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Lancôme | City Miracle CC Cream SPF 50


Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration 


Lancome City Miracle

The latest addition to Lancôme’s Miracle range, is City Miracle CC Cream SPF 50 (CAN $46.00, available in 3 shades) offering lightweight makeup coverage, protection from external agressors, as well as skin-clarifying properties with continued use. Tested in several cities with high pollution levels, City Miracle might just be what all …but not limited to … Urban Warriors have been looking for. You’re welcome.

Lancome City Miracle opener

Lancôme | City Miracle CC Cream SPF 50

An all-in-one product to help provide a radiant complexion, City Miracle has the high-reaching goal of combining the ‘instant perfection of a makeup effect with lasting skincare benefits‘ that is said to:

  • even out like a foundation
  • perfect like a beautifier (I’m guessing that means primer)
  • hydrate like a moisturizer
  • protect against UV like a sunscreen
  • fight shine like a powder

Available in 3 shades, the texture has a hybrid cream/lotion feel to it; more body than a usual BB or CC product, but not as full-coverage as foundation. The fruity/floral fragrance is quite fresh and pleasant, if not a little on the strong side – something to note for those with sensitivities. City Miracle can be applied and spread using your fingers or your favourite foundation brush, if preferred, and bears surprisingly good opacity for a CC cream. Some of the key ingredients include:

  • Glycerine – acts on skin’s elasticity, leaving it soft & hydrated
  • Detoxyl – a potent anti-pollution active ingredient which prevents metallic pollutants for adhering to the skin while helping to detoxify cells
  • SPF 50 – usually high UVB & UVA protection for a CC cream (to prevent spot formation and photo-ageing)
  • Adenosine + Vitamin CG – a potent anti fatigue combo that work synergistically to help reduce wrinkle depth & the appearance of age spots
  • Kombucha & Musk Rose Oil – an anti-dullness duo to help improve skin quality while refreshing & illuminating the complexion

What I really like about this product, is that it provides excellent coverage without any of that caked-on look or feel that you sometimes get with foundation – and it can literally be applied on the go with no special tools other than one’s fingers. Longevity is good as well – especially when you consider that City Miracle is a lighter-weight cream, easily providing 8 hours of wear without oxidation or product buildup in key areas (such as around the nose or any facial lines). The scent is on the strong side and doesn’t dissipate immediately upon application like other fragranced makeup products, but does minimize over time. With regards to skin improvement, I can’t vouch for that as I tend to rotate my makeup products with alarming speed (#beautybloggerwoes), but I like the way my skin feels with City Miracle applied – illuminated/radiant but not dewy/shiny – and I find it does a pretty good job of keeping my skin (which is combination/oily in the T-zone area) from become overly greasy and needing to be mattified by using other products.

What surprises me the most, is that A) City Miracle is only offered in 3 shades and B) the lightest colour available (and which I was sent to try) will still be much too dark for pale/fair complexions. On my light/medium skin tone, 01 Beige Dragée (worn here – the other shades are 02 Peau de Peche and 03 Beige Aurore) appears rather orange-leaning when first applied, but seems to almost reverse-develop with the wearing; as the product warms up and thus merges with my skin’s natural oils, it somehow morphs into an almost custom shade – a very unique effect. The tube has a slim profile and is of a small enough size to make it conveniently portable, although that smaller size can work against it as well since it means it’ll finish up that much faster BUT this drawback can also be turned into a positive, if it means you will then have to purchase a fresh tube to use, as opposed to reaching for some other product that may have been lurking in your vanity for ages (and probably well past its prime, at that).

With regards to the SPF included, it’s unusually high for a cosmetic product but not enough that it feels like it weighs the skin down either, neither does it add any weird white cast to the skin as a result – a huge plus.


