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CHANEL SS/17 · Le Vernis Coco Codes Collection


Having previously reviewed several key pieces of the CHANEL Spring 2017 Coco Codes Collection (linked below), the last items I have to show you are the nail polishes. All slated to be permanent, they consist of three solid shades and one special top coat which can be worn either solo or layered with other colours. In keeping with Mlle. Chanel’s classic colour theme of red, white, beige and black (only gold is not represented here), each hue is wearable and totally relatable, and while this top coat stands unique, be advised that it’s not without a learning curve. I do so love a beauty challenge …

Previously reviewed from this collection:

Le Top Coat Black Métamorphosis (CAN $32.00) | a translucent/sheer charcoal with CHANEL’s ultrafine “secret” shimmer that’s not really visible to the naked eye, but does add an overall depth of tone. The formula leans on the thick side and while workable, you do need to work quickly due to a slightly faster dry time, and have a steady hand during application. The bonus to this top coat, is that it can be worn on its own as a tint, or layered over anything else for a completely new colour combo. The most even look is achieved when it’s paired over a deeper shade, although I actually like the “smokey” effect it gives when layered over a lighter hue. I do admit that the latter look does take some getting used to, but it’s a fun and new way to change things up.

Swatches above are shown with 1, 2 & 3 coats respectively – no other top coat

Le Vernis Culte (CAN $32.00/each) | Three classic shades in CHANEL’s updated formula that work best when paired with the Le Gel Top Coat for a long-lasting glossy finish. As the brand’s nail polish range was revamped last year, you probably won’t find too many duplicates to compare to (with the exception of perhaps the red shade), which is a point scored in their favour. That said, I do feel that CHANEL needs to create a better brush, as that still seems to be a weakness with their lacquers.

Note: for the swatches below, the top row shows the shades on their own, while the bottom row is with 1 coat of Black Métamorphosis layered on top.

  • 548 Blanc White – a warm leaning sheer ivory, glossy finish, needs 3 coat for decent opacity (best layered over a ridge filling base coat to act as “undies”). Coats shown: 3
  • 556 Beige Beige – a peach/flesh toned nude, good opacity seen even by the 1st coat, excellent non-patchy formula. Coats shown: 2
  • 546 Rouge Red – a vivid pink/red hue in a crème-jelly hybrid formula, a plush cushiony look with a good opacity (slightly translucent with 1st layer). Coats shown: 2

The more I played with these shades, the more sense they made to me — in particular Lucia Pica’s vision of “lacquering”. Groundbreaking, they definitely are NOT and while we all probably have more than our share of white, beige and red polishes, I still appreciate the spin they’ve been given with the addition of this top coat. By the way, if Black Métamorphosis seems somewhat familiar, you may remember Dior’s Rock Coat released in Spring 2011 as part of the Rock Your Nails Collection — a shade that was obviously way ahead of its time.

Available now at all CHANEL counters


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a-england · Tennyson’s Romance



It’s no secret that one of my favourite nail polish brands is a-england, and not just for the absolutely stellar quality of the product. What makes this range a total stand-out for me, is how well thought-out and curated each collection is and the love with which founder Adina Bodana goes about in creating each shade. Inspired by her love of of Pre-Raphaelite art and literature, Tennyson’s Romance draws inspiration from a beloved poem of Adina’s, The Beggar Maid from Alfred, Lord Tennyson and brought to life by yet another of Adina’s favourites, the artist Edward Burne-Jones.

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The Beggar Maid (Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

Her arms across her breast she laid;
She was more fair than words can say:
Bare-footed came the beggar maid
Before the king Cophetua.
In robe and crown the king stept down,
To meet and greet her on her way;
“It is no wonder,” said the lords,
“She is more beautiful than day”.

As shines the moon in clouded skies,
She in her poor attire was seen:
One praised her ankles, one her eyes,
One her dark hair and lovesome mien:
So sweet a face, such angel grace,
In all that land had never been:
Cophetua sware a royal oath:
“This beggar maid shall be my queen!”


King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid by Edward Burne-Jones (1884)




The Beggar Maid | A steely grey base with olive undertones and a scattered holographic effect that gives off a slight pink shift under some lights. Self-levelling and almost a one-coat-wonder, this comes to a glossy finish.

