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In complete line with its name Numéros Rouge Collection Libre, this Holiday 2017 launch from CHANEL also includes several red lip options and one vivid blush that I actually dare you to try and look away from. After all, it’s the holidays and who doesn’t like ramping things up with a glam red lip?



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Lily-Rose Depp wearing N°4 Rouge Allure


N°380 So Close Joues Contraste, limited edition (CAN $53.00) | Let me start by saying that this just might be the most intense blush pigment-wise that I own and even seen in the pan, the colour definitely borders on neon. And while extremely colour-saturated, CHANEL has worked some of their patented magic here to make this shade quite wearable, in fact — just tread lightly and use a fluffy brush, then build up if needed. As this is quite a strong hue, I’d recommend tapping any excess off your brush before laying it along the skin; that said, it does blend absolutely beautifully. Once applied, if the colour still seems a bit too bright, take the brush/sponge that you used to apply your foundation, and run that lightly along the blush “edges” which will not only tone everything down, but provide a seamless fusion of blush into the skin. Staying power is excellent without any oxidation seen.

It was always Gabrielle Chanel’s thought that no woman should be without a red lipstick and in fact, it was her preferred shade (she was rarely seen without her red lip on) therefore the holiday collection revisits this iconic hue in several formats and with STUNNING red lacquered packaging: Rouge Allure, with its creamy & ultra-hydrating texture, Rouge Allure Velvet, with its lush velour-like finish, and Rouge Coco Gloss (not shown). While all the reds in this collection don’t stray too far from each other, their differences lie in their undertones and thus can be customized according to your complexion.

N°1 Rouge Allure Lipstick, limited edition (CAN $43.00) | A true red with a blue-based undertone. Staying power is fine, although as the formula is quite emollient don’t expect it to linger intact the way something a touch drier might. While the colour does fade away into a deep rose stain, you can always extend its longevity by applying liner all over the lips prior to application. Personally, I like the fact that it’s not as fussy as a matte; makes sporting a statement red lip that much more wearable.

NOTE: N°4, an orange-based red and the shade worn by Lily-Rose Depp in the campaign photo (see above) literally sold out the second it hit counters — I was fortunate enough to secure one just the other day, but am still waiting for it to arrive.

N°2 Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick, limited edition (CAN $43.00) | A true red with a deep raspberry undertone, although it can be worn equally well by those with either warm or cool skin tones. Staying power is strong, although it may wear out a touch in the centre with eating and/or drinking and fade off too a deep rose stain when the majority of colour is gone.


As someone who tends to favour a neutral lip, once the holidays start rolling in I usually reach for something with more impact i.e.: red. These versions from CHANEL may not have reinvented the wheel colour-wise, but what makes them so worth adding to one’s lipstick wardrobe, are their lush tone and excellent formulations. As far as blushes go, So Close is not for the faint-hearted, but I’m surprisingly loving it. Of course, I can’t sign off without saying how gorgeous the red lacquered packaging is and reiterating that everything is limited edition, so if you’re intent on picking up the elusive N°4, I’d get to hunting it down ASAP because damn.

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Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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  1. Kissa says:

    Good Morning,
    What a way to wake up to red lippies:)
    I have purchased first light, a rouge allure velvet that came out with the fall collection and the colour and texture is second skin and stunning.
    I am now thinking about the No. 2.
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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