Lancome City Miracle cap

Lancôme | City Miracle CC Cream SPF 50

Lancome City Miracle open

Lancôme | City Miracle CC Cream SPF 50

Lancome City Miracle upright

Lancôme | City Miracle CC Cream SPF 50

Lancome City Miracle ingredients

Lancôme | City Miracle CC Cream SPF 50 (ingredients list)


Lancome City Miracle swatch 1

Lancôme | City Miracle CC Cream SPF 50, applied

Lancome City Miracle swatch 2

Lancôme | City Miracle CC Cream SPF 50, lightly blended

Lancome City Miracle swatch 3

Lancôme | City Miracle CC Cream SPF 50, sheered out


With the warmer weather that’s looming just around the corner, our makeup routine will undergo its usual seasonal shift: colours (eyes, lips, cheeks) will start to go a few degrees brighter and you’ll want base makeup that feels lighter & sheerer along your skin. How fortunate then, that with Lancôme’s new City Miracle CC CREAM SPF 50, you won’t have to sacrifice on either coverage or skincare benefits. Personally, I love the feel and effect of using this cream – but I do wish the colour range was a bit more extensive, as I believe it’s a product all complexions should have in their beauty arsenal. Listen up, Lancôme, cause you’ve got a winner here.

Available now through all Lancôme counters across Canada. Find more information via



Lancôme | Or Vendôme, Parisian Lights Collection 2014




Lancome Or Vendome palette opener 2


Inspired by the chill Wintry beauty of Parisian nights & lights at the end of the year, the Lancôme Parisian Lights Collection for Holiday 2014, includes this truly fabulous Or Vendôme (DR09) palette that holds five eminently wearable shades that can be combined to create enough looks to tide you well past the party circuit.

Nude colours are still holding court with beauty lovers the world over, and this Or Vendôme palette is one that has been flying under most people’s radar, being overshadowed by so many other brands. But don’t let the fact that it’s part of a ‘gold collection’ fool you; this is a palette that will transcend the seasons and quickly become a makeup wardrobe staple. I mean, just look at it.

Lancome Or Vendome palette compact


Lancme Or Vendome compact detail


Lancome Or Vendome palette

Or Vendôme, Limited Edition (CAN $55.00) | Housed in a sleek rectangular compact, this limited edition version comes with a textured gold cover that gives this palette a vintage-y & somewhat glamorous vibe. The inner mirror displays an eyeshadow placement chart (useful only if you’re not sure where to layer the shades; otherwise, feel free to mix & match) and there are 2 small applicators included (I’m not a fan of these types of included applicators as I prefer to use my own brushes – plus, I feel that the space allotted for the applicators could have been put to better use here, by enlarging each shade in the centre section instead. But maybe that’s just me). Where the Or Vendôme palette really comes into its own, however, is with the actual shades … that are nothing less than absolutely gorgeous.

The surface of each eyeshadow bears a textured look – almost like that of raw silk – which becomes quickly smoothed out with use. The shades are finely milled and emit very little powdery kickback when brushes are swirled through them, and all can be applied with either a dry brush for a light wash of colour (that is still buildable), or with a dampened brush for more impact, drama, and intensity. The colour breakdown, with 1 & 2 being the two largest shades in the compact, respectively:

  1. warm taupe with rose-gold undertone, satin finish
  2. soft gold with a peachy undertone and slightly more visible gold flecks, satin finish
  3. sooty charcoal with slight pink & blue reflects (very understated), satin finish
  4. milk chocolate brown, satin finish
  5. pale gold (warm-leaning), the most shimmery finish of the five

As seen in the swatches below, applying these shades damp also serves to bring out all their complex qualities, with each individual shimmer becoming more apparent, but still well within a very wearable context. The beauty of the Or Vendôme palette, is that while the theme may be gold, I feel it falls closer to the neutral/nude range, and as such these are selections you’ll want to turn to over and over again – although that doesn’t take away from the fact that these shades can also be amped up for a more sophisticated evening look, if desired.


