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New from NARS: The Claudette Collection

I am very lucky to have an extremely beautiful, glamorous, and elegant mother on whom I was always able to practice makeup” — François Nars.

In homage to his absolutely gorgeous mother — who also happens to serve as one of his muses, François Nars was inspired to create The Claudette Collection, Claudette Says. All I can say, is that if his mom is anything to go by, then the hype about Parisian women is most definitely real. I mean, just look at her!


Celebrate with the NARS Chinese New Year 2021 Collection!

NARS has just released a capsule collection to celebrate the 2021 Chinese New Year, and I’m most definitely here for it. What I love best about this collection? In one word: EVERYTHING.


New! NARS Climax Extreme Collection 2020

Well known as enjoying shaking up the beauty industry, NARS has just released the Climax Extreme Collection which builds on the success of the brand’s Climax Mascara which launched in 2018 (previously reviewed here). After having played around with these pieces for a while now, I can definitely say that they’re both very well deserving of their rather provocative names …wink, wink.


NARS · The Bronzing Collection – Part 2

Last month I treated myself to 3 products from NARS’ The Bronzing 2020 Collection that I had scored at the Sephora sale, and today’s post adds to that with several new launches. The very first bronzer I ever bought was the brand’s cult-fave Laguna and while my bronzer collection has since grown, it’s one I still reach for today … along with all its subsequent iterations, of course.


NARS · Orgasm X Collection

Back in 1999, François Nars caused quite the stir in the beauty world with the release of the provocatively named Orgasm blush and now 21 years later, he’s taking things up a notch with the launch of the Orgasm X Collection. Basically, you might think of these pieces as multiple “O’s” for the face … and yes, I went there.