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CHANEL · Les Indispensables de L’Été, Cruise 2017 Collection


CHANEL’s Les Indispensables de L’Été Cruise 2017 Collection draws inspiration from Mademoiselle and her love of sun-kissed hues, with special attention given to earth tones and pops of coral as counterpoint. Coco Chanel was a true visionary — ahead of her time both in fashion & beauty, and now Lucia Pica pays tribute to an icon with this latest release. After playing with these pieces for some time now, I’m happy to say that I’m truly loving every single item; big surprise, I know, coming from me the ultimate CHANEL fan, but you guys also know that I call ’em as I see ’em. So yeah, this collection is basically Summery perfection.

Oh, and on repeat right now is the short video below — I can’t take my eyes off the makeup AND the jewelry …



MAC · Cool Neutral Palette, Pro Beyond Twisted Lash Mascara & Oval 6 Brush


So what do the Cool Neutral Palette, Pro Beyond Twisted Lash Mascara and the Oval 6 Brush all have in common? Apart from the fact that they’re all from MAC, these products have become staples in my beauty repertoire. With the copious launches this brand puts out every few weeks, it’s easy to overlook standout pieces such as these that also happen to be part of the permanent lineup. How refreshing to not have the dreaded ‘limited edition’ designation to contend with, wouldn’t you agree?



Guerlain · La Petite Robe Noire Makeup Spring 2017


For Spring 2017, Guerlain is adding to the range of La Petite Robe Noire makeup with 3 new lip shades, a gel blush, a mascara, and one new limited edition nail polish hue. All feature the iconic ‘upside down heart’ on the packaging and I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t come across a more love-themed collection than this. Oh, did I mention that they’re not only all stellar performers, but smell so good?



MAC · Instacurl Lash Mascara

MAC Instacurl Lash mascara opener


When it comes to mascara, there’s always room for innovation — from the formula, the brush, and even the tube shape. Instacurl Lash, the latest to come from beauty powerhouse MAC, has nailed it on all counts … and all this before you even try it on. Did I mention that the brush head is adjustable?

MAC Instacurl Lash mascara

Instacurl Lash Mascara (CAN $28.00) | A rich black hue in an ophthalmologist tested formula that is said to be clump, smudge, and flake-free and while not waterproof, it is sweat and humidity-resistant. But first things first: the tube. Looking suspiciously dagger-like (or a sabre-tooth tiger fang, maybe?), once the brush is removed from the tube, the top (yellow) part can then be rotated to adjust the angle of the brush (see the diagram below). Pretty cool, no?

Far from being gimmicky, this feature is actually rather brilliant, as you can then ‘form’ the brush to fit your unique eye shape. Since eyelids are not universally the same, having a brush that adjusts makes perfect sense and enables the user to effortlessly reach all lashes. After having tested Instacurl for several weeks now, and despite the initial learning curve (LOL) in using this feature, I’m a fan. And while this may not be the most volumizing mascara I’ve ever tried, I absolutely love the length and definition it provides, along with the fact that it stays intact throughout the wearing. Bonus points scored for being easily removed at the end of the day, without needing to use excessive force for the job either.

MAC Instacurl Lash mascara 2

MAC Instacurl Lash mascara 3

MAC Instacurl Lash mascara brush positions

MAC Instacurl Lash mascara swatches new


You’d think that with the plethora of new mascara launches, it would be near impossible to come up with something original, yet somehow MAC has managed to do just that with Instacurl. Putting aside the conversation piece that is the outer casing (fill in the blank: it looks exactly like a _____), it’s the excellent formula which speaks for itself and for mascara-fiends like me, that fact alone makes it definitely worth checking out. Just keep the sniggering to a minimum.

Available at The Bay and MAC counters

MAC Instacurl Lash mascara closer

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Charlotte Tilbury · Legendary Lashes Mascara, Legendary Brows, & Hot Lips in Kim K.W. and Very Victoria

CT New Hot Lips, Legendary Brows & Lashes opener


When I think of Charlotte Tilbury and her eponymous beauty range, I expect nothing less than full-on glam and in that regard, she never, ever disappoints. Today’s I’m exploring how to beautify my lashes & brows with her Legendary Lashes Mascara and Legendary Brows Gel, and I’ve said often enough that neutrals are my comfort zone, so here’s to Kim K.W & Very Victoria Hot Lips – both nudes with sass that fit right smack into my wheelhouse.

