CHANEL · Noir et Blanc de CHANEL F/W 2019 Collection

Paris is known as the City of Light, and for CHANEL’s Fall/Winter 2019 Collection, Lucia Pica introduces Noir et Blanc de CHANEL, drawing inspiration from all the nuances — not to mention opposites — found in both black and white. All I can say is that there is nothing simple or boring about getting back to basics … especially where CHANEL is concerned.

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Black and white are the absolutes of CHANEL. There is something both deep and mysterious yet divine and innocent about each— Lucia Pica

332 Noir Suprême Les 4 Ombres, limited edition (CAN $70.00) | Also available in 334 Modern Glamour (permanent, not shown), these four hues are more about exploring the colours found in shadows, almost as if seen through a veil. The formula is beautifully pigmented and all not only apply beautifully, but blend with ease. The texture is creamy to the touch, but still a powder nonetheless — and which does not display any fall down upon application. All shades come to a gorgeous sheen that’s an excellent compromise between matte & satin. Staying power is perfect as well, provided primer is layered underneath.

Ombre Première Top Coat, limited edition (CAN $45.00/each) | With exterior packaging that’s new for the brand (bearing both white & black, as seen in the last photo of this post), these have been created to be worn either solo or applied over other eyeshadows. Carte Blanche comes housed in a white lacquered compact as opposed to the iconic black, which I find a unique touch. The texture is another innovation; almost liquid-like but actually a power, filled with brilliant yet smooth shimmer, with each having the ability to be worn as a sheer wash or layered for more depth of tone. Applying either with a dampened brush (just stick to one edge of the pan for that) brings them to a whole other level of brilliance. Don’t ask me to choose between them, however, as both are in a word, STELLAR.

317 Carte Blanche | the best way to describe this shade, is “diamonds in the snow”. Worn alone — wether sheer or layered — gives an ‘ice queen‘ vibe, but you can also later it over dark or light eyeshadows … then sit back and enjoy the sophisticated transformative effect it provides. So much gorgeousness, I tell you.

327 Pénombre | This shade reminds me of molten pewter; the complexity of the shimmer is hard to describe and must be seen in person. More of a tarnished silver, it also bears a greyish undertone that’s somewhere between warm & cool, making this so easy to wear on a broad range of skin tones. Applied solo as a sheer wash or layered up for more intensity, makes this a great way to amp up an eye look without committing to using a ton of other hues. All you need is mascara and your holiday look is done & done, no liner needed either.

90 Le Volume Ultra-Noir de CHANEL (CAN $43.00) | I can’t even begin to count how many tubes of CHANEL’s original Le Volume mascara I’ve gone through — and that includes several coloured versions as well. So how do you improve on something that good? By making it even blacker; think khôl without the messy residue, made for lashes. My priority when it comes to mascara, is volume first, length second (I have a good natural curl, so that’s never a factor) and this one delivers beautifully on both counts, with the added bonus of being sooty enough that you can probably get away with skipping liner, if you wish. Lasting power is amazing as well, staying crease & smudge proof throughout wear, does not deposit under the eyes, and removes easily at the end of the day with a dual-phase remover. I’ll go so far as to say that this may just be my new #1.

949 Blanc Graphique Stylo Yeux Waterproof (CAN $35.00) | CHANEL’s eyeliners rank as my absolute faves; for starters, they come in a retractible pencil format that’s not only hygienic, but eliminates the need for sharpening. Secondly, they apply so smoothly — both along the lash lines and the water line — without tugging on the delicate skin around the eyes. Finally, staying power is excellent as well, although reapplication along the water line will definitely be necessary at some point. What makes this shade unique, is that not only can you create graphic/editorial looks with it (think: 60’s era Twiggy), but it works beautifully along the waterline to open & brighten up these eyes — a great tip for anyone who wishes to enhance small or deep-set eyes.

Le Gel Pailleté, limited edition (CAN $62.00) | I’ll begin by saying that I have a hard time tearing myself away from the mesmerizing shimmer in this little pot — pretty sure I’m not alone, either. So what is this? Well, it’s a transparent shimmering gel that melts into the skin, leaving behind a sparkly veil. I say CHANEL has managed to create fairy dust. Made to be worn on both face and body (but do avoid applying this to lips), this gel is literally all you need to get party-ready and basically guarantees you’ll be the belle of the ball as your skin captures and reflects light. The texture is initially cool to the touch and I don’t recommend you layer this too thickly, in order to truly benefit from the ethereal glow it can provide. A thinner layer is not only easier to work with, but also does eventually dry down, leaving only stardust behind.