Lancome Or Vendome macro

Lancôme | Or Vendôme Smoky Eyes Palette, limited edition


Lancome Or Vendome macro 2

Lancôme | Or Vendôme Smoky Eyes Palette, limited edition


Lancome Or Vendome swatches dry

Lancôme | Or Vendôme Smoky Eyes Palette, limited edition (swatched dry)


Lancome Or Vendome swatches damp

Lancôme | Or Vendôme Smoky Eyes Palette, limited edition (swatched damp)


For some reason, I don’t own many Lancôme palettes in my beauty arsenal, but after having played with the Or Vendôme palette these past few weeks, that’s all about to change. The versatility of this palette – both in terms of colour/payoff and dual nature (as in the shades being able to be worn wet or dry), makes this a worthy investment, especially if you’re a fan of neutral shades like I am, while the superb quality overall, just sweetens the deal. The only downside, is the fact that it’s a limited edition item – which is a damn shame, as something like this needs to be part of the permanent lineup. Listen up, Lancôme.

Still available now, while supplies last at counters. Visit for more brand info.

Lancome Or Vendome palette closer

Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo opener


There’s something about deep berry lip shades that just say ‘Fall’ to me, but with my colouring, it’s not always easy to pull them off. A highly pigmented lip gloss such as Lancôme’s Lip Lover in 362 Bordeaux Tempo, provides that intense colour I’m looking for in a lightweight yet highly moisturizing format, and with somewhat less commitment on my part, application-wise.


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo

Lancôme Lip Lover | 362 Bordeaux Tempo


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo 2

Lancôme Lip Lover | 362 Bordeaux Tempo


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo macro

362 Bordeaux Tempo (CAN $29.00) | A rich oxblood hue with ultra fine shimmer that you can see in the tube, but which translates to the barest hint of shimmer once applied. This is a cooler leaning shade, but can still be worn equally well by those with warmer complexions (no need to fear it closing with your skin tone).

All Lip Lover tubes have a transparent panel so you can see the colour you’re getting, and bear a button in front for easy 1-click opening & closing and which also acts as a safety feature to prevent the cap from ever opening up on its own (and winding in the bottom of your purse/makeup bag/makeup drawer/etc). There is no discernible scent, and what little I do pick up, seems fairly neutral and pleasant. The wand is relatively short and bears a sponge applicator shaped flat on its sides (excellent for applying broader swipes of colour) and a rounded point at the tip for more precision work.

The formula is a mix of: balm, lipstick & gloss, with an ultra creamy and buttery soft texture that enables it to literally glide along the lips. The deep shade of 362 Bordeaux Tempo (as seen in the tube) applies initially slightly more translucent and at first swipe, you can clearly see its grape undertones. The shade is layer able to a certain degree, but don’t expect the opacity of a similarly coloured lipstick. Staying power is 2-pronged; when the majority of gloss has faded (around the 3.5 hour mark on me), I’m still left with colour on my lips along with a very quenched & moisturized feel. The secondary effect, is that the stain left behind in fact will most likely remain until removed – an impressive feature when considering that this is a gloss. Another bonus: with a colour this deep, I expected some feathering and bleeding into surrounding lip lines (which hit at about the 4-hour mark on me), and hardly noticeable overall.


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo closure

Lancôme Lip Lover | 362 Bordeaux Tempo (1-click closure)


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo 3

Lancôme Lip Lover | 362 Bordeaux Tempo


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo brush

Lancôme Lip Lover | 362 Bordeaux Tempo


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo 4

Lancôme Lip Lover | 362 Bordeaux Tempo


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo brush 2

Lancôme Lip Lover | 362 Bordeaux Tempo


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo swatch

Lancôme Lip Lover | 362 Bordeaux Tempo


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo swatch 2

Lancôme Lip Lover | 362 Bordeaux Tempo


Lip gloss has come a long way from the Bonne Bell days of clear & flavoured roller-balls (anyone remember those?) and I must say that all brands have definitely stepped up their gloss game. The trend now is for this new type of format: basically, a liquid lip product that displays a high pigment level, is über-glossy as well as long-lasting, and delivers a highly moisturizing feel. Lancôme’s 362 Bordeaux Tempo scores high on all counts, and while not opaque per se, it still gives a gorgeous surge of colour – enough to satisfy most of my Fall lip cravings.

Available through all Lancôme counters nationwide , find more information here.


Lancôme Bordeaux Tempo closer

Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration