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YSL Beauté | Les Sahariennes Healthy Glow Balm-Powder in N°3 Épice & N°6 Sienne

YSL Les Sahariennes opener

Recently launched from YSL Beauté, is Les Sahariennes Sun-Kissed Blur Perfector Healthy Glow Balm-Powder (CAN $60.00, available in 6 shades in Canada – 7 shades elsewhere), a product that is the first of its kind and one that merges the faux glow of a bronzer with the pore/fine-line minimizing power of a primer – all in a hybrid balm-to-powder formulation.

This new and unique formula is meant to:

  • disguise imperfections
  • smooth the complexion
  • enhance skin’s ‘vibrant solar radiance’ (I’m guessing that means sun-kissed glow)
  • buildable to create a natural, healthy glow all year-round

The unique texture – not quite a balm, nor a powder – but one that starts off silky and slightly slippery, quickly morphs into a soft second-skin powdery finish without any visible shimmer, but neither is it completely flat – leaving a very natural appearance upon the skin. According to the brand:

Les Sahariennes is the first patented sun-kissed powder-in-balm by YSL Beauté. Concentrated, yet surprisingly lightweight, it transforms from balm to optical powder upon application. The formula contains a combination of volatile oils; once applied, they evaporate leaving the skin’s surface a matte bronze finish which perfects the complexion and minimizes pores

The compacts bear the brand’s signature Casandre logo in gold set against a cushioned deep amber lid (which can appear tortoise-shell patterned at certain angles), protected by a dual-pocket velour pouch (*NOTE: do not place the compact face down on non-fabric surfaces, as it will stick with almost suction-like strength. I learned that the hard way). The included applicator is dual ended, with a soft brush on one side and a flat velvet sponge on the other which works well for on-the-go touchups, but I prefer the control I get with my own regular sized brushes and/or beauty sponges. The product is pleasantly scented – a cross between green & floral – and while it’s not strong for me, those with sensitivities may want to take note.

The two shades I was sent for review, work perfectly with my skin tone, and while N°6 Sienne was initially much too dark for me to use at first, it has become indispensable now that I’ve returned from holiday with a tan. Both shades seem to have rosy undertones which I feel more accurately mimic the effects of the sun (as opposed to a yellowish base, that can make skin look sallow and/or muddy). This formula seems to take a little while to set 100%, which actually works in its favour as you have ample time to properly buff it into the skin – or even blend two shades, if desired – for a true-to-life sun kissed look.

On my recent holiday, I was determined to minimize my sun exposure, as my bone-headed sun practices in the past have resulted in hyper pigmentation issues, especially on my face (forehead, cheeks and chin). Therefore, my beauty bag had more bronzers and such than actual makeup – with Les Sahariennes sharing top spot. As my vacation progressed and I started getting some colour, I enhanced my complexion with these two little miracle workers; my preferred method is to apply N°3 Épice on broad areas of the face where evening out of my skin tone is needed (using a dense brush such as the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush), then going in with N°6 Sienne along the tops of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, forehead, and lightly along the chin – mimicking the fresh glow of a day spent at the beach. This two-pronged effect is incredible; not only does it make my skin look perfectly and evenly tanned (PS: never forget to apply to the tops of ears and down the neck), but the blurring properties minimize pores so that my skin also looks flawless. This is hands-down, one of the most incredible two-in-one products I’ve come across in years.

Another bonus is that the darker shades can also be used in a contouring capacity, and as this formula is incredibly lightweight as well as effortlessly blendable without any strong shimmer to mess things up, the effect is quite natural looking – just don’t forget to buff, buff, buff for a seamless look.

