CHANEL · Éclat et Transparence, Cruise 2018 Collection


The newest release from CHANEL, Éclat et Transparence Cruise 2018, draws inspiration from the gorgeous sheer effect produced by the interplay of shadow & light, and I have most of the collection to show you here today. The textures and colours of Summer — warm air, rippling water, and hazy filtered light, are all so beautifully represented and form the key to understanding these pieces: it’s about the application, and more importantly, layering. Plus, everything is just so gorgeous …


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Éclat Énigmatique Quadra Eyeshadow (CAN $70.00) | The four hues of this palette have something interesting going on; with the exception of the palest colour, all can be worn quite sheerly for a translucent wash of colour, although layering them up for more depth and impact is equally easy to do; I’m not sure how CHANEL accomplished this unique feature, but consider me impressed. It should be noted that the ivory — while quite sheer — can also be patted over any other shade for an extra glimmery pop, and it looks absolutely amazing under the brow bone or at the inner eye corner. Longevity for all when worn over primer is excellent, staying true until removed. Oh, and can we talk about how lovely the sand dune/wave pattern on each eyeshadow is?

  • satin ivory with gold glimmer
  • concrete grey with fine prismatic shift
  • brick red, satin
  • bronze brown, satin


887 Charme Stylo Yeux Waterproof (CAN $35.00) | I’ve said countless times before, that my favourite eye liners are CHANEL’s Stylo Yeux, and you can now add Charme to that list as well. What makes it special, is the smooth application that never tugs or distresses the delicate skin around the eye, and its amazing durability even when worn along the waterline. The brown-aubergine hue of this particular shade is an edgier take on neutral — and one that’s already become a go-to fave (which reminds me: I need a backup).


190 Éclat Solaire Palette Essentielle Été (CAN $85.00) | Adding to the brand’s incredibly popular range of essential face palettes, this iteration is made unique by a new sheerer and dewier texture to go with a new method of application. The shade breakdown:

  • gold highlighter (eyes, face)
  • beige/caramel highlighter (face)
  • raspberry red blush (cheeks, lips)

According to Lucia Pica, this travel-friendly trio can be worn a number of ways:

“You have a gold to go on the eyes, which is meant to create a touch of light. You have a light bronze to go all over the face — it’s an all-over shimmer that radiates light and it’s so subtle that it really looks like part of the skin. And then you have a beautiful red colour you can use on cheeks and in the middle of the lips to create a sort of natural stain”

Let me begin by stating that the texture of all three hues is nothing less than incredible; creamy without sliding around too much, all are easy to apply — whether using fingers or a brush for the job — and in the case of the blush, effortless to either blend out or layer up for more tone. As these are meant to bring light to features, don’t expect a dry-down on skin — which suits me fine, as the effect appears much more natural this way. Of course, you can always set everything with a dusting of translucent powder … but use a light hand to keep the finish from winding up matte. In case you’re wondering, none of the other Palette Essentielles I own come close to this one, which is why I didn’t bother with a comparison shot.



Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur (CAN $43/each) | As the theme of the collection appears to lean rather laid-back, what can be easier for lips than a jumbo pencil? With their creamy glide and retractible format, these also come to a glossy finish (which does cut down on wear time, but makes up for that with a goof-proof application) and are so totally travel-friendly as well. I also love the fact that this is both lip liner and lip colour, as well as how you can even combine them for unique new customized shades.

N°17 À la Rosée | milky pink, any initial patchiness does smooth out with wear

N°19 Au Naturel | caramel nude, excellent pigmentation and opacity

Le Vernis (CAN $32/each) | Thank you, CHANEL, for listening to your fans and creating a product that has amazing application AND an improved brush (I had to get that out of the way first). The three shades of this collection may not exactly be groundbreaking in terms of colour, but have kicked things up a notch just the same — albeit in classic CHANEL form. One thing they have in common, however, is that these are all eminently wearable hues and by pretty much all skin tones across the board.

All swatches below are with 2 coats of polish, no base or top coat added.

608 Légèreté | dusty sage green hue in a crème-jelly hybrid formula that lays down in a self-levelling way, shows amazing opacity even at 1 coat, has a cushiony appearance AND comes to an über-glossy finish. Non-staining upon removal.

610 Halo | carnation pink hue in a crème formula, a self-levelling application although it may show slight patchiness with the first coat — easily remedied by the second layer. I suggest using a ridge filling base coat (my current favourite is Sally Hansen’s Nail Primer) to help this shade lay down flawlessly. Something tells me that this is going to become my Summer pedi shade!

612 Chicness | nude/mauve crème-jelly hybrid that shows excellent opacity even with 1 coat, lays down super easily and comes to a natural glossy finish. Deeper than a traditional neutral but nowhere near dark territory, this is a shade that will definitely transcend all seasons.


L’Eau Tan Refreshing Self-Tanning Body Mist (CAN $80.00) | The last piece of the collection I have to show you, is something that’s brand new for the brand … not to mention a little hard for me to pin down. Part skincare, makeup, fragrance, and self-tanner, L’Eau Tan was dreamed up by Lucia Pica as a “new way to experience a sensory celebration of Summer”. This little gem owes its creation to L’Huile Tan, the first tanning product created by Gabrielle Chanel back in 1932 — pretty scandalous for the time, considering the fact that sporting an ‘outdoor glow’ implied you were not affluent & spent your time at menial labour. Fast-forward to today where it’s all about that healthy — and safe — luminosity, and voilà! Faux-glow, it is. According to Lucia Pica:

“It gives you a very light tan, it’s almost like what you’d get at the beginning os Summer. The colour you get on your skin is quite golden but very transparent, and it’s got a beautiful cologne perfume in it so it feels fresh”

This product incorporates classic self-tanning technology with the addition of a very small percentage of DHA (the chemical ingredient which causes the pigmentation change) along with a refreshing watery texture that is misted along skin. On my arms which have already become a little sun-kissed, I did not notice any changes, but on my still Winter-pale legs, I can just see the most subtle golden tint. I suspect that where this product will come into its own, is to help in tan maintenance, while at the same time giving skin back some much needed hydration + a shot of freshness. As to the scent, it’s positively lovely and reminds me of the way skin smells in the sun (with even a slight hint of Coppertone thrown in, but a very luxurious version of it) and can even double as your fragrance, thereby serving more than just one purpose.


It never ceases to amaze me how time and time again, CHANEL manages to produce these stellar collection; just when I think the well may have run dry, out comes a bunch of highly covetable pieces that make me fall deeper in love with this brand. Don’t ask me to pick a favourite because I actually cannot; everything is a winner. Of course, the entire collection is limited edition as well, so if anything here has grabbed your fancy, mark your calendar for when it hits counters and grab your faves — or live with the regret. Fair warning, am I right?

Available June 1st at CHANEL counters


Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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