Coats: 2, no top coat


Angel Grace | A vivid purple with a strong scattered holographic effect. A slightly thinner formula than The Beggar Maid, but bearing the same smooth application and shiny finish.

Coats: 2, no top coat


King Cophetua | Probably the black holographic shade to rule them all, the scattered effect here is beautifully rendered and this is truly a one-coat-wonder. Self-levelling and coming to a glossy finish, there’s no staining upon removal either.

Coats: 2, no top coat


In Robe And Crown | A rich burgundy hue with a scattered holographic effect, with a flawless application, glossy finish, and no staining upon removal. I’m all about the ‘banked embers’ look happening with this shade and love how complex it is.

Coats: 2, no top coat


Shall Be My Queen | A deep rose shade with a strong scattered holographic effect that applies almost fully opaque by the first layer. Self-levelling like the rest and coming to a glossy finish, with bonus no staining upon removal.

Coats: 2, no top coat


As passionate as I am about beauty, that also applies to literature and art which is why everything about the Tennyson’s Romance collection resonates so strongly with me. This is a perfect example of all the right ingredients colliding, and no one does that better than a-england. If I were to pick my faves, that would be The Beggar Maid, King Cophetua and In Robe and Crown — primarily because moody shades like that sit right in my wheelhouse. If you’ve yet to discover this brand, you really need to get on board because this is one unbelievably quality product that I honestly cannot recommend enough. Plus, just look at all this gorgeousness, am I right?

Visit a-england for retailers



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NARS x Sarah Moon Nail Lacquer, Holiday 2016




Just when I think that I’ve got the NARS philosophy pinned down, this brand comes out with yet another vision of beauty. Their latest to hit counters is the Sarah Moon x NARS Collection, a collaboration between this often-eclectic beauty brand and model-turned-fashion-photogrpaher Sarah Moon. Drawing heavily on iconic cinema for inspiration, the collection centres around a sultry red theme, a colour that’s not only absolutely perfect for the holidays but the only hue that can be at once sultry, mysterious, dangerous & sophisticated — perfectly exemplified by the three limited edition lacquers shown here.

As this is a fairly large collection, I’ve broken it down into several posts that I’ll be showing here, in order to give each gorgeous item its proper due — stay tuned for the rest.



photo by Sarah Moon (credit)


NARS x Sarah Moon Nail Lacquer, Holiday 2016


NARS x Sarah Moon Nail Lacquer, Holiday 2016



FlonFlons (CAN $31.00) | Described as “pink red”, I see this more as a true tomato red colour, bearing a hybrid crème-jelly formula that applies in a totally self-levelling way and leaving a high-gloss finish behind. Richly pigmented, opacity is wonderful even with the first coat, without displaying any of the spring-back effect normally seen with this type of polish. Relatively non-staining, I still wouldn’t skip base coat just the same. PS: how much fun is it to say “FlonFlons”?

Coats: 2, plus top coat


NARS x Sarah Moon Nail Lacquer · FlonFlons swatch



Never Tamed (CAN $31.00) | Described as “geranium”, that’s pretty much bang-on; a brick-red hue with a blueish undertone but that will still be equally wearable against warmer skin-tones as well. Bearing a lighter version of a crème-jelly formula, it applies smoothly and winds up super glossy. Displaying the thinnest flow of the threes, opacity is excellent just the same with the final look giving off a vintage Hollywood-glam vibe — think screen siren, and you’ll get the picture. Slightly less staining than FlonFlons, I still recommend applying base coat first.

Coats: 2, plus top coat


NARS x Sarah Moon Nail Lacquer · Never Tamed swatch



La Dame En Noir (CAN $31.00) | Described as “deep burgundy”, is once again totally accurate, although there’s a look of lush port wine to this hue as well. Bearing a similar formula to Never Tamed along with similar blue undertones in the base, this shade is the epitome of sexy vampiness; think of it as the adult version of the entire group, one that positively drips with sultriness and a bit of ooh-la-la, along with being the glossiest of the trio as well.