YSL Les Sahariennes packaging

YSL Les Sahariennes with brush & pouch

YSL Beauté | Les Sahariennes Healthy Glow Balm-Powder with applicator & sleeve

YSL Les Sahariennes compacts

YSL Les Sahariennes

YSL Beauté | Les Sahariennes Healthy Glow Balm-Powder in N°3 Épice & N°6 Sienne

YSL Les Saharienne Epice

N°3 Épice is the lighter of the two and even though it appears somewhat beige-y in the pan, it holds just enough pink in the base to warm it up beautifully. A few weeks ago (and pre-holiday) my skin was several degrees lighter, so this shade worked beautifully as a very natural-looking bronzer, but now that I’m sporting more of a tan, I have been using N°3 Épice as an allover base to unify my skin tone (works like magic against my light hyper pigmentation issues).

YSL Les Sahariennes Epice macro


YSL Les Sahariennes Epice 2

YSL Les Saharriennes Epice swatches

YSL Beauté | Les Sahariennes Healthy Glow Balm-Powder in N°3 Épice swatches

YSL Les Sahariennes Sienne

N°6 Sienne is the darker of the two hues, bearing a caramel-like colour and light ruddy tints for extra warmth and impact. Before my holiday-tanned skin, I would use this with a stippling brush, picking up a light amount and gently buffing it into the skin – mainly in areas where the sun would naturally hit (upper cheekbones, forehead, bridge of the nose); in that capacity, it looks like the most spectacular tan (without any of the effort involved acquiring it – bonus!). Even with my presently tanned skin, I still prefer to use this the same way, but I’m able to load up my brush a bit more (and usually applied over a light layer of N°3 Épice) – makes my skin look like I’ve just spent the day beachside.

YSL Les Sahariennes Sienne macro

YSL Les Sahariennes Sienne 2

YSL Les Saharaiennes Sienne swatches

YSL Beauté | Les Sahariennes Healthy Glow Balm-Powder in N°6 Sienne

YSL Les Sahariennes swatches

YSL Beauté | Les Sahariennes Healthy Glow Balm-Powder in N°3 Épice & N°6 Sienne swatches

Ingredients: Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Dimethicone, Isononyl Isononanoate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Vinyl Dimethicone/Methicone Silsesquioxane Crosspolymer, C30-45 Alkyldimethylsilyl Polypropylsilsesquioxane, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexyl Hydroxystearate, Fragrance, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Paraffin, Silica, Benzyl Alcohol, Tin Oxide, Linalool


Once the warmer weather hits, it’s usually all about bronzers and/or bronzed skin and brands have really stepped up their game in this area, introducing more natural looking formulas and lightweight textures. The YSL Beauté Les Sahariennes Healthy Glow Balm-Powder takes that concept a step further with the addition of a blurring agent, helping to provide a gorgeously flawless (but never fake-looking) glow to the skin. I like how the included applicator is in a separate pocket of the velour sleeve – this way, it doesn’t take away from the size/amount of the actual product, and while said applicator is ok in a pinch, I still prefer the precision and control I achieve by using my own brushes. With 6 shades to choose from, I would say that there is a colour to suit all complexions except perhaps the darkest, although you’d have to test that out at counter to be sure, as even deep skin tones can always use some evening out.

Available now through all YSL Beauté counters across Canada, Sephora and, The Bay and (direct links provided for convenience), and Holt Renfrew. Find more information via

YSL Les Sahariennes closer

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YSL Beauté | La Laque Couture 58 Nuit Blanche & 59 Nuit Noire

YSL Nuit Blanche & Nuit Noire opener


Shimmering like sequins upon the nails, La Laque Couture 58 Nuit Blanche and 59 Nuit Noire (CAN $27.00/Limited Edition), part of the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Désir de Jour Collection for Spring 2015 (Lumière de Jour Palette previously reviewed), draw their inspiration from the duality found within each woman, although the complex nature of each shade seems to blur that line even more. Feminine charm, rebel spirit or a little bit of both?

Note that each bottle has a removable outer cap with the inner cap ridged for ease of use. The brush is well proportioned to pick up the right amount of product, while the bristles have an excellent flexibility and splay, making the whole application process relatively goof-proof. Newly reformulated, all La Laque Couture polishes now include Rose Oil to help strengthen the nails.


YSL Nuit Blanche & Nuit Noire

YSL Beauté | La Laque Couture 58 Nuit Blanche & 59 Nuit Noire


YSL Nuit Blanche & Nuit Noire 2

YSL Beauté | La Laque Couture 58 Nuit Blanche & 59 Nuit Noire


YSL Nuit Blanche & Nuit Noire macro

YSL Beauté | La Laque Couture 58 Nuit Blanche & 59 Nuit Noire


YSL Nuit Blanche swatch

La Laque Couture 58 Nuit Blanche | A clear base filled with ultra-fine prismatic glitter as well as irregularly shaped mylar flakes. The formula falls on the thick side although still makes for an easy application, enabling the polish to stay exactly where placed without any pooling or migrating into surrounding skin.

Worn alone, there’s decent coverage with 2 coats (especially on shorter nails – there will still be visible nail line apparent on longer nails) giving off an icy, snowflake-like effect with an absolutely gorgeous iridescence. Layering Nuit Blanche – in particular  over a dark shade – will bring out its twilight nature, displaying more of a blue/purple flash (as seen in the last swatches). Relatively smooth to the touch with a layer of top coat, be prepared for a bit of glitter dispersal upon removal (easily cleaned up with a second pass of your remover). Coats applied: 2, plus top coat


YSL Nuit Blanche swatch macro

YSL Beauté | La Laque Couture 58 Nuit Blanche


YSL Nuit Noire swatch

La Laque Couture 59 Nuit Noire | A semi-sheer charcoal base that is filled with fine black and silver glitter pieces in a formula that is somewhat thinner than that of Nuit Blanche. There is a good amount of glitter per brushstroke – no ‘fishing’ required, and while dark, you’ll still see a light translucency upon the nails even with two coats, which I actually prefer as it keeps the look fresh & modern this way. Another unique feature of Nuit Noire, is the light moiré pattern that almost appears to be under the glitter but still at the surface level of the polish – elusive, mysterious and hard to capture in pictures, but you can just barely see it here. Coats applied: 2, plus top coat

With 1 coat of Nuit Blanche layered over 2 coats of Nuit Noire (as on the last three swatches shown below), you achieve what I call ‘accidental galaxy nails’. This combination looks even more spectacular in person, as you can clearly appreciate every single nuance and prismatic flash. The depth of tone achieved from layering these two, is nothing short of hypnotic to behold – I need to stop here, because I’ve run out of superlatives. No more words for the love (also, this combo is smooth to the touch with a layer of top coat).


YSL Nuit Noire swatch macro

YSL Beauté | La Laque Couture 59 Nuit Noire


YSL Nuit Blanche over Nuit Noire swatch

YSL Beauté | La Laque Couture 58 Nuit Blanche over 59 Nuit Noire


YSL Nuit Blanche over Nuit Noire swatch macro

YSL Beauté | La Laque Couture 58 Nuit Blanche over 59 Nuit Noire


YSL Nuit Blanche over Nuit Noire swatch 2

YSL Beauté | La Laque Couture 58 Nuit Blanche over 59 Nuit Noire


Black & White – a theme that transcends time and fashion, and yet YSL Beauté manages to reinvent these two standard shades with the addition of glitter and flakes. Nuit Blanche is one of those lacquers that will leave you mesmerized simply holding the bottle in your hand (the snow globe effect), and I guarantee that you’ll want to layer it over EVERYTHING just to see the colour shift it gives. Nuit Noire has a quieter presence, until the light catches on the glitter pieces and just like that, it morphs into something elegant and feral at the same time. Verdict? Both are just spectacular and so well worth picking up.

Available at Yves Saint Laurent Beauté counters across Canada (Holt Renfrew, The Bay)

YSL Nuit Blanche & Nuit Noire closer


Press samples provided for my unbiased consideration

YSL Beauté | Collector Palette Lumière de Jour


YSL Lumière de Jour Palette opener

For Spring 2015, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté introduces the Désir de Jour Collection, inspired by the Luis Buñel cult-classic film ‘Belle de Jour’ featuring the iconic beauty of Catherine Deneuve, a woman with an outwardly cooly demure appearance, but filled with passionate undercurrents – a sentiment that is perfectly captured by the colours of this collection. One of the star pieces, the Collector Palette Lumière de Jour (CAN $55.00 exclusive to The Bay), is a softly hued pressed face powder that not only assists in setting your makeup, but will help provide you with a touch of that certain je ne sais quoi, bien sûr.


