CHANEL · Quintessence & Platine Bronze, Vision d’Asie Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Several weeks ago I showed you CHANEL’s Spring/Summer 2019 launches — that is, all but the two pieces starring in today’s post. This 9-shadow palette is only the second in this format that the brand has ever created, and this beauty holds an interesting & unexpected mix of hues, while the accompanying cream shade has quickly risen through the ranks to be the one I currently reach for … over & over again.

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Previously shown from this collection:

Les 9 Ombres Édition N°2 Quintessence, limited edition (CAN $98.00) | Drawing inspiration from visits to South Korea and Japan, CHANEL’s Lucia Pica was drawn to the vibrancy and intensity seen in the colours of both countries, and produced this eye palette as a result. The 9 shades boast a mix of finishes from high-shine and matte, and can be combined several ways to create a number of looks that can take you from day to night. When I look at this palette, my eyes automatically break it down into three trios; the grouping at far left with the silver on top of the brown & red, the centre trio of champagne & gold over the moss green, and the trio on the right with the camel over the navy & charcoal. Since I see it this way, I assume that these groupings were deliberately placed this way and sure enough, they work beautifully together in this manner, but in the end you’re always free to wear any combination you prefer.

The texture on all shades happens to be superb, from the strong level of pigmentation, the smooth way they apply with minimal fall down, all the way their excellent staying power — when worn over primer.

Naturally, I couldn’t wait to compare Quintessence to last year’s Affresco (reviewed in detail here), and even without swatching, it’s obvious that there is no overlap of shades between the two. The main difference is that Quintessence is obviously more cooler-leaning, making it unique and definitely worth picking up (in the event you had any doubts – but I’m guessing you probably didn’t).

840 Platine Bronze Ombre Première Crème (CAN $42.00) | CHANEL’s cream eyeshadows are one of my weaknesses, and I’m not ashamed to admit that with the exception of perhaps 3 shades, I basically own them all (seriously: scroll through my Instagram feed and you’ll find a shot I posted with the lot — although I may have since added a few more). A true bronze base shot through with complex shimmer that can lean either golden or even slightly olive (depending on how much you apply and where the light hits it), what makes this one a must-have, in my humble opinion, is that not only is the shade universally flattering for all complexions, but it just looks so.damn.good. Another use for this shade is in a transversal fashion i.e.: layered under any of the Quintessence colours to help intensify & deepen them. All in all, Platine Bronze is absolutely wearable even on a daily basis, and its cream texture means you really don’t need more than a finger for application (unless you’re going for precision; then by all means, grab a brush). Staying power — over primer — is excellent as well.

I’m sure that by now my addiction passion for CHANEL is obvious, and while you’d think that someone like me who’s been collecting this brand for decades now would have seen it all, somehow the House manages to always come up with something new & improved — which makes me happy & my loyalty justified. As both items in today’s post are unique from one another, my recommendation is that both are worth investing in; with regards to Quintessence, $98.00 for one palette might sound steep, but break it down: you’re getting 9 shades, and that’s one helluva deal (especially for CHANEL). As to Platine Bronze, all I’m going to say is this: get it.

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Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

4 Responses to CHANEL · Quintessence & Platine Bronze, Vision d’Asie Spring Summer 2019 Collection

  1. @laurantaina says:

    I think I’m skipping Platine Bronze as I have a similar shade from both TF and CT. However Quintessence has caught my attention, I really love the color combinations and how you can either use the shades in threes or with your own combinations. I don’t own a red shadow and very little blues and khakis. I might pick this one up, but the Finnish pricing is over the top..

    xx Laura

    • Eugenia says:

      It’s definitely an investment pieces and seeing as how it holds shades you don’t already own, it makes it perhaps easier to spend the money on … but ouch on Finnish pricing 😭

  2. Larissa Booker says:

    Hi!! I’m also a Chanel lover. I have the cream shadow in 820 a Memory. Do you know how the Platine Bronze compares? It looks very similar.

    • Eugenia says:

      Hi Larissa! Unfortunately, Memory is one of the shades that I don’t own so sadly I couldn’t say how the two might compare. I did go through my entire stash and I can tell you that I didn’t find one shade that came close to Platine Bronze, certainly nowhere near it’s complex colour — that’s for sure!

What are your thoughts, beautiful?

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