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Jouviance · Contour+ Sculpting Gel Concentrate


Filed under strange but true facts: when most people think of skincare, they rarely include the neck (or décolletage) in their daily regimen, but believe it or not, those are areas that show some of the most obvious signs of skin aging. Also, thanks to the digital age we currently live in, “tech-neck” is now a thing. And I don’t mean that in a positive way, either — but stay with me here, because there’s hope on the horizon. For Day 2 of my skincare series and from the brand that continues to earn my loyalty thanks to some totally kick-ass (and affordable) products, comes the new Contour+ Scuplting Gel Concentrate, specifically created for the afore-mentioned areas. Cue the angelic choir …



Dior · Capture Youth Serums & Age-Delay Advanced Cream


Today marks Day 1 of “skincare week” (I recently put out a poll on my Insta Stories asking if you guys would like me to do something like this, and the answer was a resounding YES! By the way, if you’re not already following, come join me on Instagram @ommorphia so you don’t miss out on all the latest beauty & skincare news!) and I’m starting things off with the Capture Youth Collection, one of Dior’s latest — and in my opinion — most unique skincare launches to date. In fact, taking care of your skin just got that much more personal, thanks to these incredible serums.



CHANEL · Nº5 L’Eau All-Over Spray & On Hand Cream


I’ve always been that girl who has wanted so badly to wear CHANEL’s original Nº5 perfume, but have never been able to — although I’m still holding out hope for a future point where the two of us will see eye to eye. That’s why when Nº5 L’Eau launched in 2016, my prayers were answered: here was a Nº5 version that fitted me perfectly. For Summer 2018, Olivier Polge, the ‘nose’ behind this iteration, has created a fun new way to sport this fresh scent, launching the All-Over Spray and matching Hand On Cream … and I’m betting that both are going to be spot-on perfect for the season.



Some Fresh Beauty Skincare & Hand Care products to discover


I woke up this morning to discover a snowy wonderland outside my window (Winter, you can honestly leave now …) and figured what would be more appropriate on a day like today, than some personalized spa time? Fresh Beauty, while a brand that’s not exactly new to me, is also a range I haven’t fully explored until lately and so today I’m chose to show some recent discoveries that my skin & I have quickly come to absolutely love. That doesn’t sound too weird, does it?

By the way, I listed several of the products seen in this post in my skincare series that I posted on my Insta Story — you can catch it all on my highlights (@ommorphia under the skin care tab in my bio).



Caudalie & L’Occitane Gift Sets


As I sit to write this post, Christmas is only 6 days away and my shopping has been completed early for the first time ever — until I realized I still needed stocking stuffers and a few extra hostess gifts. Enter Caudalie and L’Occitane to the rescue with their awesome Gift Sets to save the day … and my sanity.