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CHANEL’s Rouge Coco family is growing; Lucia Pica has created 12 new shades for the various Rouge Coco ranges, and the brand has just launched Rouge Coco Lip Blush — a 2-in-1 product that comes in 6 shades and which can be used on both lips and cheeks. Gotta love a multi-tasker …



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Rouge Coco Lip Blush (CAN $37.00/each) | Available in 6 shades, these are the latest to join the family, promising to deliver a weightless burst of colour on either lips or cheeks. The innovative silky formula has been created with a ‘Hydraboost Complex composed of  select vegetable oils (jojoba, mimosa, sunflower) to moisturize and nourish the skin, an emollient coconut derivative to soften the lips and improve comfort, and a trace peptide for a plumping effect’. These elements are all captured in a gel formula that has another unique feature: any oils the skin doesn’t need, end up evaporating and you’re basically left with a wash of natural-looking colour.

  • 410 Corail Naturel – sheer pink coral
  • 416 Teasing Pink – soft rose

Each comes with a flattened applicator that picks up a decent amount of product per swipe and is effective to use on the lips, or to dab along cheeks. The texture of the formula is actually whisper-light and spreads effortlessly, and while Corail Naturel does show a touch of initial patchiness upon application, it does appear to fuse somewhat better with the wearing. Staying power with this shade is — not surprisingly — quite light, although a faint hint of colour does stay behind. Teasing Pink is not only significantly more pigmented, but lasts longer as well. Both look amazing worn as blush and you can build up the colour to your taste; start with one small dab, blend/pat into the skin, and increase the colour if desired. Staying power on the cheeks is impressive, especially when worn over foundation, providing a natural and “from within” type of effect.


138 Poppy Orange Rouge Coco Shine (CAN $43.00) | With 2 other new shades added to the lineup, the Rouge Coco Shine formula is exceptionally moisturizing and the most balm-like of them all. With this range, pigmentation usually hovers around the sheer mark, so I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of colour displayed here. A juicy hue and incredibly comfortable-feeling throughout the wearing, it has quite a bit of slip and will most likely not last through any eating and/or drinking, but will leave a slight citrusy veil of colour behind just the same. To reiterate: super, super moisturizing.


804 Rose Naïf Rouge Coco Gloss (CAN $37.00) | I was a lifelong fan of CHANEL’s Glossimer glosses and have quickly come to love the Rouge Coco Gloss formula as well. Available in 2 other new shades, the wide paddle-shaped applicator picks up a healthy amount of product to deliver coverage with just one swipe, and since it’s not meant to be opaque, I don’t mind a bit of my natural lip showing through underneath. The texture is creamy-smooth and non-sticky, leaving lips feeling totally nourished throughout the wearing. I can’t get enough of pale candy-pink nude shades such as this, and something tells me I’ll be needing to pick up a back up pretty soon.


484 Rouge Intimiste Rouge Coco (CAN $43.00) | Available in 2 other new shades, the Rouge Coco formula was tweaked a few years ago, and now delivers rich, smooth & creamy colour with each swipe. Emollient in nature it may be, but it not only stays where placed without bleeding into surrounding lip lines, but provides a nourished feel throughout the wearing. Honestly, this shade is one of the prettiest red-rose hues I’ve ever worn and what’s more, it fades to such a lovely stain as well (think: the bitten lip effect, but better).




It’s no secret that I’m a CHANEL fan, but as I’ve said countless times before: name alone won’t save a brand if it can’t deliver. Thankfully, everything here does exactly that. The new Rouge Coco Lip Blush formula is excellent, especially for the cheeks as it provides one of the easiest to apply & natural-looking blush tints — and I suspect will become my go-to product once the warmer weather arrives. As to the rest, they’re all keepers too … although now I obviously must go check out all the other new shades as well. Dammit.

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Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

2 Responses to CHANEL · Rouge Coco Lip Blush & Other New Shades

  1. Nvie says:

    I’m loving Rouge Intimiste. Too bad Poppy Orange’s finish is not up my alley, I prefer it with good staying power.

    • Eugenia says:

      Rouge Intimiste is a lovely colour, I agree. As to Poppy Orange, I actually prefer it sheer as orange is not usually an easy shade to pull off when its more opaque — another option is to layer it over a matching lip liner!

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