CHANEL · Le Vernis Bleu Pastel & Resplendissant, Énergies et Puretés Collection 2017


The second of CHANEL’s 2017 launches, the Energies et Puretés Collection includes two new nail polishes: 552 Resplendissant, an electrifying coral, and going in the complete opposite direction is 584 Bleu Pastel, a delicate baby blue. Drawing inspiration from K-Pop culture as well as the East-meets-West aesthetic, Lucia Pica (CHANEL’s Global Creative Makeup Director & Colour Designer) has managed to capture that vibe with just two shades. Now THAT’s a pretty cool trick, wouldn’t you agree?


Previously reviewed from this collection:

584 Bleu Pastel (CAN $32.00) | A white based icy blue crème hue (which somehow shows some teeny-tiny flecks under certain lights — not sure if that’s just my bottle, or if that’s how it’s meant to be, but either way I like the effect), in a formula that applies in a self-levelling way and comes to a glossy finish. There is minimal patchiness seen with the first layer — a welcome surprise for a shade in this colour family, and you get decent opacity with two coats, although a third will give the best results, as seen here.

Coats: 3 (thin), plus Le Gel Top Coat

My first thought upon seeing Bleu Pastel was that Riva had been brought back, but as can be seen in the swatch above, while similar, they’re also quite different; in comparison Riva is greener-leaning than Bleu Pastel and has visible blue shimmer, with a formula that’s somewhat trickier to work with — but still gorgeous, nevertheless.


552 Resplendissant (CAN $32.00) | Basically, this hot coral crème hue is what we call a “one-coat-wonder” and it’s not often that CHANEL creates one of these. The rose undertones in the base mean that this shade can be easily wearable by a broad range of skin tones. The formula falls smoothly, shows excellent opacity from the start, and has the type of density that means it won’t pool along cuticles or sidewalls, coming to a super-glossy finish. Apart from being a great compromise for those who want something other than red, Resplendissant will also make for one kick-ass pedi shade, especially against a light tan.

Coats: 2 plus Le Gel Top Coat

It’s not often that I try my hand at nail art, but something about these two made me want to see them together; I used Bleu Pastel over 2 coats of Resplendissant to create the designs seen above, and while not perfect, I still like how it turned out.


If you missed out on Riva when it was launched, then I recommend grabbing Bleu Pastel, and even though it’s not listed as limited edition, I see it selling out at the speed of light just the same. For a pastel, and a white-based one at that, I’m pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to work with and definitely worth the effort. As to Resplendissant, I was sure that I had at least 2-3 duplicates in my CHANEL collection, but it turns out that none came close; either they were too orange-based or too pink, making this shade unique among them. Plus the formula is to.die.for. Enough said.

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Media samples kindly provided, all opinions are my own

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  1. Kissa says:

    Fantastic; after reading and seeing your review I have ordered both of these colours!!!!

  2. Pastel blue is very beautiful. I love such shades but I don’t own many:/

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