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My Fave Summer Glow Makeup Products


It’s now September, but I’m still keeping that summer glow alive with the help of these fave ‘enhancers’ and when combined with a bit of bronzer, the result is just fab. No need for self-tanner either (although that’s also a really great option) and the best part? It’s super easy and can be customized for every skin tone and using products you may already have.



NARS · 2021 Orgasm On The Beach Collection



Inspired by their cult-fave blush, NARS has released the limited edition Orgasm On The Beach Collection for summer 2021. And even if the name weren’t enough to seduce you (but I mean … COME on …), or if you’ve yet to try your first NARS Orgasm, then here’s your chance to get it on. Ok … I’ll stop with the double-entendres now (maybe).



NARS · Euphoria Collection 2021





Is it just me, or does NARS seem to fly under everyone’s radar? Case in point is the Euphoria Collection released for spring 2021 … a collection, I might add, that I actually hadn’t heard much about it landed at my doorstep a few days ago. Personally, I absolutely adore everything about this brand — from the beautifully crafted packaging, the quality of the products, and the names (hello, Orgasm anyone?). And since I also love a good beauty surprise, this collection has totally checked



NARS Summer Solstice 2021 Collection





A few weeks ago, NARS launched the Summer Solstice Collection for 2021, and I have to say, it’s a good one. Damn good, in fact. True to François Nars’ aesthetic, both pieces come housed in stunning packaging that definitely compliments what’s on the inside. Spoiler: these palettes absolutely deliver.



New from NARS: The Claudette Collection



I am very lucky to have an extremely beautiful, glamorous, and elegant mother on whom I was always able to practice makeup” — François Nars.

In homage to his absolutely gorgeous mother — who also happens to serve as one of his muses, François Nars was inspired to create The Claudette Collection, Claudette Says. All I can say, is that if his mom is anything to go by, then the hype about Parisian women is most definitely real. I mean, just look at her!