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YSL · NU Collection



YSL Beauty recently launched the NU Collection (French for “nude“) and while the brand may have had Gen Z-ers in mind for its creation, I’m thinking that this range will appeal to a much broader age group as well. Playful & customizable, these products are for anyone who appreciates minimal makeup that’s combined with skincare for that extra something-something. It’s all about enhancing vs masking, and I’m definitely down for that.



Guerlain · My Top 5


Back by popular request, today’s post features Guerlain, one of my absolute favourite brands, but I confess that trying to focus on just 5 products was definitely challenging. That said, I decided to go for the pieces that have either completely stolen my heart and/or are the ones I’ve turned to the most … but let’s just say that there’s still so much more I love.



Guerlain · L’Art & La Matière Haute Parfumerie Collection


“L’Art & La Matière is a collection of olfactory masterpieces for true lovers of all things beautiful, crafted by the hands of the House of Guerlain Perfumers”


Guerlain began with perfume and continues dominating in that field to this day; to rebrand their Haute Parfumerie Collection for 2021, the House drew inspiration from within their own archives and in the process created a beautiful union between fragrance & art … while adding two new scents to the range, since they were at it. I recently had the pleasure of attending a private preview of this new collection and I can sum it up in one word: exquisite.



My Top 6 Dior Bronzers


By popular request, I’ve rounded up my favourite Dior bronzers to show you, and while I tried to keep it at 5 (because I find that number somehow more “right” – don’t ask why), in reality these 6 represent the ones I reach for the most. The best part of wearing bronzer? Recreating summer’s warmth on your face … something I plan on doing quite a bit of, now that winter is around the corner.



Guerlain · Abeille Royale Advanced Youth Watery Oil


When Guerlain launched Youth Watery Oil back in 2013, it was instant love for me and has been the one product I maintain in my skincare routine to this day, often regardless of what other range/brand I might be testing at any given time. For 2021, this cult-fave oil has been reinvented as Advanced Youth Watery Oil — and while I wouldn’t have believed something so amazing could be improved upon, it actually has. There’s a reason that one bottle of this precious oil is sold every 26 seconds; it delivers.