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Lancôme · Matte Shaker


When Lancôme launched their Juicy Shakers last year, who didn’t fall instantly in love with their utter cuteness? Dipping once more in the creative pool, the brand has reinvented these lippies with a new super-pigmented (and I mean SUPER … but more on that further on) matte finish that are surely going to stir things up, cocktail hour or no.



Lancôme · La Palette La Rose, Spring 2017



You know it’s Spring when pastels make their much-welcomed appearance, and Lancôme’s La Palette La Rose is all about that soft, romantic elegance. Created by beauty guru and the brand’s Creative Director Lisa Eldridge, this palette holds a well-curated selection of shades that will work on everyone and in colours that may look dainty at first glance, but can pack a statement just the same … in an understated way, of course.



Lancôme · Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Rose Serum Mask



It’s no secret that I am rather obsessed with skincare, so when this über-luxurious mask from Lancôme arrived, I may have gotten a little giddy with excitement. Maybe even a lot. Once that was out of the way, it was down to business; but first …

… $450.00

Insane, right? I was [almost] afraid to use it, but I’m nothing if not always willing to play guinea pig for you guys. So, the million (or in this case, $450) dollar question: is Lancôme’s Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Rose Serum Mask worth the hype? Short answer is YES. And I apologize in advance for your soon-to-be dwindling bank account.

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Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Rose Serum Mask (CAN $450.00) | Housed in a sturdy gold-coloured box, the cover lifts to reveal a jar of rose pearls, along with a mixing bowl & spoon. The pull-out drawer at the bottom holds 14 tubes of the serum base which gets added to the pearls. In effect, this is a mask that has been specifically created to be prepared just prior to application, thereby maintaining the integrity of all active ingredients in order to deliver maximum skincare benefits.

The membrane of the Pearls is broken down by the Serum Base, which contains a specific salt for this purpose. The Pearls then release precious and fragile rose oil extracts to create the magic of the mask’s final composition

Without getting into too much scientific detail, this mask is based upon the brand’s Rose native cells technology, a biotechnological active ingredient with extraordinary regenerating potential. Each Ultimate Mask Rose Pearl is individually formulated — drop by drop — using microfluid technology, an avant-garde encapsulation technique that has been patented ten times around the world. This method protects the precious active ingredients and prevents them from becoming damaged, thus preserving their potency. As the pearls come in contact with the serum base, they dissolve to release their fragile (but highly effective) rose oil extracts.

The application method couldn’t be simpler; You start by taking one spoonful of the pearls and placing them in the bowl; they should create an even layer in the specifically made depression at the bottom of the bowl. You then twist open the top of one tube of the serum base and pour the contents all over the pearls. Mix/combine the two then let them sit for 3 minutes (this is the time needed for the serum base to dissolve the pearls’ outer membrane). Prior to application, you mix the contents thoroughly and apply to your face & neck. The detailed instruction booklet included also provides diagrams for Lancôme’s renown application/massage method. Leave the mask on for 5 minutes, then remove with a dampened cloth (not a cotton pad, as stated in the booklet).

The first thing you’ll notice, is the incredible fresh floral/rose scent — seriously intoxicating and nowhere near the noxiousness of artificiality. Unlike other thick/paste-type masks, this one is definitely more ‘watery’ and that one spoonful of pearls + serum base makes plenty — almost enough for two people, in fact (but I still use it all just for me). Using a muslin and/or wash cloth for removal not only makes the entire process easier and less messy, but also provides stimulation to the skin along with exfoliation — just go gently with it. When all was said and done, I was literally dumbfounded by the results: after just one use, my skin looked … renewed, is the best way I can describe it. Bright, even-toned, smooth, rosy, and even those dreaded fine lines and enlarged pores visually diminished. Unbelievable.







Obviously because of the cost, a part of me actually wanted this to be one big whopper of a fail, but the truth is that this may very well be the best mask I’ve ever tried — and I’ve tried plenty. The good news is that this isn’t one of those products you need to use monthly (unless your budget allows for that — then by all means, indulge) but rather something you can incorporate seasonally into your skincare regimen, or even for those times when you feel your skin is looking totally lacklustre and can use a boost. Final word: start saving up or add the Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Rose Serum Mask to your Christmas list (hint, hint).

