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Clarins · Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Clarins has been infusing their products with the benefits of botanicals for over 60 years now, so it should come as no surprise that they would create a lip product that helps lips feel as good as they look. Lengthy name aside, the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is a hybrid gloss-balm-treatment, and ever since the launch of the original 2 shades a while back, more have joined the lineup, because well … options.


Givenchy · Noir Révélateur

With Christmas a week away, my next few posts will be dedicated to offering some solutions that just might make buying that perfect gift for any beauty-lovers on your list, that much easier. I’ll start things off with this Noir Révélateur duo from Givenchy: 2 unique lip options that are sure to wow. ‘Tis the season, after all!


Sisley Paris · Phyto Twist Makeup & Hair Rituel


With its storied history to go with exclusive plant-derived formulations, I’ve passed by the luxury beauty counter of Sisley Paris for many years now, and with one exception (a skincare launch I was invited to some time ago), their products have remained somewhat of a mystery to me; then I received a package of goodies to test and after diving in, my main thought was: why have I waited so long to try anything from this brand?



Marc Jacobs · Holiday 2018 Collection


For Holiday 2018, Marc Jacobs has recently launched a collection that’s inspired by the “high-glam aesthetic of the mod era” and while I’m not exactly sure what that actually means, I will say that these limited edition pieces will definitely see you through all the festivities of the season … and then some. Oh, and for the record, everything is absolutely GORG.



Dior · Rouge 999


“I love red; it is the colour of life” — Christian Dior

The year was 1949 when Christian Dior created a lipstick that he would send to his most treasured clients, as a way of thanking them for their patronage. Four years later in 1953, he created 2 shades: N°9 and N°99 (his favourite numbers) that models wore for one of his runway shows. Fast forward many years later, and the House’s by-now iconic shade was relaunched as N°999 in homage to its predecessors, but reinvented in so many wonderful new formulas and textures. Classic, sexy, empowering and absolutely timeless … that’s what red is all about.