CHANEL · Nº5 L’Eau All-Over Spray & On Hand Cream


I’ve always been that girl who has wanted so badly to wear CHANEL’s original Nº5 perfume, but have never been able to — although I’m still holding out hope for a future point where the two of us will see eye to eye. That’s why when Nº5 L’Eau launched in 2016, my prayers were answered: here was a Nº5 version that fitted me perfectly. For Summer 2018, Olivier Polge, the ‘nose’ behind this iteration, has created a fun new way to sport this fresh scent, launching the All-Over Spray and matching Hand On Cream … and I’m betting that both are going to be spot-on perfect for the season.



You can find more details on CHANEL’s Nº5 L’Eau which I’ve previously reviewed here

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If you follow me on Instagram and have checked out my stories (if not, I’d love to have you join me!), then you’ve probably heard me griping about some of the excessive press packaging that I’ve received in the past from certain brands. That said, I must say that I applaud CHANEL for keeping things minimal in that department, and on the occasion when the brand does throw in a perk, it’s always something tastefully done and so utterly useful as well. In fact, I’ve been wanting to pick up a clear beauty pouch for some time now but hadn’t found one that I really liked, so when this came along, let’s just say that I may have spent more time admiring the clear bag than playing with the products! By the way, this pouch is totally coming with me on my upcoming vacation.

Nº5 L’Eau All-Over Spray (CAN $75.00) | Housed in a canister with its clean & crisp look, this is a spray that can be used on both hair and body. The nozzle emits an ultra-fine and almost cloud-like mist, while the intensity of the fragrance sits at that perfect level; not so strong as to be overpowering, but neither too soft that it’s undetectable. In fact, with the weather fast becoming hot & sultry and where heavier scents can quickly become cloying,  I feel that this may just turn out to be amazing for Summer perfuming, with the bonus of the mist providing skin a fresh & cooling burst as well. Another plus is that you can spritz as often as you like, without worrying that it will become too much.

N°5 L’Eau On Hand Cream (CAN $70.00) | I am a fanatic about hand creams and you will never find me without at least one tube in my makeup bag at any given time (actually, I usually have a couple + a cuticle oil). I do have my favourites that I turn to so when I received CHANEL’s La Crème Main last year, it quickly rose to the top of my list. Housed in a cute-as-a-button egg-shaped container with an ergonomic design, the product boasts a formula that is made from several Rose species, Iris Pallida Extract (known for its brightening properties), glycerine, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter to help keep skin moisturized & supple. Dispensed by squeezing the middle of the tube, the product is emitted from an opening on top and once applied, is quickly absorbed into the skin, without leaving any greasy residue behind. The beauty of this version is that the delicate Nº5 L’Eau fragrance adds a whole new sensorial layer to the experience … in addition to how absolutely divine the cream feels upon the skin.


Make no mistake about it; both of these products are splurges, but there are unique benefits to factor in as well. If you’re looking for a way to scent your skin without resorting to anything heavy, then the All-Over Spray is your ticket. As far as hand creams go, I am definitely impressed with the results I’ve seen using the CHANEL formula, which means I’m willing to overlook the hefty price tag; to paraphrase that well-known expression, “because I’m worth it” (aren’t we all?).

Available at all CHANEL beauty counters


Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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