA Orient Excess Palette eyeshadow swatches dry

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Orient Excess Palette, eyeshadow trio swatched dry


GA Orient Excess Palette eyeshadow swatches damp

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Orient Excess Palette, eyeshadow trio swatched damp


My first thought upon laying eyes on the face powder portion of the Orient Excess Palette, was “how beautiful” followed by “but it’s so white”. That quickly changed to “how beautiful & how wearable” once I began playing around with it – although on my skin tone, I prefer applying this powder mainly to the high planes of my face (tops of cheekbones, forehead, cupid’s bow), as opposed to all over. The eyeshadows of this palette have got to be some of the absolute best powder eyeshadows I’ve ever come across and have colours that definitely transcend the seasons. Seriously, I can’t extoll their virtues enough – they need to be seen & experienced in person. The crowning touch is the stunning little blue velvet pouch with its old-world glamour, perfect for the party/holiday circuit and will guarantee to garner as much attention as the palette itself. In my opinion, this is one of the rare holiday/limited edition gift sets that you should not pass up on – fair warning.

Available now, but limited edition. Find more information by visiting


GA Orient Excess Palette closer

Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye & Brow Maestro N° 2 Wenge Wood

GA Eye & Brow Maestro opener


Giorgio Armani Beauty recently introduced their first ever eyeshadow cream product, Eye & Brow Maestro (CAN $39.00), available in 9 shades. With subtle hints of iridescence in all but one (N° 9 Gold, a light and slightly transparent golden hue), these are truly a multi-purpose product and can be worn on the eyes as either shadow or liner, used to fill in & colour the brows, and depending on the shade, the Eye & Brow Maestro can even be used as a sculpting product for the face. In a pinch, they can even be used along the hairline for those between-colouring occasions.

Inspired by backstage makeup and developed using ground-breaking as well as cutting-edge technology, here’s what Linda Cantello (International Make-Up Artist Giorgio Armani Beauty) has to say about the Eye & Brow Maestro:

“I wanted to offer women an innovative product inspired by my needs backstage at Giorgio Armani fashion shows, a product that does it all, that would be fast and faultless when applied, long lasting, and fault proof”

I was sent N° 2 Wenge Wood to try out (I did not receive the accompanying brush), a rather deep mousy brown hue, that surprisingly turned out to be a very good match for my brows (even though my hair colour is a pale icy blonde, I prefer to keep a deeper tone on my brows – this way, my face doesn’t appear washed out).



French actress Marion Cotillard, spokesperson for Giorgio Armani Beauty with a look created using Eye & Brow Maestro

CORRECTION: The above model (who happens to look eerily like Marion Cotillard) is in fact Diane Moldivan, as pointed out to me by a couple of my keen-eyed readers!


GA Eye & Brow Maestro closed

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye & Brow Maestro


GA Eye & Brow Maestro label

Working closely with experts from hair care laboratories, the Eye & Brow Maestro was created to look more like natural hair (the reason behind the subtle iridescence in the formula), as opposed to other brow products – whether pencil or creams – that look matte and therefore flat when applied.

A waterless and clay-based cream, the Eye & Brow Maestro contains waxes selected for their ‘different melting points, creating a texture similar to a mousse’, a silky resin with a patented new generation ‘elastic flex polymer’ that boasts a 20-hour hold claim (not sure if I’ll ever want to wear makeup THAT long to test that particular claim out), a blend of three volatile oils selected for their varying drying times and levels of pigment, as well as ‘glass and mica pearls’ which reproduce and mimic the natural shine of hair, as well as synthetic mica that are colourless, translucent pearlisers meant to boost the shine of the 9 shades.


Giorgio Armani Beauty Eye & Brow Maestro makeup brush


Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye & Brow Maestro


Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye & Brow Maestro: one product, 2 distinct looks


GA Eye & Brow Maestro selection

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye & Brow Maestro shade selection


GA Eye & Brow Maestro 02 Wenge Wood

N° 2 Wenge Wood (CAN $36.00) | A rich grey brown hue with mauve undertones in the base. The texture is dense but super creamy and the level of pigmentation is definitely high – a little goes a very long way, especially if using this shade along the brows. I can’t detect any discernible scent, which is a plus, especially for anyone with sensitivities (unfortunately, I’m unable to show ingredients, as my press sample came without packaging). This waterproof product bears a ‘dual-transformation’ texture: solid to liquid to solid; the solid cream apparently becomes liquid on application, then sets to a solid finish once the oils have evaporated. The cream part I can definitely attest to, although I can’t say I picked up on any liquid tendencies (perhaps the brand’s definition varies from mine), and with regards to it setting, you have a few minutes of play before it does dry down. I am able to blend it out easily before it does set without the need for excessive tugging or pulling along the skin, and this formula is also buildable, giving you layering options. Once dry, it literally stays put until removed (I prefer a dual-phase makeup remover such as the one by Neutrogena, to do the job).

As eyeshadow: for a more intense tone, I prefer using a flat synthetic haired brush for application, as the product stays at the surface level of the brush; there is a tendency for cream shadows to clump up when applied with natural haired brushes. For a smokey look, I follow up with a natural bristled blending brush to smooth out any harsh edges. Alternately, using your finger to dab and spread along the lids, yields a lighter wash of colour.

As liner: can be used in the same manner as any other cream or gel liner

As a brow shade: I prefer to use a stiff angled brow brush to lightly fill in any sparser areas, as well as provide shape and definition to my overall brow shape, then follow up with a spoolie brush to blend everything in and give a more natural-looking shape to my brows.

Face sculpting/contouring: I haven’t tried using the Eye & Brow Maestro in this capacity yet, so I can’t really comment, although my experience with this brand makes me feel confident that it should work amazing this way as well.


GA Eye & Brow Maestro 02 Wenge Wood macro

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye & Brow Maestro N° 2 Wenge Wood


GA Eye & Brow Maestro 02 Wenge Wood swatches

Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye & Brow Maestro N° 2 Wenge Wood swatches


backstage application of the Eye & Brow Maestro



Giorgio Armani Beauty | Eye & Brow Maestro


When I was younger, I had had lush, fuller brows that bordered on unibrow status. Then the 80’s and their pencil thin eyebrow shape hit – a trend that I embraced and now have come to deeply regret (RIP, full brows). Since your brows act as the ‘frame’ for the rest of your face, the sparse skinny brow look may work for an editorial shoot, but not in real life. To that end, I combat the issue with a variety of products – from pencils, eyeshadow, and even those specialized brow-mascaras, as rarely does one method give me that fully defined yet still natural look I aim for. The Brow & Eye Maestro is truly genius and one I’ve been turning to over and over again to shape and enhance my brows, with a minimum investment in time and labour. As a shadow, N° 2 Wenge Wood is superb and definitely a must for beauty lovers (yet another use: as a layering base for eyeshadow). As a brow shade, I suggest looking over the selection in person and the general rule of thumb is to go with a colour that’s a couple of degrees deeper than your hair tone.

Available now through Holt Renfrew and select The Bay stores (Canada). For more information, visit the website.


GA Eye & Brow Maestro closer

Press sample provided by Giorgio Armani Beauty for my consideration