There are several lip options in this collection, although most are limited edition. Again playing on the shadow & light theme, the shades are an interesting mix of tones and textures — and everything is absolutely wearable, in true CHANEL style.

814 Crystal Clear Rouge Coco Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer, limited edition (CAN $39.00) | A transparent base filled with ultra-fine crystalline shimmer, this gloss is non-sticky and without any gritty feel. The Glossimer format is one of my favourite glosses to wear and while this shade can certainly be layered over other lip products for an extra pop of shine, you’d do this beauty more justice by wearing it solo.

816 Lacque Noire Rouge Coco Gloss Moisturizing Glossimer, limited edition (CAN $39.00) | An ultra-deep blackened mulberry hue that can be worn on its own, or layered over other lip products for added dimension. The formula almost feels like it fills in lip lines, while the shine it leaves behind also does a great job of detracting from said lines (of which I have way more than I should, apparently). For anyone who shies from dark hues, this may be your new BFF, as one sheer swipe can provide that editorial effect, without the commitment. Not bad, huh?

978 Bois de Nuit Rouge Allure Liquid Powder, limited edition (CAN $46.00) | Also available in 974 Timeless (limited edition as well, not shown) the exterior tube is coloured the same as the shade on the inside — in this case, a soft rosewood — you know what shade you’re reaching for in case you’re like me and have several to choose from. The contents get squeezed onto the flocked applicator, making it easy to then apply and blend along the lips. You can either dab a bit and spread out, or layer up for more impact. The finish is a soft matte, but not drying — making this a perfect option for anyone looking for a matte alternative.

130 Rouge Obscur Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême (CAN $46.00) | Also available in 128 Rose Nocturne (limited edition, not shown), this is a deep cassis shade, with a texture that is incredible creamy and highly colour saturated, providing full coverage from basically the first swipe. The finish is as named: velvet, with enough of a sheen that it won’t come off looking flat or light-absorbing. Staying power is excellent as well, fading to a light stain when the majority of colour has gone.

711 Pure White, limited edition (CAN $33.00) | I absolutely LOVE wearing white nail polish, and while this isn’t CHANEL’s first foray with this hue (my coveted bottle of Eastern Light is still one I reach for), the formula is what makes this one truly stand out. White usually equals either ‘sheer’ that potentially needs multiple coats, or a hot streaky mess — neither of which is the case here. With a smooth and self-levelling flow, Pure White lays down relatively streak-free from the first layer and comes to complete coverage with a second, leaving behind a high shine at the finish to sweeten the deal.

713 Pure Black, limited edition (CAN $33.00) | You can thank CHANEL for having made black nails a sophisticated & totally cool option to sport, and every now and then I pull out my bottle of Black Satin to wear, but now I’ve found a new love with Pure Black. The formula is what makes this one stand out, as it applies smoothly and self-levelling and displays a jelly-like tendency, but without any bounce — coming to one of the most brilliant finishes I’ve seen. Almost reflective, in fact and totally WOW.

I’m sure a quick glance through the CHANEL tag on my blog’s sidebar quickly proves my love for this brand (so many products to check out — go see!) and all I can say of the Noir et Blanc Collection is that once again, we have a winner on our hands. My passion aside, I primarily look for performance and that’s something being delivered here with every single piece. As most items are limited edition, you know the drill: run, don’t walk to your nearest CHANEL counter.

Available at CHANEL counters nationwide

Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

4 Responses to CHANEL · Noir et Blanc de CHANEL F/W 2019 Collection

  1. Tracey E. says:

    A fantastic overview of this gorgeous collection. I picked up the Modern Glamour quad, Penombre top coat eyeshadow, Laque Noire Rouge glossimer, Rouge Obscur lipstick, and the Rouge Allure Liquid Powder in Timeless, which I used to lighten Rouge Obscur lipstick in late summer and as a blush. Really want to try out the Ultra Noir mascara and maybe the Gel Paillete.

    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Tracey — so glad you enjoyed my review! I love your idea of how you combined the two lip products and might just that a go for myself! As to the Ultra Noir Mascara, I’m absolutely thrilled with it and something tells me that the Gel Pailleté will be definitely on rotation once party season begins!

  2. Nvie says:

    Wonderful review as always! The black nail polish and rouge obscur caught my eye 😉

    • Eugenia says:

      Thank you for the kind words! As to the nail polishes, they are both absolutely amazing but I agree about Pure Black — that brilliance is unreal!

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