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CHANEL · Nº5 L’Eau All-Over Spray & On Hand Cream


I’ve always been that girl who has wanted so badly to wear CHANEL’s original Nº5 perfume, but have never been able to — although I’m still holding out hope for a future point where the two of us will see eye to eye. That’s why when Nº5 L’Eau launched in 2016, my prayers were answered: here was a Nº5 version that fitted me perfectly. For Summer 2018, Olivier Polge, the ‘nose’ behind this iteration, has created a fun new way to sport this fresh scent, launching the All-Over Spray and matching Hand On Cream … and I’m betting that both are going to be spot-on perfect for the season.



Some Fresh Beauty Skincare & Hand Care products to discover


I woke up this morning to discover a snowy wonderland outside my window (Winter, you can honestly leave now …) and figured what would be more appropriate on a day like today, than some personalized spa time? Fresh Beauty, while a brand that’s not exactly new to me, is also a range I haven’t fully explored until lately and so today I’m chose to show some recent discoveries that my skin & I have quickly come to absolutely love. That doesn’t sound too weird, does it?

By the way, I listed several of the products seen in this post in my skincare series that I posted on my Insta Story — you can catch it all on my highlights (@ommorphia under the skin care tab in my bio).



Caudalie & L’Occitane Gift Sets


As I sit to write this post, Christmas is only 6 days away and my shopping has been completed early for the first time ever — until I realized I still needed stocking stuffers and a few extra hostess gifts. Enter Caudalie and L’Occitane to the rescue with their awesome Gift Sets to save the day … and my sanity.



Clarisonic Mia Fit & Sonic Foundation Brush


There are days when I wrestle with what I want to talk about, and other times it just comes so easy; today’s post falls in the later category. Several weeks ago when this Clarisonic Mia Fit arrived, I immediately jumped all over the Foundation Brush attachment and couldn’t wait to try it and see what all the fuss was about. And because I’m a skincare fiend, I was chomping at the bit to take everything right off by using the included Cleansing Brush. So basically, I spent a few days going back & forth like that and while this was done in the name of proper testing, I confess to having had way too much fun in the process.



Dior Prestige · La Micro-Huile de Rose


I’m one of those; the type that actually loves skincare rituals, finding something soothing and therapeutic in all the layering & slathering — both morning and night. Let’s face it; the better you take care of your skin, the more it will reward you i.e.: your complexion stays healthy and makeup usually applies better as well, but I have another reason for indulging: as I’ve gotten older and pesky lines & wrinkles have made their [unwelcome] appearance, it’s become more about trying as many non-invasive methods to maintain my skin as I can. That’s where La Micro-Huile de Rose from Dior Prestige comes in. A luxury product from a luxury brand, but is it worth the luxury price? Let’s see …