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New OPI · Muse of Milan Collection Fall 2020

Even though my favourite season is summer, I confess that fall beauty offerings make me happy; maybe because it’s the season where we invest in all things cozy, and I’m all about that vibe. OPI’s Muse of Milan Collection for Fall 2020 draws its inspiration from fashion runways (which continue to be virtual, thanks to our new reality), but I’ll happily make do with these gorgeous autumnal shades.


OPI · Mexico City Collection

I feel like it’s been ages since I last did an OPI review and from the moment I received the Mexico City Collection, I just knew it needed to be shown in all its glory. After the long & hard winter we just experienced followed by the pandemic + subsequent travel lockdown, I figure this is one trip we can all enjoy … plus how uplifting is all this colour? ❤️


OPI · Iceland Collection, Fall/Winter 2017


Before going to Iceland became the “IT travel destination”, this country with its ethereal beauty has long been on my bucket list of places to visit. As a Québecer/Canadian, I’m pretty sure I can handle the wintry climate there with ease, but something tells me that I’ll be too busy staring at all the incredible vistas to notice the weather (case in point: the stunning images of Iceland, below). As far as Fall/Winter themes go, OPI couldn’t have chosen better — this Iceland Collection is what Ice Queen dreams are made of. Even the name sounds romantic, no?



OPI | Infinite Shine Summer 2016 Collection

OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016 opener

For Summer 2016, OPI has launched 6 new shades in their Infinite Shine gel-lacquer formula that range from a white-based blush to a soft tan, hues that are not only classics and staples in anyone’s nail polish wardrobe but that also reflect some of the trends seen on the latest runway shows.

The Summer 2016 Collection (CAN $16.95/each) is tailor made for a neutral-lover such as myself; these goof-proof colours not only go with everything but also seems to enhance one’s hands, making fingers appear longer and ballerina-elegant. The Infinite Shine system is a meant to provide that gel effect without the need of any curing via led lamp (it uses natural light to achieve similar results) and is a 3-step affair; to get the best performance from these shades, it’s suggested to first start with the Infinite Shine Primer, followed by your shade of choice, then you finally top everything off with the Infinite Shine Gloss. For review purposes, I skipped both the Primer and Gloss but was nevertheless quite impressed by the natural glossy finish of all shades.


OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016

OPI | Infinite Shine Summer 2016 Collection

OPI No Strings Attached swatch

No Strings Attached | A soft greige-y nude with a pink undertone in a medium-thick formula that shows some patchiness upon the first coat. The only finicky shade of the bunch, I suggest applying 3 thin layers for the best coverage (unless you’re not as anal about things like that as I am, in which case 2 coats will do fine). The bonus is that as the polish sets, it seems to magically self-level imperfections and thus ending out quite even.

Coats: 3 (as thin as I could get them)

OPI Staying Neutral On This One swatch

Staying Neutral On This One | A white based nude with blush undertones in a thinner formula than No Stings Attached, and therefore much easier to work with. With an excellent flow & opacity, this shade is a fabulous alternative to wearing a straight-up white polish, and I’d say suitable for a broader range of skin tones as well.

Coats: 2

OPI Don't Ever Stop! swatch

Don’t Ever Stop! | A ‘doll-skin’ peachy nude with the same (and easier to apply) thinner texture to the formula as that of Staying Neutral On This One. Warmer-leaning in nature, this shade is still light enough that it will be universally wearable by all; also looks totally amazing as a pedi shade, especially against a light tan.

Coats: 2

OPI Can't Stop Myself swatch

Can’t Stop Myself | Pale apricot cream nude in a stellar formula: smooth flow, easy application, no patchiness/streaking and coming to a self-levelling glossy finish. I confess that at first I was ready to dismiss this colour as so totally not my type, but there’s this hard to pin down unique look to this shade that I surprisingly  & absolutely LOVE! (As a sidenote, Kylie Jenner recently posted pics of herself wearing a shade that looks exactly like this)

Coats: 2 (easy-peasy, at that)

OPI Hurry Up & Wait swatch

Hurry Up & Wait | A dusky rose nude (antiqued?) in a hybrid crème-jelly formula that leaves behind that plush & cushiony look at the finish. With a better application and colour saturation than No Strings Attached, I have to say that I’m not exactly a fan of how this shade looks on me (might be due to my tan ∗shrugs∗), although I can’t fault how beautifully it applies.

Coats: 2

OPI No Stopping Zone swatch

No Stopping Zone | A soft caramel nude in a crème-jelly hybrid formula and while definitely warm-leaning, I suspect it will look pretty amazing against a wide range of skin tones. A great tan hue for the über-fair and the perfect ‘mannequin-hands’ shade for those with medium to darker complexions.

