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Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette

YSL Wildly Gold Palette opener


The holidays usually showcase a queen’s ransom of new beauty collections, and while many are geared specifically for the season, there are others that seem to naturally rise above and transcend the occasion; case in point is the limited edition Wildly Gold Complete Make-Up Palette (Can$100.00) from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté that was released as part of the Holiday 2014 Collection. Let’s break this little gem down, shall we?

To begin with, this stunning compact is roughly the size of an iPhone 5 and comes bound in black leather which bears a leopard pattern down the middle along with the brand’s ‘Cassandra‘ logo, all stamped in gold. The closure is magnetic and also includes the added protection of a slim elastic ‘belt’ to hold it securely fastened, with a black satin tassel that trails down the corner for a final luxe touch.

The contents of the Wildly Gold Palette include 3 dedicated eyeshadow shades in tones of gold, bronze, and black, with a silvery hue that does double duty as either eyeshadow or highlighter. There are two lip shades in pan form, one from the Rouge Volupté range that applies more sheer, and the other from the Rouge Pur Couture line with its more saturated format. The blush is of a well proportioned size and is conveniently located on the end, making it easy to access as well as work with. The bottom of the palette holds three brushes: 1 sponge-tipped applicator, 1 lip brush and a small blush brush, and while I don’t usually like the dinky brushes that come in palettes, I appreciate their inclusion here, as it really does turn this into an ‘on-the-go’ type of product – no need to carry around any extra brushes for touch-ups.


YSL Wildly Gold Palette box

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette

YSL Wildly Gold Palette closed

YSL Wildly Gold Palette tassel

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette

YSL Wildly Gold Palette label

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette

YSL Wildly Gold Palette

YSL Wildly Gold Palette macro


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wild Gold Palette


YSL Wildly Gold Palette eyeshadows

Eyeshadows, from the left:

  • Silver satin shimmer – ultra finely milled, sheer application that give a subtle but visible glow, pale pink hue in the base for added warmth & brightness
  • Gold shimmer – fine gold base hue with visibly larger gold shimmer particles throughout, sheer application with a much better opacity achieved when applied damp
  • Bronze satin shimmer – ultra finely milled with a complex shimmer, brown based, smooth application and a good level of pigmentation
  • Black satin shimmer – velvety texture with a unique blueish finely milled shimmer that appears somewhat prismatic, the base hue leans more charcoal that black but can be easily built up for a deeper intensity

Applied with a dry brush, the two lighter shades of the Wildly Gold Palette lean rather sheer and have much more obvious sparkle, while the two deeper hues display significantly more colour that can be quickly built up for more depth and saturation. The silvery hue works beautifully as a highlighter, especially when worn on the high planes of the face, while the gold shade looks amazing along the inner eye corner or when pressed over another base shade for a dash of extra oomph. Both the bronze and black hues are gorgeous to work with, especially for a smokey eye look, as they offer effortless blending  and last incredibly long, in particularly when worn over primer. Applying any one of these shades with a dampened brush not only adds depth and intensity, but brings out every bit of their complex shimmers and significantly boosts their staying power, although you lose the option of then blending them out.


YSL Wildly Gold Palette eyeshadow swatches dry

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette, eyeshadow swatches (dry)

YSL Wildly Gold Palette eyeshadow swatches damp

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette, eyeshadow swatches (damp)


YSL Wildly Gold Palette lip shades

The lip shades, top: Rouge Volupté Sheer Candy, bottom: Rouge Pur Couture Fuchsia.

  • Rouge Volupté Sheer Candy – glossy sheer cotton-candy pink
  • Rouge Pur Couture Fuchsia – glossy semi-opaque hot pink

The two lip shades of the Wildly Gold Palette seem to look almost identical in their respective pans, but a quick swatch proves how different they are. The top shade – Rouge Volupté Sheer Candy – applies much more sheerly and is of an obvious lighter hue, while the bottom shade – Rouge Pur Couture Fuchsia – applies with a deeper opacity from the first swipe and is significantly more vivid. What these two lip products have in common, is a non-sticky texture, a high gloss factor, a somewhat fruity scent (which dissipates quickly after application, but still worth noting for those with sensitivities), the stain they leave behind upon the lips once the initial colour has faded, and how totally hydrated your lips feel throughout their wearing (as well as after). Staying power is naturally less with the lighter hue – approx. 2.5 – 3 hours, and improved with the deeper shade – easily 5 hours plus.


