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Guerlain · Two-Tone Blush


Guerlain recently launched Two-Tone Blush, cheek duos comprised of blush & highlighter in one compact that are meant to recreate the ‘draping technique’ (i.e.: blush that goes from cheeks to temples) — an effect which appears to be quite ‘in’ at the moment, but in reality has actually been used by makeup artists for decades. Trend factor aside, the two shades have something else working for them: beautiful, wearable, colour.



NARS · Climax Mascara


NARS is no stranger to provocation, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the brand took things even further with the naming of their new CLIMAX Mascara. Suggestive innuendos aside, this self-professed mascara aficionado (me) couldn’t wait to try this one on for size and see if it, well … delivered. You didn’t really think I wouldn’t slide at least one in, did you? Oops … guess that’s two now #multiples



CHANEL · Collection Libre 2018 Maximalisme de CHANEL


“I used my penchant for all that shines to try and reconcile elegance and fashion”

Gabrielle Chanel


For this year’s Collection Libre, Lucia Pica drew inspiration from one of Mlle Chanel’s beloved talismans, the lion — a symbol which represents strength, courage, and even, dare I say, flamboyance (that mane, am I right?). Spotlighting the way interesting new colours can be seen when light & shadow reflects off mettalics, this collection is both bold and elegant … and absolute perfection for the holidays. Be warned, however: everything is limited edition.



Dior · Rouge 999


“I love red; it is the colour of life” — Christian Dior

The year was 1949 when Christian Dior created a lipstick that he would send to his most treasured clients, as a way of thanking them for their patronage. Four years later in 1953, he created 2 shades: N°9 and N°99 (his favourite numbers) that models wore for one of his runway shows. Fast forward many years later, and the House’s by-now iconic shade was relaunched as N°999 in homage to its predecessors, but reinvented in so many wonderful new formulas and textures. Classic, sexy, empowering and absolutely timeless … that’s what red is all about.



CHANEL · Rouge Allure 2018


Leave it to CHANEL to make matte lip products not only covetable, but uniquely fun at that. The Rouge Allure 2018 collection features new additions to the Velvet range, and then takes things to a whole other level with Extrême Velvet and the totally addictive Liquid Powders (they’re squeezable — enough said). The best part, however, can be summed up this way: comfortable and absolutely wearable shades … something that really shouldn’t surprise anyone. We are talking about CHANEL, after all — a brand that has cornered the market on doing makeup right.