Coats: 2


Has OPI redefined the wheel with this collection? Obviously not, but what makes this small range stand out is the formula. With the exception of No Strings Attached (although I do love love love the colour) that didn’t seem to match up to the rest as far as ease of application goes (for all I know, it may have been just a batch issue), these are by far the easiest nudes I’ve worn to date and while the cooler end of the colour spectrum may not be as well represented, my thoughts are that each and every one of these can be made to work on pretty much everyone. An added bonus to using the 3-step system, is that you get super long lasting and chip-free wear … always a welcome touch.

Available through salons & spas nationwide & The Bay – More info via OPI


OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016 closer


OPI items provided courtesy of the team for review consideration

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OPI | Designer Series 2015 Charcoal & Imperial

OPI DS 2015 opener


For 2015, OPI has added two new shades to their Designer Series (DS), Charcoal – a colour shifting hue (that also totally reminds me of a gasoline spill looking at it in the bottle – love!) and Imperial – a majestic & royal purple, if ever there was one. Viewing a wall of OPI goodness, it’s easy to spot the DS shades thanks to their silver caps – although you do have to look (and grab) quick, as they seem to sell out lightning-fast.

OPI DS 2015 duo 3

OPI | Designer Series 2015 Charcoal & Imperial

OPI DS 2015 duo

OPI | Designer Series 2015 Charcoal & Imperial

OPI DS 2015 duo 2

OPI | Designer Series 2015 Charcoal & Imperial

OPI DS Charcoal

DS Charcoal | OPI describes this as a “jaded smoke with hints of violet” and while that seems about right, it’s also WAY more than that. To my eyes, this is a rather shifty mix of pewter/grey, purple, teal & bronze, and depending on the light + angle of your hand, you will see one or more of the afore-mentioned colours. With a self-levelling application, as well as perfect density & flow (which means it won’t pool around the cuticles), Charcoal displays an excellent opacity and if you load your brush up, you can probably get away with one coat – although I suggest 2 thinner ones instead for an even better look. The finish is unique as well, with its buttery satin matte tone (so hard to capture in photos, but trust me when I say it’s actually perfectly smooth when seen in person), while adding a top coat (as seen in the last swatch photo) takes things to a whole other level and really brings out the prismatic effect. Bonus: ombré nails without any extra effort. What can I say? There’s a lot of love for this magical shade. A lot.


OPI DS Charcoal macro

OPI | DS Charcoal

OPI DS Charcoal swatch 1

OPI | DS Charcoal swatch

OPI DS Charcoal swatch 2

OPI | DS Charcoal swatch (macro)

OPI DS Charcoal swatch 3

OPI | DS Charcoal swatch (alternate angle)

OPI DS Charcoal swatch 4

OPI | DS Charcoal swatch (with top coat)

OPI DS Imperial

DS Imperial | A deep & rich magenta violet shade, filled with ultra finely ground shimmer (seen in the bottle), that seems to play more of a supporting overall role in the final look. Self-levelling as well, the application is somewhat semi-sheer at first coat, but reaches full opacity by the second – and also comes to the same satin matte finish as Charcoal. I confess that I originally dismissed this shade as ‘been there, done that’ — but that was BEFORE I actually swatched it; then, it was more ‘WHOA’. I’m also a little confused (but in a good way) by Imperial – mainly because once applied, it seems to morph into more than just your average purple lacquer, at times looking vivid then with a flick of the hand, becoming more grape-like and deep. Interesting how OPI managed to create a colour-shifting shade without the usual holographic/prismatic-ness associated with that effect. Like a mood polish, if you will. Adding top coat (as seen in the last two swatch photos) not only brings out that shy inner shimmer, but also creates a moiré pattern. Ok, so I love this one too.
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OPI DS Imperial swatch 1

OPI | DS Imperial swatch

OPI DS Imperial swatch 2

OPI | DS Imperial swatch (macro)

OPI DS Imperial swatch 3

OPI | DS Imperial swatch (with top coat)

OPI DS Imperial swatch 4

OPI | DS Imperial swatch (alternate angle, with top coat)


These are both spectacular, and if you can get your hands on them, I say DO IT. Don’t even hesitate, just grab. And yes, as with previous DS shades that OPI has released, both Charcoal and Imperial are limited edition. Le sigh……

Available now through OPI retailers and fine salons. Find more information via
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OPI DS 2015 closer


Press samples kindly provided for my unbiased consideration