CHANEL · Les Beiges 2019 Collection

Les Beiges from CHANEL is probably the collection I anticipate the most, and this year’s grouping is majorly exceeding ALL my expectations. From the classic packaging to the utterly wearable shades, this entire collection has my name written all over it. Actually, it has Coco Chanel’s name written all over it, but you know what I mean.

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Is it crazy that this simple beige packaging excites me?

Healthy Glow Sheer Powder Exclusive Creation, limited edition (CAN $82.00/each) | Available in 7 shades, these face powders come housed in beige lacquered compacts printed with Mlle. Chanel’s signature on the cover. Each opens up to display a full-sized mirror on the inner lid, as well as a demi-lune brush. The surface of the powder is embossed with Mademoiselle’s signature and while delicately fragranced, the scent dissipates quickly after application. The texture, however, feels definitely different from what I remember; where the original is a slightly more pigmented and creamier both to the touch and upon application, the newer version feels somewhat drier. That said, I find that this year’s iteration to be more finely milled and able to provide a lightweight finish that melds seamlessly into the skin. My advice would be to use a dense brush for stronger coverage, or a dual-fibre brush for a more air-brushed finish. Overall, these powders are not designed for anyone looking for full-on coverage, but true to the French “bonne mine” (aka: healthy glow) effect, something they certainly accomplish with ease.

Before you ask, this makeup bag was a PR gift, and not available for sale – sorry!

  • N° 10 – champagne/ivory (the lightest available shade)
  • N° 20 – ecru (for light to fair complexions)
  • N° 30 – nude (the most neutral of them all, fair to medium skin tones)

The are several things to note in the above swatch; for starters, N° 10 literally disappears into my skin and in fact, I had a helluva time even trying to see it to accurately crop the picture (I’m still not sure I got it right, lol). Next, you’ll notice that even though the swatches for both N° 20 & N° 30 in the original formulation look several shades darker, they’re definitely still in the same tone.

Les Indispensables Natural Eyeshadow Collection, limited edition (CAN $110.00) | I’m going to call it right here and now: if there’s one item from this collection that you don’t want to pass up on, it’s definitely this palette. Housed in the same lacquered beige compact casing as the powders, it opens up to reveal a full-sized mirror on the inner lid, 9 neutral hues, and two mini dual-ended brushes (which work surprisingly well). The configuration of the shades is deliberate, clearly divided into 3 trios that are meant to work together — although that’s more of a guideline and not set in stone, obviously. With a beautiful mix of mattes, satins, & soft shimmers, this is a neutral-lovers dream palette. SERIOUSLY. As someone who tends to stick to these types of shades and happens to have enough nude eyeshadows/palettes to sink a battleship, I have a confession: this has been the one I’ve been reaching for 24/7 since it arrived, and I’m now even planning on getting a backup. Yes, it’s THAT good.

For the record, all the shades display stellar pigmentation and blendability, and the palette itself is a nice mix of cool, warm, and neutral hues — meaning it will suit basically all complexions. The texture is amazing as well, creamy-smooth, finely milled and when worn over primer, all stay true without creasing or fading until removed.

Trio, left side (top, left, right):

  • light warm brown, rust undertone
  • ivory highlighter
  • warm taupe chocolate

Trio, centre (top, left, right):

  • pink peach shimmer
  • platinum taupe, soft shimmer
  • khaki grey

Trio, right side (top, left, right):

  • deep chocolate
  • bronze gold
  • dark dusty red-brown

I immediately pulled out two of the previous Les Beiges eyeshadow palettes to compare — the original and Deep (the only one missing is Light, which I don’t own). Initially I felt that Les Indispensables might be an amalgamation of the other 2, and while there are hints of that, the hues offer up enough differences between them — as seen in the below swatch –that make this year’s version unique.

Intense Healthy Glow Lip Balm (CAN $46.00) | Available in 3 other shades (all permanent), this is a tinted balm for that “my-lips-but-better” effect. Made with Vitamin E which provides antioxidant properties, and moringa oil for nourishment, this balm also colour-adapts to each wearer, meaning the shade you get will be unique to you; don’t let the strong colour seen in the tube scare you off because as seen in the swatch below, it appears significantly more sheer and applies in a buttery smooth way, leaving a nice glossy sheen behind. As this is an emollient product, you’ll definitely need to reapply but even when all traces of colour have faded, you’re still left with a nice hydrated & comfortable lip-feel.

The only other shade I own in this format is the Deep version (reviewed here), and at first glance the two appear almost identical. Upon swatching, the differences are still minute, with Intense seeming a touch more muted, but both are within the same colour family. I personally prefer the finish and look of Intense, although if you already own Deep, you can probably skip this year’s iteration.

Yes, we all know that my love affair with this brand is alive & well, but I have to say that CHANEL’s Les Beiges 2019 Collection has managed to check off all my boxes. Gorgeous, streamlined packaging? Check. Wearable shades? Check. Stellar formulations? Check. The price points may lean a touch on the high side (hello? luxury beauty), but when something delivers the way these products have, then I’d say it’s well worth the investment. Coming up next: my review on the new Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tints and spoiler alert: you’re going to want them.

Available at CHANEL counters nationwide

Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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