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Urban Decay · Vice Special Effects Lip Topcoat


Most likely drawing inspiration from nail polish toppers, Urban Decay has recently released 12 shades of Vice Special Effects Lip Topcoat that aim to give your pout that little extra brilliant kick. As someone who tends to stick to low-maintenance neutrals/nudes, I usually reach for a red shade when looking to amp up my lipstick game, but I have to admit that these toppers are are insanely cool-looking, loads of fun, and a great way to instantly transform any shade of lipstick. Plus I honestly can’t resist a bit of sparkle …



Urban Decay · Primer Sprays, Complexion Primers & Setting Sprays


Colour cosmetics may grab the lion’s share of attention, but let’s not forget about the soldiers working behind the scenes keeping everything in check, and to that end Urban Decay has recently launched an entire platoon (almost) of products that are there to support all your efforts. In addition, as the weather warms up that also means prom & wedding season will soon be upon us and THAT’s when you’ll want to be sure your makeup stays put … even if nothing else does.



Urban Decay · Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow


My first post of 2017 is going off-planet (#couldntresist) with the recently launched Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow shades from Urban Decay. These latest additions to the Moondust family are cream eyeshadows filled with microfine iridescence + crazy 3D metallics, with eight shades to have fun with that are just perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your makeup look, regardless if it’s a special occasion or not (preferably NOT).



Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow (CAN $29.00/each) | Housed in transparent tubes which makes it easy to see the shade you’re reaching for, the applicator is a small and pointed brush that is relatively easy to use and especially useful when going for a more precise application (as eyeliner, perhaps). The formula flows well and even though the glitter in a few shades feels slightly “grittier”, it’s quite negligible really. The press release states that once applied, ‘you have about 30 seconds to blend them out … once dry, they won’t budge or crease’. Ummmm…..not quite.

As seen in the swatches below, you can apply a thick layer of each shade for more impact and depth of tone, or sheer them out for a watercolour-type effect. One warning: if your lids tend to get oily (like mine), do NOT skip primer as they will not only crease, but basically disappear right off. Worn with primer first and then applied over eye shadow, I absolutely love how they look and these are now hands down my new favourite shimmers when I’m looking for a truly out-of-this-world effect.



  • Solstice – pink/red with green 3D sparkle & shift
  • Zap – gold with tonal sparkle
  • Zodiac – smoky black with blue/green shift & blue/green 3D sparkle
  • Recharged – peach with pink shift & sparkle
  • Vega – bright blue with iridescent sparkle
  • Chem Trail – oyster with iridescent sparkle
  • Spacetime – deep coppery bronze with iridescent sparkle
  • Magnetic – purple with iridescent sparkle


Urban Decay · Liquid Moondust Eyeshadow swatches


As someone who usually prefers going with [matte] neutrals, I also happen to have a contradictory obsession with shimmer, and these Liquid Moondust Eyeshadows have that sparkle factor in abundance. I confess to being totally surprised by how quickly they melted right off my eyes without primer to keep them anchored, but happy to see that they were able to redeem themselves when paired with primer underneath. Personal faves: Chem Trail, Spacetime, Zap & Zodiac, with Magnetic & Solstice not far behind. Vega is pretty cool too, as is Recharged. So basically, I like them all (just not worn all at the same time, please).

Available at Sephora and online



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Urban Decay · Naked Illuminated Trio Shimmering Powder



Urban Decay wants you to get your glow on (and on, and on, and…you get the picture) and has just made it even easier with the release of the limited edition Naked Illuminated Trio. Complimenting the armada of Nakedness that the brand has become known for, these are not highlighter shades for the shimmer-phobic; think of the effect instead as being about faking it, and faking it well.