YSL Spring 2015 Cara

YSL Beauté | Désir de Jour Spring 2015 campaign featuring Cara Delevingne

YSL Lumière de Jour Palette closed

YSL Beauté | Collector Palette Lumière de Jour


YSL Lumière de Jour Palette closed detail

YSL Beauté | Collector Palette Lumière de Jour


YSL Lumière de Jour Palette closer

Collector Palette Lumière de Jour | The exterior of the iconic gold YSL compact has been jazzed up here with a coat of white prismatic sequins, along with a black band bearing the brand’s ‘Casandre’ logo down the middle. The powder (which is also embossed with the same logo) is a soft pink hue that leans neither too cool nor warm, thus making it a universally flattering shade, and displays an exceptionally fine shimmer that is not only an overspray, but carried through all layers.

Similar in concept to the way the Guerlain Météorites products perform, the Lumière de Jour Palette is a finely milled face powder that is designed to add a final touch to your makeup, setting everything in place. The glow it imparts to the skin is very hard to pin down and accurately capture in photographs; with my swatches below, I had to apply it with a very heavy hand in order to get it to appear – the general idea, however, is that you’re NOT supposed to see the powder at the surface level of your skin, in any case. The pink hue of the powder works well to add an overall brightness to the face, but again, the key word here is ‘subtle’ – in other words and unless your complexion is on the darker side of the spectrum, it applies as more of a sheer-invisible veil, than a wash of colour. The ultra fine texture of this powder is non-chalky and I experience no dust storm effect when swirling my brush through it, all of which help it buff easily into the skin for a seamless and flawless look. With regards to staying power, that’s difficult to say, due to the overall colourless nature of the powder, but I found that it seemed to warm up with the wearing and meld with my skin’s natural oils, but somehow still prevented my face from appearing too shiny by day’s end (even though it’s not touted as a mattifying powder) making touchups unnecessary.

YS Lumière de Jour Palette macro

YSL Beauté | Collector Palette Lumière de Jour


YSL Lumière de Jour Palette macro 2

YSL Beauté | Collector Palette Lumière de Jour


YSL Lumière de Jour Palette swatch

YSL Beauté | Collector Palette Lumière de Jour


This is a lovely powder and one that is quite easy to use; its ultra-fine texture and universally flattering shade make it ideal for a variety of skin tones, and does an amazing job of giving your skin that ‘lit-from-within’ radiance, and will have people asking you if you’ve had ‘something done’. From my understanding, the Lumière de Jour Palette is exclusive to The Bay here in Canada – I’m not certain if any retailers elsewhere will be carrying it, but if you happen to find out, let me know.

Available now for a limited time at all Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada and


YS Lumière de Jour Palette

Press sample provided for my unbiased consideration

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Volupté Tint-In-Oil

YSL Tint In Oil opener


A few weeks ago, I was invited to take part in the YSL x Google Glass experience (you can read about it here) and while that in itself was pretty amazing, for a beauty aficionado like myself, seeing the YSL Spring 2015 Collection up close and personal, was an even bigger thrill. The latest innovation from YSL Beauté and the first of its kind in the beauty world, is Volupté Tint-In-Oil (CAN $35.00, available in 8 shades), a unique new lip oil that is infused with tint that provides all the nourishing benefits of a balm, but with the beautifying effects of colour.

Housed in sleek chrome tubes belted with the YSL ‘Cassandre’ logo (this band also displays the colour of each individual shade for your convenience), the contents are kept cocooned away from light in order to preserve their integrity. The ‘bouche à bouche’ diamond-shaped & angled applicator with its soft texture and mini-reservoir at the centre, has been designed to help dispense a perfect hit of product in one simple swipe, almost making it intuitive in terms of application ease – no mirror required. Adding to the sensorial experience, is a delicious mango scent (although it reminds me more of watermelon candies), which is so uplifting mood-wise.

