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The recently launched Collection Chiffrée from CHANEL may be small as far as releases go, but no less impressive just the same … not to mention selling out at lightning speed. With inspiration culled from Gabrielle Chanel’s life, each of the lacquers in this collection bears a number that played a significant role for Mademoiselle; Nº19 — in honour of her birthday (August 19), Nº22 — for the year the namesake fragrance was created, and Nº31 — to commemorate the House’s address on Rue Cambon, Paris. Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, all three are in shades of green, albeit trust CHANEL to give this often hard-to-wear hue a fresh new vibe.



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Apart from the fact that all three lacquers are in the green family, there are several other similarities. The formula on each is the same: a crème-jelly hybrid texture that displays a bit of bounce upon application and leaves behind a cushiony appearance. A self-levelling flow that’s neither too thick nor runny (I strongly suggest working with thinner layers for the smoothest finish), with the first coat laying down easily and becoming fully opaque by a second layer, and non-staining upon removal — although that’s with a base coat layered underneath.

All swatches are shown with 2 coats + Le Gel Top Coat

What HAS changed, however, is the brush: it appears that CHANEL has heard my prayers and finally upped their standards in creating a brush that is far superior to anything the brand has put out before. With its rounded and rather chiseled shape, this new brush not only splays perfectly along the nail bed, but ensures an easy application as well. All I can say is, it’s about damn time. Oh, and thank you.

#821, Vert N°19 (CAN $32.00) | Rich & intense turquoise

#822, Vert N°22 (CAN $32.00) | Concrete with hints of moss green

#823, Vert N°31 (CAN $32.00) | Lushly deep viridian

CHANEL has released varying shades of green in the past, and so I went hunting through my collection for any similarities. Note that the only hues I’ve opted to show are the ones I felt came the closest.

  • Nouvelle Vague – same family but much lighter in tone & with shimmer (N/A)
  • Vert N°19 – intense turquoise
  • Mediterranée – darker and more blue based (N/A)
  • Sargasso – deep grey-green with fine teal shimmer
  • Vert N°22 – concrete grey
  • Mysterious – blackened grey-green (N/A)
  • Khaki Vert – olive based khaki (N/A)
  • Vert N°31 – dark viridian
  • Fiction – blackened emerald green (Holiday 2017, review coming soon)

I’ve been collecting CHANEL lacquers for over 30 years now (yikes) and while there have been some misses along the way, as well as colours that I knew I’d never wear but had to have anyway (because you know; one can’t break up a set), these are still the polishes that I turn to time & time again. One thing I wasn’t expecting, was a green trio to go with this collection, but true to CHANEL style, every single hue is slaying and what’s more, is going to receive a lot of love from me not only now, but well into the warmer months ahead. Fair warning, however: the dreaded limited edition. Get thee to a CHANEL counter right now.


4 Responses to CHANEL · Le Vernis, Collection Chiffrée

  1. Kissa says:

    As always, your reviews are clear, specific, just perfect and I will be looking for this collection when it comes out!!!

    • Eugenia says:

      Awww…thanks for the kind words, Kissa – it’s so appreciated! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts if/when you pick any of these up!

  2. Christine says:

    Great post as always! I have and love Fiction, and can’t wait to see your pics.

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