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As a long time fan of CHANEL’s Glossimer glosses, I admit to feeling nervous upon learning that the brand was eliminating the range in order to make way for the new Rouge Coco Gloss, but I worried needlessly: this reformulated version is amazing. Available in 24 luscious shades along with 3 Top Coats, they’re everything I want & expect my glosses to be … sounds pretty extravagant, but it also happens to be true.



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Rouge Coco Gloss (CAN $37.00/each) | Available in 24 shades and several different finishes that include: intense, iridescent, transparent, and lacquered, these glosses bear a ‘melt-away’ texture to meld with the lips without leaving any tacky or sticky feeling behind. The applicator has been given a revamp as well, and now comes in a wider ‘cocoon’ shape to make application even easier from the very first swipe — a good thing too, as the previous applicator was a bit of a pain to work with. Other changes include improved pigmentation and a new HYDRABOOST Complex: natural waxes of jojoba, sunflower & mimosa, as well as touches of coconut oil derivative are there to deliver instant comfort and long-lasting hydration. The gel-like finish is also unbelievable and comes complete with a film-forming polymer as well as a natural-origin volumizing oligopeptide to add a slight lip-plumping effect (just don’t expect major inflation).
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Rouge Coco Gloss Top Coat (CAN $37.00/each) | There are 3 shades in this category (774 Excitation not shown), and while they can be worn on their own, these have been designed to be layered over other lip products. Impulsion is meant to enhance colour while Caviar is supposed to intensify, but what I really see is that they each help to create some new & unique shade, thereby making both quite versatile as well as a great customization product.

  • 726 Icing – icy pink
  • 712 Melted Honey – soft nude with ultrafine silver & gold shimmer
  • 166 Physical – soft apricot/pink with ultrafine gold shimmer
  • 119 Bourgeoisie – fawn rose with ultrafine pink & silver shimmer
  • 748 Nectar – sheer coral/pink
  • 172 Tendresse – rosewood with ultrafine pink shimmer
  • 776 Impulsion, limited edition (Top Coat Incandescent) – sheer tangerine with finely ground shimmer
  • 778 Caviar, limited edition (Top Coat Intense) – sheer charcoal with finely ground shimmer

The centre swatch (below) shows a combination of Caviar over Charlotte Tilbury’s Kim K.W, a shade that is much too pale & editorial looking for me to wear on its own. By adding a layer of Caviar on top, it created that milky & almost dirty nude/pink type of colour that I absolutely love — perfect example of how versatile a black gloss can be, wouldn’t you say?


To be fair, I was actually surprised by how sheer some of the shades applied, especially when seeing how colour-saturated they appear in the tube, but that works for me as I prefer my glosses to show some natural lip underneath. Speaking of which, my lips are rather pigmented on their own, so quite a few of the glosses initially seem quite similar applied, but as some lean cool while others veer warm combined with varying shimmer factors (or not), I see enough differences to keep me happy. Bottom line: these are probably the best performing glosses — with regards to how they feel and look — that I’ve worn in a long time, and have already earned a top spot in my favourites list. ∗runs out to get the rest∗

Available at The Bay & select counters



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