MAKE UP FOR EVER · Artist Rouge Lipstick



There’s just something about lipstick, isn’t there? One of the most iconic symbols of beauty and the one item that women refused to give up even during times of war, it keeps getting reinvented in a whole new palette of colours and innovative ingredients such as these Artist Rouge Lipsticks (CAN $27.00/each) from MAKE UP FOR EVER.



MAKE UP FOR EVER · Artist Acrylip Lip Paint


From the brand that definitely knows all about high impact colour, comes Artist Acrylip Lip Paint (CAN $29.00/each), 10 pigment-drenched lip shades that were inspired by acrylic paints. To mark their official launch, MAKE UP FOR EVER put on a wild party held at Montréal’s Loft Hotel, where the drinks & hors d’oeuvres flowed freely and the entertainment consisted of insane beats, pole dancers (yup…pole dancers), and meeting up with old friends where plenty of shrieking ensued. It was THAT kind of party, done in true MUFE style.


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Counterclockwise from top left: with PR wiz Aïda, statuesque Sephora beauty Shannon & a cameo of my sparkly boots

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Artist Acrylip Lip Paint (CAN $29.00/each) | Available in 10 shades inspired by the intense colours of acrylic paints, they come in squeeze tubes that are colour-coded for quick recognition along with a slanted flocked applicator for ease of use. Don’t let the small size of the tube fool you; these have serious pigmentation and a little really & truly goes a long, long way. Key ingredients include:

  • Synthetic Mica for shine
  • ultra fine triple ground pigments for mega colour saturation
  • Castor Seed Oil to boost pigment intensity & nourish lips
  • Mineral Clay for a formula with a lightweight & non-greasy texture
  • Silica Gel to help smooth lips & fill in fine lines

The formula on all is surprisingly lightweight, especially when factoring in how strong the saturation is. All are buildable colour-wise; one drop applied to the centre of the lips and then smoothed out with the applicator yields a soft wash of colour. Two or more drops take things to a whole new level of fierce. For even more staying power, try applying a matching lip liner first. Better still, you can layer several shades to create a customized and/or ombré look. The finish can go from gleaming to über-shiny, and all will fade to a light stain which is a nice look as well.

  • 200 – Candy Pink
  • 201 – Fuchsia Pink
  • 202 – Coral Pink
  • 300 – Orange
  • 301 – Poppy Orange
  • 400 – Iconic Red
  • 401 – Raspberry Red
  • 500 – Lilac
  • 501 – Eggplant
  • 600 – Dark Purple

Showing how an unconventional shade like 500 Lilac can be so totally wearable when applied as a light stain


As far as liquid lipsticks go, MAKE UP FOR EVER has managed to create one of the most well-rounded products in the genre. Eminently portable, easy to use, a long-lasting featherweight feel and so many wear/layering options, the new Artist Acrylip Lip Paints have brought back something that sometimes gets lost in the beauty world shuffle: FUN. And hella colour too, for that matter.

Available exclusively at Sephora


Media samples kindly provided, all opinions my own

MAKE UP FOR EVER · Lip Fever – Explosive Orange Lip Collection & Excessive Lash Mascara



A range originally created by a makeup artist Dany Sanz for the industry, MAKE UP FOR EVER has gone on to carve a name for itself as producing some of the most innovative and pigment-rich products available today. Following along in the success of their last Pink Fever Lip Collection (previously reviewed), the latest in the series is the Explosive Orange Lip Collection, which is built around an orange theme (duh, lol) and offers choices from this vibrant shade that everyone can easily wear; if a neutral-lover like myself can fall for these hues, then anyone can. Also new from the brand is Excessive Lash Mascara and being somewhat obsessed with lashes, I’m so happy to say the name definitely fits the bill.

For all previous reviews on this brand, click this MAKE UP FOR EVER tag




Sensual Coral Artist Lip Balm (CAN $25.00) | A stick-format lip balm with an ultra-soft texture and semi-sheer colour payoff. Providing a light touch of colour as well as a hydrating feel to lips, the convenient twist-up style of this pencil makes it not only portable but a perfect swipe-and-go type of product.


Flammable Tangerine Artist Lip Blush (CAN $25.00) | A matte lip shade in a deep orange hue in a twist-up jumbo pencil format. The texture upon application is super smooth which makes for an effortless glide along the lips, while the long-lasting formula will be there for the duration, leaving a stain behind when the majority of colour finally fades.


Juiced Up Pumpkin Artist Acrylip (CAN $29.00) | I don’t even know where to begin with this; incredible colour saturation from the first swipe, this is more like a liquid lip shade but in mega-concentrated form. The flocked applicator makes it easy to reach all areas of the lips, while the colour deposited goes on über-smoothly and leaves a vinyl-like gloss behind. Super long wearing.