Available at select retailers including The Bay & online



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Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel

Lancome Sonia Rykiel palettes opener

As I write this, the sad news broke of Sonia Rykiel’s passing today at the age of 86. A true visionary and a woman who made knitwear über-cool, she left her mark in the world of fashion and her work continue to resonate today. Au revoir, madame Rykiel.

The 2016 Fall season has been churning out some really lovely beauty pieces, and one collection I was particularly excited about was the Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel collaboration. A joint creative effort between Lisa Eldridge, the brand’s Global Creative Director, and the fashion house’s head Julie de Libran, the collection draws inspiration from the St-Germain-des-Prés district of the 6th arrondissement in Paris, a quadrant that’s famous for its cultural heritage. The packaging giving a nod to the free-loving Parisian style and iconic boldly striped knitwear that the house of Rykiel is known for. Continuing this theme, the shades of both palettes also provide plenty of mix & match options — much like Rykiel clothing does, in fact.


Sonia Rykiel 2

Sonia Rykiel (May 25, 1930 – August 25, 2016)


Lancome x Sonia Rykiel party launch

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel Collection launch party, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris (image: Lancôme)

Sonia Rykiel 2014

Classic Sonia Rykiel knit pattern (2014 Collection)


Saint-Germain-des-Prés (credit)

Lancome Sonia Rykiel palettes 1

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel | Saint-Germain & Parisian Spirit Palettes

Lancome Sonia Rykiel palettes 2

Both Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel palettes have 9 shades to play with; on the left-hand side are 6 complementary and graduating hues (berry for Parisian Spirit, blue-green for Saint-Germain), while on the right-hand side and under the metallic flap, you’ll find 1 matte base shade and 2 bold shimmers. All can be applied either dry or with a dampened brush, with the exception of the mattes that could potentially become damaged if dampened. Each palette also comes with a dual-ended brush (synthetic fibres) and is well-sized as well as quite useful for creating a variety of looks.

Lancome Sonia Rykiel palettes 3A

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel | Saint-Germain & Parisian Spirit Palettes

Lancome Sonia Rykiel palettes brushes

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel | Saint-Germain & Parisian Spirit Palettes (brush detail)

Lancome Sonia Rykiel Parisian Spirit palette

Parisian Spirit, limited edition (CAN $75.00) | A mix of both cool and warm tones in mauve-berry hues, suitable for a broad range of skin tones.

Lancome Sonia Rykiel Parisian Spirit palette 2

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel | Parisian Spirit

Lancome Sonia Rykiel Parisian Spirit palette swatches 1

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel | Parisian Spirit

Lancome Sonia Rykiel Parisian Spirit palette 3

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel | Parisian Spirit

Lancome Sonia Rykiel Parisian Spirit palette swatches 2

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel | Parisian Spirit

Lancome Sonia Rykiel Saint-Germain palette

Saint-Germain, limited edition (CAN $75.00) | The more cooler-leaning of the two palettes with 3 matte shades in total, and while not as colour saturated as Parisian Spirit, is probably made more wearable due to the subtle impact of the shades.

Lancome Sonia Rykiel Saint-Germain palette 2

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel | Saint-Germain

Lancome Sonia Rykiel Saint-Germain palette swatches 1

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel | Saint-Germain

Lancome Sonia Rykiel Saint-Germain palette 3

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel | Saint-Germain

Lancome Sonia Rykiel Saint-Germain palette swatches 2

Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel | Saint-Germain


There are pros and cons to the Lancôme x Sonia Rykiel palettes; I really love the slim cases and how easy they are to travel with (no need to lug around a ton of eyeshadows) and the shade selection for both manages to be cohesive yet still varied enough to provide several makeup options to help take your look from day/casual to night. The fact that the brush is basically full-sized and not the dinky-small variety, is another plus. On the con side and by looking at the two, I was sure that Saint-Germain would be my fave but unfortunately the shades turned out to be a little too cool for my skin tone and definitely need more work for the colour payoff I was looking to get. Parisian Nights, on the other hand, is spectacular and really easy to work with. Plus it makes my green eyes pop … but in a good way.