YSL Wildly Gold Palette lipgloss swatches

arm swatch

YSL Wildly Gold Palette top lipgloss swatch

Rouge Volute Sheer Candy

YSL Wildly Gold Palette bottom lipgloss swatch

Rouge Pur Couture Fuchsia


YSL Wildly Gold Palette blush

The blush shade is a soft ballerina pink with an incredibly fine-ground silvery/pearl shimmer in the base that provides a gorgeous lustre to the skin, while the powder is very finely-milled and seems to melt into the skin when applied. I experience absolutely no powdery kickback when swirling my brush through the pan, and while this shade falls on the light side, it still bears a good amount of pigment that enables you to build it up easily, if desired. Interestingly enough, while this shade may appear more obviously cooler-leaning, I have no problem getting it to work with my warmer skin tone and will even go so far as to say that it gives my complexion a nice overall boost. Something to note: for those with darker skin tones, this blush will look simply amazing worn as a highlighter & sheered out along the high planes of the face (cheekbones, temples, cupid’s bow).


YSL Wildly Gold Palette blush swatches

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Wildly Gold Palette, blush swatches


As someone who has stated several times that I’m not a fan of multi-product makeup palettes, I seem to have an incredibly attraction to them just the same – especially when they look as stunning as the Wildly Gold Palette does, not to mention perform as well. Admittedly, I am a sucker for fine detail, but if the contents fall short of my rather high expectations, it becomes a deal-breaker for me. Luckily, that’s not the case here. I love how slim this compact is (but which nevertheless still manages to hold a good amount of product) and with its exterior of such fierce beauty, it can easily pass for an evening clutch – a very, very clever touch and one that no one will ever guess holds makeup. Call it the beauty world’s version of animal magnetism.

Still available now at select Yves Saint Laurent Beauté counters, visit for more brand information


YSL Wildly Gold Palette closer

Product sample provided for my unbiased consideration

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté x Google Glass

YSL x GoogleGlass opener


Ever have your makeup done at a beauty counter, go home to try and recreate the same look, then come up with a big fail? In fact, how can anyone possibly mimic such detail, when our eyes are basically closed the entire time the makeup artist does their work, and then we only get to see the finished look, but not the steps leading up to it?

Well, starting January 2015, select Yves Saint Laurent Beauté counters are going to be entering a new hi-tech phase with the help of Google Glass — a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of giving this technology a spin. Let’s just say that the future of beauty is here. In simple terms, it comes down to the makeup artist wearing the Google Glass gizmo while a look is created on you, while all movements – along with audio instruction – is recorded and presented to you (either via email or on a USB) once complete, which also includes a detailed listing of the products used. What you’re basically getting is the makeup artst’s perspective of how the look was achieved (techniques, placement, etc.), along with a breakdown of the products used, to facilitate re-creating the same look on your own. And this time, you actually get to SEE the process as it unfolds. Pretty neat, huh?

I attended my session with just foundation on – and having my ‘bare’ face recorded for all to see, is unsettling to say the least – but never let it be said I didn’t take one for the team. Featuring products from the upcoming Spring 2015 Collection (available January 2015, reviews coming), there were 3 looks to choose from, and I opted for a more edgy smokey look, featuring the pink shade of the Ombre de Jour Palette (review coming soon). After my makeup artist, Sophie, completed one eye, she then stopped the recording to work on the other eye and add some finishing touches (blush, face powder).

With the tutorial/experience over, I was then able to test drive the glasses for myself, and even though it takes some getting used to, it’s absolutely amazing to see how you can work on a client AND edit a video at the same time, simply by swiping your finger along the arm of the glasses, or even via voice command. Too cool, I tell you.

On another note, looking at Google Glass made me immediately think of that Star Trek: Next Generation episode (“The Game”), where the crew members become enslaved to this bizarre game they play while wearing similar-looking glasses. And yes, I am a Trekker (not Trekkie – there’s a difference) *sci-fi/beauty geek*

For those who live in either Toronto or Montréal, here’s your chance to try the YSL Google Glass experience – space is very limited, so book fast!

  • Toronto: Hudson’s Bay Queen St. W, December 11th & 12th (call 416-861-4048 to book)
  • Toronto: Hudson’s Bay Yorkdale, December  13th & 14th (call 416-789-7501 to book)
  • Montréal: Hudson’s Bay Ste.Catherine St., downtown, December 18th & 19th (call 514-281-4901 x 2683 to book)

Thank you to Sarah & everyone at YSL Beauté/L’Oréal for this experience


YSL x GoogleGlass opener 2



YSL x GoogleGlass

Google Glass


Star Trek NG The Game

Star Trek: Next Generation – The Game episode


YSL x GoogleGlass 3 looks

YSL x Google Glass | the three looks to choose from


YSL x GoogleGlass pink look

YSL x Google Glass | Pink Smokey look


YSL Google Glass event Sophie 2

YSL x Google Glass | Sophie, my makeup artist


YSL x Google Glass | My video. Not thrilled with the lighting and the way it gives my eyes these massive bags that makes me look like I haven’t slept in about 2 weeks, but whatevs. Try to keep the laughter to a low roar, please.


