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UNT – nail polish swatches & review


For those unfamiliar with the name, Ünt is a broad range cosmetics brand that hails from Taiwan. The name “Ünt” is abbreviated from ‘untitled’ because in the company’s own words “we believe that beauty cannot be represented by one verbal expression alone. Also, we feel that UNT cannot relate to just one form of beauty“.  Founded in 2004 and based on the philosophy that skin care should not be a luxury, that all people deserve healthy and comfortable skin equally, and that every product should have a purpose for skin“, they persist in developing only medical grade skin care products that deliver visible results and at a price that is affordable to the mass market.

Today I am showing you 4 lacquers from their quite large range which includes not only elegant neutrals, demure pinks, classic reds and eclectic hues, but also the more edgier glitter polishes that are popular now, as well as trendy shades.  ‘Taupe of the World, ‘Peephole’ & ‘Paris Olala!’ are from their Élie Ledoux Collection, which channels 1950’s glamorous Paris.  ‘Time Traveller’ is from their Pink Reverie Collection.  All swatches are with Sèche Natural base coat and 3 coats of polish, no top coat.



First up is ‘Taupe of the World’ (GD015), a cream latte coloured hue. It also shows some dusky mauve undertones and in some lights, takes on the appearance of a wet cement hue…spot on trend! This shade is very close to Essies’s ‘Chinchilly’, but perhaps a tone apart (will need to swatch to compare).  I found that the formula was the thickest on this one and I really should have waited just a bit longer between coats, but it applied very easily and was rather self-levelling. The brush is short and flexible and easy to use as well. What astounded me was the insanely glossy finish; very mirror-like.



For this next shade, ‘Time Traveller’ (PR075), I just had to show it to you in several pictures to truly do it justice!  This is a sheer black jelly base, with tons of silver glitter and larger hexagonal holographic glitter thrown in. In darker lighting, you don’t see the holographic glitter but the galactic reference is clearly visible.  Take this baby out into sunlight however, and I promise you that you will be absolutely mesmerized by the prismatic effect! The formula was wonderful, being neither too thick or thin and while I didn’t use a top coat for the pictures, it was not as bumpy as most glitters tend to be. With a top coat added (for experimentation purposes), the surface was perfectly smooth. Once again, the shine was outstanding and the best part? This was hands down the easiest glitter polish I’ve ever had to remove. Please click to enrage the photos to see the multi coloured holographic glitter.


in sunlight

in natural light


‘Peephole’ (GD070) — is this name not the bawdiest? I love it! — is a deep eggplant hue, with a dark amethyst base.  In darker lighting it takes on an almost black look, but always with purple glints shining through, while in sunlight, it just looks like the richest & most regal purple you’ve ever seen. It reached full opacity by the 2nd coat, but I applied 3 on all swatches to make it equitable. The formula was lovely as well, with the dry time quite quick and of course….that glossy shine! Without having swatched them to be sure, Peephole looks to me to be a dead on dupe for OPI’s SIberian Nights from their Russian Collection (2007).



The last shade I have to show you is once again from their Élie Ledoux Collection and is called ‘Paris Olala!’ (GD055).  This is a blue based red, with intensely bright hot pink undertones, making it a true scarlet shade.  The colour is perfectly creamy and the formula was so easy to work with. There is nothing quite like red nails to bring out your inner sexy siren, and this one does not disappoint! Beautifully vibrant without looking garish and with that incredibly glossy finish….a perfect ‘man-magnet’! The swatched picture shows the true bottle shade, as my photos of it tend to give it a more orangey tone…sorry!

Final thoughts: while new to me, I can honestly say that I have been totally impressed with this brand on many levels, from their broad product range of polishes, their excellent customer service and their quick delivery.  Speaking of delivery, Ünt offers free world-wide shipping and their prices are right in line with their philosophy, with their nail lacquers retailing for CAD $8.91.  The quality is excellent and I cannot gush enough about the incredible glossy finish of their polishes.  All Ünt lacquers are free from harmful toxins (no toluene, DBP or formaldehyde) and are not tested on animals. Please visit their website to purchase their products, view the full range and get more information on everything else they have to offer, at .







*Disclaimer:  Product was provided for my unbiased consideration by the company