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Givenchy · Rouge Révélateur, Rouge Interdit & Lip Liners


Givenchy is one of those luxury beauty brands that somehow manages to fly under most peoples’ radar, but beauty lovers take note: I dare you to try any of their products, and not be impressed. Just launched for Spring 2017, the marbled Rouge Révélateur lipstick is one such product and pretty much guaranteed to blow you away.



Givenchy · Couture Edition Le Rouge, Prisme Libre & Khôl Waterproof



Luxury beauty brand Givenchy has been steadily climbing onto people’s radar, releasing not only top-tier products and unique innovations (they’re the creators behind one of the first ball-shaped mascara brushes), but also putting out some of the most exquisite packaging details. The finely rendered magnolia blossoms decorating the genuine leather of these Couture Editions turns them each into a display-worthy objet d’art, but it’s the performance of the products that makes them even more amazing, in my opinion.



Prisme Libre Edition Couture #1 Mousseline Pastel (CAN $66.00) | A four-colour face powder meant to set your makeup while also providing colour-correcting properties. The finely milled texture of the powder and its performance lies with the pigments, treated with ‘atomization technology’ which translates as being reduced to incredibly tiny particles, helping it to glide effortlessly along the skin and leaving behind a perfectly even ‘impalpable feel and natural result’. The luminous-matte finish also aids in extending the look and duration of makeup, keeping your entire look fresh and even helping to blot up some of your natural oils. The powder bears a light lilac/white musk scent that dissipates relatively quickly once applied and includes a  small velvety puff for application, although that’s probably best used to pat the product onto the skin only; any vigorous buffing with the puff may move your foundation around. Best part? The actual feel of this powder along the skin: unbelievably luxurious and kitten-soft. The shade breakdown:

  • pale mint green
  • icy baby blue
  • delicate peach
  • light cool violet


Givenchy · Prisme Libre Couture Edition #1 Mousseline Pastel


Givenchy · Prisme Libre Couture Edition #1 Mousseline Pastel


Givenchy · Prisme Libre Couture Edition #1 Mousseline Pastel


Givenchy · Prisme Libre Couture Edition #1 Mousseline Pastel


Givenchy · Prisme Libre Couture Edition #1 Mousseline Pastel swatches



Givenchy ·  306 Carmin Escarpin & Le Rouge Perfecto 01 Perfect Pink



Le Rouge Perfecto 01 Perfect Pink (CAN $42.00) | Inspired by Givenchy’s leather Perfecto jacket, this is a 3-in-1 product that combines the moisturizing qualities of a balm, a lip plumper, plus tailor-made natural colour via an ingredient that reacts with your unique lip ph levels. Encased in a genuine leather pink case and made with ultra-nourishing shea butter, this universal shade can be worn either alone for a butter soft shine with a just a hint of colour, or applied under lipstick to act as a hydrating primer. Unscented, there’s an initial slight tingling felt upon application but which dissipates within minutes after that. Totally backup-worthy on every level.


Givenchy · Le Rouge Perfecto 01 Perfect Pink



Le Rouge Edition Couture #306 Carmin Escarpin (CAN $44.00) | Described as a warm poppy red, this is definitely a warm-leaning hue but still universally wearable by a broad range of skin tones. Housed in a limited edition leather case that’s printed with magnolia blossoms, this shade is nevertheless part of the permanent range (but seriously, who wouldn’t want THIS case?!). The texture is sublime: buttery smooth and offering full opacity even at the first stroke. Staying power is excellent as well, without the colour bleeding off or migrating in surrounding lip lines (of which I’ve definitely got more than my share. Sigh).


Givenchy · Le Rouge Edition Couture #306 Carmin Escarpin



Khôl Couture Waterproof 05 Jade (CAN $30.00) | A retractable eyeliner in a long-lasting waterproof formula that’s available in 6 shades (not shown: black, brown, turquoise, cobalt & lilac). With and integrated pencil sharpener to help keep the point sharp (and thus avoid messy shavings floating about), the creamy texture of this pencil makes it glide effortlessly along the delicate skin around the eyes and even provides good colour payoff when worn along the waterline. While I can’t attest to how waterproof this liner truly is, I will say that it wore beautifully without any smudging or creasing (over primer) and showed up quite well along the waterline, even hours after being first applied. By the way, I’ve actually been on the hunt for a vibrant emerald/jade green eyeliner exactly like this. Seek and ye shall find, they say (although in this case, it found me).


