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CHANEL · Le Volume Stretch Mascara & Le Liner Rouge Noir

Out of all the makeup products in the world, the one that I’d say can make you look instantly “done” & wide awake, has got to be mascara. And while not all mascaras are created equal, CHANEL’s Le Volume has been my go-to since its launch years ago. Recently added to the range is the new Le Volume Stretch* … it’s got quite a lot to live up to, so I put it to the test. The iconic Rouge Noir* family also has a new addition in the form of liquid liner, and even though I tend to reach for pencils, you can bet that I’ll be giving this one a whirl.

*Graciously gifted by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration


CHANEL · Fall Winter 2020/2021 Beauty

For CHANEL’s recent Fall/Winter 2020-2021 Ready-To-Wear show, Paris’ historic Grand Palais (aka: the brand’s go-to venue), was transformed into a representation of the River Seine. With undulating curves and a sinuous catwalk polished to mimic crystal clear water, the looks presented fit a nautical theme via swashbuckling influences, thanks to ruffles a-plenty and gleaming admiral buttons — but what truly captured me, was the makeup. I’ve probably said a billion times before how “wearable” a particular look might be, but this one truly tops them all.


Marc Jacobs · Coconut Collection 2019, Youthquake & Velvet Noir Mascara

For beauty lovers, Marc Jacobs’ Summertime Coconut Collection is always hotly anticipated. I mean, coconut: doesn’t get more Summery than that, no? Infused with a varied selection of coconut ingredients (how many times can I say “coconut” in one paragraph?), these products not only smell amazing, but perform equally beautifully. Then there’s the recently launched Youthquake, with pineapple in the ingredients that makes it a perfect fit for the theme. I just love makeup synergy, don’t you?


Clarins · Sunkissed Summer 2019 Collection

For Summer 2019, Clarins has launched the Sunkissed Collection and I’ve also opted to show it along with some other recent releases — mainly because I feel they complement each other perfectly, and regardless of whether you’ll be travelling or not (if so, lucky you!), these are all amazingly useful pieces.


CHANEL · Le Volume Révolution de CHANEL


CHANEL’s original Le Volume mascara ranks as one of my personal faves, and as I’ve gone through multiple tubes of it over the years, you might say it’s my Holy Grail mascara. In my book, it’s the one I compare all others to and until now, nothing threatened to knock it off the leader board. Then back in March, I learned that the brand would be launching Le Volume Révolution de CHANEL, created with the world’s first 3D-printed mascara brush, and so I wondered: would this be the one?