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New Year 2013 mani in luxe Black & Gold

New Year mani (opener)


The days following Christmas and right before New Year’s Eve found me in a bit of a dilemma; what to wear on my nails to usher in 2013. First World Problems, I know.

I wanted something unique, but not outrageous. Age appropriate, but not ageing. Sophisticated, sexy, unique & fun – all at the same time. My last criteria, was that it had to be easy to execute, as I had a family lunch planned for New Year’s day to still prepare for, and my time was rather limited. Oh yeah … I wanted to post something I hadn’t shown yet on the blog. When I factored in that I would be wearing black & gold, the solution hit me immediately:

OPI’s ‘Black Spotted’ layered over ‘Goldeneye’ from the Skyfall Collection (previously reviewed here) with Cirque Colors ‘Au’ (previously reviewed here) layered over a-england’s ‘Camelot’ (previously reviewed here) on the accent fingers. Black & Gold, but done in non-traditional manner with an edgy twist for interest and exactly the statement I was searching for to represent the gilded promise of the New Year. Plus, it looked really cool.

*Please note that OPI’s ‘Black Spotted’ was a limited edition France exclusive released last summer – I’m so grateful to my Fairy Lélie of The Purple Fairy Book for snagging this original beauty for me! 

All swatches are with a-england’s The Knight Base Coat and The Shield Top Coat.

New Year mani

For all fingers except the ring finger
: I applied 3 thin coats of ‘Goldeneye’ followed by an really thin layer of ‘Black Spotted’. It should be noted that you need to play with ‘Black Spotted’ in order to get the proportions right; too thick a coat and the effect is almost non-existent, too scant and the look becomes runny & diluted. I found the best way was to wipe the brush against the neck of the bottle until it seemed just this side of dry – you could always apply a touch more if needed.

The ring finger: 2 coats of ‘Camelot’ followed by 1 coat of ‘Au’

OPI Black Spotted & Goldeneye

OPI’s Black Spotted (France exclusive) & Goldeneye (Skyfall Collection)

a-england Camelot & Cirque Au

a-england ‘Camelot’ & Cirque Colors ‘Au’

New Year mani swatch

New Year 2013 mani

New Year mani swatch 2

New Year 2013 mani

New Year mani macro

New Year 2013 mani – macro


Final thoughts: I really wish my photos could show you what I saw; how ‘Goldeneye’s’ luxe hue totally gleamed under the undulating waves of ‘Black Spotted’, and looked almost multi-dimensional. The infinite blackness of ‘Camelot’ – and if you don’t own this already, you absolutely should as it’s the most incredible black shade available: creamy, glossy, a possible 1-coater & completely non-staining – enhancing each & every single 23k gold flake of ‘Au’ … absolutely stunning, but in a totally understated way. Yes, everything about my New Year mani is what I’m hoping 2013 will be: brilliant but with a touch of mystery, unique different from what came before, and filled with the promise of prosperity!

New Year mani (closer)




*Disclaimer: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

Happy New Year 2013!



Another year has come to a close, and my thoughts turn towards what’s to be – but I can’t help but be filled with a sense of anticipation, which makes no sense, as ultimately it’s just another day, right? And yet … some habits are just ingrained, I guess.

Because of all you fabulous people that take the time to stop by and read my little slice of the beauty world, I’ve managed to hit another personal milestone: over 2 million visits to date – a stunning result that truly humbles me. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for making me feel so appreciated.

I have tons of plans and dreams for 2013, but as I’m not really a “resolutions” type person, I’ve decided to not bother with listing a bunch of things I probably won’t end up doing anyway, and spend more time in refining my personal blog style – finally putting into action all the ideas racing through my head. I also have a couple of projects that I’ve been quietly working on for several months now, and early in the new year, I’m planning on a big reveal … fingers crossed!

Therefore, I raise my glass to you all and leave you with wishes of great health, peace of spirit, and joy in all you do. Massive panda hugs! 

Cheers and a truly Happy New Year!





Happy New Year 2012 !


As 2011 comes to a close and 2012 about to burst onto the scene, I want to take this opportunity to wish all my beauties my absolute most heart-felt wishes for the New Year … and a huge “thank you”!

This past year brought me so many changes, and even though I experienced some difficult moments in my life, I also found great joy in continuing to blog about my passion (beauty, naturally!), learning how to properly use Twitter (!), and creating such amazing bonds of friendship with fellow bloggers, as well as many awesome readers.

I look forward to not only many more beauty adventures and experiences, but continuing to improve myself on so many levels, and while I don’t personally believe in “resolutions”, I will be doing my best to always offer up the best that I can!

So I will be raising a glass to you all, and wish everyone great health, much joy & passion in all you do, and an absolutely spectacular 2012!

Tons of Hugs! xox





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Happy New Year 2011 !!!


As one year comes to a close and a new one begins, my wish for all of you is that you take the time to learn from the lessons of the past but don’t let them chain you to the future; go ahead and carve your own way, be adventurous in mind, body & spirit and enjoy everything that life has to offer….it’s a beautiful thing! I’ve never been a big fan of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’; I would much rather have things to look forward to instead of  busting myself up on things I need to change!

Be safe, surrounded by warmth, laughter & love and raise a glass to new beginnings!

My deepest gratitude and thanks to everyone who has joined me on this journey (and welcome any future fellow travellers!) and has helped to make this such great fun & such a success…I toast you all and wish you prosperity, joy & continued good health!

To the future……and all future cosmetics & nail polish collections….and beyond!!

much love – Eugenia xox




*New Year photo courtesy of Rightnreal