Givenchy · Khôl Couture Waterproof 05 Jade


The classically timeless beauty of Audrey Hepburn comes to mind whenever I think of Givenchy, given her close ties with founder Hubert de Givenchy who dressed her for some of her most iconic looks. That same elegance and sophistication is seen with these Couture Edition products, albeit with healthy dollops of new technology and modern pigments thrown in, as mandated by today’s consumer. If you’ve yet to discover this brand or are looking for something outside of the more commonly seen luxury brands, then get thee to a Givenchy counter and play. Have fun … just please don’t shoot the messenger, especially when handing over your credit card.

Available exclusively at Sephora early October



Press samples/All opinions are my own

Givenchy | Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder and Mister Radiant Bronzer

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powders & Mister Radiant Bronzer opener


Givenchy is one of those brands that while in the realm of high end beauty, somehow manages to also fly under the radar, but here’s the thing: once you start delving into their range, it can very quickly turn into an obsession. A perfect example of what I’m referring to are the Les Saison Healthy Glow Powder and Mister Radiant Bronzer Healthy Glow Gel reviewed here today – products that aim to provide a glow but in the most luxuriously understated way. Then there’s the details: stars and beads … need I say more?

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powders & Mister Radiant Bronzer

Givenchy | Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder & Mister Radiant Bronzer

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder compacts


Givenchy | Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder & Mister Radiant Bronzer

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder logo

Givenchy | Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder (detail)

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder inner seal

Givenchy | Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder

Givenchy Healthy GLow Powder duo

Made in Italy and housed in the brand’s signature black lacquered casing with rose gold logo detailing on the lid, iconic stud closure, along with a full-sized mirror on the inner lid and the surface of the powder bearing a raised star pattern. The first thing to note, is that this is not a pressed product but in fact a ‘gel powder’ in a baked format. Formerly known as Givenchy Croisière, this is a talc-free powder that is airy-light, feeling soft and almost creamy to the touch (when pressing fingers upon the surface), although don’t let the somewhat hard-seeming texture fool you; putting a brush to the surface may appear like it’s not yielding much product but that’s only because there is zero powdery kickback in return (i.e.: no waste). Worth noting is that these powders are also unscented, making them an excellent choice for those with sensitivities.

With five shades to now choose from (the two shown here are new), these powders have not only been created to suit a broad range of skin tones, but the range can take your faux glow from the start all the way to the dog days of Summer.

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder duo 2

Givenchy | Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powder detail

Givenchy | Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder (detail)

Givenchy Healthy Glow Powders swatches

Givenchy | Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder (side by side swatches)


Givenchy 01 Première Saison Healthy Glow Powder

01 Première Saison (CAN $60) |  The lightest shade in the range, this is best suited for those with the fairest complexions to help achieve a natural looking bronze-y glow, although it can also be made to work on light-medium skin tones — but less in a bronzer capacity and more along the lines of a glowy setting powder (as in that ‘bonne mine‘ or healthy glow effect). The texture has been created in such a way, as to not only lay seamlessly upon the skin once applied, but to also provide a natural luminosity without any noticeable sheen; picture that healthy glow your skin takes on from a day spent walking along the beach, to give you a more accurate idea.


Givenchy 01 Première Saison Healthy Glow Powder macro

Givenchy | 01 Première Saison Healthy Glow Powder

Givenchy 01 Première Saison Healthy Glow Powder 2

Givenchy | 01 Première Saison Healthy Glow Powder


Givenchy 03 Ambre Saison Healthy Glow Powder

03 Ambre Saison (CAN $60) | The darker of the two and perfectly suited for light-medium to medium complexions, the texture is so incredibly refined that even the über-pale can get away with using this shade as a bronzer (albeit, applied with a lighter hand). Both powders display an excellent blendability and as with all such bronzers, it’s best to start with a light layer then wait a couple of minutes before adding more, as the product will ‘develop‘ once it begins merging with your skin’s natural warmth and oils, becoming slightly deeper in tone. Staying power (over foundation) is solid, staying true without any oxidation until removed, with minimal fading noticed.