YSL x GoogleGlass makeup station

YSL x Google Glass | envy-inducing counter makeup station


YSL x GoogleGlass application

YSL x Google Glass | Getting started …


YSL x GoogleGlass application 2

YSL x Google Glass | … and we’re done!


YSL x GoogleGlass ommorphia

YSL x Google Glass | makes me look smarter, am I right?


YSL x GoogleGlass flute



YSL Google Glass event Sarah 2

YSL x Google Glass | With the always gorgeous, Sarah


YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 collection

YSL x Google Glass | Spring 2015 Collection preview


YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 Collection 2



YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 palettes

YSL x Google Glass | Spring 2015 Collection palettes (sequins!)


YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 collection palettes open

YSL x Google Glass | Spring 2015 Collection palettes


YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 Collection lacquers

YSL x Google Glass | Spring 2015 Collection lacquers


YSL x GoogleGlass Spring 2015 collection glosses

YSL x Google Glass | Volupté Tint-In-Oil (new for 2015, review coming)


YSL x GoogleGlass display 1



YSL x GoogleGlass display 2



YSL x GoogleGlass display 3


I think this is one of the most unique beauty experiences I have come across to date, and even though I’m well versed in makeup artistry, I still found it useful to see how a pro wields her brushes and goes about creating a look. For anyone who has ever struggled with eye makeup placement, then you need to try this out. From what I was given to understand, the YSL Google Glass experience is basically in a trial phase right now and depending on how it is received, we can expect to see more makeup pros wearing funky glasses across YSL counters nationwide.


YSL x GoogleGlass closer


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau & Gloss Volupté #210 Beige Nu

YSL #40 Beige Peau and #210 Pure opener


The recent release of the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Cuirs Fétiches Collection for Fall 2014 has been a resounding hit for the brand, and while many of the limited edition pieces of this collection reached covetable status in record time i.e.: the Couture Palette Collector Fétiche (reviewed here), the textured nail lacquers in #52 Bleu Galuchat & #53 Taupe Grainé (reviewed here), and the matte lipsticks, such as #210 Nude Acoustic (reviewed here), I’m so happy to see that the new Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau and Gloss Volputé #210 Beige Nu – are both items that are just as lust-worthy as the others, but even more importantly is that they are slated to become part of the permanent range. Be still my nude-lip loving heart.

Inspired by leather’s shiny alter ego, both of these products give your lips a glossy and almost patent-leather shine and while the colours themselves fall on the neutral side, they are nonetheless total must-haves for fans of that perfect nude lip.


YS #40 Beige Peau & #210 Pure

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau & Gloss Volupté #210 Beige Nu, Collection Cuirs Fétiches Fall 2014


YSL Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau opener

Vernis à Lèvres/Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau (CAN $38.00) | Perfectly named, the Glossy Stain formula is (according to the brand):

A unique feeling for the lips with a vinyl sheen and an intense lasting colour. Not quite a lipstick, not quite a gloss, and certainly more than lip colour

Launched in the Spring of 2012, you can basically credit YSL Glossy Stains with beginning an entire new trend for lip products.  Housed in a black rectangular casing with the brand’s iconic gold cap, I appreciate that the base also has a cut-out window where you can see the colour of the product, without needing to open it up first. The applicator is a slanted & spade-shaped sponge on a relatively short wand, with a decent enough width that it grabs sufficient product to spread along your lips, while the tip with its rounded point can be used easily for more precision work. There’s a slight chemical scent to this product and while not unpleasant, I’m glad just the same that it dissipates quickly upon application. The texture is a little harder to pin down; a slightly cool feeling and watered-down gloss, but with a higher-than-usual amount of pigment is probably as accurate as I can get it. Longevity, is unbelievable (the “stain” part of the name is bang on) and while some of the shine will eventually fade, the majority of colour will stay until removed.

