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I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to end 2019 than with this spectacular beauty, CHANEL’s Duo de Camélias Illuminating Face Powder. An online exclusive, this was one I was not going to pass up on — mainly because you all know about my obsession with this brand (seriously; click the CHANEL tab in the sidebar to see exactly what I’m talking about), but also because something about the pattern literally stopped me in my tracks. And then I realized: this would make THE perfect highlighter to wear on New Year’s Eve. I love it when all the stars are aligned this way!

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My order arrived in this lovely holiday edition bag and even included 2 travel-sized samples of my choosing, both housed in their own little drawstring bag (see picture below). As I always say, it’s all in the details and that’s something CHANEL has always known.

Both the compact and the accompanying brush have their own protective velour sleeves

Duo de Camélias Illuminating Face Powder (CAN $90.00) | Let me start by saying that pictures do NOT do this justice; trying to capture every sparkling nuance freaked my camera out a bit, but trust me here: the shimmer is actually otherworldly. Housed in the brand’s black lacquered casing, the double C’s on the lid are silver, as opposed to the traditional white, and it includes a full sized mirror on the inner lid as well as a good-sized brush with its own velour pouch. Inspired by the camellia flower, the House’s iconic emblem, one side of the surface is gold with the other silver, stamped with a raised cable knit pattern along with Art Deco camellia blossoms on top. Each portion is in fact large enough that it can be used individually, provided you go in with a tapered brush, although the real magic happens when you swirl the two together, creating what can best be described as a wash of fairy dust along the skin (excessively described, but so damn true). This isn’t a subtle highlighter, but interestingly enough, neither does it come off as glittery — it’s that CHANEL sorcery at work, creating a texture that lays down absolutely beautifully along the skin, capturing and reflecting light strategically. Staying power, when applied over primer/foundation, is excellent as well, and only seems to look better with wear (I don’t even understand how that’s possible, but there you have it).

Obviously, I couldn’t limit myself to just one angle of this treasure

Swatches taken outdoors, in direct sunlight

Swatches taken indoors, in direct sunlight

I opted for samples of La Crème Main (to keep in my purse) and Camellia Water Cream to try out

As this is a limited edition piece, I’m fairly certain it won’t be available for much longer (I’m actually surprised I was still able to snag one) so fair warning, as they say. My verdict? It’s absolutely breathtaking and well worth the money … and I can’t wait to wear it this evening to ring in the new year!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, filled with prosperity and love and thank you for all your continued support on my ever-evolving beauty journey! PS: I have something super exciting coming in 2020 and can’t wait to share it with you!

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