Coats: 2, plus top coat (although the latter is only there for protection, not shine)


NARS x Sarah Moon Nail Lacquer · La Dame En Noir swatch


NARS x Sarah Moon Nail Lacquer, Holiday 2016


In my opinion, red will always be a classic and regardless of how many trendy shades pop up, I always swing back to it. Granted, none of the hues here are groundbreaking in terms of colour and if you’re anything like me, you probably already own more than your share of reds. That being said, it comes down to formulation and this time around, NARS has nailed it; not only has application improved by light years compared to past iterations, but the brush is pretty amazing too — something I’ve had issues with in the past with this brand. So if you’re looking for that perfect red to flaunt for the holidays, you’ll definitely channel your inner Marilyn or Greta with this trio.

Available at The Bay, Sephora & online



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Dior · Diorific Vernis Splendor, Cosmic & Nova – Holiday Splendor 2016 Collection



Drawing inspiration from exquisite haute couture detailing, Dior has just launched the Splendor 2016 Collection for the holidays, filled with timeless & classic colours such as the nail shades shown here … then added a festive little twist to keep things unique. As in past holiday collections, these Diorific Vernis hues come housed in round retro-glam bottles with gold packaging, details that are totally not lost on a beauty obsessive such as myself.

I’ll be posting the rest of the collection in upcoming reviews — stay tuned as you won’t want to miss seeing any of it, believe me! For more behind-the-scenes-peeks, I welcome you to join me @ommorphia on any (or all!) of my other platforms: Instagram & InstaStories, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter.

∗Note that there are 2 more shades — 328 Golden and a pink hue that I believe won’t be released in Canada.


Dior · Diorific Vernis, Holiday Splendor 2016 Collection


Dior · Diorific Vernis, Holiday Splendor 2016 Collection


Dior · Diorific Vernis, Holiday Splendor 2016 Collection


001 Nova, limited edition (CAN $34.00) | Described as a “broken mirror top coat”, this little beauty is definitely the heart & star attraction of the three. Bearing a clear base, it’s filled with irregularly shaped iridescent shards. The formula leans on the thick side but is easy to apply and has the added advantage of not needing any fishing to get enough of the shimmery bits per brushful, although you may need to nudge a few strays in place (any that might stick out along the free nail edge or along the sides). Brilliantly reflective, you can wear Nova on its own or layered over EVERYTHING (seriously) and if you’re really looking to bring out its prismatic effect (especially with a darker colour underneath), try adding a matte top coat and then sit back to watch the magic happen. Relatively smooth to the touch, it becomes even more so with a regular top coat added.

Coats: 2, plus top coat


Dior · 001 Nova Diorific Vernis


Dior · 001 Nova Diorific Vernis swatches


850 Splendor, limited edition (CAN $34.00) | A rich deep garnet (red velvet?) hue filled with Dior’s iconic ultra fine shimmer in gold & red hues. Slightly cooler leaning due to the blue undertones in the base, Splendor is super colour-saturated — almost a one-coat-wonder. The shimmer is apparent regardless of lighting, and while more vivid in direct light, it still manages to provide a lush depth of tone to this colour even when seen indoors. Self-levelling with an excellent flow & opacity, and ultra glossy at the finish, it’s also relatively non-staining provided you apply base coat first.

Coats: 2, plus top coat (1 coat of Nova added then mattified in the last two swatches)


Dior · 850 Splendor Diorific Vernis


Dior · 850 Splendor Diorific Vernis swatch


Dior · 850 Splendor Diorific Vernis swatches, with 001 Nova (left) & mattified (right)


899 Cosmic, limited edition (CAN $34.00) | As someone who’s a huge fan of brooding darkling shades, Cosmic sits right in the heart of my colour wheelhouse. This is a blackened violet hue with grape undertones and chock-full of ultrafine shimmer in bronze and burgundy hues, of the type that Dior does so well. With an effortless application, the formula is smoothly laying and comes to a natural high-gloss finish — along with being relatively stain-free, provided you first add a base coat. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, I threw on a layer of Nova then took things to the next level by mattifying it all up, and I ended up with a major OMG moment. Just look at it; seriously frame-worthy.

