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Fragrance as a gift for Father’s Day is not exactly groundbreaking … unless it’s CHANEL, of course. Launched in 2018, Bleu de CHANEL Parfum is the latest flanker in that range and apart from the beautiful lines of the bottle, it also happens to smell amazing; so good, in fact, that I’m hoping my husband doesn’t notice that I’ve been using it too. Shhhhhhhh

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The face of Bleu de CHANEL Parfum, Gaspar Ulliel

I knew this PR package would be different when I saw the bag

The dustbag contained the fragrance which came comfortably nestled in a limited edition CHANEL towel

Bleu de CHANEL Parfum (CAN $163.00/100 ml) | Desribed as an aromatic-woody fragrance and housed in a square-cut bottle of navy blue heavy glass with gold silkscreened lettering and a magnetized cap, Bleu de CHANEL Parfum follows the enormous successes of Bleu de CHANEL Eau de Toilette in 2010 and Bleu de CHANEL Eau de Parfum in 2014, both created by Jacques Polge. Created in 2018 by Olivier Polge (Jacques’ son), this newest version ups the ante to a whole new level and marks it as the first perfume for men in the range. Taking the crispness and woody freshness of the first fragrance along with the seductive amber tone of the second, then intensifying it all via the addition of a new wood note — creamy sandalwood from New Caledonia, a rare species that is protected in part by CHANEL and obtained through a sustainable supplier, you get a fragrance that is unlike either of the two and yet the core remains unmistakably familiar. While perfume is ubiquitous in the world of women’s fragrances, men’s versions have not been as exposed to this higher concentration; Bleu de CHANEL Parfum has not only permanently changed that concept, but has done so in a way that seems modern and utterly elegant at the same time.

At first spritz, the opening is undeniably zesty, crisp, and somewhat citrusy, then within minutes begins to morph into something more wood-like in tone thanks to the vetiver and cedar. The next phase is where the magic happens, as the intensity & lush creaminess of the sandalwood makes its presence known, softening the edges of the previous notes and fusing them all into this beautiful composition. With an excellent sillage (staying power), the finish is a warm-skin dry down with just the barest whisper of powder … and literally makes you want to lean in for more.

I’ve always been drawn to men’s fragrances — and not just to smell on my guy, but to personally wear as well. When Bleu de CHANEL Parfum, arrived, I was excited to sniff this on my husband but when testing it out, I found myself wanting to hoard it, then I figured I can always borrow it from him. So if you’re looking for a gift that totally doesn’t say “last minute” for dad (or the dad figure in your life), I totally recommend swinging by your nearest CHANEL counter to give this a shot — then be prepared to have a hard time letting it go. #justsayin

Available at CHANEL counters nationwide

Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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