Givenchy 03 Ambre Saison Healthy Glow Powder macro

Givenchy | 03 Ambre Saison Healthy Glow Powder

Givenchy 03 Ambre Saison Healthy Glow Powder 2

Givenchy | 03 Ambre Saison Healthy Glow Powder


Givenchy Mister Radiant Bronzer

Mister Radiant Bronzer Healthy Glow Gel (CAN $48) | A unique gel bronzing product in a transparent base filled with 3-toned microspheres, aimed at creating a made-to-measure and totally weightless glow. The initial feel is somewhat cool to the touch and once applied, this product dries down completely non-sticky. The brown and light yellow microspheres in the formula contain pigments and pearls to provide skin with glowy colour, while the dark yellow microspheres contain an antioxidant-active Vitamin E derivative.

As there isn’t much information out there on application techniques (and my press info didn’t supply anything either), so I basically figured things out via experimentation. There are a few ways to wear this gel; applied on bare skin for the most natural-appearing sunkissed glow, or over foundation to add strategic warmth in key areas such as where the sun would naturally hit. Regardless of how you opt to wear it, the best way to start is by squeezing some product onto your fingers, squeezing them together to burst first the microspheres, then going in with the actual application part. The good thing is that you can layer this to achieve your shade preferred depth without worrying about any heavy feel upon the skin, as this is truly THE lightest-weight bronzing product you will ever wear. One thing to note: if applying over foundation, first start with a patting motion on the skin before going in with more usual blending, to ensure your foundation doesn’t move around too much underneath.

Givenchy Mister Radiant Bronzer 2

Givenchy | Mister Radiant Bronzer Healthy Glow Gel

Givenchy Mister Radiant Bronzer macro

Givenchy | Mister Radiant Bronzer Healthy Glow Gel

Givenchy Mister Radiant Bronzer swatches

Givenchy | Mister Radiant Bronzer Healthy Glow Gel swatches


I love bronzers — especially once warmer weather starts to roll around, and while there are days when I prefer a full-on intense and even showy kind of glow, there are also times when I want something more understated. That’s where both the Givenchy Healthy Glow Powders and Mister Radiant Bronzer come in, and if you’re into a more natural-looking glow, then stop whatever you’re presently using and check these out. The Mister Radiant Bronzer is not without its learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes one of the most fun products you’ll ever apply to your face, not to mention giving skin that lit-from-within kind of glow. Final verdict? Positively LOVE.

Available exclusively at Sephora and


Givenchy Healthy Glow Powders & Mister Radiant Bronzer closer


Kindly provided by Givenchy for my bronzing pleasure/As always, all opinions are my own

Givenchy | Gelée d’Interdit, Gloss Interdit & Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat


Givenchy lips & eyes openerThere’s a reason why American icon Audrey Hepburn adored French couturier Hubert de Givenchy, and it has everything to do with his sublime and elegantly understated designs. Carrying that attention to detail forward into colour cosmetics, this is a brand that continues to impress me with their innovation and formulations, not to mention their beautiful array of products. When their revolutionary mascara, Phenomen’Eyes with its rather medieval-looking round spiky ball was launched, I became obsessed with it and purchased that product countless times & in every iteration (note to self: must get back to this little lovely). Now, several other new releases have also caught my eye, and today’s post is about three in particular: Gelée d’Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm Crystal Shine, Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect, and Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat.

Givenchy lips & eyes boxed

Givenchy | Gelée d’Interdit, Gloss Interdit & Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat

Givenchy lips & eyes

Givenchy | Gelée d’Interdit, Gloss Interdit & Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat

Givenchy Gelée & Gloss Interdit

Givenchy | Gelée d’Interdit, Gloss Interdit & Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat

Givenchy Gelée d'Interdit & Gloss Interdit swatches

Givenchy | Gelée d’Interdit, Gloss Interdit & Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat swatches

Givenchy Gelée d'Interdit trio

Givenchy | Gelée d’Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm

Givenchy Gelée d'Interdit trio 2

Givenchy | Gelée d’Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm

Givenchy Gloss d'Interdit brushes

As the name implies, these non-sticky glosses fall on the sheer side but which provide an utterly brilliant shine. According to the brand:

Gelée d’Interdit balm gloss offers a glossy, sheer finish and long-term smoothing and plumping effect. This wax-free product features a new cocktail of active ingredients including dehydrated hyaluronic microspheres which slip into the lips’ fine lines and hold the water naturally present within the skin’s surface. Like small sponges, they soak in the water and increase their volume by up to 50 times for an immediately smoother effect. Their corrective and restructured actions erase the appearance of fine lines and any other lip surface imperfections. Vegetal extract (apiace extract) has strong long-term revitalizing and smoothing properties while cameline oil provides comfort and hydration. It is known to support the natural cell renewal process, preventing the accumulation of dead cells on the lips, which can create irregular lines