Coats: 2, plus top coat (1 coat of Nova added then mattified in the last three swatches)


Dior · 899 Cosmic Diorific Vernis


Dior · 899 Cosmic Diorific Vernis swatches, with 001 Nova (right)


Dior · 899 Cosmic Diorific Vernis swatches with 001 Nova magnified (direct sunlight, right)


Dior · Diorific Vernis, Holiday Splendor 2016 Collection


You’ve probably heard me say this several times before, but Dior makes one of my favourite nail polish formulas and that also includes the three holiday versions shown here. The bottles are absolutely adorable and almost begged to be displayed (but a total pain to hold while trying to photograph them), with the brush being the only departure from that of the regular range, both in size/length of the wand and shape. Nevertheless, it still splays effortlessly along the nail and I actually think the shorter size makes it almost easier to maneuver — but I still prefer the usual format just the same. If you get nothing else (although good luck in picking just one), make sure you don’t miss out on Nova — I’m definitely planning on a back up.

Available at The Bay & select Dior counters nationwide



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CHANEL · Cheeks, Lips & Nails – Collection Libre de CHANEL



To harmonize with the more somber tones of the eye products in the collection, Lucia Pica selected a vibrant and fresh palette of colours for cheeks, lips, and nails. The theme of the Collection Libre Synthetic de CHANEL is all about the play of shadow & light, texture, and mood, revisited and reimagined in unique new forms. Then there’s that explosive blush shade … you won’t want to miss out on it, believe me.

Previously reviewed from this collection:



Collection Libre de CHANEL · Rianne Van Rompaey, photographed by Karim Sadli for CHANEL



CHANEL · Joues Contraste 360 Hyperfresh


Joues Contraste 360 Hyperfresh, limited edition (CAN $53.00) | Acting as a counterpoint to the more industrial-like shades of the eyes, this blush is like finding a flower blooming unexpectedly in concrete. A vivid and almost neon pink (neon + CHANEL … who would have thought?), this is an über-pigmented hue that needs a very light hand to start with. Bearing the brand’s signature rose fragrance which dissipates fairly quickly once applied, the texture is incredibly refined and appears flawless when buffed lightly into the skin. There’s the lightest whisper of gold thrown in (visible in the macro shots, below) to add a nice touch of warmth, thus making Hyperfresh wearable by a broad range of skin tones. Lasting power (over foundation) is bang on, staying true & without fading until removed.


CHANEL · Joues Contraste 360 Hyperfresh


CHANEL · Joues Contraste 360 Hyperfresh


CHANEL · Joues Contraste 360 Hyperfresh


CHANEL · Joues Contraste 360 Hyperfresh swatches


The only shade that come close to Hyperfresh from my collection of CHANEL blushes, is 270 Vibration (from Fall 2015, which I believe may no longer be available in Canada) and while both are bright pops of colour, there are still enough differences between them with Hyperfresh leaning slightly more peony pink.

As someone who tends to stick to coral-based blush shades, I was surprised to see that I owned 2 more neon-ish shades in my stash: Starscape (LE) from the NARS Christopher Kane Collection (Spring 2015) and Se Pomponner from Surratt Beauty. Again, while both of these are almost retina-searingly bright (especially when swatched heavily as I have here), neither is a match to Hyperfresh. Starscape, while extremely close, does appear to be a couple of degrees lighter & more true pink, while Se Pomponner is more blue-based and definitely the more vivid of them all. Quality-wise, apart from the fact that all are highly colour-saturated, they also display an extremely refined texture that makes them easy to blend seamlessly into the skin (just make sure to start off with a light hand).


CHANEL · Joues Contraste 360 Hyperfresh vs 270 Vibration swatches


CHANEL · 360 Hyperfresh, NARS Starscape & Surratt Beauty Se Pomponner swatches



CHANEL · Rouge Allure Gloss 137 Super Nude & Rouge Allure 247 Ultraberry


There are five lip products in this collection and I have my two favourites to show you here. Playing harmony to the more urban eye shades, both hues are fresh and easily wearable, while the textures offer up a smooth application and continuous hydrating feel to lips.

