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Leave it to CHANEL to make matte lip products not only covetable, but uniquely fun at that. The Rouge Allure 2018 collection features new additions to the Velvet range, and then takes things to a whole other level with Extrême Velvet and the totally addictive Liquid Powders (they’re squeezable — enough said). The best part, however, can be summed up this way: comfortable and absolutely wearable shades … something that really shouldn’t surprise anyone. We are talking about CHANEL, after all — a brand that has cornered the market on doing makeup right.



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Rouge Allure Liquid Powder (CAN $46.00/each) | Kicking things off with the latest lip innovation from the brand, these are actually really cool, and as stated above, 100% entertaining, at that. Housed in soft rubber squeezable tubes that are colour-matched to their contents, these bear a hybrid liquid/crème texture that is dispensed onto a flocked sponge applicator. Said to be buildable via the ultra-micronized pigments in the formula and providing a comfortable lip feel thanks to ‘specific light transparent oils’, they all come to a soft powdery finish that gives off a blurred effect to the lips.

When CHANEL launched Poudre à Lèvres with the Neapolis Collection (reviewed here), I was completely blown away by its uniqueness. Inspired by the tempera paint pigments used by artists, Lucia Pica effectively channeled that concept into makeup; now, the new Liquid Powder format takes that a step further by virtue of a squeeze tube — dispensing with the need for a lip brush to apply, and making them much more portable as well. There is a slight learning curve to using this product, however; I suggest starting out by squeezing a small amount and applying that all over — then giving it about 30 seconds to set before going in with any additional layers. This way you can build the colour up easier, although it should be noted that the lighter shades certainly won’t deepen as much as the more vivid hues are able to. The effect is positively ethereal; think ‘soft-focus face filter’ and you get the idea. Also, for anyone who may be commitment-phobic when it comes to wearing red lipstick, the fact that this formula is not meant to be ‘precise’ (although you still have that option just the same), just may be what you’ve been looking for. As to the finish, it’s more along the lines of a soft matte and not of the light-absorbing variety, with a texture so lightweight you’ll forget you’re even wearing anything at all. Since this product does not dry down completely, you will need to reapply — but who cares, when the process is so much fun?!


  • 950 Plaisir – light pink
  • 952 Évocation – beige pink
  • 954 Radical – orange red
  • 956 Invincible – true red
  • 958 Volupté – raspberry red
  • 960 Avant-Gardiste – burgundy



Rouge Allure Velvet (CAN $46.00/each) | All four shades are brand new additions to this already existing range, and what makes them stand out in my opinion, is not only how utterly wearable all the colours happen to be, but how comfortable they also feel. The texture is buttery smooth and has a lightweight sensation upon the lips, coming to a luminous finish that may have a slight slip to it, but also leaves a soft stain behind when most of the product has faded. Coverage is excellent as well, providing good opacity from the first swipe, with longevity dependant more on the shade selected (the lightest hues have the more obvious shorter wear time).


  • 67 Peaceful (limited edition) – soft pink
  • 68 Émotive – caramel nude
  • 69 Abstrait – rosewood
  • 70 Unique – plum



Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême (CAN $46.00/each) | Housed in new matte black ‘pop-up’ casings, the finish of these shades takes matte to a whole new extreme level — done in CHANEL’s sophisticated way, naturally. Impactful hues that show high-level opacity from the very first swipe, the formula contains ultra-micronized pigments for intense colour, along with matcha tea, almond oil, and Vitamin E for a nourishing lip feel. Finally, the addition of natural rice and magnesia powders in the mix helps to provide that mattifying effect, along with a soft sensation and smoothing action upon the lips.

I absolutely love the look of a matte lip, but have long had a love-hate relationship with the texture. First of all, unless you have absolutely flawless lips (which I definitely do NOT), they can emphasize every line (of which I also happen to have plenty) and they generally leave my lips feeling absolutely desiccated. What makes CHANEL’s formula unique, in my opinion, is how moisturizing it feels from initial application to throughout the wearing, as well as how each shade appears to almost ‘fill in’ some of my lip lines, providing a smoother & slightly plumped look as well. The lightest shades naturally have the shortest staying power, while the deeper hues all fade to a beautiful stain.

  • 102 Modern – caramel beige
  • 110 Impressive – bright orange
  • 112 Idéal – true red
  • 114 Épitome – raspberry red
  • 116 Extrême – burgundy
  • 118 Éternel – rosewood


Even though I’m usually a balm/gloss girl, I happen to love the entire lipstick process as well; there’s something very evocative about taking the time for application. And as far as matte lippies go, I’ve tried my share and even though they all may initially look good, inevitably I pay the price via dried out & chapped lips. Not so with these latest from CHANEL; I’m loving the fact that I have finally found mattes that feel as good as they look.  Oh, and bringing out my inner artist couldn’t be easier or more fun, I might add.

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Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration
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