MAKE UP FOR EVER · Lip Fever – Explosive Orange Collection swatches


Excessive Lash Arresting Volume Mascara (CAN $31.00) | A deep-black volumizing mascara with a small brush designed by makeup artists to specifically reach and coat every lash. The buildable formula goes on easily and stays clump and smudge-free throughout the wearing, while the brush not only defines each lash but helps in adding a nice lift as well.



Orange is definitely the LAST shade I would ever reach for so when this lippie collection arrived, to say there was much eye-rolling on my part wouldn’t exactly be a lie. So imagine my utter surprise at finding out that I actually really liked the way each of these lippies looks [on me] – especially the crazy vivid Artist Acrylip … who would have thought?As to mascaras, I’m the first to admit that my standards are high and this is the first mascara from this brand that I’m truly loving, giving me the full & lush fringe I prefer, lasts intact throughout the wearing, and removes easy-peasy at the end of the day. The only warning here is that while the mascara is permanent, do be advised that the lip products are all limited edition. I know, I know.

Available at Sephora



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MAKE UP FOR EVER · Pro Light Fusion Highlighters


When MAKE UP FOR EVER launched their Pro Sculpting Duos last year, fans of the brand went absolutely wild for the highlighter segment in each pan and begged for single versions; their cry was masterfully answered in the form of these newly released Pro Light Fusion Highlighters (CAN $48.00/each).

Available in 01 Rose Gold (for light to medium skin tones) and 02 Gold (for medium to dark skin tones), these unique highlighters each have an ultra-high concentration of emollients generated by a ‘Gellifying System’ technology in the formula that creates a luminous creamy powder gel-like texture. Synthetic mica are added to help reflect light for major radiance, while synthetic spherical powders provide staying power and a soft-focus effect.









Highlighters are not going away anytime soon, and I for one am glad. That said, not all highlighters are made equal and even though I’ve tried more than my share of fails, I’m happy to say that both Pro Light Fusion shades pass the test with flying colours (so to speak). Application is literally effortless as this unique texture seems to fuse beautifully with the skin without overly emphasizing pores, and even seems to get better with the wearing as it warms up with one’s natural oils. This gossamer-light powder is virtually impossible to overdo, although those inclined can certainly dial up the wattage by layering it on. The best part can be summed up like this: they’re permanent. Thanks for listening, MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Available at Sephora



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MAKE UP FOR EVER · 9 Artist Shadow Palette Volume 4



MAKE UP FOR EVER recently launched the 9 Artist Shadow Palette Volume 4, a collection of 9 matte jewel-rich tones that will brighten the hearts of both shimmer-phobic types and matte aficionados alike. The slim profile compact is nicely portable, making it a great option to have around in the event a last minute holiday invite, while the personally selected colours from founder Dany Sanz, will definitely suit a broad range of complexions — as well as personal tastes. Finally: a matte palette that doesn’t rely strictly on neutrals #thankyoumakeupforever



9 Artist Shadow Palette Volume 4 (CAN $52.00) | The fourth generation palette in this series from MAKE UP FOR EVER – and quite possibly my favourite thus far, it’s comprised of 9 matte shades in the brand’s Artist Shadow advanced gel-powder formula, all housed in a rigid cardboard compact that has a large mirror on the inner lid and a magnetic closure for added security. Arranged in three vertical trios for ease of use, the shades have all been chosen to specifically compliment each other, but obviously you’re free to create your own combinations. The texture on all is sublime: richly pigmented, a buttery smooth application, and excellent staying power (when worn over primer). There’s such a nice diversity of tones that you won’t even miss having a shimmer to play with.



  • M-100 – black
  • M-620 – grey brown
  • M-126 – chalk
  • M-842 – wine
  • M-806 – antique pink
  • M-546 – dark purple taupe
  • M-240 – Prussian blue
  • M-536 – milk tea
  • M-530 – eggshell


MUFE · Artist Shadows 4 vs Artist Shadows 3 (currently on sale) & Artist Shadows 1


Created with some of the highest level of pigments available, each shade in the Artist Shadow series is simply amazing to work with. Effortlessly blendable as well, the 9 hues in this palette are versatile enough to create the softest of looks, or take you all the way up to mega-smoky territory. All in all, this is an excellent investment from a brand that has taken eyeshadows to a whole new level of quality. Another advantage to this palette? With the rather large array of colours to choose from, it takes the stress out of having to pick 9 shades on your own. So thoughtful, no?

Available at Sephora and



PR samples/As always, all opinions are my own