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Guest Post on Fashion Polish!


When Sam from Fashion polish recently contacted me to write a guest post for her blog, I was absolutely thrilled & happy to do so; for those of you who’ve been living off-planet this past year, you should know that this incredibly talented blogger with photos that are simply “to die for’, has truly inspired many of us to raise the bar with our own work. In honour of her having reached more than 2,000,000 (yes, that’s TWO MILLION) pageviews in just under a year, she has been generously hosting many bloggers’ handiwork – congrats, Sam *clinks glasses*




Thank you, Sam, for letting me be a part of your milestone celebrations, and here’s to many, many more posts in the future (you know you can’t possibly stop now – we would all go into instant nail lacquer withdrawal!) Please hop over to her site to check out the full story!

Hugs! xox


Guest Post on Westmount Fashionista – The Ommorphia Winter Nail Lacquer Trends!


When the incredibly lovely and oh-so-chic Jessica of Westmount Fashionista invited me to write my second guest post for her fabulous blog (you can read my first guest post here) showcasing my top nail lacquer picks for the winter season, I was beyond psyched – what a thrill!  Then I had a reality check when I realized that I would have to sift through my ever-growing stash, and choose those shades I believe best represent what winter means to me … let’s just say that it was no easy task!

For beauty lovers, the boundary between certain fields, such as that of cosmetics and fashion, has definitely merged and in my opinion, Jessica has managed to capture all these elements with her amazing fashion blog.  This über-fashionable young lady is my definite go-to style guru, and let’s just say that her closets (not to mention her copious shoe/purse/accessories racks!) are definitely swoon-worthy! Don’t take my word for it….pay her a visit and see for yourselves, my beauties!

You can read which shades made the cut here – enjoy!


Guest Post featured on: Also Known As… !


Recently, when the ever-so-witty Kellie of Also Known As, who also happens to be one of the most fun-loving people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, asked me to write a guest post for her blog, I was so incredibly thrilled…and honoured!

The review of mine that she’s featuring, is none other than Butter London’s ‘Branwen’s Feather’ which coincidentally also happens to be Chapter 5, the last instalment on my series “Butter London Beauties“, and which will be posted later on today on my blog as well.

Please enjoy the review and don’t be shy in letting me know what you think!

Guest Post on Westmount Fashionista!


I just wanted to take a minute and pass along the link to the guest post I recently wrote for Westmount Fashionista, a blog for the fashionably conscious in all of us, created by the stunning Jessica.  This was an incredible honour for me, and I am so appreciative of having been given this fabulous opportunity….I hope you enjoy the post and feel free to send along any feedback!

Check out the full review at Westmount Fashionista here