The applicator is a long narrow brush with bristles packed densely enough that there’s no fear of it flopping around the lips, but instead offers a more precise type of application. These glosses have a yummy warm floral/vanilla-y fragrance which is quite evident upon first opening the tube, although I personally love it and find it dissipates quickly once applied (still worth noting for those with sensitivities). The feel upon the lips is unbelievable; plush, ultra-smooth and so soothing – I’d go so far as to say buttery even, which I did not expect given its sheer nature. Within a few minutes after application, it’s almost as though the product seems to fill in fine lines and there’s a slight tingling effect that goes in hand with its plumping properties. Worn alone, your lips are enhanced with a very subtle tint of colour; applied over lipstick, it serves to add brilliance and hydration. Long after the majority of product has faded, my lips continue to feel incredibly soft and nourished. As to longevity, it will depend on the shade but in general it’s about par for a sheer gloss – approximately 2.5 hours, less with eating & drinking (but I have no issue with reapplying).

Givenchy Blazing Coral

Gelée d’Interdit 24 Blazing Coral (CAN $37.00) | The most pigmented of the three glosses in this group, calling this ‘blazing’ is a bit of a stretch, but the colour is beautiful just the same, and fits right into my comfort zone of neutrals. The only one of the three with shimmer, it’s of the finely ground variety that feels smooth upon the lips, serving to add an extra dimension of shine.

Givenchy Gelée d'Interdit Blazing Coral swatch

Givenchy | Gelée d’Interdit 24 Blazing Coral swatch

Givenchy Sorbet Pink

Gelée d’Interdit 25 Sorbet Pink (CAN $37.00) | The sheerest and most transparent of the three, this shade offers the barest hint of colour when worn solo, providing a clean and juicy look to lips (but which will probably be the easiest to wear over lipstick, as it won’t transform the shade). As my lips are naturally quite lined (like really, seriously lined), I was stunned to see how within minutes after application, there was a noticeable and visible elimination of said lines, as can even be seen in the swatch below.

Givenchy Gelée d'Interdit Sorbet Pink swatch

Givenchy | Gelée d’Interdit 25 Sorbet Pink swatch

Givenchy Forbidden Berry

Gelée d’Interdit 26 Forbidden Berry (CAN $37.00) | Offering slightly more pigmentation but with a similar effect to Sorbet Pink, this shade also appears to impart a slight tint to lips after most of the shine has worn off. Makes a great topper for ruby/berry hued lipsticks.

Givenchy Gelée d'Interdit Forbiden Berry swatch

Givenchy | Gelée d’Interdit 26 Forbidden Berry swatch

Givenchy Gloss Interdit trio

Givenchy | Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color

Givenchy Gloss Interdit trio 2

Givenchy | Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color

Givenchy Gloss Interdit brushes

These glosses are quite unique in that they seem to not only provide a high-shine factor along with skincare properties, but can be worn sheered out or built up for a more opaque look. According to the brand:

“A vibrant gloss with a high-performance formula, a sophisticated silhouette, and a professional brush applicator. With its infinitely light texture, Gloss Interdit provides spectacular shine and leaves lips smoothed and plumped. The formula is enriched with high-performance skincare ingredients developed by Givenchy Laboratories. The scent of Gloss Interdit is an elegant, sensual, and sophisticated new facet of the “Espièglerie” concentrate found in Rouge Interdit and Rouge Interdit Shine. The fragrance is composed of top notes of bergamot, litchi, and red fruit; middle notes of rose, jasmine, and lily of the valley; and base notes of sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and musk”

The short dense brush is convenient in getting to the edges of the lips for a precise application, but that’s double-edged; when applying these glosses over lipstick (as opposed to bare lips), the brush’s rigidity might cause the underlying lipstick to move around. One way around that, is to deposit the product along the centre of the lips and then press them together to distribute the gloss. Upon bare lips, the former becomes a non-issue but here again, there’s an interesting twist; applying too much will definitely increase opacity, but may also emphasize lip lines (as seen in the following two swatches). Waiting a few minutes for the product to ‘settle’ helps it to meld smoothly along the lips. My favourite way of wearing these glosses, is by applying 1 generous swipe, spreading that out and then smooshing my lips together; this method not only provides colour & shine, but makes the gloss look and feel even more natural on the lips (see the last swatch).

