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Moroccanoil Ultra-Luxurious Boar Bristle Brush Collection

  From the brand that gave new meaning to healthy, shiny manes, Moroccanoil® now introduces the next (and totally logical) phase of haircare with their new Ultra-Luxurious Boar Bristle Brush Collection. Performance-tested backstage… Continue reading

Moroccanoil – Candle With Glass Vase

  There’s something just so soothing about lighting a fragrant candle during the cold of Winter, and when said candle comes from cult-fave brand Moroccanoil®, you know without a doubt that the result… Continue reading

Moroccanoil Body – Shimmering Body Oil

  Complimenting the new Body range of products from Moroccanoil® is the ‘Shimmering Body Oil’, the jewel of the collection. Infused with that beyond-addictive signature scent and filled with a sensual yet discreet sparkle,… Continue reading

Moroccanoil Body – Dry Body Oil

  It may sound like an oxymoron; how can the words “oil” and “dry” be used in the same sentence? And yet, that’s exactly what you get with Moroccanoil’s new Dry Body Oil… Continue reading

Moroccanoil Body – Intense Hydrating Treatment

  Ok, so you’ve buffed (previously reviewed here), cleansed (reviewed here), and buttered (reviewed here), but still wish to continue the pampering, you say? Easily done using Moroccanoil’s new Intense Hydrating Treatment –… Continue reading

Moroccanoil Body – Body Butter

  As the weather begins to cool and the indoor heating levels go up, my skin feels like it becomes drained of every last ounce of moisture. That’s when a lotion just doesn’t… Continue reading

Moroccanoil Body – Shower Gel & Cleansing Bar

  I just knew from my very first experience with the intoxicating aroma that is Moroccanoil®, that this fragrance was something I needed wanted to be wrapped up in, and with the new… Continue reading

New! Moroccanoil Body

  To experience the signature scent of Moroccanoil® products, is to become totally addicted captivated by this unique (and proprietary) fragrance. The original oil has achieved cult status for its miraculous hair-taming properties, but when… Continue reading

Moroccanoil Body – A Special Preview Event

  Earlier this Summer, I was invited to a special lunch meeting where I was privileged to get a first look at the the entire range of the Moroccanoil® Body range, including the… Continue reading