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NARS · Liquid Blush Collection


With the recent launch of NARS’ Liquid Blush Collection, the brand has managed to create a whole new cheek experience and these lovelies have quickly become the ones I reach for first, I might add. As Summer and warmer weather approaches, the last thing I want is to apply anything heavy on my face and these blushes are redefining what it means for makeup to look ‘natural’; I like to think of them as the perfect flushes of colour (oh, and how gorg is the press box they came in?).



NARS · Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer Collection


I have a special affinity to certain products, whether it’s because there was some event happening in my life at the time that makes them special to me, or simply because they have proven themselves time after time; NARS’ Laguna is one such product, being the very first bronzer I ever used. So how do you improve on an icon? For starters you create a few more shades, give the surface powder a new look, and then add a little magic to the formula and … voilà! Sun Diffusing Bronzer is born.



NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg Hydrating Glow Tint & Nuit d’Encre Kohliner, Summer 2017 Collection


The last instalment of my NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg Summer Collection series is the limited edition Hydrating Glow Tint — a product that’s pretty much in a category all its own, being neither a foundation nor a BB/CC/DD (or any other letter of the alphabet) cream but something almost hybrid-like, inspired by Charlotte’s signature effortless fresh-faced style. Also squeaked into today’s post is Nuit d’Encre, the Kohliner shade that had been missing in my first review … and now my OCD self is happy that the set’s complete.



NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg Au Poil Brush Roll, Summer 2017 Collection


You guys know I’m all about makeup brushes and something I’ve stated often enough bears repeating: your makeup will only look as good as the tools used to apply it with. And while frequently us consumers get suckered into paying top dollar for something we assume will be good — then turns out to be a dud — is happily NOT the case here. Being a makeup master, you can bet that François Nars turned the same attention used in creating his colour cosmetics to crafting his brushes, then he went and dialled everything up a few notches with the release of this Au Poil Brush Roll.

Side note: pronounced phonetically as “O pwall”, this is a bit of a play on words; ‘poil’ is French for hair which obviously references the brush bristles, but the term ‘Au Poil’ is also French slang for everything being ‘spot-on’. Well played, M. Nars.



NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg Summer 2017 Collection


There’s something about François Nars that I really admire, and apart from his obvious makeup artistry & photography skills, it’s without a doubt the fact that he doesn’t compromise his aesthetic vision for the sake of what’s trending. This latest collaboration with French actress/singer/model/muse Charlotte Gainsbourg is a testament to this philosophy, showcasing a selection of products which reflects this icon’s effortless laissez-faire beauty chic — and all without fanfare, bells, or whistles.