Regarding the feel, once again the term “buttery” comes to mind. Silky soft would also be accurate … and never, ever sticky. Longevity is definitely longer with these, and excluding eating/drinking, I can easily get 4-5 hours of wear, albeit some shine will naturally be gone. Lips are left feeling hydrated and nourished during wear and after the product has faded, while the scent, if anything, is even more delicious than the Gelée d’Interdit.

Givenchy Secret Nude

Gloss Interdit 37 Secret Nude (CAN $35.00) | A peachy nude shade without any shimmer that should suit all complexions equally, despite being warm-leaning. Even though my lips have quite a bit of natural pigmentation, I still get decent colour payoff with this shade. So much love for this neutral!

Givenchy Gloss Interdit Secret Nude swatch

Givenchy | Gloss Interdit 37 Secret Nude swatch

Givenchy Pink Evocation

Gloss Interdit 38 Pink Evocation (CAN $35.00) | A candy-pink hue that initially appeared to lean cool (especially when worn opaquely, as in the swatch below) but which worked well with my light/medium skin tone after blotting it out somewhat. As someone who doesn’t usually wear pale pinks, I actually love 60’s vibe I get with this shade, and which also happens to work beautifully when paired with a simple black winged liner.

Givenchy Gloss Interdit pink Evocation swatch

Givenchy | Gloss Interdit 38 Pink Evocation swatch

Givenchy Fancy Pink

Gloss Interdit 39 Fancy Pink (CAN $35.00) | A rose pink hue that leans rather cool, which I was surprised to find that it didn’t clash against my skin tone (I have a light yellow undertone and pinks can be rather tricky for me to pull off). In the swatch below, I took the photo before the gloss had a chance to fully settle; once it does, many of the lip lines you see here appear to be downplayed, while the shine manages to stay quite impressive.

Givenchy Gloss Interdit Fancy Pink swatch

Givenchy | Gloss Interdit 39 Fancy Pink swatch

Givenchy Mister Intense Black 1

Givenchy | Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat

Givenchy Mister Intense Black brush

Givenchy | Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat

Givenchy Mister Intense Black 2

Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat,limited edition (CAN $35.00)| A vinyl-like glossy deep black hue that can be worn over bare lashes for touches of brilliance, or applied over mascara to amplify the colour and boost shine. Not sure what to expect, it certainly wasn’t the flat spongy paddle it comes with and while obviously very different to conventional applicators, it turns out to be actually quite easy to use. It should be noted that the product bears a slight anise-like fragrance that I pick up only if I bring the paddle right up to my nose, but it’s not unpleasant and becomes virtually undetectable once applied.

There’s a couple of ways to work the paddle; over bare lashes you can swipe the broad portion from the underside of the top lashes right to the tip (alternately, you apply it to the top side of bottom lashes), then turn the paddle along its side to get between any lashes and/or separate any clumping. You can use the same method on lashes already coated with mascara, along with adding a layer to the inner part of the top lashes as well. Another bonus is that you can build up the product along the tips in a much more effective way than using a traditional mascara wand, thus achieving even more volume and impact. Wear time is excellent, with no flaking or smudging, until removed (I use a dual-phase remover for all mascaras), and upon removal you’ll notice that the product comes off in tiny little rubbery-like pieces (as though tiny ‘sleeves’ had been covering lashes).

The swatches below were applied over 2 coats of Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Extreme Volume Mascara (not reviewed).

Givenchy Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat swatch

Givenchy | Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat swatch

Givenchy Mister Intense Black Mascara swatch

Givenchy | Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat swatch (at right only)


Givenchy lips & eyes 2

Givenchy | Gelée d’Interdit, Gloss Interdit & Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat


For some strange reason (here in North America at least), this is a brand that appears to fly under most people’s radar, despite having such a storied history behind it, as well as the fact that the products are readily available through Sephora; but that’s something that I believe is on the cusp on major change, especially if I have anything to say about it! I have fallen hard for these glosses – both the Gelée d’Interdit with their incredibly nourishing feel & plumping/fine-line filling effect, and the Gloss Interdit with their range of colours and silky wear. The Mister Intense Black Mascara Top Coat (so formal!) is certainly unique and makes an excellent addition to my mascara wardrobe (I regularly wear several different mascaras at a time), although it is limited edition and available only online. Next time you’re at a Sephora store, make it a point to stop at the Givenchy display and give the products a look; you will not be disappointed (and probably leave with a slightly lighter wallet too).

