CHANEL· Premières Fleurs Dernières Neiges Collection


If you’re following me on Instagram (and if not, come join me @ommorphia ?), then you most likely saw my Insta Story the other day on CHANEL’s latest Dernières Neiges Collection that I previewed — and in particular this Première Fleurs compact (CAN $80.00 limited edition) that generated such a frenzy. In part, it’s mainly because of all the messages about it that I received, which pushed me to get my review out early … but mainly it’s because I couldn’t wait to swatch and begin wearing this gem. Spoiler alert: so GORG.



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The collection is inspired by Spring’s regenerative theme; it’s where the last sprinkling of Winter snow glimmers and melts in the sunshine, giving way to a new season and clarity. The watercolour hues of this collection are designed to mimic this freshness, and after the lush deep shades we’ve all been immersed in, I’m totally ready to lighten & brighten things up. It goes without saying, that Premières Fleurs is the undisputed star of the collection, and for long-time CHANEL fans, the design on this powder might seem familiar: that’s because the exact same pattern was released as the Coromandels de CHANEL Palette back in 2005, although at that time it was an eye & blush combo, in shades of charcoal and brick with gold accents. I’d be revisiting the CHANEL vault for inspiration as well, if I had the opportunity.

Housed in the brand’s iconic black lacquered casing (which also has a full-sized mirror on the inner lid, by the way), the compact comes with a velour sleeve for added protection, along with a small, yet decently-sized natural bristled brush (also with its own velour sleeve). The shades include a pearly white, light peachy pink, and soft coral-rose, with the initial silvery overspray becoming wiped off upon the first swipe (which is fine, as I’d rather not be wearing silvery shimmer all over my face anyway). The pattern displays delicate blossoms, fragile branches and ancient graphics; in fact, the centre design is known as a “Greek Key” (or more precisely, “meandro” in Greek) … which totally speaks to my #GreekPride.

According to the press information I received, CHANEL states that you can wear these shades separately if desired, and while you probably could — you’ll need to use a rather narrow brush for the middle colour — I personally feel the beauty here is when you combine all three. You can pretty much customize this palette to suit your skin tone and shade intensity preference; those with fair-light complexions can concentrate on picking up more of the lighter hues, while light-medium complexions will probably want to use more of the deepest tone. Premières Fleurs will also work on those with darker skin tones, but more in a highlighter capacity by using the lighter shades. The texture is ultra fine and melds beautifully with the skin without sitting conspicuously at surface level, while the shimmer serves to add brightness and a soft glow, without ever going overboard.



Note that in the swatch above, I applied the colours of Premières Fleurs heavier than usual for photo purposes; in reality the resulting finish is softer and quite natural-looking.

As there have been a few similar products issued by the brand in the past, I ventured into my CHANEL vault to find any comparisons but from what I own, there really isn’t anything all that similar.

  • Coco Code (2016, no longer available) – same colour family but much deeper tonally
  • Blush Horizon de CHANEL (2012, no longer available) – vivid rose
  • Sunkiss Ribbon (2016, no longer available) – bright coral based pink
  • Brompton Road (2012, no longer available) – icy pink with pearly shimmer


At this point, do I even need to say any more? Yes, Premières Fleurs is pricey (CHANEL is a luxury brand, after all so no surprises here), but is it worth it? If you’re a collector like me, then the short answer is YES. And even if you’re not a collector or not already blown away by the pattern & colours, my answer is still YES, as the quality of this palette is superb with an equally stellar performance. But fair warning: it’s limited edition and I’m betting it’ll sell lightning-fast so I’d go ahead and reserve one ASAP, if I were you.

Available February 2 at CHANEL counters


Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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