According to the brand, there are two facets to this unique new formula:


Although oil and tint naturally repel each other, YSL Beauté has conceived of a way for opposites to attract – compelling these two ingredients to work effectively as one. COLOUR LINK INFUSER is an ultra-stabilizing technology developed by YSL Beauté for its ability to disperse and homogeneously solubilize colour particles in oil to create a hybrid formula. The colour pigments are captured within the oils to dispense an ever-evolving burst of liquid lip colour. The oils slowly disappear but the pop of colour stays true.


Apricot Kernel Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Coriander Fruit Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Passion Flower Oil

The precious Passion Flower has been well-documented as having invaluable nutritive properties. Historically cultivated in the Majorelle Garden in Morocco (a place so dear to M. Yves saint Laurent’s heart and one of his prime sources of inspiration), this flower blooms only in daylight and fades by nightfall, waiting for the energizing light of the sun to come again.

Another interesting feature of the Volupté Tint-In-Oil, is the ‘bitten-lips/stain’ effect they leave behind, a colour that will be unique to each and every user. The colour tint that is parcelled within the oils, awakens on contact with the lips and then proceeds to interact the the lip tone, in effect creating one’s own bespoke colour finish. The tint itself evolves with the wearing, becoming more vibrant minutes after initial application, enhancing your lips with a natural glow.


YSL Tint In Oil

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Volupté Tint-In-Oil

YSL Tint in Oil 2

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Volupté Tint-In-Oil


YSL Tint In Oil 3

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Volupté Tint-In-Oil


YSL Tint In Oil applicators

From start to finish, it’s LOVE; to begin with, the packaging is über-elegant and just begs to be taken out in public. The applicator truly is goof-proof and as the Tint-In-Oil formula is not colour saturated, you really don’t need a mirror for application (as well, the tint of each shade does not stain surrounding skin, in the event you ‘colour outside the lines’, so to speak). The magic begins immediately upon application, starting with a rich nourishing sensation of the oil upon the lips, a feeling that’s neither oily, too slick, or sticky – just ultra comfortable and hydrating, and one that seems to fill in lip lines as well (my lips are quite lined, and I was amazed to see how diminished said lines appear). Within a few minutes, you can see and feel a few other changes; there’s a slight tingling I sense which is not unpleasant for me (anyone with sensitivities, should definitely test these out at a counter first) and then the colour begins intensifying. Lasting power is on par for a gloss (I get between 2.5 – 3.5 hours), although that is also affected by food, drink, etc. and even when the glossiness has faded, I am still left with a slight stain on my lips (intensity of stain will vary with each individual shade), along with a completely hydrated feel.

N°2 Oh So Gold – the lightest of the 3 shown, warm-leaning with a light apricot tint and iridescent gold shimmer (non-gritty)

N°4 I Rose You – carnation pink, perfect mix of cool & warm undertones making it wearable by a broad range of skintones, iridescent pink shimmer

N°5 Cherry My Chérie – lush true pink, the most intense of the 3, leaves behind a hint of shimmer along with tint upon the lips. According to my press sheet, this is the ‘Star Shade’ of this collection, iridescent pink shimmer

Volupté Tint-In-Oil is ultra-comfortable with a soothing feeling on the lips. It’s more like a liquid lip balm than a gloss or a stain. It creates volume and erases texture on the lips with a beautiful shine.