Givenchy beauty products are available through Sephora and locations across Canada. Find more information by visiting

Givenchy lips & eyes closer



Press samples kindly provided for my unbiased consideration

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Givenchy Noir Couture 4 In One Mascara (swatches & review)


If asked what 1 beauty product most women would not want to be without if stranded on a deserted island, the answer would be a resounding: MASCARA. Finding that one perfect mascara, on the other hand, can sometimes feel like a lifelong quest — especially as there’s now an overwhelming abundance out there to choose from, all making differing claims: lengthening, volumizing, curling, plumping, waterproof, and separating, with just as many combination of all of the afore-mentioned qualities, to add even more confusion to the mix. Then, there’s the “head” and the myriad options that can come in: thick, thin, triangular, curved, bristles, comb, and ball — with several brands also creating combo versions of all these options. Confusing, I know. But we women are nothing, if not determined to find our “holy grail” mascara, and something tells me that I just may have with this latest by Givenchy …

Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara (source)

Givenchy Noir Couture – gorgeous packaging

Givenchy Noir Couture

full ingredients list

Givenchy Noir Couture – tube

Givenchy Noir Couture – embossed cap


Givenchy Noir Couture 4 In One Mascara Created by Givenchy’s Makeup Artistic Director, Nicolas Degennes, this new ‘Noir Couture’ mascara is a “lash wardrobe must-have”. I couldn’t agree more. Formulated with their new Lash Booster Expert Complex as well as being fortified with lash-strengthening vitamins, this product claims to visibly improve the health and length of your lashes over time. According to the company:


“Noir Couture instantly thickens, lengthens and curls your lashes as it strengthens and nourishes them with ingredients like artemia salina, cotton nectar and oxazolidone, a lipid that protects and restructures the lashes. Imagine lashes that look as beautiful undressed as they do dressed – in couture!


TIP: When removing mascara saturate lashes with makeup remover and wait for 15 seconds. Then, gently slide the mascara off lashes from root to tip, being careful not to pull, twist or rub”

Research results:
-Based on a self-evaluation on 32 women after 4 weeks of daily application, 91 % had visibly volumized, curled, and lengthened lashes.
-Based on clinical scoring on 32 women after 8 weeks of daily applications, 102 % recorded lash beauty and strength, surface shine, evenness, and suppleness. 

My findings:

It’s true, I love this mascara. To begin with, there’s the elegant and well-balanced heft of the sleek black and silver outer tube. Then there’s the densely packed bristles on the unique triple ball-shaped head and the easy-to-use & hold length of the wand. The product itself is of the deepest shade of black and stays somewhat glossy and true to colour for its duration. As this is not one of the “wetter” types of mascara, you do need to work quickly, as it seems to dry and set faster than some other brands I’ve tried, but you can still build it up without too much effort. The rounded top of the brush makes reaching smaller and/or thinner lashes a breeze, without fear of jabbing yourself in the eye. Wear time was totally amazing, lasting easily 12-hours plus (I gave it the most vigorous test this past weekend at my nephew’s wedding), without any flaking, running (even through crying, it stayed put), or smudging. Removal is quite painless as well, coming thoroughly off with well saturated pads of makeup removal. As the following photos show, the before shot is with absolutely no product, while the after version is with 2 coats of Noir Couture – no combing through.

Givenchy Noir Couture – wand

Givenchy Noir Couture – brush head macro


Final thoughts: I have tried many mascaras over the years, with varying degrees of success. I’ve loved Dior’s ‘Diorshow’ (both the regular & waterproof versions) for the thickening drama, Armani’s ‘Eyes to Kill Excess’ for the lengthening (and thickening), and when Givenchy first introduced their revolutionary ball-shaped ‘Phenomen’Eyes’, I was all over that – in every colour it came in, especially as it seemed to have the uncanny ability of singling out & coating lashes I wasn’t even aware of. What the ‘Phenomen’Eyes’ version lacked, however, was drama to add to that precision – ‘Noir Couture’ gives my lashes that … and more. I couldn’t be more impressed, and if you’re looking for a product that will do it ALL, then you need to give this mascara a try.

Available exclusively through Sephora (I’m guessing for now), Givenchy’s ‘Noir Couture’ Mascara retails for US $32.00/CDN $35.00 and worth every.single.penny.