Available September in store & online

Lancome Sonia Rykiel palettes closer

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Lancôme | Cushion Blush Subtil

Lancome Cushion Blush opener


With the launch of Miracle Cushion Foundation (previously reviewed here), Lancôme was the first North American brand out of the gate to use Korean cushion technology and now they’re taking things up a notch with Cushion Blush Subtil (4 shades available in Canada, 6 in the US). With a light-as-air texture and buildable coverage, there’s just so much to love about these little pots of blush heaven.

Housed in a black lacquered compact, the colour of each blush shade is indicated with a matching hue of the brand’s rose printed on the lid – a handy guide if you happen to own more than one of these lovelies and want to know which to reach for quickly. Opened up, you’ll find a mirror on the inner lid and a secondary cover that keeps the contents safe from accidental spills, as well as prevents the sponge from drying out. As with the foundations, these cushion blushes also come with a flat velvety sponge but fingers, a dense synthetic-haired brush, or a beauty sponge all work equally well for application. You should note that a little really does go a long way; take a scant amount of blush to start with as these are quite pigmented — you can always layer on more if needed. BONUS: as the initial texture of these blushes is fairly wet, you can also mix shades together to create a unique new colour combination before blending out along the skin. As to how well they blend? I can sum it up in one word: flawlessly. Staying power will depend on how much you apply and whether it’s over a base or not, lasting easily 8+ hours without any streaking whatsoever.

Lancome Cushion Blush compacts

Lancôme | Cushion Blush Subtil

Lancome Cushion Blush open compacts

Lancôme | Cushion Blush Subtil

Lancome Cushion Blushes

Lancôme | Cushion Blush Subtil

Lancome Cushion Blushes 2

Lancôme | Cushion Blush Subtil

Lancome Cushion Blush swatches

Lancôme | Cushion Blush Subtil swatches

Lancome Cushion Blush swatches 2

Lancôme | Cushion Blush Subtil swatches, blended out


Lancome Cerise Givrée

023 Cerise Givrée (CAN $45.00) | A lush rose hue that has a good mix of both cool and warm undertones, making it quite universally flattering on all skin tones.

Lancome Cerise Givrée swatches

Lancôme | 023 Cerise Givrée Cushion Blush Subtil swatches


Lancome Sorbet Grenadine

025 Sorbet Grenadine (CAN $45.00) | A coral pink hue that definitely leans warm, although it can be made to work on fair complexions by applying a sheer layer and blending it out.

Lancome Sorbet Grenadine swatches

Lancôme | 025 Sorbet Grenadine Cushion Blush Subtil swatches


Lancome Splash Orange

031 Splash Orange (CAN $45.00) | The warmest leaning of the four, this is a rich tangerine hue that really compliments a light tan, as well as adding a nice touch of sunny warmth to the skin.

Lancome Splash Orange swatches

Lancôme | 032 Splash Orange Cushion Blush Subtil swatches


Lancome Splash Corail

032 Splash Corail (CAN $45.00) | A soft pink hue, the coolest-leaning of the group and more suited to those with fair-light complexions (I suspect it really won’t show up at all on darker skin tones). Gives a light flush of colour when fully blended out, but can be layered for a slightly deeper impact.

Lancome Splash Corail swatches

Lancôme | 032 Splash Corail Cushion Blush Subtil swatches

Lancome Cushion Blushes 3

Lancôme | Cushion Blush Subtil


Just like mascara is indispensable for giving your eyes definition and a bright wide-awake appearance, so is blush absolutely mandatory for providing your skin with a healthy-looking flush of colour. What makes these cushion blushes stand out for me, is how seamlessly they blend into the skin as opposed to some powder blushes that almost ‘sit’ on the the surface of your face, thus looking totally opposite to the effect you’re trying to achieve. And if that face alone isn’t enough to sway you, there’s the innovative cushion technology to play with – gotta love fun makeup, no?!

Available at The Bay, Sephora, select counters and

Lancome Cushion Blush closer



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