Previously reviewed Urban Decay highlighters:



Naked Illuminated Trio, limited edition (CAN $49.00) | Housed in a cardboard box with a magnetic closure and full-sized mirror on the inner lid, there’s also a dual ended brush included with the set. The formula is baked on a terracotta disc for 24 hours then finished by hand; this results in a powder that not only holds a high level of shimmer, but will “provide the colour payoff of a loose powder, the convenience of a pressed powder, and the feel of silk”. The shade breakdown:

  • Pyrite – gold-champagne
  • Oasis – marbled frosted taupe
  • Twilight – iridescent pink

The size of each shade is more than decent enough to work with, and while there may powdery kickback upon swirling a brush across their surfaces, any fall down is easily eliminated by simply tapping excess off your brush first first. Of the three hues, Pyrite displays the smoothest application with Twilight a close second, but Oasis definitely leans more along the chalky side. One option is to try buffing it in thoroughly, but you’ll take away pretty much most of its glow that way; instead, try using it on other areas apart from the face such as the collarbone, décolleté, shins – this way you get to not only use the shade, but add a nice touch of holiday sparkle to skin.




Urban Decay · Naked Illuminated Trio Shimmering Powder swatches


I wanted to see how this trio compared to previous released UD singles, although I couldn’t find anything close to Oasis. The swatch below shows that Lit is warm leaning like Pyrite, but with more of a coppery undertone and even though Aura appears very similar to Twilight, it doesn’t apply as pigmented.


Urban Decay · Naked Illuminated Trio Shimmering Powder & comparison swatches


If shimmer is your thing, then go ahead and dive head-first into this Naked Illuminated Trio. Another bonus for highlighter fans, is that you also happen to get three distinct hues all in one conveniently sized palette plus with a good-sized brush. Well priced, especially when you consider you’re getting three shades in total, I think this is yet another example of a thoughtful gift for the beauty fan on your list. If on the other hand, subtlety is your style, you’ll probably want to keep on looking (although I hear that loads of shimmer can be such naughty fun …)

Available at Sephora and online



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Urban Decay · Naked Ultimate Basics



We can thank Urban Decay for making Naked part of our beauty vocabulary, and just when you thought things couldn’t go “nude-er”, along comes the latest addition to the family: Naked Ultimate Basics. Filled with 12 of the brand’s most popular matte shades, none of these hues have ever come together in one palette before, which means that this palette also has the honour of standing apart from past iterations as well.

Previously reviewed Naked palettes:


Urban Decay · Naked Ultimate Basics


Urban Decay · Naked Ultimate Basics


Naked Ultimate Basics (CAN $68.00) | For starters, honourable mention has to go to the packaging; housed in a square rigid plastic case which includes a full-sized mirror on the inner lid as well as a dual-ended brush, the cover almost steals the show with its rose-gold hue and precisely etched radiating lines along with the raised lettering on top. STUNNING. Moving on …

There’s a good mix of hues that range from pale neutral to darker nudes, as well as some colour thrown in that might stretch one’s concept of “Naked” but somehow still fit in well with the overall theme. The shades in this palette also have the added bonus of being workable, as well as suitable for a broad variety of skin tones, from the fairest to quite dark. With nary a shimmer in sight and while have a matte finish, it’s not of the flat variety but rather rich in hue and each throughly pigmented. Easy to blend and without any fall down upon application, staying power — over primer — is excellent as well.


Urban Decay · Naked Ultimate Basics (brush detail)


  • Blow – light nude demi-matte
  • Nudie – soft pink-nude matte
  • Commando – light taupe-brown matte
  • Tempted – pale brown matte
  • Instinct – medium pink-taupe matte
  • Lethal – reddish brown matte
  • Pre-Game – pale yellow matte
  • Extra Bitter – burnt orange matte
  • Faith – medium warm brown matte
  • Lockout – rich neutral brown matte
  • Magnet – smoky grey matte
  • Blackjack – warm black matte


Urban Decay · Naked Ultimate Basics swatches, direct sunlight & natural light (below)




Pulling out both the Naked Basics and Naked2 Basics palettes for comparison, it’s fairly obvious that we don’t have any real duplication, and while a couple of shades might appear to be similar, there’s still enough variety in Naked Ultimate Basics to turn into a well-worth investment.



Urban Decay · Naked Ultimate Basics, Naked Basics & Naked2 Basics swatches in direct sunlight & natural light (below)






For neutral-fans such as myself, you’re going to absolutely love this palette. And even if you’ve held off from Urban Decay’s Naked frenzy until now, you should still check the Naked Ultimate Basics palette out, as it has a grouping of colours that are not only all totally wearable, but one I’m fairly certain you’ll be turning to more often than not. This is very, very good naked …

Available at Sephora & online



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