Rouge Allure Gloss 137 Super Nude, limited edition (CAN $43.00) – I have a total weakness for CHANEL glosses and in particular the Rouge Allure Gloss formula. There’s a nice thickness to the texture that helps it adhere well to lips without feeling tacky, seeming to level out and even fill in lip lines as it settles in. Super Nude is a beautiful mix of both cool & warm undertones which makes it universally wearable by all (without disappearing into one’s skin tone) and probably my fave neutral to date. Staying power is about average for a shade this light, approx. 3-4 hours without eating and/or drinking.

Rouge Allure 247 Ultraberry, limited edition (CAN $43.00) – Having been revamped over a year ago, the Rouge Allure formula provides excellent colour saturation with a rich moisturizing feel. Ultraberry is one of those wine/berry shades that can be worn several ways; lightly blotted to give that “bitten” effect, or layered for more depth of tone. Do note that it will leave a light stain behind, which in itself can also be yet another cool look to this shade.


CHANEL · Rouge Allure Gloss 137 Super Nude swatch


CHANEL · Rouge Allure 247 Ultraberry swatch


chanel-holiday-2016-nail-polish-1CHANEL · Le Vernis 540 Liquid Mirror, 542 Pink Rubber & 544 Hyperrose Glass



The three nail shades of this collection (CAN $32.00/limited edition) each offer up a unique look and texture, and can even be mixed and matched (as seen in the swatches below).

542 Pink Rubber – a white based pale pink hue that has the finest pearly shimmer (seen more in direct sunlight) that applies in a self-levelling way but will probably show some patchiness with the first coat. Giving this shade a ‘rubberized’ finish takes it from dainty to something a lot more modern & unique, and also eliminates the need for using a matte top coat (I do love a matte nail). As seen in the swatches below, adding a glossy top coat (Le Gel Coat used here) gives a more classic look, while a layer of Hyperrose Glass gives a playful twist.

544 Hyperrose Glass – a semi-transparent cool pink hue with blue pearl reflects (and even some random darker pink pieces) in a super glossy jelly-like formula. Worn alone, 1 coat provides a pretty pink flush of colour while 2 coats gives a more colour depth, although don’t expect it to reach opacity any time soon. Layering Hyperrose Glass over other shades creates unique new colour combos, thus adding to its versatility.

540 Liquid Mirror – a dark silver metallic (with a grey/steely undertone) in a formula that’s not without it’s share of issues. On the plus side, the colour saturation is intense enough that you get great opacity even by the first coat, but you’ll need a very steady hand to minimize visible brush strokes. Some lines will level out as the polish dries, but do note that it will be impossible to eliminate them all. Another option is to add a layer of Hyperrose Glass which will not only camouflage some of the more obvious lines, but also provide a really cool mauve-y overtone. Apparently the inspiration here lies in the mirrored look and lines of urban skyscrapers and while I appreciate the imagery, I personally don’t feel it’s one that translates as well worn along the nails.


CHANEL · Le Vernis 542 Pink Rubber swatches (natural light & direct sunlight)


CHANEL · Le Vernis 542 Pink Rubber swatches (with top coat & 544 Hyperrose Glass)


CHANEL · Le Vernis 544 Hyperrose Glass


CHANEL · Le Vernis 544 Hyperrose Glass swatches (natural light & direct sunlight)


CHANEL · Le Vernis 540 Liquid Mirror


CHANEL · Le Vernis 540 Liquid Mirror swatches (direct sunlight & with Hyperrose Glass)


Apart from the fact that this collection is not overwhelmingly large (as so many other holiday collections tend to be), I’m really liking the sophisticated direction CHANEL has taken. As seen in my previous post, the eyes were all about strong & graphic colours, while here the lips, cheeks & nails serve to soften up any harsh edges. Neon pink is not a shade I’d normally reach for but here’s the thing: a light wash of Hyperfresh serves to totally brighten up the face while also adding a youthful hue, and that touch is always welcome. Both Super Nude and Ultraberry are drop-dead stunning and wearable; enough said. As to the nails, I applaud the mix of textures and and I’m having fun with both Pink Rubber and Hyperrose Glass, but Liquid Mirror just didn’t make the grade as far as I’m concerned, and that’s with bringing my considerable polishing skills to the table. I’m not giving up on it yet, however, as I not only love the colour but the name too; I still have a few more tricks up my sleeve to try!

Available November 1 at all CHANEL beauty counters



Press samples/As always, all opinions are my own