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New Beauty: Perle et Éclats de CHANEL Collection, Spring 2021





Inspired by Japanese Akoya pearls, CHANEL’s Perles et Éclats Collection draws on Coco Chanel’s love of these lustrous gems and their complex luminosity, with several pieces here absolutely delivering on that aesthetic. For example, feast your eyes on that exquisite highlighter … I rest my case.



New Givenchy: Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow Foundation





I’ve yet to meet a Givenchy foundation that my skin didn’t absolutely agree with, so when the latest arrived at my doorstep, let’s just say that I had high hopes for Prisme Libre Skin-Caring Glow. In truth though, they had me at “glow” …



New Beauty: Rouge Dior Refillable Lipstick & more!




Dior has recently launched a 2.0 version of their iconic Rouge Dior lipstick, infusing it with even more beneficial ingredients than before, plus making it refillable — a move I definitely approve of, and one which shows the brand’s environmental mindfulness. The best part? This new format is available in 75 shades. Now that’s what I call options!






New from NARS: The Claudette Collection

I am very lucky to have an extremely beautiful, glamorous, and elegant mother on whom I was always able to practice makeup” — François Nars.

In homage to his absolutely gorgeous mother — who also happens to serve as one of his muses, François Nars was inspired to create The Claudette Collection, Claudette Says. All I can say, is that if his mom is anything to go by, then the hype about Parisian women is most definitely real. I mean, just look at her!


New & Tested: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Tender Matte Lipstick

Maybe because of the year we had in 2020 and while the pandemic is still not over, I almost feel like wearing lipstick is a way of capturing the normalcy of before — you know what I mean? So I was quite happy to receive Guerlain’s new KissKiss Tender Matte shades to try, but I’m not going to lie: the gorgeous little box they arrived in had something to with that as well.