For those new to the Glossy Stain format, you should know that what you are getting here is a lightweight feeling yet long-wearing lip product, highly pigmented and which comes to a glossy finish. Upon initial application, you’ll find that #40 Beige Peau – a warm toned and tan based beige hue, appears more matte than shiny, but wait a few minutes & you’ll see the magic begin, as the colour seems to level out (almost filling in lip lines as it spreads) and the gloss factor starts to appear. Once it has set (which takes approximately 2 minutes), there’s an odd sensation of it being simultaneously wet & dry, but always light feeling without any heavy waxy sensation. This particular shade is quite light; on my lips which are naturally quite pigmented, it provides a hint of colour with plenty of shine – sort of like a “clean nude lip look” (one of my absolute fave looks, in fact) and even though you’d be tempted to think that such a light shade wouldn’t last too long, I’m still able to see plenty of colour on my cleansing pad upon removal – 8 hours after initial application.


YSL Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau 2

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Vernis à Lèvres/Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau


YSL Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau macro

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Vernis à Lèvres/Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau


YSL Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau label

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Vernis à Lèvres/Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau


YSL Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Vernis à Lèvres/Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau


YSL Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau applicator

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Vernis à Lèvres/Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau


YSL Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau applicator side view

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Vernis à Lèvres/Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau


YSL Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau swatch

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Vernis à Lèvres/Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau


YSL Gloss Volupté #210 Pure

Gloss Volupté #210 Beige Nu (CAN $35.00) | First introduced earlier this year, the Gloss Volupté formula is an intensely brilliant and non-sticky lip gloss that will leave your lips feeling incredibly soft and nourished long after the colour has worn off. Apart from the ‘Pure’ versions (as in shimmer free), these glosses also come in an Iridescent format, as well as 3 top coats – Golden (ultra fine shimmer that can be layered over lipstick or even other glosses), Pure (a crystal clear and ultra glossy finish for those who wish to avoid colour) and Smoking (a sheer black shade that adds a vampy effect when layered over lipstick, most effective over red and berry colours). The patented “kiss-shaped” applicator has been created to effectively cover your lips with an easy swipe – “Bouche à Bouche” – with the broader side depositing the majority of the colour, while the pointed tip aids in a more precise application. There’s a fruity scent (I smell hints of pineapple) to this gloss, although once applied it seems to disappear relatively quickly, while the feel of the product is so incredibly lightweight, that if it weren’t for the visible colour, you’d wonder if you’re actually applying anything at all. Staying power varies dependant on which shade you choose, with the darker colours lasting longest and lighter shades averaging about 3 hours. As to the gloss, expect an almost vinyl-like finish – truly spectacular and quite impressive.

Trying to accurately photograph #210 Beige Nu, proved extremely elusive; this is in fact more of a mauve-based nude with hints of dusty rose as opposed to a yellower-tinged beige (or “naked beige” as the press release claims). A universally flattering colour, it won’t be as apparent against highly pigmented lips or darker complexions, but it will serve to add intense shine just the same. On my lips, it seems to both deepen my natural colour and mute it somehow, and it’s exactly the type of shade I so totally love to wear, as it provides a dressed look to the lips without seeming over the top. Worn alone, it adds brilliance and a spot of colour to keep lips from looking washed out – worn over lipstick, especially a more matte shade such as #210 Nude Acoustic, it adds a gorgeous & lush depth.


YSL Gloss Volupté #210 Pure macro

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Gloss Volupté #210 Beige Nu


YSL Gloss Volupté #210 Pure 2

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Gloss Volupté #210 Beige Nu


YSL Gloss Volupté #210 Pure 3

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Gloss Volupté #210 Beige Nu


YSL Gloss Volupté #210 Pure applicator

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Gloss Volupté #210 Beige Nu


YSL Gloss Volupté #210 Pure swatch

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Gloss Volupté #210 Beige Nu


YSL Gloss Volupté #210 Beige Nu over Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau swatch

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Gloss Volupté #210 Beige Nu over Rouge Pur Couture The Mats #210 Nude Acoustic


YSL #40 Beige Peau & #210 Beige Nu arm swatch

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté | Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau & Gloss Volputé #210 Beige Nu


As a lover of neutral/nude lip shades, I am so happy that both Glossy Stain #40 Beige Peau and Gloss Volupté #210 Beige Nu are part of the brand’s permanent range, because I intend to reach for these often. Apart from their totally wearable colour, it’s the unique and top-quality formula they each bear that makes them well worth investing in. To be sure, both these products fall on the higher end of the price scale and colour-wise can probably be duplicated with less expensive or mass-market brands, but once again, it is the superior feel and wear of the YSL versions that I would choose just the same, or as I like to call it “well-dressed naked lips”.

Available now at all Yves Saint Laurent Beauté counters, find more information via:


YSL #40 Beige Peau & #210 Pure closer

*Disclosure: Product samples provided by the company/PR for my unbiased review