It’s great for people who might be afraid of colour, as it’s super natural. Balms, glosses and stains generally tend to achieve only one effect rather than several effects together. Volupté Tint-In-Oil perfectly combines colour, shine, and absolute comfort”

Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director Makeup YSL Beauté


YSL Tint In Oil swatches 1

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Volupté Tint-In-Oil swatches


YSL Tint In Oil swatches 2

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Volupté Tint-In-Oil, swatches after 10 minutes of wear (*Please note that the above swatch at left should be N°2 and not N°1)


YSL Tint In Oil Oh My Gold swatch 2

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Volupté Tint-In-Oil N°2 Oh So Gold swatch


YSL Tint In Oil I Rose You swatch

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Volupté Tint-In-Oil N°4 I Rose You swatch


YSL Tint In Oil Cherry my Chérie swatch

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Volupté Tint-In-Oil N°5 Cherry My Chérie swatch


YSL Tint in Oil Cherry My Chérie swatch 2

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Volupté Tint-In-Oil N°5 Cherry My Chérie swatch after 10 minutes of wear


Mark my words, you’re going to start seeing all brands – from luxury to mass market – begin releasing their own version of YSL Beauté’s Volupté Tint-In-Oil, although I sincerely doubt anyone can match the utter gorgeousness seen here. In general, I enjoy the convenience of using lipgloss, but reapplication is a chore and more often than not, my lips wind up feeling parched after it’s worn off. That being said, I experience none of these issues with any of these Tint-In-Oil shades, although N°2 Oh So Gold only left a mere whisper of a stain to my lips – perfect for fans of a more natural looking mouth. As pink lip shades fall out of my comfort zone, I was stunned by how much I loved the look of N°5 Cherry My Cherie; both upon application, and again with the stain it left behind – reminded me of the way my lips would look after devouring a pink PopSicle. Come to think of it, one reason I used to love those treats, was exactly because of the way they stained my lips – early signs of a budding beauty fiend, perhaps?

How perfect are these for Valentine’s Day? Even the applicator seems to be in on the theme! 

Available now at Sephora, and The Bay stores throughout Canada.

YSL Tint In oil closer


Press samples provided for my unbiased consideration




Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette

YSL Wildly Gold Palette opener


The holidays usually showcase a queen’s ransom of new beauty collections, and while many are geared specifically for the season, there are others that seem to naturally rise above and transcend the occasion; case in point is the limited edition Wildly Gold Complete Make-Up Palette (Can$100.00) from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté that was released as part of the Holiday 2014 Collection. Let’s break this little gem down, shall we?

To begin with, this stunning compact is roughly the size of an iPhone 5 and comes bound in black leather which bears a leopard pattern down the middle along with the brand’s ‘Cassandra‘ logo, all stamped in gold. The closure is magnetic and also includes the added protection of a slim elastic ‘belt’ to hold it securely fastened, with a black satin tassel that trails down the corner for a final luxe touch.

The contents of the Wildly Gold Palette include 3 dedicated eyeshadow shades in tones of gold, bronze, and black, with a silvery hue that does double duty as either eyeshadow or highlighter. There are two lip shades in pan form, one from the Rouge Volupté range that applies more sheer, and the other from the Rouge Pur Couture line with its more saturated format. The blush is of a well proportioned size and is conveniently located on the end, making it easy to access as well as work with. The bottom of the palette holds three brushes: 1 sponge-tipped applicator, 1 lip brush and a small blush brush, and while I don’t usually like the dinky brushes that come in palettes, I appreciate their inclusion here, as it really does turn this into an ‘on-the-go’ type of product – no need to carry around any extra brushes for touch-ups.


YSL Wildly Gold Palette box

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette

YSL Wildly Gold Palette closed

YSL Wildly Gold Palette tassel

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette

YSL Wildly Gold Palette label

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette

YSL Wildly Gold Palette

YSL Wildly Gold Palette macro


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wild Gold Palette


YSL Wildly Gold Palette eyeshadows

Eyeshadows, from the left:

  • Silver satin shimmer – ultra finely milled, sheer application that give a subtle but visible glow, pale pink hue in the base for added warmth & brightness
  • Gold shimmer – fine gold base hue with visibly larger gold shimmer particles throughout, sheer application with a much better opacity achieved when applied damp
  • Bronze satin shimmer – ultra finely milled with a complex shimmer, brown based, smooth application and a good level of pigmentation
  • Black satin shimmer – velvety texture with a unique blueish finely milled shimmer that appears somewhat prismatic, the base hue leans more charcoal that black but can be easily built up for a deeper intensity