CT New Hot Lips, Legendary Brow & Lashes closed

CT New Hot Lips, Legendary Brows & Lashes

CT Kim KW & Very Victoria Hot Lips

Charlotte Tilbury may be known as the queen of glamorous makeup and happens to work with some of the biggest celebrities today, but I applaud her for also wanting to do some good with her products and bring awareness to worthwhile causes. For example, during the first two months of release (July & August), $2.00 of the sale price of each Hot Lips shade was donated to Women for Women International, a charity that empowers women to rebuild their confidence after enduring major difficulties – nothing more awesome than beauty with a cause.

CT Kim KW & Very Victoria Hot Lips 2

CT Kim KW & Very Victoria Hot Lips swatches

CT Kim KW Hot Lips macro & swatch

Kim K.W  K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick (CAN $38.00) | A cool toned and white-based pale nude pink shade that I can definitely see Kim Kardashian West wearing. Made in the brand’s original K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Fallen From The Lipstick Tree™ formula, the texture is creamy and smooth upon application, leaving a buttery soft feel behind along with a light glossy sheen. There’s some initial patchiness and settling into lip lines, but that appears to level out to a more even tone with the wearing. Staying power is around 4-5 hours without eating and/or drinking, which is about what I expected from a  shade this light.

With the light golden undertones in my complexion, pulling off that pale nude pout is tricky at best. That said, something about the coolness of Kim K.W does happen to work with my skin tone but it’s still just a fraction too light for me, although I can totally see it as being the perfect shade for creating that Bardot-sex-kitten look (paired with heavy black liner, maybe?).


CT Very Victoria Hot Lips macro & swatch

Very Victoria Matte Revolution lipstick (CAN $38.00)| Inspired by Victoria Beckham, this is a soft nude shade with a mauve-taupe undertone in the base. Made in the brand’s matte formula (although a far cry from the traditional flat type of matte; think more satin/velvet), the texture is actually ridiculous easy to work with and glides effortlessly along the lips, leaving a nourishing feel behind.

On another note, I do believe I have now found my perfect nude lippie. The fact that it also comes tinged with a hint of Victoria’s über-cool chicness, only sweetens the deal further.


CT Legendary Lashes Mascara

Black Vinyl Legendary Lashes Mascara (CAN $38.00) | With flirty eyes printed on the tube and the signature rose-gold casing, this mascara was created to give you major va-va-voom lashes. Inspired by red carpet beauties, the formula contains:

  • Marine Glycogen – a hair tonic known for stimulating the hair follicle and increasing keratin production
  • Tamanu Oil – with known regenerative properties to protect, nourish and strengthen lashes
  • A blend of waxes – to give lash hairs flexibility, length and texture in a weightless feel
  • Carbon Black Pigment – for maximum colour
  • Multi-Bristle brush – varying sizes ensure the brush will grab & coat each hair

The first time I tried it out, I wasn’t sure if the volume factor was anything special plus I did notice smudging within an hour of application. The second & third times I tried it out was a whole other story: you see, once a little bit of oxygen gets into the tube (which is inevitable since you need to open it to remove the brush), the formula starts to thicken a bit — which is exactly how I like it, and I haven’t seen any smudges since either. Staying power is great and looks on point until removal, the latter which is easily done by using a dual-phase product for the job.

CT Legendary Lashes Mascara macro & swatches


CT Legendary Brows

Legendary Brows in Linda (CAN $30.00) | A coloured gel available in 3 tinted and 1 clear shade to help fill in, shape, and sculpt your brows. Housed in the brand’s signature rose-gold metal casing, the Micro-Fine Miracle Precision brush is actually teeny-tiny and one of the most defined I’ve seen for the job. Several years in the making, the formula includes:

  • volumizing Magic Elasticizing Wax
  • nourishing Vitamin E
  • strengthening Castor Oil
  • natural pigments to lift and tint

Back when I was a teen and ridiculously thin brows were a trend, I plucked mine as well not realizing that at one point, the hairs would stop growing back. Needing to add back what I [stupidly] took away, my preferred tool is primarily a brow pencil. I now include a light coating of Legendary Brows to add some volume and depth, which in turn provides natural-looking hold.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.49.27 AM

CT Legendary Bros macro

CT Legendary Brows Linda swatches


It’s a simple equation: if you’re in a hurry (or just not the fussy type with your makeup), and are looking for a polished yet ‘natural’ look, then all you really need is mascara, some brow gel to add definition and a swipe of a neutral lip shade, and BOOM — done. Both the Legendary Lashes & Legendary Brows have been getting quite a workout from me, as they’re not only effectively easy to use, but provide results as well. As to the lipsticks, I have fallen madly for Very Victoria (Kim K.W isn’t quite there yet, but I’m working on it).

Available through select retailers and online

CT New Hot Lips, Legendary Brows & Lashes closer

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