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I’ve never made my love of CHANEL a secret, and while I can wax poetic on basically everything this brand has to offer, I have to confess that in the nail polish department, this venerable house has sometimes come up short. Not that it’s stopped me from obsessively collecting every shade produced, mind you. But that was then … and this is now, and it’s a really, really, good now. Recently launched, CHANEL has created 6 new Le Vernis shades that in my opinion, are definitely investment-worthy.



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Le Vernis 2018 (CAN $32.00) | Housed in CHANEL’s traditional square bottle that makes storing them so easy — symmetry is everything with me, there are 2 limited edition hues (Rose Néon and Brun Contraste), while the rest are permanent. In fact, with the exception of Rose Néon, the other five shades all have common features:

  • a hybrid crème-jelly formula
  • self levelling application
  • full opacity with just 2 coats
  • brilliantly glossy natural finish
  • non-staining upon removal (this one just blew me away)

Something else I noticed right off the bat, was the brush; I have long lamented the fact that CHANEL did not have brushes that were easy to work with but obviously the brand went back to the drawing board, because all 6 displayed a well-crafted brush with a solid density to hold the product and then deposit it effortlessly along the nail — and with enough flexibility to the bristles that makes it easy to curve along the nail bed as well. Note that in the swatches below, no top coat has been applied; they’re all naturally that insanely glossy. Also, trying to photograph the full intensity of Rose Néon was futile; trust me when I say it’s 100% NEON.

  • 596 Rose Néon∗ – hot coral pink, comes to a rubberized-looking finish
  • 681 Brun Contraste∗ – dark chestnut
  • 622 Violet Piquant – deepest violet-ink
  • 624 Bleu Trompeur – intense denim blue
  • 626 Exquisite Pink – maraschino red (blue based)
  • 628 Prune Dramatique – dark grape


The fact that these shades are not part of any specific collection means I can enjoy them exactly for what they are, and not obsess over whether they fit a a theme or not. Personally, I’m really happy to see that CHANEL has tweaked the formula (I still cannot get over the fact that shades as saturated and as deep as these, don’t stain the nail bed) and made the brush more user-friendly as well. As to the Rose Néon, I’m not usually partial to the type but I can’t help but want to see it on my toes once I’ve taken on a bit of a Summery glow. As to the rest? None are ground breaking colour-wise, but the stellar formula makes each every single one so worth your time investing in.

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Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

6 Responses to CHANEL · Le Vernis 2018

  1. Nvie says:

    Great post as usual and I always get excited seeing Chanel nail polishes. The colours are so fall/winter which is right up my alley.
    Now I can’t make up my mind on the colour. I’m a sucker for shades like Prune Dramatique but Brun Constraste and Bleu Trompeur is calling me. Exquisite Pink is not an unusual colour but I realised I don’t have a red Chanel polish.

    • Eugenia says:

      Thank you – so happy to hear you enjoyed my post! By the way, Exquisite Pink (which is definitely more red than pink, but whatever!) is not only a gorgeous cherry hue, but unlike so many others in that colour family, it won’t stain nails! Like my dream red nail polish, lol!

  2. Beautiful shades – love the prune dramatique!

  3. Vera M says:

    What a gorgeous collection! I thought I would like 622 Violet Piquant and 596 Rose Néon the most but now I find 628 Prune Dramatique very interesting as well. I am also very happy about the positive changes!
    I can’t even tell you how I love your posts!

    • Eugenia says:

      Awwww… thank you for such kind words & support, Vera – it means a lot! And I’m super thrilled that CHANEL upped their nail polish range — makes it that much easier to justify the splurge, lol!

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