Applied with a dry brush, the two lighter shades of the Wildly Gold Palette lean rather sheer and have much more obvious sparkle, while the two deeper hues display significantly more colour that can be quickly built up for more depth and saturation. The silvery hue works beautifully as a highlighter, especially when worn on the high planes of the face, while the gold shade looks amazing along the inner eye corner or when pressed over another base shade for a dash of extra oomph. Both the bronze and black hues are gorgeous to work with, especially for a smokey eye look, as they offer effortless blending  and last incredibly long, in particularly when worn over primer. Applying any one of these shades with a dampened brush not only adds depth and intensity, but brings out every bit of their complex shimmers and significantly boosts their staying power, although you lose the option of then blending them out.


YSL Wildly Gold Palette eyeshadow swatches dry

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette, eyeshadow swatches (dry)

YSL Wildly Gold Palette eyeshadow swatches damp

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette, eyeshadow swatches (damp)


YSL Wildly Gold Palette lip shades

The lip shades, top: Rouge Volupté Sheer Candy, bottom: Rouge Pur Couture Fuchsia.

  • Rouge Volupté Sheer Candy – glossy sheer cotton-candy pink
  • Rouge Pur Couture Fuchsia – glossy semi-opaque hot pink

The two lip shades of the Wildly Gold Palette seem to look almost identical in their respective pans, but a quick swatch proves how different they are. The top shade – Rouge Volupté Sheer Candy – applies much more sheerly and is of an obvious lighter hue, while the bottom shade – Rouge Pur Couture Fuchsia – applies with a deeper opacity from the first swipe and is significantly more vivid. What these two lip products have in common, is a non-sticky texture, a high gloss factor, a somewhat fruity scent (which dissipates quickly after application, but still worth noting for those with sensitivities), the stain they leave behind upon the lips once the initial colour has faded, and how totally hydrated your lips feel throughout their wearing (as well as after). Staying power is naturally less with the lighter hue – approx. 2.5 – 3 hours, and improved with the deeper shade – easily 5 hours plus.


YSL Wildly Gold Palette lipgloss swatches

arm swatch

YSL Wildly Gold Palette top lipgloss swatch

Rouge Volute Sheer Candy

YSL Wildly Gold Palette bottom lipgloss swatch

Rouge Pur Couture Fuchsia


YSL Wildly Gold Palette blush

The blush shade is a soft ballerina pink with an incredibly fine-ground silvery/pearl shimmer in the base that provides a gorgeous lustre to the skin, while the powder is very finely-milled and seems to melt into the skin when applied. I experience absolutely no powdery kickback when swirling my brush through the pan, and while this shade falls on the light side, it still bears a good amount of pigment that enables you to build it up easily, if desired. Interestingly enough, while this shade may appear more obviously cooler-leaning, I have no problem getting it to work with my warmer skin tone and will even go so far as to say that it gives my complexion a nice overall boost. Something to note: for those with darker skin tones, this blush will look simply amazing worn as a highlighter & sheered out along the high planes of the face (cheekbones, temples, cupid’s bow).


YSL Wildly Gold Palette blush swatches

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette, blush swatches


As someone who has stated several times that I’m not a fan of multi-product makeup palettes, I seem to have an incredibly attraction to them just the same – especially when they look as stunning as the Wildly Gold Palette does, not to mention perform as well. Admittedly, I am a sucker for fine detail, but if the contents fall short of my rather high expectations, it becomes a deal-breaker for me. Luckily, that’s not the case here. I love how slim this compact is (but which nevertheless still manages to hold a good amount of product) and with its exterior of such fierce beauty, it can easily pass for an evening clutch – a very, very clever touch and one that no one will ever guess holds makeup. Call it the beauty world’s version of animal magnetism.

Still available now at select Yves Saint Laurent Beauté counters, visit for more brand information


YSL Wildly Gold Palette closer

Product sample provided for my unbiased consideration