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Wrapping up my reviews on CHANEL’s Numéros Rouge Collection Libre for Holiday 2017 with this unique — and somewhat puzzling — trio of nail lacquers. Straddling the border between urban & festive, each shade offers a new take on the traditional holiday fare: a deep moody green, a hot neon, and a lush jelly-like black. Trust, CHANEL to make you look twice.



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Unlike the lacquers released with the Collection Chiffrée, it should be noted that all three shown here bear the usual brush, one with longish bristles that splay at the ends — and definitely not a fave for me. That said, I’m so pleased that the brand has now upped their brush game and given all us loyal fans something to rave about.

All swatches are with 2 coats of lacquer + Le Gel Top Coat


#604 Scenario Neon Nail Colour, limited edition (CAN $32.00) | Vivid pink-based neon coral in a jelly-esque formula that shows a bounce-back effect typical of the type. Good flow, although some patchiness might be visible with the first coat — reaches opacity by the second. Comes to a rubbery-look at the finish, but can be jacked up with a layer of top coat, if desired. Non-staining upon removal (with base coat).

#582 Fiction, limited edition (CAN $32.00) | Deep viridian green with a warm undertone (more yellow than blue) in a crème-jelly hybrid that leaves a cushiony appearance behind. Good flow, although the formula does lean on the thick side; I strongly suggest going in with thinner coats to avoid any lumpy buildup. Coverage is quite good with 1 layer but needs 2 coats for full-on opacity. Comes to a natural glossy finish. Non-staining upon removal (with base coat).

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#580 Celebrity, limited edition (CAN $32.00) | Black crème-jelly hybrid with a much easier flow than that of Fiction, although that same plush appearance is left behind. Bearing a good flow, the first coat is rather translucent but comes to full opacity by a second layer, leaving a high gloss finish behind. Non-staining upon removal (with base coat).


As many of you already know, I’ve been a huge fan of CHANEL for decades, with my personal lacquer collection rather substantial — and while not all colours released have always pushed my buttons, I collect each set compulsively just the same (resistance is truly futile). From the three here, I’m loving Fiction for its intense pine green-ness, although the formula is not without a snarky side. Scenario is definitely eye-catching and personally, I love it in its natural rubberized-looking state (makes wearing neon so much easier). But the one that I’m all about is Celebrity; black might be black, but this one has a sneaky & almost sexy tone. So perfect for the holidays, no?!

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Scenario kindly provided by CHANEL, the rest purchased by me

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